From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s02e07 Episode Script

Bring Me the Head of Santanico Pandemonium

1 Blood of kings.
Powerful stuff.
You created the oil company.
- To hide it.
- Like a well.
A bloodwell.
Make sure that that never opens.
Take that and go to the cellar.
I'd forgotten how it feels.
Shangri-La of stash houses.
A hit and a heist.
You can have it all.
This isn't about the money for us.
Who did you make a deal with? There's more than one way to skin a Gecko.
[Woman] And now begins the ancient word.
The sun sleeps below the sky, and the world turns upside down.
In the night, we make our feast.
For centuries, I danced for them, the blood-gatherer, the bringer of souls.
I've brought them the lost ones, the troubled ones, the desperate ones.
Now, I am free, and the world turns upside down again.
They are thirsty for revenge, and nothing will stop them.
No boundaries, no borders.
They will come for me, but I am coming for them.
Their empire of blood will fall, and will not rest until it all burns.
[rock music plays] Don't let the storm Pass you by Don't let the storm Make you cry [singing continues, indistinct] - How you doin', hot stuff? - Livin' the dream.
- How about yourself? - Peachy keen.
I'm Alice.
- What can I get ya? - Oh, I don't know.
Let's say a big bowl of nachos and a Jim Beam neat? You betcha, dark and stormy.
Oh, and Alice, tell Mr.
Malvado that Seth Gecko's here to see him.
[elevator bell dings] He's right over there, Mr.
Thank you, preciosa.
I'll have my usual.
On your feet.
Oh! Whoa, whoa.
Easy there, compadre.
Should I take my shoes off, too? Clean as a whistle.
[grunts] I thought Geckos traveled in pairs.
Oh, right.
I guess you didn't hear.
Reunion tour got cancelled.
Uh creative differences.
You got huevos de piedra coming up in here.
[speaks Spanish] Can I just say how much I dig this place? You know, the whole Merle Haggard vibe goes real nice with the Thulsa Doom accents you got goin' on.
Thank you.
It's been a way station for a thousand years.
A saloon when we were part of Mexico.
Not like the Twister, though, huh? No, more, uh, truckers than desperadoes in here.
People tryin' to make an honest buck, weary travelers just lookin' for a bucket of wings, maybe an ice-cold beer.
You read the brochure.
I'm glad somebody did.
What's your point? My point, jefe, is that I doubt this place turns into a feedin' frenzy at midnight, am I right? This is a place of business.
Every syndicate from Chicago to Tampico's gotta be skimmin' a little cream off the top for you and your boys.
[ice rattles in drink] [Alice] Your Old Fashioned, Mr.
Anything else for you, handsome? Nah, I think I'm good, Alice.
So where is Richard? How the hell should I know? Because hermanos know.
I just came back from seeing my own brother for the first time in eons.
Pobre pendejo thought he could hide from me.
Was still the same filthy son of a bitch he always was, but I'd forgotten how strong that bond could be.
Like we shared something crudo in the blood.
Except I didn't come here to talk about Richard.
Why did you come, Mr.
Gecko? I came to make a deal.
[theme music plays] [engine revving] You know, we have a word for what you're doing.
We call it berrinche.
That's what little babies do when they want their mother's milk.
You had one job.
Make it through a dinner and don't piss him off.
He was saying stupid things.
So you go and corner his girlfriend? - She's hiding something.
- Oh, God.
She doesn't fuckin' matter! Uncle Eddie has intel that we can use to penetrate Malvado's operation.
Do you have any idea how much time that can save us? Of course not.
You have absolutely no clue because you're such a freak about murdering this guy that you don't think.
You just runnin' around lightin' things on fire like a little pyro kid who just found her first box of matches.
And don't you ever tell me that I'm on a "borracho" or whatever.
Thanks to you, instead of being this close to hitting our mark, we now have double the work.
We need those plans! - So take them.
- What? You're a thief.
Steal them.
- I'm not gonna do that.
- Why? Because Eddie's like family.
Eddie is family.
The family you said you didn't need anymore? You don't take another man's gig.
There's a code.
Oh, there's a code.
Right, there's a code.
[Laughs] There's a code.
The one your brother follows to the letter, correct? The one he's used his entire life to keep you under his thumb.
I think it's time for you to make your own code, Richard.
[tires screeching] I swear to God, if you hadn't of stepped in, I was going to smack her in the face.
Seth, she's talking shit.
And yet, she was pretty specific, wasn't she? Said you made a deal with someone? She's off her goddamn nut.
Yeah, nobody knows that better than I do.
Trust me.
But I also know that she knows stuff about people.
She's got a real gift for that.
