From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s01e05 Episode Script


1 [Jacob breathing heavily] Jenny.
[Grunting] Man: Right now we are hearing from police chatter that the Geckos did in fact escape.
[Sighs] Local sheriffs and DHS have no leads on the vehicle.
- Best news I heard all day.
- The Geckos have a knack for flashy exits.
They shot their way out of the bank $30 million and bank teller Monica Garza as a human sh You got a first-aid kit in this beast? [Clears throat] Let me explain something to you here, Jacob.
Now, there's only one song that we're gonna be singing on this little road trip, and it ain't "99 bottles of Beer on the Wall.
" The song is called "My way.
" So if I say make a turn, you're gonna make a turn.
If I say don't talk, you don't talk.
But if I ask you for a first-aid kit, you're gonna Thank you.
[Chuckles] Pastor Jacob Fuller, huh? [Vehicle passes] Guess that explains all that, uh, hellfire and damnation back at the motel, huh? You do know the one about turning the other cheek, I hope.
I prefer the Old Testament.
Well, this is gonna be real, real simple, padre.
We, uh, reach the crossing at acuña, you wave your passports, flash your pretty, corn-fed smiles, and then we're gonna sail on through.
Richie and I will close our deal with our guy in Mexico.
After that, we go our separate ways.
Nobody else is gonna get hurt.
You got my word.
What about that bank teller you took hostage in Abilene? You give her your word? Yeah, well I didn't know you were capable of not talking.
Let me help you continue to save your breath.
I don't need you to promise my family's gonna be all right.
I know they will be.
You know how I know that? 'Cause I'm behind the wheel now.
And I'm gonna make it my mission, my singular mission, to get us all across that border Not for you, not for all your riches For the only two people I have left in this world.
I'm a professional thief, not a killer.
It ain't you I'm worried about.
[Sighs] You don't have to look for me, Richard.
You're almost home.
But you must be strong.
They will try and stop you.
Who? The ones with the shadows across their hearts.
You can see now.
Seth: Hey, Richie.
Park it somewhere, will you? And relax.
It's gonna be smooth sailing from here.
[Cellphone rings] [Scoffs] Fashionably late as usual, I see.
Carlos: I have a problem.
Would you like to know what it is? I'm sorry, did you say that you have a problem? I am sitting at my favorite panadería, I'm staring at my favorite concha, and I cannot eat it.
Yeah? Well, mine trumps yours.
I cannot eat it because you y tu pinche hermano, and your very public trail of destrucción y mierda - has cost me my appetite! - [Woman screams] Okay, okay.
Easy there, Khan.
Just when I thought you couldn't ruin my efforts anymore My employees tell me that you have a rinche on your tail? Carlos, it is the very nonexistence of your efforts that has led us to this juncture.
In fact, I'm starting to rethink that steep commission of yours.
You know, $10 million seems like a lot of money to pay for nothing.
And how exactly do you plan to get into Mexico without me? Same way we figured everything else out so far On our own.
El rinche? [Sighs] Well I already took care of him, too.
A rinche is like a rabid dog.
Once it picks up on your scent, it's not easy to take him down.
- I'm real sorry about this.
- Come on, Hank.
[Scoffs] Captain's orders.
- We're gonna need to give you an exam.
- Don't need to.
It's obvious the son of a bitch has got brain damage.
- Captain.
- You take a real good look at what you done, Ranger.
Although I shouldn't even call you that.
If I had anything to say about it, you wouldn't be wearing that star come sundown.
That is the third time you've disobeyed my direct orders, and nearly got two more men killed for it.
You want to know why Earl McGraw was the best even when he strayed from the rules? He knew when his reach couldn't exceed his grasp.
And you done reached too damn far, son.
And got closer to the Geckos than anybody.
Take him to Austin.
Let's let the review board decide what they gonna do with him.
[Siren wails] Come on.
Earl: What the hell you think you're doing out there, boy? Haven't you heard a damn word I've said? Make no mistake about it, Frederico, I know exactly how you feel I've been there.
A couple of times, to tell the truth.
You're up there all alone and frustrated out there with your compadres putting out a half-assed effort.
But you can't go getting all grandiose and thinking you can do it all on your own.
That's not gonna do anybody any good.
'Cause you got to remember, Frederico, you are not alone.
You're part of a team.
And you can never turn your back on your team Or worse, put yourself above 'em.
Never go against another Ranger.
Come on, Freddie.
Hold up there.
I just don't think we're gonna need these for the ride.
- Thanks, Hank.
- [Handcuffs click] [Police radio chatter] Just tell the Captain I made you do it.
