From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Let's Get Ramblin'

It's not my fault you and your brother are the most wanted fugitives in the world.
That is on you.
Dad is losing it.
He is not in a good place right now.
And mom always knew how to take care of him.
You know the one who got the brother.
Summoned to the underworld, tricked the gods.
Tricked them out.
Then beat them at their own game.
It was never gonna be you and me, it was always you and Richie! He is not crazy! - I see too much.
- Come to me.
He is trying to see the other side.
- This is not who you are.
- It is me.
The road is long.
The path uncertain.
For so many of us, the journey is one of solitude.
We tell ourselves we must walk this arduous road alone.
Face whatever comes, no matter how terrible.
Some of us call on angels to spread their wings and protect us.
Others long to see the path, hoping they will come to know the way through the Lord's nourishment.
What if we are shown the way? Will we continue on this road, alone, blind, and afraid? Or will we have the strength to follow his path? That is why I am here today To honor a man who sees with better eyes than the rest of us.
He has shown us God's path to salvation.
Through his ministry, he has saved so many lives, including mine.
My husband, Jacob Fuller.
That better not be Kyle.
Shut your trap.
We're gonna stop the first place we see.
We're gonna do what? Daddy is drunk.
He needs to sleep it off in an honest-to-goodness bed.
Let him sleep right there.
You should keep driving to Mexico.
I'm not going to Mexico.
If anything, I'd drive back to Bethel, but I can't do that, either.
Since when do you call all the shots? Since now.
There The closest place is something called the Dew Drop Inn.
Sounds cute.
Housekeeping! Time to clean your room, son.
Uh, we We don't need it.
You better not be making a mess in there.
You see, the thing is, ma'am, my, um My girlfriend is still asleep.
You know, we kind of had a You know, late night last night.
You can come back tomorrow, though, if you like.
I'll come back when I damn well please.
Thank you.
- I wish you would let me tell you - Shut up.
No talking.
We need to think.
Okay? Half the ticket takers on the Rio Grande are gonna have copies of our mug shot.
We need a way across.
We need it right now.
Just listen to me.
I should have listened to Uncle Eddie.
You know? Guys like us, we're always talking about getting out, living in paradise.
You know, talk about it all day long.
We never actually get there.
Something happened to me.
Yes, Richard.
Something is happening.
Now, I have tried to understand it.
I have.
But I can't.
And somehow, I don't think that you're gonna be able to explain that to me.
I could see inside her.
What the hell does that even mean? I could see.
I knew she was gonna hurt me.
I knew it.
It was in her eyes.
And I don't know how to explain it right now, but I want to figure it out.
Well, you're not gonna figure it out here.
All right? We cannot stay here.
You want to know what else Uncle Eddie says? What? It's how we're gonna get across, too.
What, Richard? What is it? There's an old Indian saying he told me once.
"Eyes find eyes.
" You see, our eyes are the source of our energy.
You can always feel somebody's eyes on you, but what you're actually feeling is their energy directed right at you.
Now, what happens if you close your eyes? What? You cut off your energy.
If you can just shut down, not only will people not see you, but they'll see through you.
The greatest cat burglar in the history of cat burglars taught him that.
Close our eyes.
That's your plan? Close our eyes? Okay.
I got to get out of here.
All right, you, uh, brush up on your Spanish or something.
I got dibs on the bed.
I'm not sleeping with dad.
I'm too old for that.
What in the world? It's just some weirdo.
What is his problem? Sir, thanks for returning my call.
I thought I told you to stay put.
Don't try selling me any horse pucky about a cartel killer.
You're just trying to justify going on a tear after them geckos.
I'm just reading the evidence.
Well, I'm standing next to a body out in the middle of nowhere, and he's been dead about what? Looks like about two hours.
Looks like he's been bled out.
Did you hear that? And he's still got his eyes.
That doesn't match the killer you're tracking.
Does that mean anything to you? Sir, I brought in an expert.
He says we're not just dealing with a cartel.
Like, some kind of blood cult.
They worship an ancient Mexican God of death.
Ranger, my son tells me lots of crazy things when I get home.
That's 'cause he's high on weed.
Don't make me listen to it at work.
The geckos are crossing at Acuna.
They're gonna get help from this cartel.
I just need you to call it in.
I'll call the border boys If you swear to me right now you're gonna turn around and head home.