So, I'm gonna ask you.
What was she talking about? [inhales, exhales] Remember that little ditty I told you about looking for something new in Mexico? - Yeah, I remember not buying it.
- I was running.
His name's Clayton.
Met him on the rodeo circuit in Waco.
We were gonna swipe the main till at the stock show.
Night before the show, he got good and drunk, he beat the shit out of me.
Jitters, I guess.
And the next day, we pulled the job.
And when it came time to run, I left him holdin' the bag in a tunnel with a six-pack of good ol' boys.
- So that's who you did the deal with.
- Yeah.
- But how that bitch knew about it - Forget it.
- She's like the plague.
- [laughs] The longer she's around, the more damage she does, which is why we're skipping this job.
What are you, crazy? Come on, it's because of her! Trust me, all right? She's bad for business.
- I don't want it.
- That's bullshit.
- Okay, there's more to it.
- Just stop.
Nobody's doing this job, okay? Not even Uncle Eddie.
[alarm sounds] [radio announcer] many consider Cezanne to be the bridge between Post-Impressionism and Cubism.
In fact, both Matisse and Picasso called him "the father of us all.
" He was a remarkable innovator [grunting] Little-known fact: Cezanne was rejected by the Paris Salon for 18 years.
But he never gave up, until 1882, when they finally exhibited his 1866 "Portrait of Louis-Auguste Cezanne," the father of the artist, reading L'Évenement, his first and last successful submission.
[Eddie] What the fuck you mean, it won't play? I'm telling you, it won't play.
It won't play, or you won't play with your brother? Ah! Thought you guys were supposed to eat about it.
Can you not yell, please? What, do I gotta sit you two punks down again - and talk about family values? - Eddie, I cannot work with him.
And I will not work with that psycho girlfriend of his.
- For Chrissake, she attacked Sonja.
- So what? A couple broads, they get handsy with each other and you wanna call the whole goddamn thing off with all that money just sittin' there waitin' for us.
Listen to me.
It's not.
These people that you're tryin' to rob, they're not just some banditos from down South.
Okay? They're degenerate killers.
Yeah, well, they ain't never met Eddie Cruickshank.
[chuckles] Come on When's the last time you pulled down a job? What the hell has that got to do with anything? Things are different now.
- Different how? - They're just different.
Is there something you're tryin' to tell me? I'm trying to help you.
Help me? You been on the sidelines too long.
It's time to hang up your wingtips.
I know Jesus Christ.
Who needs it? I'll go get myself a real crew.
Somebody with balls.
Hang up my wingtips Anything? I think they're gone.
Let's go.
[door creaking] - [screams] - Kate! Thirsty I can't heal if I don't drink.
- What are you looking at? - The Peacekeeper.
[creaking] - You need to stop Malvado.
- How? - Los hermanos - The Geckos? They can help you.
It's prophecy.
[slurping] Okay, okay, that's enough.
- [door opens] - Did you hear that? [man] Anybody home? Ranger Gonzalez? You in there? Well, it's about goddamn time.
I've been through hell and high water looking for you.
Do me a favor, hon.
You put that thing down, step on over here.
- What are you doing here, Captain? - Shut your trap.
Slide your firearm.
This ain't a social call.
Okay, okay.
Take it easy.
Now, where the hell are those bonds? I'm sorry, sir, what bonds? Oh, don't get fresh with me, boy.
You see, we found Tony Mendoza's car, and his GPS was all jacked up.
But hell if the techs still didn't still find that he was parked at your house the night he went missing.
So I got curious.
Turns out you borrowed four million dollars in bearer bonds from FBI Evidence.
A federal offense, by the by.
So where the hell are those bonds? Okay, wait, you think I killed Tony? And yet you come out here, all alone? You're damn straight I did.
I endorsed your reinstatement, Ranger.
That means you shit the bed and I gotta clean the sheets now.
Thing is, sir, captains don't endorse reinstatements.
- They don't? - Nope.
I don't know who the hell you are, but you sure as shit ain't Chance Holbrook.
[laughs] Well, you got me there.
Déjà vu, Rinche? You son of a bitch.
Holbrook was a good man.
Ooh, are you sure about that? Because he was going to finger you for Tony's murder.
[grunting] - Come on, come on - Hey, hey! - I wouldn't do that, Kate.
- Scott Agh! Holy shit, you shot me! [grunting] Let's go! Come on! [grunting] - [pounding on door] - [Carlos] Open up, rinchesito! It's too late, Carlos.
Your boss already took the key.
It is useless without the map.
Hand over the bonds, because I am not leaving without them.
Well, then I guess you're not leaving.
[loud grunt] [Carlos] Oh, Federico.
