From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s02e01 Episode Script

Opening Night

1 And now begins the ancient word.
The sun sleeps below the sky, and the world turns upside down.
In the night, we make our feast.
For centuries I danced for them, the blood-gatherer, the bringer of souls.
I've brought them the lost ones, the troubled ones, the desperate ones.
Now I am free, and the world turns upside down again.
They are thirsty for revenge, and nothing will stop them.
No boundaries, no borders.
They will come for me, but I am coming for them.
Their empire of blood will fall, and I will not rest until it all burns.
- No talkie! - You can get rid of that.
You don't have to stop there, chica.
It's payday.
You know about our bonus program? Damn, you've got a tight little body.
A dancer's body.
Maybe you can dance for me.
¿Baila para me? - That's my specialty.
- You speak English.
- A private dance is gonna cost you.
- You want to see her paperwork? I got her papers, man.
- Okay, places, everyone.
- Copy that.
I'm set.
- Wait for my signal.
Dex? - Jacked in from out here, just like you said.
Yeah, it's working like a charm.
- Shut down the cameras.
Copy that.
You're running cash in your trucks, Mister Balthazar Ambrose.
What are you, a Hanna-Barbara character or something? We're here to take it off your hands.
- You ain't takin' diddly.
- Actually, that's true.
You're gonna give it to us.
I asked her to leave the drama at the door.
- That supposed to scare me? I've been around culebras all my life.
- Well, look at you.
They let you in the club? - I'm not of the tribe, if that's what you mean.
I like my summers on the beach, thank you very much.
I sure as shit know your ways.
I know who you two are, now I've seen you in action.
You're the showgirl who thinks she's going to take down an empire.
- No.
I'm just going to kill the emperor.
- Good luck with that.
- This isn't your fight, Foghorn.
Why don't you make it easy on yourself? Take us to the loot.
Tell your boys to step off.
- It's all right, guys.
It's okay.
Just want to see the cash truck.
Want my best guys out here to help unload.
- Where the hell is it? - It's coming.
Still grosses me out, kiddo.
Put 'em on ice, get ready for transport.
His Lordship's going to want that sweet ass back on stage, pronto.
- Meatpacking plant.
- It's just outside Houston.
Pretty sure it's part of the syndicate.
Did a little recon, but now it's time for the real work.
I want you with me.
- Not another stakeout, please.
- So, uh that whole thing.
That was new.
- You didn't like it? - I didn't say that.
- Good.
- Oh, boy.
He's back to the turquoise.
This guy's got a bolo collection like my Uncle Eddie's video stash.
This one's got really nice aiguillettes.
- Richard, it's daytime.
We should be sleeping.
Like that guy in that moving picture you made me watch, with the tuxedo.
Belushi? - Lugosi.
Bela Lugosi.
- Yeah, like him.
I would like to sleep like him if I could.
- We've got to do this.
This is why I came back to Texas, right? His said operation was connected north of the border.
- There's no borders for this man, Richard.
You just find and kill him.
- We can't find his hideout unless we get him to make a move.
That's why we got to jack this place.
We hit him where he lives, find out where he lives.
- Look for the man in black with the dirty smile.
- I asked about a Mexican cartel that only comes out at night.
- We're not a cartel.
- Yeah, I'm kidding.
But, look, if you ask enough grunts, they'll tell you.
There's an outfit, they got their fingers real deep in Houston.
Nobody knows their names.
They've got pot houses, count houses, stash houses, you name it, but none of the product is actually theirs.
They just hold, transport, deliver.
And take their cut.
- No, Richard, they don't take the cut.
It's given to them.
It's been like this for centuries, it's tribute.
- Tribute? - Tribute, yeah.
Of all the Nine Lords, Malvado was the pochtecatl.
Collector of tribute.
When their armies would come in and destroy your village, they would take everything, take what was theirs: women, gold, weapons.
When they took you, they took you completely.
- He who dies with the most toys wins.
- Amancio Malvado doesn't own anything.
He possesses it.
When he has you, it's like the air you breathe is a gift.
He who dies with the most toys wins.
He never dies.
- What are you looking at? - I'm captivated by the show.
Let me know if someone stops to watch it.
He's here.
- Jefe.
- You call this a show? You insult me.