Earl told me not to rest until these geckos were dead.
My hand to God, that's the last thing he said to me.
Guess I'm answering to a higher power now.
Some free advice, son You find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
That said, I see why you can't let go of the shovel.
I'll call it in.
But you call me soon as you got anything.
Deal? Deal.
I didn't get shot so these son of bitches could ride off into the sunset.
You promise me something.
You kill these bastards.
I swear on my daughter, I will.
What can I do you for? Fill 'er up.
You could have dropped us off first.
I mean, like, why'd you have to park so far away? I am the driver.
I park where I please.
I don't even know why you're driving.
Dad half-drunk can drive better than you ever could.
Dad! What makes you think you can talk like that? I was just kidding.
We're still a clean family.
Show some respect.
Kate, mind if I take the bed? No, not at all.
I'm going to the pool.
Open the door.
I'm sorry about the drink.
I was just Taking the foot off the gas, so to speak.
It won't happen again.
Are we done? You want to tell me what's going on with you? Nothing is going on with me.
You really want to turn the whole ship around? - Yes.
I do.
- Why? I don't feel safe with you anymore.
I don't feel like I can trust you.
You're not acting like yourself.
Katey, I'm really sorry.
I really am.
I think in time, you'll look back on this trip and you'll realize how important it was Regardless of your opinion of me.
Can I change now? If there's something more that I did to let you down, I apologize.
Hey, there, old-timer.
Say, listen.
Um, where's a good place to get something to eat around here? What do I look like, the damn Chamber of Commerce? Look, I'm just trying to find somewhere to eat.
I don't care where you eat, as long as you don't eat in that room.
If I smell food coming out of that room, I'm gonna throw your ass out on that street, and don't you think I won't do it.
You know what? Just forget it.
It's okay.
Hey, I don't need to forget it.
I've already forgot it.
Don't you forget what I just told you.
You have a nice day.
Hey, dad.
I need to get one of the bags out of the RV.
Did you order a pizza? No.
You know, we're actually in the room just below you.
Do you think you could keep the noise level down a little bit? What's that, now? The man said shut your mouth.
So, what's with the Asian kid? Trick-or-treat for UNICEF? He's my son.
Really? Well, where's mom? It's just me and the boy.
What about that girl? She was driving the RV, remember? Seth.
You two like to play dress-up? No, we do not.
Where is she? She went for a grocery run for the motor home.
She won't be back for hours.
He's lying.
Call her.
She's not answering.
She put this on before she left.
She's probably at the pool.
I'll go get her.
Actually You go get her, Richie.
You spent enough time in hotels today.
I need you to just go find her, and you bring her back here, okay? Don't talk to her.
Don't touch her.
Let's get on the clock.
10:00 on the Timex.
I've got this under control.
"Case number 349235.
"Driver was Pastor Jacob Fuller.
"Passenger was his spouse, Jennifer Fuller.
Fuller appears to have lost control of the vehicle "coming off the bend on Montgomery.
At least, that's what the suspect initially reported.
" I already told you what happened.
My brakes needed replacing.
"Our inspection showed the brakes were fine Pads and rotors at acceptable levels.
" And I was coming 'round that bend on Montgomery, and There was a deer, and I swerved and "Proximity of the street lamp makes it unlikely "wild animals would venture "onto that section of the highway.
"Analysis of the road surface "shows a defined pattern and friction force.
The vehicle was traveling in excess of 70 miles per hour.
" "Blood tests concur with the on-site breathalyzer.
" Katey-kakes? "Mr.
Fuller's blood-alcohol level was below the legal limit.
"He was not impaired.
"However, inspection of lacerations on Mr.
Fuller's arms revealed an alternate cause.
" "Subject reported being involved in an altercation with his wife just before the crash.
" "Altercation with his wife.
" Through his ministry, he has saved so many lives, including mine.
My husband, Jacob Fuller.
Lord, heal thy servant, Jenny.
Relieve her from her pain and sorrow so that she might better serve you and her family in this life.
She has struggled to stay on the path that you have laid for her.
May you clear her road so that she can find her way.
What's wrong with mama? How long have you been standing there? I just got here.
It's another migraine.
Your poor mother is suffering.
No, she needs her rest.
If you want to help her, pray for her.
What are you hiding, daddy? You okay? I'm I'm fine.