You're not Buffy La Caza Vampiros! [loud pounding] You're the Tlacamelli Teplani.
The Peacekeeper.
Yeah, that's what people keep tellin' me.
[grunting] [Carlos] Gonzalez - you are a man of justice.
- [groans] [Carlos] Yeah, a man like you understands.
Oh, you understand that this santa sangre could keep culebras from preying on innocents.
You understand what that means? Less exposure for us, and more peace for you.
I'm starting to think peace is overrated.
I'm starving.
Why couldn't we stop to feed? Because we are here for a higher purpose! [shouting] [Richie] What the hell is he up to? I still don't feel right about this.
You will, once you have the plans.
Okay, remember, you just need to distract him while I switch out the cases.
I've got it.
Okay, Richard? Relax.
[Eddie] So what is all this? I told you, I got about a hundred VHS tapes in here.
From Fellini to Capra.
- You want some or not? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Put 'em over there somewhere.
Tío Eduardo, I hear you make a great coffee.
Well, as a matter of fact, I do, Miss - Santanico.
- Ah, Santanico Pandemonium.
That's right, you told me.
Santanico Pandemonium.
- Would you care for a cup? - Please.
- [coffee pouring] - [Eddie] Santanico.
Where do I know that name from? [Santanico] Oh, I used to be in a famous show in Mexico.
And now you wanna kill the CEO of the Browns.
- Jesus, Eddie.
- Take it easy.
It ain't my lingo.
Amancio Malvado, the head of the "Browns," as you call him, he deserves to die.
Whatever you say, San That's where I know you from.
Jesus Christ, you you got the same name as that chick in that famous Mexican horror flick.
I even got a copy.
You're gonna love it.
What are you doin' over there? - What? - What are you doin'? Nothing, I'm just lookin', uh, lookin' for a place to put those tapes.
- What's this? This ain't mine.
- It's nothin'.
You little shit, you were gonna switch the cases! All right, who are you, sweetheart? - [Richie] Eddie, put that down.
- Shut up! Who are you? You come in here with your fancy lipstick and your fake name.
- How do I know you don't work for those guys? - Eddie, just stop! - Shut the fuck up.
- You don't.
But let me tell you about when I was a little girl, and Amancio killed my whole family and took me out of my pueblo.
Or the thousands of innocents he sacrificed, or the many, many years I was his slave.
But at the end of the day, does it really matter? Because the only way for you to trust me is for you to believe that I want him dead as much as you want his money.
So, what do you say, Eddie? I say you broke the code, kid.
Oh, that fuck! Where's my shit?! - Seth took it.
- He what? - I knew he was up to somethin'.
- And I can tell you where, - but I want in on the job.
- What is this, a potluck?! Eddie, look, okay? I know you're pissed, and you have every right to be.
I messed up.
Gimme a chance to make this right.
Larry, Larry.
Come on, man.
You gotta stop taking things so personally.
- You put my partner in traction.
- That was all business.
That's my beautifully restored Cutlass 442 you're driving.
Okay, that was pleasure.
But now, here I am, offering you the payday of a lifetime as a gesture of good faith.
And trust me, you do not find plays like this for sale.
All you need to do is find yourself a crew.
Then you can buy yourself a whole factory of Cutlasses, like that.
[Snaps] Huh? - Okay, sold.
- Okay.
- Where is it, Seth? - Sorry, Richard.
Larry here just bought himself a 33 million dollar payday.
Take it easy, pal.
- I'm warnin' you.
- Ah! [exhales] - [growling] - What the hell, man? - [roaring] - Ah! What the hell is your problem? Ah! This job is the old man's dream.
You're just usin' him to keep your bitch happy.
[grunting] So that's why you hate culebras so much.
It's not because you're scared we're gonna eat you, - it's because of her.
- Bingo.
Ah! [Malvado] Could it be that this sacred bond between brothers has finally snapped? Where do you think I got this? I believe it, you know.
In fact, this brother I visited, Celestino, he was a real hijo de una puta.
I remember the day that I finally accepted it.
But I hated him for so much of my life.
It was like a dam broke inside of me, releasing a torrent of hatred.
Was that the same dam that released the torrent of bullshit that's comin' out of your mouth right now? Do me a favor, tough guy, okay? Don't tell me this is about some epic clash between two brothers.
This is about you and your needs.
Cut to the chase, Gecko, or this will become a feeding ground.
I used to think that she was just a dancing girl.
But now, now I get it.
She's your queen.
That's why I'm gonna bring her back to you.
Your headliner.
I'm gonna bring you back Santanico Pandemonium.
Kate, help me move this rack.
