From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

The Take

1 Time's running out, isn't it? We got nothing but time, asshole.
Your boys think you're in here with your bodyguard.
Remember? Yeah? How you gonna get out of here, genius? You even think about that? Just like a couple of Geckos.
Not only can you not see the forest for the trees, you can't see the bear that's in the woods that just took a shit on your head.
Stop being colorful.
It's annoying.
Come on! Quick! Well, how about I just smash this table right over your melon-fucking-head for you? What did you say to me? I said you're a couple of shit-for-brains! Okay.
Come on.
Hey! What are you doing? It's the labyrinth, man.
Killing Boss Hogg might be the wrong move.
Don't let it push your buttons.
Well, maybe I'll let it show me the truth from inside your screwed-up head.
What are you talking about? You killed dad.
He didn't burn up on the couch.
You doused him with lighter fluid while he was drunk.
Is it true? Is it? Yes.
Now will you let me get back to work? Just get it open.
You Tell them you're fine.
Hang back, boys! I'm good! Look at that.
Even a blind squirrel finds an occasional testicle, doesn't he? What do you know? The Gecko boys finally wrap their buckteeth around a nice, juicy nut sac.
Wait a second.
This has got to be it.
It's got to be what? The end.
This door handle, or whatever the hell it is, is how we started this hall of mirrors in the first place.
You're right.
We did it.
We found the Sasak Ukib.
What? Whoa, Richie.
Richie, what are you doing? Jesus Christ, Richie! What are you The serpent is filled with her blood.
She's inside me now, Seth.
It's all right.
She prepared me for this.
I knew that it was coming.
Well, I didn't.
That's our way to the top.
You still got that $30 mill strapped to yourself? It's time to settle up.
I don't know who you are anymore.
I don't know what you are.
I guess I'm just the guy who killed Dad.
Listen to me.
Scott, your sister's in danger.
I can take care of this if you want me to.
Go find my daughter.
- You sure? - Go.
Oh, son.
Yajawil ahk'Abe'.
Uyuumil muuyile'.
Hulen tahiin.
Hulen niwichnal.
Tk'un uch'ich' sujuy ixik.
Carlos wanted you here for a reason.
Your blood is so pure.
It's gonna satisfy the nine lords At least for now, before they realize that their precious Santanico is gone.
Oh, Katey-kakes You should be very proud.
It's all you.
I know why you got that name Katey-kakes.
Who wouldn't want to eat all that filling? Now we're gonna get to the good part! Rrrrrah! Welcome to the party sherrif.
I knew it.
That's why you didn't get affected by the queen's bite.
You're Otomi Baddest of the badass ancient warriors.
I've read about you.
Ha ha! You got a hell of a bloodline there, compadre.
It didn't help me find the serial killer, you sneaky son of a bitch.
It was you the whole time.
Well, only one way to Carnegie Hall, and that's practice, practice Practice! Touché, sheriff.
I'm not a sheriff.
Where's my dad? Did you find Scott? Yeah.
Let's go.
Don't give in to the seduction of power, son.
You may feel like you're greater than Human, but you're not.
This isn't you.
But it is.
And I just saved your life.
Scott, something evil and vicious has taken hold of you.
You're gonna have to feed on innocent blood to survive.
You won't be able to live with yourself.
Stop being a goddamn pastor! I never really was a part of this family! Was I?! You're a child of God.
And I want you to find peace in Heaven.
But you can't You won't Not if you've killed so many.
Goodbye, son.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
We came here to be a family again.
We still can be.
Aah! Oh, God! You think you can slaughter the counselors and the lords will stand for it? By the time I'm finished with them, they won't be standing at all.
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
You're gonna start the revolution.
Why don't you write a song about it? Wrap a snake around your tits and dance.
That's all you're good for.
Enough! Both of you.
What's with all the shouting? What's this all about? Narciso's a stand-up guy.
He saved my ass once.
You, on the other hand Welcome to the Twister.
Can I get you anything? You know what I want? I want a gold medal.
I want a podium.
I want to hear the national anthem playing while the goddamn blue angels fly over my head, and then I think I want to be on some cereal boxes, because in case you haven't noticed, Carlito, we just pulled off a job that had an extremely high level of difficulty.
Richard Yeah.
I got it.
Mi diosa.
You're forgetting about something.
The money.
Where is it? The bonds are in a safe place.
That's exactly where they're gonna stay.
I'm sorry.
¿Qué? What are you talking about, Seth? I'm talking about my take, Richard, for this whole miserable job.