What? Sorry, Earl.
[Engine turns over] [Tires squeal] [Creaking] Um e-excuse me? Scott, don't talk.
I just want to ask him not to point that gun at us.
We hit a bump, it could go off.
It won't go off.
That's a Taurus 9-millimeter, 17-shot-capacity magazine.
And a hair trigger.
So Bruce Lee does know his guns.
I'm just saying, we could hit a bump or a pothole or something.
Maybe I don't care if we hit a pothole.
Maybe I'm hoping we hit 17 potholes so I can empty this entire mag in that smartass mug of yours.
Did you ever consider that, Tokyo Drift? I'm Chinese.
And so is Bruce Lee.
[Screams] What's going on back there? Jacob: And we'll just work harder Pray harder.
I'm done praying.
Well, then what do you want to do? You want to get in a room with a shrink? I don't want help anymore.
What are you talking about? You've been pushing me for that for years.
I want out.
You can't put everything in God's hands.
What if we just leave? We take the kids and move.
W-we got to a whole new place.
Whole change of scenery.
Scenery's the only thing that's gonna change.
I know.
What if we go to Mexico, huh? What if we go to Mexico and we hike up that trail on Mount Ajusco? Remember that? We were sweating our butts off one minute.
We were throwing snowballs at each other the next? [Chuckles] That was our moment, wasn't it? Yeah, it was.
Then that's what we'll do.
We'll just sell the house, and we'll pack the kids up, and we'll just go.
The lord will show us the way.
- Jennifer! - No! [Tires screeching] - Get in here! - Let me go! [Screams] Hey! Come here! They're not what they seem.
They they're dangerous.
"They're not what they seem"? Richard, what the hell is going on with you? [Sighs] Now, you were firing on all cylinders back at the motel.
If you come apart on me now, I swear to God Look, I'm trying to save us.
I know what they really are.
I can tell.
- What the hell do you mean you can tell? - I can just tell.
Look, I don't want to have to do this, but I'm gonna have to kill 'em, okay? It's the only way.
Hey, Richard.
Just talk to me, buddy.
Explain it to me, all right? Just tell me what's going on.
[Sighs] Okay.
All right? [Breathing heavily] Kate.
What?! Don't say anything.
Just look.
Okay, for a while now, I've been getting these signals, I guess you could call them.
I didn't really know what to make of them until she came along.
[Sighs] She? Yeah, she's the reason I know what Jacob and Scott really are.
She's been calling me, Seth.
She's been calling me to the other side.
Who? [Sighs] I-I don't know her name.
She's like a Goddess or something.
I-I usually only see her in reflections.
I saw her in the refrigerator at the liquor store and then in the safe at the bank, and then one time I saw her through the hole in my hand.
Wait a minute.
You saw her in your hand? Yeah.
Right now I just saw her.
You know, she's probably still watching.
She's the one who's been calling me to Mexico.
[Zipper opening] Kate: Scott! Where where did you get that? [Sighs] If those two assholes were holding lacrosse sticks, it'd be just like third period.
You brought that to school? No, but guys like that need to be reminded that power shifts.
And as soon as I get the chance, I'm gonna shift it right up that whack job's ass.
Scott, don't.
- I have to do something.
- No.
You think Dad's gonna? You don't know what Dad's capable of.
What the hell's that supposed to mean? Richie: That's why I know about them.
She told me to look, Seth.
So that's what I did.
What did you see? Well You see the old man? He's really a demon.
He's got fangs and claws and slime in his teeth and shit.
And that kid? Kid's got a tail.
You remember Monica, the bank teller? She was gonna shoot me, Seth.
And the Goddess told me about that, too, and that's why I had to sacrifice her.
You see, there's something bigger going on here.
Do you understand what I'm saying to you? Do you? Yeah.
And and, hey, listen.
- Richie, you're right.
- What? Something's been off about this whole thing, okay? I can sense it, too.
The trouble is, I'm not as tuned into it as you are.
I mean, come on, buddy.
Cut me some slack here, okay? I can be a downright stubborn son of a bitch when it comes to admitting I'm wrong.
I-I guess it's just 'cause you're You're my brother, you know.
What? I just I never want to admit that you're That you're right, you know? But when you're right, you're right.
You always have been the smarter one, Richard.
[Horn honks] [Tires screech] What the hell are you doing, padre?! We're here.
[Rock music plays] [Man singing in spanish] All right, buddy.
Game time.
Now, you got your balls on? - Screwed on tight.
- Okay.
Now, you go keep an eye on them.