Come on! Come on, let's go! We gotta get out of here! - [Carlos] Gonzalez! - Ready? One, two, three.
[grunting] I am trying to be civil here! - [pounding] - You know, maybe - Maybe he's not wrong.
- About what? About the blood well not being such a bad idea.
It could keep the culebras from killing.
You don't seriously believe anything he says, do you? No, I've been trying to find a way for Scott to feed without killing ever since Mexico.
This could be his second chance.
What about those kids he killed? Do they get a second chance? [Carlos] Give me the goddamn bonds! [pounding] Come on! I'm coming, my little piggies! And I'm gonna make myself some chicharron de rinche! Let's go! Go get 'em, cabrón! [sniffs] [sniffs] [Scott] Kate! Get back here! They're too weak and hungry, they can't follow us.
Come on! Stop! What are you doin'? Give me the bonds.
You're not gonna shoot.
Look, I know it's hard to let family go.
Just give me the bonds, or I swear to God the next one goes in your kneecap.
Now, cuff yourself to the truck and throw me the keys.
Do it.
- You're making a huge mistake.
- No.
I am making up for one.
[slurping] [cracking sound] [grunts, gasps] Scott? Scott.
Oh! [groans] Boy, if Dad could see you now.
I am doing what he asked me to do.
I'm trying to help you.
I know you want the bonds.
- I can give them to you.
- And why would you do that? Were you not listening? That blood could satisfy your need to kill.
And what if I like to kill? Do you? Look, what's the catch? You let Freddie go.
And I get to come with you and help you through this.
Are you out of your mind? You seriously trust that Carlos won't just eat you the first chance he gets? I don't trust him.
I trust you.
I know you'll protect me, Scott.
[rock music plays] [Eddie] How did you get Seth to give you the plans, anyway? [Richie] Let's just say I convinced him.
[exhales] It's a little fancy, don't you think? I'm workin'.
[Richie sighs] Hey, listen.
I'm sorry I had to twist your arm about all this.
What, are you kiddin'? I'm back! But if you ever try anything like that again, I'll kill ya.
[rock music plays] Well, I'm a dirty dog, baby Won't you come and mess around with me? I'm a dirty dog, baby, won't you come and set me free? I been barking at my baby to come on up Why must you make me cry like a lonesome pup I'm a dirty dog, baby, won't you come on home to me? Well, I woke up, baby I love you so Well, I woke up, baby Long time ago I've been hounding at my baby to come home with me She says I'm barking up the wrong tree Well, I'm a dirty dog, baby, won't you come on home with me Come on! Listen! - Can I help you, my friend? - Yeah I just got all "discombooberated.
" I was lookin' for the loo.
- Back this way, abuelo.
- Ah.
[Richie] I counted 18 employees.
[Eddie] Plus seven more at the repair shop.
That's gotta be where they unload the loot.
Knowin' this outfit, they stash everything underground.
That explains the elevator with the down button back by the kitchen.
- It's a tango.
- In and out with a truck.
- You wanna Jim Brown the place? - I'm thinkin' more Fred Williamson.
You always could plan a job, kid.
[laughs] Yeah, you mean, whenever Seth would let me.
Bought you a souvenir.
Aw, shucks.
It's everything I ever wanted.
Everybody needs their Shangri-La, kid.
- You ever see that YouTube video? - YouTube? - What, are you watching YouTube now? - Yes, I am.
And they got this one, shows this dog, he runs right out in traffic, right out in the middle of the freeway, cars and trucks comin' from every angle, just to save the other dog's life.
Okay, YouTube is a masturbatory wormhole.
The point of the story is he does whatever it takes to save his pal.
Like nothin' else in the world matters.
Whatever happened to that Seth and Richie? [phone vibrating] You know he's not going to answer, right? He knows you betrayed him.
I'll talk some sense into him, all right? Show him we can all do this.
You really think you can live happily ever after with him, don't you? I can sure as hell try.
[phone beeps] - [Seth] Yeah.
- Seth?! Seth.
- Hey, listen to me.
- It's okay.
I know why you did it.
Just meet me back at Uncle Eddie's.
Okay, you got it.
Lucy, I'm home.
- How did you find this place? - Oh, you didn't know? Richie gets chatty in car rides.
First him, now my Uncle Eddie? What the fuck is it with you? Why do you keep messing with my family? I think they call it destiny.
Then I guess you had this coming.
- What the hell's this? - Are you kidding me? - I will fucking kill you! - Hey, guys.
Hey! Goddamn it! Knock it off! Get over there! Get over there! First one to move, I swear to God I'll knock you on your ass.
You You guys are unbelievable, you know that? I've been lookin' for a job like this for years.