Two jobs, actually The bank robbery that nearly got me killed and your little imaginary heist that nearly got me buried Literally.
So you're just gonna take my money, too? Well, what do you care? You already got what you wanted, right? Slithering around in your gullet.
So why don't you go do whatever the hell it is you're gonna do, okay? This is where I get off.
Your brother and I need that money.
My brother? Think my brother's gonna be just fine without it.
Well, I won't be.
Well, you're gonna do whatever your boss tells you to do.
'Cause that's exactly what she is, right You little bitch? She's your boss, not mine.
No, Seth.
I'm moving up in the world.
Carlos was right.
When you bite someone, it's like It's like you can feel their life run right through you.
It's because blood is the conduit of the soul.
It's what makes us Human.
I saw it.
Mom was sick.
She needed help, and you just left it all in God's hands.
Your mother made her choice.
What she did, she did to herself.
No, it was your fault.
You killed her.
You killed her! No! He didn't, Scott.
I know the truth.
He suffered all alone for us, Scott.
Like he always does.
Scott, what did you do? Come on, dad.
Come on, pastor.
Let's get you on your feet.
Katey, listen to me No, Daddy, stop.
You're hurt.
We got to keep moving.
- Come on.
- Keep moving? Where do you want to go? You want to go back to Bethel? We came here to find a new path, and look We found it.
Here it is! This is it! What is, Scott? You gonna turn us all into monsters? Are you gonna turn me into a monster? Is that what you're gonna do? You gonna turn me into a monster, like you?! - Kate! - Your plan?! Kate, don't! No.
No, I get it.
I get it.
- Scott, no.
- No, it's fine.
You guys deserve each other.
Katey, you listen to me No.
I won't let him near us.
If he's gonna survive, he needs you.
You need each other.
And what about you? Your brother's right.
You can't go back to Bethel.
And I don't think your dad can go back, either.
You know how this has to end.
We're gonna keep moving, okay? Well, I guess Uncle Eddie was right.
Assholes do have friends.
I thought you were leaving.
It's one thing to ditch your brother, another to leave him outnumbered in a fight.
You don't really expect to walk out of here? I'm sorry Were you not here earlier? It was a goddamn bloodsucker rave, and I'm still standing.
So I'm warning you, slick You better find another way to make some cash, 'cause today ain't your payday.
Tell us where the bonds are.
Let's finish this without bloodshed.
You kill me, you're never gonna find out.
You're jealous, Carlos, so you make a deal with my captors? Don't be so angry, mi amor.
Get away from me.
"Find their Gods And you'll find their gold.
" That's what I believed.
I know it was bullshit, a fairy tale, because I had found something better, something deeper Something stronger.
I had found love.
I never stopped loving you.
Do not lie to me! I could never hate you as much as you hate yourself.
I did everything for you.
I slaughtered my own men, I betrayed my God.
And for what? So you can go to bed with this pinche criminal?! Unh! The venom will cripple him.
But it will keep what's inside of him alive until I decide to set you free.
Perhaps I'll make you my slave now.
Who you calling a criminal, asshole? You still think I'm a slave.
In here, I'm the queen! Yep.
That'll work.
It's all your fault.
Excuse me, my fault? Yeah, that That's rich.
That's just That's just beautiful.
You wanted to leave with all the money.
I did.
You know why? Because it's my money.
I stole it.
You're so caught up in your own greed, you can't even see what just happened.
Oh, trust me I saw.
Richie already told me all about you and Carlito.
What is it Five centuries now? That's a long time to put up with your ass.
He double-crossed me with the same monsters who imprisoned me here.
What would Seth Gecko do if he got betrayed like this? It already happened.
You turned my brother into a goddamn slave.
He's not a slave! How can I imprison someone when I've been in chains my whole life? - Oh, right You're the victim.
- I'm no one's victim.
Carlos is gonna call you.
He's gonna offer you a deal.
I want my freedom.
That much, I deserve.
Well, you don't have the money yet, do you? So I don't think you're going anywhere.
I am your best earner.
Who else, Narciso, has so consistently provided for the nine houses? Hmm? I have always provided for them.
But now Now you are the one they will look to.
You are going to tell them that Santanico was the one that betrayed us.
You are going bring them the $30 million prize.
Seth thinks it's just about the money, but those oil bonds are the key to so much more.
Narciso Are you really going to let that opportunity go by? I can walk right out that door with the $30 mill, and you can't even follow me.
You wouldn't.
- Oh, no? - No.