Richie? Would you take off my bikini for me, please? Can I have one of those? Didn't your daddy tell you never to do this? Do what? Talk to strangers.
My daddy says a lot of things.
You on vacation or something? Sorta.
Not much of a vacation, huh? Oh, I don't know.
Who needs the Bahamas when you have the dew drop inn? Eric! Mikey! Slow down! Wait for me.
You sure you're okay? Do you ever feel like Your life and And everything in it is just Slowly turning upside down, like a Ship flipping over in the ocean? You have no idea.
Housekeeping! Uh, we're still sleeping.
Can you come back later, please? Come on, Richie.
The infamous gecko brothers.
I didn't say you could get up.
I heard about you on the radio.
I switched the channel so it wouldn't scare my kids.
You did the right thing.
Now sit.
Radio said you robbed a bank up in Abilene.
You're moving south Means you're going to Mexico.
That's what you need us for, isn't it? You're gonna use us to cross.
We're your cover.
You're a smart man.
You ever do any acting? Acting? Yeah drama club, high school.
Nothing like that? Once, a long time ago.
- Well, who'd you play? - Joseph.
Joseph who? Joseph, son of Jacob.
Interesting guy? He could see the future.
Sounds handy.
Now, did they teach you anything about acting? Uh, what's the point? You see, in my line, you're always a performer.
You understand? Now, I like actors.
I study them.
Pacino, McQueen, Brando They got a way of looking believable.
You believe me? Now, the first rule of good acting is to listen to what the other actors are saying.
Are you listening to me? I'm gonna need you to brush up on your drama skills.
Because you're gonna have to get better a lot better Fast.
We're all booked for a one-time-only performance of "you do whatever the hell I say.
" I'm the lead, you and your little adopted boy here are supporting.
Now, if you kill it We're all gonna get Tonys.
Now, you want a Tony, don't you? Your plan won't work.
I won't let you take my children.
Well, it's not gonna work with one creepy old dude, so guess what We're bringing the whole clan.
So sit down.
You told him not to touch my daughter.
What? Your brother.
Why did you tell him not to touch my daughter? Your daughter's gonna be fine.
He harms her I'll kill you with my bare hands.
You're gonna kill him with your big mouth first.
- What's your name, again? - Scott.
Scott, do me a favor.
Tell your dad to sit down and shut up.
Dad Sit down.
Getting better already.
You're not inhaling.
I'm not a smoker.
You seem like a nice girl.
How would you know? I could be a terrible person.
I pick up on things.
Oh, yeah? What other kinds of things do you pick up on? Underage girls? That would be despicable.
You should pick that up.
It's my dad.
I don't want to talk to him.
Not right now, at least.
You have a problem with him.
I'm a teenager.
It's something deeper than that Something that really hurts.
I saw you floating in the pool.
It was like you were bleeding, like you were hurting inside.
I really think that you should talk to him.
It'll make you feel better.
Are you some kind of Traveling preacher or something? You're wearing that suit.
You you look like a Bible salesman.
I don't sell bibles.
But I think I see the truth.
I see a lot of things.
Like what? I see a girl hiding from her father.
Something Happened to me and my family.
My dad keeps lying to me about it.
I don't know how to talk to him.
I don't know why I'm telling you this.
Sometimes it's easier to talk to strangers.
My name is Kate.
Oh, see? Now you've gone and ruined the whole thing.
You think he killed her.
Excuse me? Well, whoever she was She never had migraines.
Oh, my God.
Uh, sorry.
I didn't mean to I don't know what kind of tricks you're playing on me.
It's judgment.
What's that? You're judgment.
You're here to bring his judgment down on me.
This isn't in the script, old man.
My children have paid the price for my actions.
I'm the one that deserves this, not them.
I'll come with you willingly.
Please don't make them suffer for what I've done.
Don't go getting soft on me, old man.
Now, we still have a performance to put on.
Keep the energy up.
Kate, run! Was it something I said? Didn't expect this my third day on the job.
Way I see it, you're two days late.
Should we call for backup? You want to tell this girl's parents you were waiting for backup? Aah! Oh! Keep the change.
- Turn it down.
- Whoa! You got something that doesn't belong to you.
You got to get it back to its rightful owner.
You're dead.
Just know this, friend The path is stained with tears of blood.
