From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s02e08 Episode Script

The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko

1 Balthazar Ambrose, take us to the loot.
- Amancio Malvado, he deseves to die.
- They're here.
In and out with the truck.
I don't know how he found me.
The bonds, I can give them to you.
- Are you out of your mind? - I don't trust him, I trust you.
- Perfect timing.
- Your about to see the rise of a new Lord.
And now begins the ancient word.
The sun sleeps below the sky, and the world turns upside down.
In the night, we make our feast.
For centuries, I danced for them, the blood-gatherer, the bringer of souls.
I've brougt them lost ones, the troubled ones, the desperate ones.
Now, I am free, and the world turns upside down again.
They are thirsty for revenge, and nothing will stop them.
No boundaries, no borders.
They will come for me, but I am coming for them.
Their empire of blood will fall, and will not rest until it all burns.
You've got the moves You've got the moves You've got the moonshine You've got the moves Narciso.
Malvado got the message.
We gotta move, professor.
I can't stand out here forever.
Almost there.
Rituals have rules, compañero.
You want results, you don't go messin' with the rules, homey.
- What are they doing out there? - You wouldn't understand.
Pain in the ass.
You sure this Wi-Fi's gonna reach? Chill.
This thing's got better range than my house.
Well, all right.
Most people don't know, but my great-great-grandpappy endowed all of his papers to the university.
Kinda helped me get my position, if you know what I mean.
Those last four bonds did the trick.
Thank you very much, Katey-Cakes.
- Don't ever call me that.
- Excuse me.
You kids ready for a little Culebra-oke? It's not obsidian, but it'll do the trick.
No! "When innocent blood sheds innocent blood," the heavens will part, and the day will turn to night, "and the chosen will be given the gift of sight.
" You are the innocent, I am the chosen.
These are the rules.
- No, I I can't.
- You said you wanted to help me.
Just do it.
I'm sorry.
Look to the sky.
Oh, man.
Kate, are you seeing this? Stay on target, stay on target Bam! This isn't just about one soul, Kate.
It's about a thousand souls, screaming out in the night.
You sure this is the best way in? Yes.
- Then what are we waiting for? - Sundown, you idiot.
This may come as a shock to you, but I have yet to reach my full potential.
I'm stunned.
Richard, if this is some legend-of-the-brothers bullshit, - please spare me the song and dance.
- Nah, man.
- I'm talking about my wayob.
- Your wa-what? My wayob.
My extra power.
Every culebra's got one.
You know, Santanico's got the wings, Carlos can apparently crush you like a boa constrictor.
You want to know what your superpower is? Not fuckin' this up for us.
Oh, there's an us? I thought that we were just doin' this for Uncle Eddie.
We are.
But you want what you want, and I want what I want.
The best way to get that is to keep our eyes on the prize and not get distracted.
You got the code or what? I'm sorry, Mr.
I'm really sorry.
Sorry's not gonna cut the mustard, Balthazar.
It's the second time in a month my operation's been compromised, and by the same clown squad, no less.
Well, who you callin' a clown, Colonel Sanders? The people who think they're going to take down Jacknife Jed's.
Malvado's the collector, and you owe him your tribute.
When you deliver, we come in as your crew, he's not gonna see us coming.
Well, I do have to say you two are easier on the eyes than these two paperback rejects.
- So you know who we are.
- Oh, yeah.
I know this tall drink of water, too.
Why couldn't you have just stayed where you were, like a good girl? Oh.
You still have his taste in your mouth after all these years, don't you? I bet it never goes away, even in your dreams.
My dreams are about to become his nightmares.
Yeah? Payback's like your first lay.
It plays better in your head.
- Gonna kill a Lord, are you? - And I can kill him.
- But I need your help.
- And for my help, I get what? Flayed alive and turned into a saddle? I don't think so.
- Hello.
- We checked your books.
You paid 38 percent of your profits to him last year.
Between Malvado and Uncle Sam, you're getting skinned to the bone.
You waving the people's flag at me, boy? You see, things are changing, Mr.
You can join the revolution, or you can rot in the past.
Revolutions are overrated.
Then, again, I like to think of myself as a compassionate conservative.
I'm gonna need a new number two.
What? Mr.
Greely, look.