Don't do anything yet.
Not till we cross, okay? [Mariachi music plays] They can go.
You're not just gonna stand there, are you? Huh? You know, they could board us randomly at any time.
We were gonna hide.
That was the plan, soon as we get a little closer.
Your brother's not well, is he? Just keep driving, padre.
Is that why you're going to Mexico? [Sighs] You know, a life of looking over his shoulder isn't gonna bring him any peace.
Yeah, well, where we're going, the ends more than justify the means.
Place makes club med look like Haiti.
$10 million means never having to look over your shoulder again ever.
Sounds like heaven on earth.
Well, I hear it is.
Doesn't exist.
[Scoffs] [Sighs] So, where is Mrs.
Jacob, anyway? She run out on you? Lord called her home six months ago.
She was young.
What? Cancer? - Car accident.
- Phew.
No wonder you don't believe in heaven anymore.
I don't know how you could keep your faith in the man upstairs after something like that.
But you do believe in his judgment, though, don't you, padre? I mean, you believe that, uh, all this was supposed to happen.
You also believe that your wife was supposed to die? Well, I guess it makes it easy in that case, right? Just let Jesus take the wheel and all that? Except he's not a very good driver.
[Sighs] Can I ask you something? That stuff you said by the pool How did you know all that? About me, about my mom? Well, like I said, I can see things.
Did you ever think it might be God trying to communicate with you? It's not God.
Do you know the story of Moses? I know the Chuck Heston version, which is the only one that counts.
Well, Moses didn't believe, either.
Not until God spoke to him.
God might make his message clearer If you pray.
Close your eyes.
[Scoffs] I don't think so.
I promise it won't hurt.
Our lord, who art in heaven, hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors.
Lead us not into temptation [Echoing] But deliver us from evil.
Santanico: [Distorted] Richard.
I'm waiting for you.
Don't let them stop you.
[Gun cocks] Seth.
Kate, grab his gun.
Don't do it, Kate.
You're not like them.
Just do it.
Seth: I'll put one in your pretty head before you ever touch the grip, sweetheart.
As for you, you take that gun off my brother before the ounce of forgiveness that I have on reserve goes the way Back off! [Screeches] Back up.
Back, back.
Drop it.
Get in the driver's seat! Drive! Keep moving! I told you, Seth.
I told you.
Just shoot this kid in the head.
Richie, relax.
I got this.
Hey, padre.
Why don't you talk some sense into your son before I have to take my brother's advice? Son, put the gun down! - Dad, this is bullshit! - I know how you feel! You want to protect the family, but this isn't the way! They're bullies and they're assholes, and they don't deserve to win.
As soon as we get across that border, they're gonna bury us in the desert.
And I know you think I can't do it.
- But I can.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Now, I know that you thought you could.
I do.
But that was before you had your finger on the trigger, wasn't it? You see, now that you do, you're worried about the consequences, whereas I am not.
That's why your hand's shaking and mine's steady as a rock.
Because you're not like me, Scott.
And you don't want to be.
[Breathing shakily] That's it.
That's it.
There you go.
[Screams] - Richie, no! - I have to do this, Seth! - This has to happen! - Enough! [Engine revs] [Tires screech] Sit your ass down! [Cries] Give me that.
Stay! [Sighs] What the hell did you do? My foot slipped.
What did you expect? Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going? Are you gonna go out there? Hey.
You so much as scratch your nose or tug your ear, my brother gets his gun back, okay? Got it? Move.
[Horns honking] What the hell's wrong with you?! Pastor Jacob Fuller, bethel baptist.
[Sighs] Uh, my apologies.
My foot came off the brake for just one second.
Pastor, I am My mama would have my hide if she knew I was mouthing off to a man of the cloth.
Look, between the heat and the gridlock [Chuckling] I'm sorry.
I just I get really worked up.
Well, not to worry.
It, uh, looks like this, uh, damage isn't too bad, so, uh, we can "vayas con dios," right? Maybe if it was just me, but this is a company car, and if I show up with as little as a scuff on it, our fleet manager's gonna be upset, and it looks like you guys have a-a ding on the Fender right here, too.
So we should exchange information.
Well, I could give you my phone number.
What about insurance? - My insurance card's in there, and - [Horns honking] Okay, well, go ahead and scrounge around for it, and I'll just snap some pics, okay? You know, I really don't have time for this.
No, it'll be no problem at all.
I'll shoot them right over to you.
Uh, better yet, why don't you guys pull over? I'll just flag down an officer and go Thought you were a past Old Testament.
What a fantastic idea.
Let's bring another hostage on board.