Lagrimas de Sangre.
Lagrimas! Lagrimas! Lagrimas.
" Get down! Everybody down! Clear out! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Hold your fire! Get 'em back! Get 'em back! That's the ex-wife, which means those son of a bitch brothers ain't far away.
What happened here? I've only interviewed a few witnesses so far, but from what I can tell, one of my men spotted him at the counter.
He was about to make the arrest.
That's when that tall drink of water showed up with her hand cannon.
What the hell are you gonna do? I'm just gonna talk to her.
Y'all go on! Get out of here! I want keys to a vehicle! I'm done asking! Y'all better clear out, or I'm gonna unload my gun in the back of his fat head! Don't do this, Vanessa.
You don't really expect to drive out of here.
I'm gonna do what I got to do.
For who? For Seth? Isn't he the one who left you holding the bag? What the hell is that? Richie's been doing this to girls up and down the state.
Now, I got to assume you're accessory to bank robbery, but you want to be a party to that? Seth doesn't have anything to do with that.
Not his choice.
Richie's not right in the head.
Yeah? What about it? At some point, someone's gonna really piss him off, and he's gonna go really, really bad.
You want that to be Seth? Richie's got a sick soul.
And I need to put him away.
Help me do that.
Drove off in a Camaro.
I smashed it up.
They're staying at a motel nearby.
There's a lot of those around here.
That's all I know.
You find Seth, and you get him away from that freak.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of him.
Time's up, princess.
Okay, ramblers, let's get ramblin'.
Now, we can't all go marching past the lobby all at once.
It's gonna be a very guilty-looking parade.
So here's how we're gonna do it.
You're gonna go first Alone.
You're gonna get into the motor home, you're gonna start her up, you're gonna bring her around front, and then you're gonna wait.
Five minutes after that, Richie and boy wonder are gonna go down with our bags.
Five minutes after that, me and Miley are gonna go down.
Everyone should have their hero switch in the "off" position.
I make the plan.
Everybody executes it, or I execute you.
Simple as "Sesame Street.
" Hold your damn horses! Texas Ranger.
Need to have a word with you.
What do you want? I'm doing a hotel/motel search for a couple of fugitives.
Have you seen either of these men? I haven't seen anybody.
You got to look at the picture.
Is there a reward? If I'm going first, I want to talk to my kids before I leave.
That's a lovely sentiment.
No dice.
We'll have a greater chance of success if they're calm and focused.
All right.
One minute.
We should move the RV to the back.
Why would we do that? Something's telling me that we need to.
Something's telling you? I'm telling you it's fine.
You haven't listened to a word I've been saying, have you? No, Richard.
I haven't.
Because actions speak louder than words.
Now, would you like to go back to our room and review those actions? I've tuned in to something.
And it is showing me the way.
I am back, which means we are back.
Tell him to move the RV to the back.
RV stays.
There's only one captain on this ship, and it ain't you.
Girl's gonna be all right.
Medics looked her over real good.
Mom and dad's on the way.
World's a better place without those two mongrels in it.
I'm sorry, Earl.
For what? Who the hell am I kidding? I ain't cut out for this.
Can't even stand the sight of blood.
Then go.
What do you mean? Go.
Nobody's begging you to be a ranger.
But you ain't gonna quit.
Why? 'Cause you got the soul of a ranger.
You know that you're part of something bigger.
You're part of the last line of defense between chaos and order.
And that soul is what made you not want to wait for backup.
That's the same soul that made you want to kick in that door.
And I hate to tell you, kid, but It's also what makes you hate the sight of blood.
I'm still sorry.
Don't say that to me again, or I'll shoot you.
I know you're disgusted with me right now.
I know this is more than you bargained for when we started on this road.
But it is what it is.
What'd you mean by all the judgment stuff? It was nothing.
Wait What judgment stuff? He was talking to one of them like this was supposed to happen Like he deserved it or something.
I was trying to distract him.
Listen very closely.
When I'm not here, you do exactly what they say.
You follow every instruction to the letter.
Dad, you trust these freaks? No, but I trust the fact that they want to get to Mexico, and they can't do that without all three of us alive.
We're gonna survive this 'cause we're a family.
We are minus one.
And God knows I miss her.
I miss her deeply.
But Do you, daddy? Kate, what the hell? Okay.
Family meeting's adjourned.