I Yeah, we're gonna need a couple things, too.
-Like what? Meat wagon.
Map says the diesel repair is the way in, so we're gonna start there, all right? Hey, don't stack those all together just yet, Hopalong.
All right? We gotta make sure we got room for her box.
Well, we'll mark it, pretty boy.
- The name's Colt.
- Got it, Little Joe.
Before this is over, I'm gonna sink my teeth in your five o'clock shadow.
- Buy me a drink first.
- Mm-hmm.
Go do some work.
Somewhere else.
What? I just don't trust those snakes.
Yes, I know Richie's one of em, but I get a bad vibe just looking at em, you know? Okay, well, don't look at them.
Focus on the score.
Okay? Let's go.
Malvado couldn't sense me, but he might feel you comin'.
You gotta shut down.
The truck'll cool your body to 34 degrees.
What about the plan? Greely and I go see the man.
Seth and Sonja are gonna get you down below.
This thing kicks in and warms you up.
- You think it'll work? - It'll work.
You'll be right and ready in 15 minutes tops.
Greely and I get him in his office, he's all blown away, handshakes and huggin', you pop in, do your thing.
- What about the weapons? - Already planted.
I can't believe it ends tonight.
All right.
We're set.
After we kill Malvado, his men are gonna fight over his tribute.
Let them.
They'll eat each other alive, but whatever happens, Richard, don't let Malvado in your head.
I won't.
Do your thing.
Let's go to work.
Well, I've told you once and I've told you twice Pack your bags if you do me wrong I jumped in my ride, got plenty of time Hey, can't you see I'm a bad sign You don't listen to me and I hate you for that Make certain you never come back Cried and cried You said you wanted some more It's a nice ride.
You're the only noise I hear.
Good, you can hear me.
So listen.
I call the shots.
Do what I say, you make out like a bandit.
Just hold onto your face, Mr.
Gecko, or Malvado will rip it right the hell off.
Remember, the waitress's name is Alice.
She doesn't like you.
It's a long story.
And dial down that cock-of-the-walk strut once you hit the barnyard.
Why's that? Lead man doesn't cotton to prima donnas.
Likes things clean and neat.
And he's very hands-on.
Winchester Greely.
- How long has it been? - Precisely 364 days.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
I'll get you your usual.
- Balthazar.
- Alice.
It's always an honor to take a seat at your table.
Less to take in, more giving.
There's a truck waiting outside with all my tribute.
Just need the green light from you.
Greely's here.
Little late.
He's late every year.
Just let me know when you hear from Carlitos.
Sure thing.
You had a good year.
Tell me.
- Wonderful, we've branched out.
- Not you.
All due respect, sir, the glory belongs to Lord Malvado.
Your mouth to the Lord's ears.
Runes of the roads, my friends.
They are the judges.
The White Road, smooth and clear.
Your tribute pleases the Lord.
The Red Road, your debt is dear.
Blood must be given.
The Yellow Road, a gift returned.
Fortune shines upon you.
The Black Road, your soul is burned.
I trust that is self-explanatory.
What's the Brown Road? Hershey Highway? - Look at that.
Easy peasy.
- Too easy.
Freight elevator.
That's gotta be the way down there.
Shit! Yo! Hey! I need you to check my list.
No, no, no! I need you to do it, okay? Buddy, I got four deliveries today, okay? I don't have time.
Ten seconds, all right? Come on.
Okay, now, the trick to gun cleaning is you gotta use a lot of Son of a bitch.
Hands where I can see em.
You, too, sweetheart.
- Who's this asshole? - The thorn in our side.
- I just wanna talk.
- Shoot him, Richard.
- I want in on Jacknife Jed's.
- You know about that? How the fuck did you find us? -I knew about your uncle from your file.
Been following you guys - since you buried him yesterday.
- You want in on Jacknife's? Just drive on over and get what you need.
They've got sodas, beers, gummy worms.
You know, kinda like Benny's, but, you know, uh, no dead father figures lyin' on the floor.
Send them boys to hell, Frederico.
Look, you guys wanna take out Malvado, rob him blind, go ahead.
It's only gonna help me do what I gotta do.
- Which is what? - He's got something that's gonna put us all in a world of trouble.
- I gotta get it back.
- No dice, homeslice.