You wouldn't do that to Richard.
I know what he did to your father, Seth.
Didn't that free you from your prison? You listen to me very carefully, you psycho.
My old man was a son of a bitch and a world-class prick, but he didn't deserve to die.
I need your brother, Seth.
I can't bring down the nine lords without him.
I don't care about your stupid crusade.
Oh, but you will.
Trust me.
The nine houses may live in the shadows, Seth, but they have great power in this realm.
They have more wealth than you can even imagine.
I already got what I need.
It's never enough.
You don't love the money.
You love stealing it.
It's about winning.
Isn't it? So, when Carlos calls Are you really gonna let him win? Richard killed your father for a reason.
Forgive him.
Well, why don't you forgive whoever threw you in this hole, sweetheart? Well, this is a nice change.
I spend all day chasing you down.
Now you're calling me.
What do you know? The offer still stands Your brother's life and that bitch's future for 100% of the take.
You got 10 minutes, Seth.
Then after that, it's one finger for each minute.
And then, after that, it's one stake through his heart.
Did you hear me, Seth? I'm in.
There's all kinds of markings on these walls.
If this is where those things get made, maybe they can get unmade.
You really can see it.
See what? Our life The future.
You really can see us being happy again.
I believe it's possible.
Come on.
You believe.
That's the trick, isn't it? What are you doing? We can't stop.
- I'm sorry, Katey-kakes.
- Come on, come on, come on.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna have to test your faith.
I might even destroy it.
This whole future that you see It cannot be.
No! No, I Tell her, Ranger.
Daddy, you get up! Get up now! Ranger Gonzalez, help me.
Help Dad! Get up! Get up now! Get up.
Help me, please.
Kate, all I can tell you is what I've learned on the job.
Oh, no.
Day in and day out, people like you, the victim There's one thing that's really important to them.
You don't want to see me turn into a demon from hell.
And I don't want to be one.
I won't do it.
You have to.
I'm not gonna learn how to survive with it.
Scott's young.
He's not set in his ways.
But I cannot abide killing another human being.
Now you're just being selfish! You're so selfish.
You just want to go to Heaven so you can be with Mama.
I'm not so sure she's gonna be there.
Your mama She tried to kill herself.
In the eyes of the Lord, that's a sin.
Oh, God.
You can't believe in a In a God that would be that cruel.
God, you can't believe that.
He doesn't live on the pages of some book.
Now, you hold on a second.
No, he doesn't.
He's inside each and every one of us.
This whole trip's been about Trying to find him.
Who knew I'd find him in the walls of this Pagan temple And in my baby girl's eyes? Thank you.
Send me home.
You don't have to do this.
Yes, I do.
I love you, Katey-kakes.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Technically, it's only $26 million, but Carlos doesn't need to know that.
Are you certain about using the real thing? Trust me First thing Carlito's gonna do is check.
The plan's gonna work.
You just got to make sure your girls know what to do.
They will.
Do you think it's possible for someone to change their fate? I think you're well on your way, sister.
I mean, anybody crosses you, you can rip their guts out with your bare hands, right? Then eat them.
That's how the world has always seen us Something that must be hidden Buried.
It's our fate to live in the shadows.
Well, maybe you ought to stop destroying people's lives.
I do what I do to survive.
I was wrong about you.
Save it, okay? Not gonna work on this Gecko.
You saved him from a lifetime of agony.
He's at peace with Mama.
That's what he wanted.
Maybe that's what God wanted.
I've had this feeling all day.
Felt like that since the liquor store this morning.
Like Somebody's been leading me down a path.
Carlos spelled it out for me.
Said I was part of a war that I can never escape That I'd pay the price That I'd lose my wife and daughter.
And you'd believe that man before you believe your own heart? I hope my Billy grows up to be like you.
Now let's get out of here.
Come on.
Let's go Kate? Kate? Relax.
I'm almost done.
Who are you? Are you being held in here? Not anymore.
Six months of rehab, and I'm back on track.
As long as I don't have to eat their Mac 'n' Cheese anymore, I'm good.
Who are you? Just a number.
The system took me in when my mom fell so far off the wagon, she fell 6 feet under.
It's all right now, though.
I've got it all figured out.
Got what figured out? Exactly where to go with my life from here.
I'm not gonna let my daddy's ghost haunt me anymore.
Where did you get this? My daddy walked out the day before I was supposed to be baptized.
And my mom was so screwed up by it, she never got around to doing it.
So today, I'm finally being baptized.