You disrespect her.
Until she's back, this place is shut down.
- Jefe, there is a thirst.
We need the souls this place provides.
- This was her palace.
And hers alone.
You are nothing but a descarado.
- Jefe, I meant no disrespect.
- Come in.
- Hey, no lights.
Get down.
Policía! Policía! - Are they gone? - Shh! Kate! - Yeah, I was just taking a shower.
Kate! Kate! - I'm fine.
I was just reading the Bible and praying.
- Okay.
I had to make sure you were safe.
Servants of God need all the protection they can get around here.
- Don't I know that.
Thank you.
- No.
- Bueno.
- What the hell was that? - That was you obfuscating.
- That's not what I meant.
The check cashing store.
What happened? - Nothing.
Things got a little dicey, that's all.
- A little dicey? Thought you said everything was going to be lean and mean.
- I don't know that I used those exact words.
- "Stroll," that was the word you used.
You said, "Kate I'm going to stroll out of there like Paul Newman, you'll be waiting in the car and we'll drive away like we got a free toaster.
" - I owe you a toaster.
- Not funny.
- The manager tried to be a hero, I had to rough him up a bit.
Some knucklehead called his cousin, who happens to be a cop.
- How was he able to do that? Weren't you keeping an eye on him? - Kate, I only have two eyes.
- That's what I mean.
You need more than two eyes.
You need a partner.
- Will you stop? We won.
Huh? - These are canceled checks.
- What? - Unbelievable! - Son of a bitch! - Three months of stupid towns and the same old bullshit.
It's kinda been a downhill slide ever since the Corvette was stolen.
I feel like I joined a freaking circus.
- Okay, I get it.
- Maybe I would have been better off alone.
I probably would have made a killing as Richie's knife-throwing girl.
- Hey! It's not a total loss.
We still have the cash.
- That is not enough.
You said it yourself.
We need passports, we need new names.
I want to get out of here.
- And go where? - To find Scott.
I said I would forget about him, but I can't.
- Listen to me very carefully, okay? He's dead.
Even if he's alive, he's dead.
- I don't believe it.
- Just forget about him.
- Kind of like how you forgot about Richie.
Your brother found the best vein.
- That's hilarious.
- Would you rather he turned you? No, he can keep that venom shit to himself.
- You found your own venom.
Well, well, well.
Sun goes down, things get busy.
- Culebras? - I can't tell.
They got their own Lou Ferrigno.
- Their own qué? - That is one big bastard.
He doesn't own you anymore.
You know that, right? I know this is our first move against him, but we do this job like all the others.
Malvado's got nothing to do with this.
Keep your head on straight and leave the drama at the door.
- You think he would? - You need to get what I'm saying.
There is no room for error here.
- I just want to do it.
Too much thinking.
Too much planning.
- We can never have enough of that.
We are going to need a couple of helping hands on this, like last time.
- Do we get to feed on them like last time? - What's the rule? - No eating civilians.
- Then, yes.
You shall be fed.
The late shift.
Think we found our way in.
- I am not wearing that.
- Cheers, gents.
Let's talk turkey.
You two will be strictly driver and lookout on this first gig.
After that, options may expand.
You look like a couple of smart comers.
You want to learn from the best, this is an opportunity not to be missed.
- News said the Gecko boys made it down south with thirty mil.
So what the hell you doing up here? - I got bigger plans.
- Bigger than thirty mil? - Potentially.
- Forget it.
Thanks for the cold one.
Jimmy! What the hell, man? We always said we'd kill to work with the Geckos.
- This ain't the Geckos, it's a Gecko, and it's the dumb-ass one.
- Shut up! - Why would I want to do a gig with the dumb one? - Ever seen a picture called The Train? It's a war movie.
Nazis are occupying France, but the war is coming to an end.
Burt Lancaster plays this Resistance guy.
There's this crazy SS colonel, Paul Scofield.
He wants to keep all the great works of art for the fatherland.
He puts them all on a train and hires a shit ton of guards, and they're going to ride this thing all the way to Berlin.
But he can't do it without Lancaster, a train guy.
- Thought you said he was a Resistance guy.
- He's both.
He's not going to let them Kraut bastards get away with it.
So he does everything he possibly can.
He doesn't eat.
He doesn't sleep.