And you two punks show up outta nowhere and run roughshod all over it with all this "get outta my sandbox" bullshit? You know what you're like? You're like those lab rats.
You know, the lab rats that push the button for the candy, they just keep pushin' again and again.
They don't give a shit about anybody or anything! This job is my swan song, my masterpiece.
And once I pull this off, I can sit around in my soft pants and watch my stories, think about that perfect caper that we that we pulled off.
So Seth, you either stand behind me, or you get the hell out of my way.
And Richard, you either tell me right now what's got your brother so riled up, or I end this goddamn thing right now! Tell him.
Tell him, or I'll show him.
- Show him what? - [Richie sighs] She's a a What she means is that she's not a Say goodbye, Reina! You're goin' home! [grunts] Ah! [roaring] What the ? So that's what you were tryin' to tell me.
That's not all.
[roaring] [grunting] Oh, this is some serious B-movie shit.
[gagging] [gun clicking] Ah! [Groans] - [Eddie shouts] - What the hell are you doing? Gotta take care of this son of a bitch old school! - Come on, you bastard! - Eddie! Ahh! [grunts] - [Richie] Whoa! - [Seth] Hang on, Eddie, we're gonna - We're gonna get you help.
- Hey, Eddie, don't move.
Just look at me, man.
Maybe I should've listened to you, Seth, and done it the way you said.
Come on, don't talk like that.
- We're gonna get you help.
- Seth.
Seth, I can save him.
- No.
- He was right.
This world ain't the same no more.
[laughs weakly] I don't even know what that was.
Hey hey.
I thought I could handle anything you two punks throw at me.
But I ca I can't dance on this dance floor no more.
You were right, Seth.
Time for me to hang up my wingtips.
[sobbing] No.
You two knuckleheads, you gotta promise me You gotta take care of each other.
[exhales softly] To Eddie Cruickshank.
Uncle Eddie.
Rest in peace.
[sighs] - Richard, say something.
- What do you want me to say? I don't know.
Something, anything.
He never got his Shangri-La.
Son of a bitch would never admit it, but we had more in common than he knew.
You know, from the moment he took us in, all I ever cared about was making sure he didn't regret it.
Man, did I screw that up.
I should've been straight with him.
I should've stood by him.
And we should've remembered the code that he taught us, 'cause without that code, we'd be long gone right now.
Which is why we're gonna do this job.
For Uncle Eddie.
We're gonna kill the son of a bitch who did this.
And then we're gonna rob him blind.
Yeah, well, first things first.
- What? - We're gonna do this we get it all on the table.
Full disclosure.
You can't be a part of this crew unless you know everything.
Go ahead, you two.
Show her what you really are.
- What?! [gasps] - [roaring] [people screaming] - [moans] - [screaming continues] [panting] [Scott] Boss What are you doing? Getting a taste for what's coming.
Okay, I got the bonds, but she's coming with us.
[chuckles] Perfect timing.
You're about to see the rise of a new Lord.
Go ahead, kid, knock yourself out.
You deserve it.
- I'm sorry, I - It's not your fault.
I don't know how he found me.
I thought I had lost him, but maybe Malvado can sense me getting closer.
Wait, he can sense you? He's a Lord, Richard.
He made me.
So he can get inside your head, like you do to me? Worse.
Well, can he sense other culebras? - Can he sense me? - I don't know.
I thought I knew what Malvado could do, but I guess I'm not so sure.
Well, I guess we're gonna have to find out.
[Malvado] Of course.
Why didn't I see it? After all these years, only la diosa could come between you.
- [speaks Spanish] - I don't speak Spanish.
She's the sweetest kind of poison, the kind you crave.
She's the reason that my uncle is dead.
True, and yet you, me, Carlos, Richard, we're all fools for her.
I may be a selfish, backstabbing piece of shit, but I don't dig on your snake princess.
I do, however, recognize her value.
I want ten million cash and a guarantee that you and your culebra cronies will never bother me or my girl ever again.
How do I know you even have her? Figured you'd ask.
[Whistles] Give it to me.
[inhales deeply] Your brother must be furious.
Oh, I wouldn't worry about him.
He's just whipped.
Don't I know you somehow? I don't think so.
[snaps] Go wait by the door.
So we have a deal? You cross me, and I will skin you and your girlfriend alive and make myself a brand-new pair of calzones.
- Whatever those are.
- [man] One, two, three, four! [rock music plays] - He bought it.
- Yes, he did.
More importantly, he had no idea it was you.
Yeah, but was all that really necessary? I am not whipped.
It's all part of the play, Richard.
- Not my play.
- No.
Uncle Eddie's play.