Let's go, pops.
They're gone, sir.
And the bags are gone.
No sign of the bearer bonds.
They left behind the teller, too.
Carved her up like a game hen.
Call some locals to secure the area.
I'm on my way.
And, Gonzalez, don't think this absolves you of anything.
Excuse me, sir.
Do I know you? Have you seen these men? Can't say that I have.
Have a blessed day.
All right.
Getting close.
You like Bruce Lee? Huh? Bruce Lee Do you like him? Yeah.
So do I.
You seen any of his early stuff? Mm Yeah.
Can you understand all the stuff that they're saying? Um, k-kind of.
Not not much.
You kind of look like Bruce Lee.
Why? 'Cause I'm Asian? No, because you look like Bruce Lee.
Just paid you a compliment.
All kinds of strangeness going on in this motel today.
Like what? I'm not supposed to talk about the guests.
It's okay, ma'am.
I'm a ranger.
Do I look like some kind of idiot to you? I see the star.
I know what you are, son.
Ma'am That's the problem with you people Think you can treat everybody like they're the help.
Okay, boys.
Me first? You first? You got something you want to say to me? I'm not gonna ask you twice.
I don't have anything to say to you.
You got nothing to say, huh? That's funny.
I could have sworn you gave me an "f.
" Look.
You want to say "f.
," Scott? No.
My mistake.
Maybe it wasn't an "f.
" Look.
Maybe it was an "I'm gonna make a move" look.
Is that right? You ready to make a move, Scott? That was a question, not a statement.
And I want an answer.
How could I? You have a gun.
That's right.
I got a gun.
And I know how to use it.
Do you know how to use a gun, Scott? No.
Ah, simplicity in itself.
You see, you point at what you want to die.
You pull the little trigger.
Little bullet comes out here.
Little bullet hits you right there.
Then you don't look like Bruce Lee anymore.
I got it.
I just need to know if you've seen either of these two men.
So, now you want my help? Ma'am.
I seen that one.
Handsome devil.
Room 106.
Do you know where he and his brother went? Brother? Do you know where he went? Mm.
Heard him up in another room.
Which room? Upstairs 207.
You're welcome.
Start 'er up.
You know, that daughter of yours is a real sweet girl.
We had a nice long talk.
Sounds like the two of you have a few things you need to work out.
Keep your hands off my daughter.
I just want to remind you that she's still up there.
So if you try anything Anything at all I'll be having Katey-kakes for dessert.
How do you know I call her that? They know that we're here.
Who knows? The cops.
They're around.
I can practically smell them.
Okay, change of plans.
Take this big bastard around the back now! Ever had the pleasure of working with a ranger, J.
? Can't say that I have.
Bunch of first-class a-holes.
Act like God almighty put them in charge of the universe.
How you doing there, sir? One of the geckos might still be here.
I'm gonna go around this far stairwell.
You guys come around this other side.
We'll meet in the middle.
Whatever you say, sir.
Okay, it's time.
You ready? Listen, um Did my brother Do anything to you? He scared me.
You're not the only one.
Look at me.
Remember what I told you.
You do what I tell you when I tell you, and you'll get out of this without any bumps or scrapes.
Okay? Eyes find eyes.
Come on.
All right, here goes nothing.
Hey! You having fun, brother? Jesus Christ, Richie.
You know, a little "hey, it's me" before you fling the friggin' door open would go a long way in keeping you alive.
I moved the RV around back.
- You what?! - I told you we had to.
Look, we got to get out of here before ranger Ricardo makes his way in.
Almost there.
Now what are you gonna do? Huh? You're too scared to follow through? Where's the knife? Come on! You call yourself a ranger? Freeze! Go! Go! Doesn't that just beat all? Talked to your ex.
She gave you up real quick.
You geckos sure have a knack for pissing people off.
Keep talking.
Oh, we're gonna do this? Go sit down.
Did I call it, or did I call it? If I didn't move this beast All right, already.
You're a genius.
Are we back, brother? Yeah.
Yeah, we're back.
All right, pops.
You're gonna make a left right up here.
I didn't mean to scare you at the pool earlier.
I was telling you the truth.
I don't remember what you said.
And I don't care.
Yes, you do.
Sorry your world is upside down.
I don't know, but I feel like all this is happening for a reason.
Can Can you really see things? Only when I look.