- You're not helping.
- [Both grunting] What the hell were you thinking? People are getting angry out there.
Police are gonna notice.
Really? Well, thank you for stating the obvious.
Hey, don't yell at her.
It's not her fault.
Everybody shut up! Now, all we got to do is move the man's car forward.
So, you're calling the shots now? Well, I don't see you coming up with any bright ideas.
I-I'll move his car forward.
That won't work.
Why not? I'm sorry, Katey-kakes, but lying isn't your strong suit.
Well, then maybe you should do it.
What's that supposed to mean? Scott, you're gonna drive the car.
Me? Him? Oh, that's fantastic.
Why don't we just throw the cuffs on right now, then? It's the only way.
I have to drive the R.
, or it'll look suspicious.
And you two trigger-happy bastards have your faces plastered all over the state, so unless you want to answer the officer's questions, Scott's our guy.
[Intercom beeps] Receptionist: Officer Torres, I have a Captain Holbrook from the Rangers on line one for you.
He says it's urgent.
Captain Holbrook, how can I help you? Uh, Ranger Gonzalez? No.
I haven't seen him come through here yet, no.
- [Horns honking] - Man: Let's go, sir! Hey, hey! - Let's go! - [Cellphone beeps] Freddie: Carlos.
[Honking continues] [Door closes] Don't worry.
As soon as I let them know what's up, they're gonna get you and Kate out of there, okay? - What? - This is our last chance, Dad.
Isn't that why you picked me to drive? No, that's not.
And where did you get that gun? It doesn't matter.
I was trying to save us.
Well, you almost got us killed.
At least I did something.
Listen to me.
You get in that car, you show the man your passport, and get through to the other side.
[Sighs] I love you.
Seth: Oh, you got to be kidding me.
[Gun cocks] Avalino: Ranger Gonzalez.
I need you to holster that weapon for me, sir.
Look, I don't mean to cause a panic, but the Gecko brothers might be in that R.
Need you to holster that weapon, sir.
They've killed civilians and officers.
They're armed and extremely dangerous.
If we don't stop them and they get across that border, more innocent people are gonna die.
Not gonna ask again.
Let's go.
You can speak to Captain Holbrook about it.
- [Sighs] - [Gun clicks] Please say a command.
Play artist Castle of Genre.
Now playing artist Castle of Genre.
[Up-tempo rock music blares] Let's go.
You You can do this.
You can do this.
[Sighs] Hi.
What's your purpose in Mexico? Purpose? Why are you going? Oh, yeah.
I'm part of this Christian-ministry group, helping hands.
We build homes and stuff for, like, you know, the homeless.
Thank you.
Not so fast.
Have you seen these two? Uh No, uh, I-I don't No.
Thank you.
Something you want to tell me? Uh Let's go ahead and step out of the car, sir.
[Sighs] Damn it.
- Seth: Damn it! - Richie: You see? What did I tell you? He planned this.
He wanted the kid to get caught.
- No, no, no, that's not true.
- All right, just calm down, Richard.
Why would I want my own son to get caught? To rat us out.
In your mind, he's safe and we're screwed.
Seth, give me my gun.
- Is my brother telling the truth? - No.
Seth, this is a man who killed his own wife.
Excuse me? She told me.
Is that what you think, Katey-kakes? I didn't tell him anything.
He's insane.
No, I'm not.
Just what is it exactly you think you know? - I know what you really are.
- All right, all right.
Hey! - Enough! - [Screams] Pigs got your son.
You make one more wrong move, I take your daughter.
Whatever your brother told you was wrong.
Don't let him make you doubt yourself not now.
In fact, if any of us, including me, makes a stupid move, we're all dead.
And we've just got to stick to the plan.
It'll work if we do.
Yeah? Well, you better hope it does.
[Kate breathing heavily] What's your purpose in Mexico? Family vacation.
After everything I told you? After he hit me? Look, I told you, I got this.
You don't have shit, Seth.
You never have.
Richie, be quiet.
- How many with you? - Me and my daughter.
Can she step forward, please? If it's, uh, absolutely necessary.
She's a little under the weather, and she's sleeping it off right now.
This trip has taken its toll on her.
Look, if I don't kill everybody in here, we are never gonna make it.
Well, maybe that's what the voices are telling you, but they're not calling the shots right now, okay? So shut up.
Thank you.
Have you seen these boys? Can't say that I have.
You don't believe me.
[Chuckles] I knew it.
Richard, now is not the time.
I have to finish this.
[Thud] What was that? Uh, that's my daughter.
She's in the bathroom.