- Shoot him, Richard.
- Okay, look.
I don't care how much you cased that truck stop, I'm willing to bet you don't know what's underneath.
- I got a map.
- Bullshit.
I got it from Malvado's brother.
Kill me, you're lost down there.
Take me with you, we all get what we want.
Whoa, whoa.
Easy, dude.
Be careful with that.
Anybody's gonna answer for this stuff, it's gonna be me.
Okay? Why don't you just let my guys handle the merchandise.
Do they Botox your face, or are you always this cheerful? Okay, man, go ahead.
If your boss likes his Wagyu untouched by human hands, just stay away from this crate, all right? It's prime cuts.
Yo! What did I just say? I told you.
Now, let's get these down below, okay? You got ten minutes to unload all your stuff.
Hurry up.
I like to have gone insane In some cultures, they cut the head off the messenger who brought the bad news.
Well, I saved you the trouble.
You killed Narciso and destroyed the Twister.
I can only assume you've come to repent.
What's this? I was gonna give a fuck, but I'm all out of fucks to give.
It's taken you 500 years to make your move.
What does that say about you? You came here in a wooden boat with worms in your belly.
I'm born of a god.
But I got your attention, don't I? And I'll have your face.
You used el rinche to get the key.
I used el rinche to get the map.
- You've read the stars.
- I found the well.
Hand over the key.
It's the only way I release those souls.
A thousand souls.
Now, that's the only way that you get into El Rey.
Oh, yes, jefe.
I know your travel plans.
You want to leave this realm for good.
Well, tick-tock, tick-fucking-tock.
You don't got much time, if you want to fulfill the prophecy.
I don't believe in that nonsense.
No, but someone has to take over the empire.
The gods won't let you leave the table without someone at the head.
You need a leader.
And that's why you pitted me against Narciso.
And, well, I won.
Who's this? And this one? Looks like a fighter.
Don't change the subject.
You are the pochteca.
Time to make a deal.
Deals can be sweetened.
It's simple.
I give you what you need, you give me what I want.
- And what's that? - Everything.
I have outsmarted every Lord and you.
I have earned this, all of this, and when I have it, there will be a new era A new era unlike this world has ever seen.
Gallego! Just when I thought it was impossible for you to become a bigger asshole.
Just give me the key, or you won't see paradise.
Sweeten the deal.
Leave her.
- She's yours.
- No! She's coming with us.
- Where is it? - The chultún.
Three levels below.
- Go, Scott.
- You kidding me? He needs that blood just as much as you do.
And if anything happens to me, he's never gonna see any of it.
Besides, it's not me he wants, it's her.
Yeah, but I can't leave you with him.
I paid a very high price to get you here, Scott.
And I want you to go.
It is customary for tribute of flesh to tremble before the Lord.
I'm not scared of you.
You should be.
You should all be.
This place is a goddamn maze.
- I don't dig mazes.
- Shhh - We had the white stone.
- Look again.
Did you really think you could bring that stinking whore in here and we wouldn't smell it? Put it right over there on the right.
Make sure you don't block the door.
When that opens, it'll screw us.
Take some of this shit out and move it over, all right? She's here.
You're there.
Are you ready? Thank you for sparing us, and for your generous gift.
Didn't I tell you that you'd have everything? I didn't doubt it.
- Does he know? - He can never know.
Yeah, this to the left.
Yeah, all right, all right.
Come on.
Come on.
You got, like, five minutes.
-Set that on back there.
- allright.
We're not going any further without the proper tools.
- What's wrong? - Something happened.
They're all cut.
- What the hell? How? - Fuck if I know.
- We were extra careful with that one.
- Oh, yeah, I'll bet you were.
I'd watch that weapon.
What's going on? Our box is shot.
Okay, well, then we should get outta here - while we still can.
- We can't.
I gotta fix this.
You can't fix it, because it was sabotaged by him.
I didn't - What the hell did you do? - You said it yourself.
We can't trust these snakes.
Loyalty is most prized, Greely.
But your loyalty was not to us.
This half-breed? Are you kidding me? I was bringing him in as a tribute! Help me, Richard.
Help me.
Richard, help me.
Run if you must, little Gecko.
Run into his ever-loving arms.
- You think he's gonna hurt her? - She's a big girl.