He doesn't even let the broad get into his pants, who runs the local And this is Jeanne Moreau we're talking about! She's got sex and musk coming out of every pore in her body.
Big Burt keeps Little Burt in check because he's got such a hard-on for this train.
Then he gets a hard-on for Scofield, but Scofield's only got a hard-on for Picasso and Gauguin.
Even at the end, when Burt wins and the train's wrecked and all that priceless shit is spread all over the place, that SS bastard still says it all belongs to him, because he's the only one who understands beauty.
You believe that? He's probably right.
What's Lancaster? He's just a train guy.
But he's also holding an MP40, so he stares at him, and just sprays him.
Cuts him down.
Turns around, walks away.
Drops the mike.
Lancaster out.
If you want to know which Gecko I am, I'm the dedicated one.
I'm the one on a mission.
I get to keep all the art on the train.
If you want a piece of that, your call.
- To you? Fifty pesos.
Five dollars, U.
- No, I'm not a tourist, I'm a student of anthropology at Alamo State.
- You're a little young for college.
- I'm gifted.
- You know Scripture.
- You're here to convert me, that's what your people do.
- You people? - You're a missionary.
You came here to help the little brown people so it'll look good on your college application.
Wanna take a selfie? That's not the King James Version.
- Not exactly.
Who is she? - No one knows her real name.
Many believe she was called Kisa by the ancients.
It means - Sunlight.
- She's our savior.
She consumes our sins.
- Santanico.
- What did you say? - She consumes stuff, that's for sure.
She is not your savior.
- Who made you the expert? - People like you, when you attacked my family.
You call yourselves culebras, right? Little bit of snake, little bit of vampire.
You crave blood and can stand out in the sunlight for a little bit, but it hurts, like holding your breath underwater.
And if you or your friend decides to bite me you'll have two choices.
You can either kill me and consume my soul, or pump me full of venom and turn me into something just like you.
- Who wouldn't want that? - I am not hereto convert you, so do not convert me! My father was turned into something just like you.
- So what, you looking for him now? - No.
I killed him.
Because he didn't give me much choice.
It's my brother that I'm looking for.
He was changed, and he needs my help.
- How could you ever help him, Princess? - He's just a boy.
He's going to have to feed on people, if he hasn't already, and I want to help him be able to live with that.
Like them.
- You assume everyone here is like us.
This is a shrine to la diosa.
She belongs to all of us, not just culebras.
- I want to know if you can do it.
- Do what? - Not feed on people.
- Wouldn't recommend it.
Around here, it's not hard to find people who cry out to become a little antojito, or big meal.
He extorts everyone in the mercado.
He and his matrona make a lot of money off our backs.
That's the way of the world, isn't it? - Is he? Then why don't you finish him? - I pick my battles.
You should learn to pick yours.
- When you look at a tattoo, you're not really seeing it.
You're actually looking at it through another layer of skin.
The ink is in the dermis, which is under the epidermis.
Did you know that? - Yeah.
- How come you don't have a story? Huh? Usually people when they come in here, they want to get paint, they've got a story, a reason.
They want the yin-yang symbol on their ear 'cause they need to keep their shit in balance, or, I don't know, their dog died.
Those are always the sad ones, people trying to remember somebody.
You trying to remember somebody? - The opposite.
- Gotcha.
What happened to you.
anyway? - I got bit, by an animal.
- That's a story I want to hear.
All right, finito.
Keep the bandage on, and ointment on it twice a day.
That's way too much.
- This ain't the only ink I want.
I need some official documents.
I asked around.
Last town I was in, somebody told me to come see Sonja at La Casa de los - Tatuajes.
That's "tattoo" in Spanish.
It's what I do.
- Yep.
I need passports.
- Who's the little girl? - Just a little girl.
- I'm glad you're you and not your brother.
Don't worry.
Who am I to screw over a Gecko? Wouldn't be good for business, would it? Come back tomorrow.
I hear Richie's the crazy one.
That true? - You're supposed to be looking that way.
What's this? - Something I've been meaning to do.
Go on, open it.
It's a tennis bracelet.
Funny thing, it wasn't called that until the '80s.
There's this tennis player, Chris Evert, she wore a diamond bracelet to the U.
Open once, and well, that's it.