Billy? You made your choice, Papi.
You all right? Something happened.
Yeah, this place will do that to you.
I don't know about you, but I'm famished.
You know, Narciso has a cook with him at all times.
You believe that shit? El pinche flaco doesn't put on weight.
You don't look so good.
You're hungry, aren't you? I fed in the labyrinth.
Yeah, you imagined feeding in the labyrinth.
I'll bet you're, uh You're real good at, uh Imagination.
Your hunger will grow, Richard.
And now that you're the prince, you got to stay in shape, bro.
Because trust me She will tire of you, even if it takes five centuries.
You got dumped, bro.
Get over it.
You know, I provided many services to the lords.
Among them Catering.
Okay, okay.
You guys look like you're about to get into an underwear-only pillow fight.
Carlito, I got to tell you, the sun cannot come up fast enough on this day.
Oh, you don't want to see the sun come up on your brother.
As long as he stops screwing this up, maybe.
You know, it's funny this whole thing kind of reminds me of this job that we pulled about seven years ago in Cheyenne.
Yeah, it didn't just go sideways.
It went three ways.
We pulled it off, though, didn't we, brother? You remember Cheyenne, don't you? I don't give a shit about your past glories.
Let's get this over with.
- Soon as you uncuff him, we'll talk.
- Let's see it.
Don't go near him, Carlos.
Excuse me? He's gonna get me killed.
He's gonna try something like Phoenix six years ago.
That one was so crazy, you don't even want to know about it.
- It wasn't as crazy as Cheyenne.
- Forget about Cheyenne! Enough! Where are the bearer bonds? I can't believe you sold us out to get in bed with these freaks.
Not my fault you can't see the big picture, brother.
Trust me I'm learning, fast! You don't learn.
You can't learn.
You're never gonna be more than a small-time hood, - just like dad.
- Gentlemen, please! Let him go.
I'll hand it over.
What the hell do you care about dad, anyway, you little shit? You killed him! He beat you on the daily, and you give him a pass and not me? - He's blood.
- You asshole! Oh, shit.
Hey, look Whoa.
Forget it! My money! Richard.
You're safe.
They didn't know what hit 'em.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
Oh, relax.
You're not gonna turn.
I didn't pump any venom into you.
Look, I had a plan, Richard Cheyenne? Why couldn't you just trust me? Because in Cheyenne, we had an argument.
It needed to be more than that.
In Phoenix, we let the pricks think that I killed you.
Well, in Phoenix, you weren't a goddamn succubus, were you? You taste like shit, by the way.
Boys, it's time.
Aah! Back up! Told you it was gonna be a long day.
You're gonna pay for the trail of bodies you left behind today, going all the way back to Earl.
Step back! Or I'll put this stake through his goddamn heart.
Kill him.
What are you, nuts?! Why are you hesitating, rinche, hmm? Kill him.
That's what your bloodline is begging you to do, and yet you can't do it.
Why? Maybe he doesn't have the stones.
Maybe you just don't want to pay the price, do you? You want to save your family from what's coming? Margaret? Billy? You're making a big mistake, Ranger.
All right.
This is what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna drop this stake, and I'm gonna walk out of here.
And none of you freaks better come after me or my family Ever Or so help me God, I will find you and I will rip your hearts out with my bare hands.
You have my word.
Vaya con dios.
I'm cool if you're cool.
Give me the keys to the R.
Aah! You can keep that.
Everything all right? It worked.
You are free.
What about Richie and Seth? I have a feeling whatever they're into, they're never gonna be free of.
Be able to get back on your own? Honestly, I have no idea where I'm going.
But I think, after tonight, I'm gonna be fine.
Take care of yourself, Kate.
You take care of your little girl.
- - Well, if that don't get me religion, I don't know what will.
You can't walk in the sun.
Not yet.
You said you were always just trying to save me, Seth.
You did.
Now you have to let me go.
Buddy, we just pulled it off out there.
There's no reason we can't We can't keep putting down scores.
- It's not just about the score.
- It's always about the score.
If it was, you would've just taken the money.
We got to go.
You, uh You ever find that beach and blue agave, you let me know.
Maybe I'll come join you.
Don't bother.
You want some company? Yeah.
But not in that.
Hell, no.
We should be hunting her down.
Eh, sorry, Carlitos, but the order comes straight from on high.
Yeah, they love their games, even if they did just lose.
No, they They think they can use you to bring down Santanico.
They said that you need to be Re-educated.
You know I'll never make it out.
Pues entonces.
Good luck.