I thought you said she was asleep? Nature calls.
I'm coming aboard, sir.
[Knocking on door] Sir, I need you to open up.
Oh, son of a bitch.
If you still believe in that God of yours, now would be a good time to call him.
[Gun cocks] Hi.
Come on in.
That your daughter? Yes, ma'am.
Though I wouldn't poke the bear unless you need to.
[Floorboards creak] Receptionist: Officer Torres, I have a Captain Holbrook from the Rangers on line one for you.
He says it's urgent.
Torres: Captain Holbrook, how can I help you? [Hands cracking] Uh, Ranger Gonzalez? No.
I haven't seen him come through here yet, no.
Yeah, I'll take care of it.
I'd be happy to.
I'll keep you posted, and, you know, I'll have our guys look out for him and if they find him, I will call you.
Any time.
[Roars] Ranger Gonzalez.
I need you to holster your weapon.
Look, I don't mean to cause a panic, but the Gecko brothers might be in that R.
I need you to holster that.
And you help me make that bust, that could earn you a sweet promotion.
And bringing down a major cartel? That can get you a shiny new star.
What about a cartel? The Gecko brothers aren't just thieves.
I think one of them's a hit man that works for somebody named Carlos in the culebras cartel.
- Man, you must have heard of him.
- I have.
It's the same guy the D.
's been trying to build a case against for drug smuggling, human trafficking.
We think he's responsible for the death of an informant.
I'm sure.
And how did you pick up on his scent? Good detective work.
And Google.
[Chuckles] And Google.
You must be a pretty good Ranger to put all that together on your own.
Sounds like your fellow rinches don't believe you.
One ride, one Ranger.
One ride, one Ranger.
So, what do you say? [Sighs] In there.
Let's stop that R.
right here and now.
If it were only that simple.
[Lock clicks] Hey, watch the door.
Don't let him leave.
[Sighs] I can explain.
And how would you do that, huh? By giving up Seth and Richie? What are you talking about? Good boy.
Let's go.
What? I am glad I'm not on your lacrosse team.
[Chuckles] Hi.
Come on in.
That your daughter? Yes, ma'am.
Though I wouldn't poke the bear unless you need to.
[Police radio chatter] [Floorboards creak] Avalino: Kadner, you're needed inside.
Some detainee is taking a stand.
I didn't hear that on the radio.
Well, you're hearing it now.
Copy that.
You're free to go.
You still want to cut that commission, Seth? Drive across the last checkpoint and you're home free.
Jacob: Kate.
[Breathing heavily] Smooth sailing.
Come on.
[Door rattles] [Sighs] [Doorknob turns] [Groans] Don't move! [Grunts] [Jacob breathing heavily] [Horn honks] Jenny.
Jenny, don't leave me.
Jenny, stay with me.
Don't leave me.
Don't leave me.
[Gasps] Huh? Jenny.
What happened? We've been in an accident.
We've been in an accident.
- Oh.
- We're gonna be fine.
God's with us now, like I knew he would be.
I knew it.
I love you, Jennifer.
I love you.
[Moaning] [Chuckles] - Oh, I'm not ready.
- [Crying] I'm the one who failed, not her.
Please, take me instead.
It's my fault.
It's my fault, God.
If my devotion to you has meant anything, you'll do this one thing.
You'll do this one thing.
She can't die yet.
You can't have her.
If you're owed a soul, take mine.
Take mine! You son of a bitch! You son of a bitch! There was no animal on the road that night.
There was no migraine.
Your mother and I had been fighting, and I lost control of the car.
Our marriage was in trouble.
There was a chance to save it, but I wouldn't get any help Any real help.
You're right, Kate.
I been lying to you.
And lying to myself.
But there ain't no running away from what happened.
I put everything in God's hands.
And your mama, she paid the price.
Maybe a stronger man would've turned to his faith to get him through today.
The thought of looking to Jesus just made me resent all those years I'd spent praising his name.
Forgive me.
[Sighs] [Radios blaring, horns honking] When do we move? As soon as El Jefe give us the word.
[Guns cock] Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
Who the hell are you? Carlos.
Move, move! [Gunfire] [Groans] We got a man down! Man: Hey, you, get back here! Yes! That's what I'm talking about! Teamwork! Where's my car? Sorry, Earl.
[Engines rev] You know, you handled yourself pretty well back there, Jake.
Told you we'd get across.
Now you keep up your end.
[Sighs] Richie, come on.
Wake up.
Wake up! Come on, buddy.
We made it.
We're in Mexico.
How are you feeling, brother? Never been better.