Do you know what it was called before? An eternity bracelet.
Truth is, I've never been part of a you know, a thing, and now that we're a thing, I figured that this is what one does, right? - Thank you.
- Señor.
I'm sorry.
I bring these for Miss Kate.
- Miss Kate is not here.
- Okay.
- Why are you so interested in her? Answer the question.
- She likes extra towels for her hair.
- Still not an answer.
- She's a nice girl.
She believes in God.
- Yeah.
Yeah, she's pure.
That's how you people like it, right? - Señor? - It's funny, you're never around in the daytime, are you? Why is that? - I'm night manager.
- Yeah, I'll bet you are.
I'll bet you're real smart, too.
Aren't you, Poindexter? Do me a favor, huh? Stop checking up on her.
- Don't threaten me, señor.
- Oh, yeah? You gonna show me what you really are? Huh? Come on.
Show me.
That's it.
You're home early.
- Yeah.
- I got you extra towels, for your hair.
- Oh.
I think I found our next hit.
We have to do our homework.
It could be a good score.
- You know how much I love those.
- Shower sounds like a good idea.
We'll talk after.
- Okay, perfect.
- I want you to dance for me.
I want them to see how beautiful you are.
In every way.
They will not be able to resist.
Man Or woman.
They will come from far and wide, to be captured by your eternal beauty.
Make them yours.
Make them your slaves.
Release yourself.
Let them see inside of you.
Let them feel you.
Release yourself.
- Richie.
Richie, get up.
Let's go.
It's too cold in here.
- Ugh! What the hell happened in there, man? - It's all good.
Get this loaded on the truck.
- It's a beautiful thing.
- Yeah.
Hurry it up.
- You all right? - He's using trucks to ship people back to Mexico.
- The Twister's closed.
There's a thirst.
- That's how we find him.
We follow the flesh.
- Follow the flesh? It'd be better if we had our own.
We could track 'em, use 'em as bait.
- That's a great plan.
- If you don't like it, I can get you a different style.
- Richard I can give you what you want, but I cannot give you what you need.
Not until I'm finished with him.
Sorry to interrupt.
This gig was nice.
So nice, it's gonna pay me twice.
- How you figure? Security tapes.
- We never shut down the cameras.
We've got footage of you two robbing the place.
- You didn't actually watch the tape? - Don't need to.
We heard the shots.
So, we're not only getting the loot, we're getting a reward for information leading to the apprehension of Richard Gecko.
Well, in this case, his dead body, which was found right next to that of his hot beaner girlfriend.
- Baby, tengo hambre.
- Just one bite.
- Really? - They've got to last us.
- Holy fuckin'! - Can't believe I missed it.
Goddamn security tapes.
It's the one thing I should have been on.
- See? All that thinking for nothing.
- I should have done more.
Can you imagine if this had gotten out? Every lawman's still out there looking for the Geckos.
- Then we make them stop looking.
If we are gonna fight this war, we have to be stronger.
We have to shed the old skin.
However lost we might feel, we have to find our way in the night.
To do that, we have to disguise ourselves.
Our new face might appear the same to others, but something has changed because it has to change, Richard.
We have to start over.
We have to let go of who we were to become who we are.
I want you to dance for me.
I want them to see how beautiful you are, in every way.
Make them your slaves.
Let them see inside of you.
Let them feel you.
It's been too long.
- Long enough.
¿Qué pasó? - Santanico.
- She's gone? - She was taken.
Two brothers.
Some people say it's prophecy.
I say they're already history.
- Time to regulate.
- You look good, my friend.
- Claro que sí.
- I'll never make it out.
- Pues entonces, good luck.
- Gonzalez.
- Wake your ass up.
We've got big doings out here in the countryside.
- The hell you talking about? - Get your ass out to the quarry, okay? I'll see you soon.
- It's your lucky day, Ranger.
- What's going on, brother? Something you might want to see.
Think you can l.
these two? - Mmm.
Aw, shit, man! What the hell are you looking for? - Being thorough.
It's them.
- You sure? I mean, they're pretty crispy.
- Without a doubt.
These are the boys that killed Earl McGraw.
- We can finally put a nail in that coffin.
Shit, man.
Stick a fork in 'em.
They're done.
- Or they're just getting started.