She can take care of herself.
Shh! You okay? Easy peasy, right? Come on! Too easy.
- What? - The money.
It's just sittin' there, like it was left for us to find.
Are you kidding me? We earned that.
We're gonna be happy.
We're can get new names, new papers.
We can disappear.
Just like Greely's boy, right? He points out the wires, you make him disappear.
They had it out for us.
So'd that cowboy that found us in the middle of nowhere.
I couldn't figure it out, you know, I just It didn't square up.
So now I ask the question: who profits? This isn't my score, is it? This is your payday.
Everybody wins.
You forgot about Uncle Eddie.
Jesus, Seth.
You ever know when you've won? - Did you make a deal with someone? - How could you even say that? You gave me a whole song and dance about a rodeo clown and a robbery gone bad, but that was all bullshit, wasn't it? - Don't do this.
Come on.
- Answer the question.
What do you want me to say? "Yes, Seth.
I made a deal.
" Yes, Seth.
I I made a deal.
Okay? But it was for us, and it was a good deal.
Carlos set it up with the boss.
He He delivered on everything, okay? Thirty 33 mill! Malvado, he's a businessman, he's just like you.
I'm so sorry about Eddie.
It wasn't supposed to happen like that.
You've gotta believe me.
We can raise a glass to him every single day.
It's just you and me.
We're gonna be partners.
Seth Seth, it's me.
I don't even know who you are.
Set me free.
Set me free, Richard.
Set me free.
Help me, Richard.
Set me free.
Didn't she tell you not to let me get in your head? Shit.
You got a show to put on.
Hace frío.
Yeah, mucho frío.
A little bit of a heater malfunction.
Nothin' to worry about, okay? Shit! Come on.
Oh, come on Come on.
Oh, Jesus.
Look at that.
A hole in one.
Somebody get me my pistola.
Mwah! Buried alive.
Rituals have rules.
All this tribute they bring me, they're sacrifices.
But by seeing what someone is willing to give up, you can learn a lot about their true desire.
I know what yours is.
I know your brother's.
I know Santanico's.
She thinks her greatest desire is to destroy me.
- It's not.
- I'll let you tell her that.
Me? I've known you inside of two minutes, and my heart's desire is for you to shut the hell up.
Heart's desire.
I love the irony in that.
Yes, how we place so much weight upon the organ of blood.
My brother used to listen to a radio show about a man who "knows what evil lurks inside the hearts of men.
" That would always make me laugh, because - I know what lurks there as well.
- Yeah? It's that big snake brain.
Gets you inside everybody's head.
Actions speak louder.
Take yours, for example.
How you left Santanico to her vengeance, but then you made a deal with Greely, knowing that you'd need him after all this was over.
You see, Santanico wants to destroy all of this, but not you.
No, you want it to thrive.
Be my guest.
Try it.
Go ahead.
What do you think would happen if Santanico were to kill me? You think there'd be a throne left to sit on? You'd be fighting day and night with culebras from Guadalajara to Tulsa.
Men like Carlos or worse.
But if I were to give it to you a clean succession, there'd be no question.
So you're just gonna walk away? I may have no choice.
If you believe in the ancient word and all that.
It's coming, Richard.
"The dusk of one age" "and the dawn of another.
" As in lights out for you.
Not if I can pull the switch first.
No, I'm going to a better place.
I'm going to El Rey.
It's a step up for me, and, uh, it's a step up for you.
- Treasures untold.
- I can get fat without you.
Not quite like this.
And you wouldn't have your heart's desire.
And we both know what that is.
It's the reason you robbed that bank in Abilene.
And freed Santanico from the Twister.
It's the reason you wanted to do this job by yourself.
And the reason you drove your old car off that cliff.
- I had to throw off the cops.
- No, Richard.
You despise the idea of the Gecko Brothers.
You want to be the only one.
You ought to be the only one.
You still want to beat him.
But don't you know when you've already won? I know.
He's blood, but he suffocates you.
You want to be rid of him.
You need to be rid of him.
Remember, what a man is willing to sacrifice tells us all we need to know about what he truly desires.
And deserves.
You want me to kill my brother.
I don't care what you do.
But a king rules from his throne.
Richard It's a new age, Richard.
And all you have to do is claim it.
What have you done?