From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s02e10 Episode Script

Santa Sangre

1 Your sniveling little brother sold us out.
Like your boss.
Peacekeeper, your job is to make sure that "that" never opens.
You're about to see the rise, of a new lord.
Scott isn't save down there.
Scott? And now begins the ancient word.
The sun sleeps below the sky, and the world turns upside down.
In the night, we make our feast.
For centuries, I danced for them, the blood-gatherer, the bringer of souls.
I've brought them the lost ones, the troubled ones, the desperate ones.
Now, I am free, and the world turns upside down again.
They are thirsty for revenge, and nothing will stop them.
No boundaries, no borders.
They will come for me, but I am coming for them.
Their empire of blood will fall, and I will not rest until it all burns.
Sorry, Billy.
Hey! Hey, I'm in here! Ah! Hey! Bienvenido, guapo.
Nice of you to join us, considering the damage you've done.
I'm sorry, who the hell are you? Two Lords are dead because of you.
My boss is furious.
Your boss.
Let me guess.
He's another so-called Lord.
You assume she's a he.
You exposed Oculto and now Malvado's gone.
What kind of peacekeeper are you? Carlos is out there at the blood well.
Tell me where, or I'll kill this piece of shit.
So kill him.
Occupational hazard, he knows.
Carlitos is on his way with that blood.
And let me be perfectly clear He wants all culebras to rise out of the shadows, and take their rightful place in the foodchain.
Can you imagine? He thinks he's some kind of prophet.
You need to shut down his little tent revival, because if he gets his way, the world won't be upside down, it will be gone.
Don't give me weapons.
- Give me your boss's army.
- We can't get involved.
- You're already involved.
- There's a prophecy El Rinse.
You have to make sure it comes to pass.
Put the right brother on the throne.
- You want a Gecko in charge? - Not "a" Gecko.
Richard Gecko.
Fuck that.
Not gonna happen.
You remind me of someone.
There was a bullfighter I loved once.
He understood blood lust.
Until one day, he was skewered by a beautiful toro Gallardo from Salamanca at the end of the most brilliant corrido.
I remind you of your old boyfriend? You remind me of the bull.
Purest morrillo blood I ever tasted.
He killed my sweet matador because it was in his blood.
You will put Richard on the throne, not because we told you to, but because you were born to do it.
- Kate, don't! - No! No! Somebody help her! Not so fast, lover boy.
You need to put more pressure on the wound Scott.
How?! It went through! Then you're gonna have to turn her.
Don't do it, Scott.
You have to let her go.
You shut up! You shut your fucking mouth! - I guess you were right - Don't talk.
Just hang on, okay? You know, I really thought I could help you.
You can.
You did.
Why did I ever believe that? Don't let her die Scott.
- She's not even supposed to be here.
- I am supposed to be here.
I'm supposed to save Scott.
But I guess I got in the way of your plans to be the boss.
You selfish bastard! Okay, you gotta give her your venom, Scott.
Do it.
She doesn't want that.
You do it, or I will.
Look at you.
So blinded by your own greed, and now you wanna save me? You're weak.
You're both so weak.
I gave you everything.
I gave you all the love that I could possibly give.
And for what? Kate, don't do this.
There's no more love left, Richard.
I hope you burn in hell.
It had to happen, kid.
I should've killed you when I had the chance.
Mijo, you never had the chance.
- I thought we were past guns, homey.
- Oh, we are, but that prime mover ain't.
You wanna see the blood go boom? Right.
Do you? Let's play this out, bro.
A few dozen culebras at the truck stop, your people now, are starving, waiting to feed on the legendary santa sangre.
And you show up empty-handed, because el blanquito couldn't beat Carlitos.
So go ahead.
Take him, get the tanker ready.
And, uh, profesor, chain Richard to the front.
I want them to see the jefe kneel down to the real king.
Let's go for a ride.
What the fu? Uh! Kill him.
Hijo de puta.
Kill him.
Kill him.
He's gone.
He's gone.
Yeah, well, so am I.
I'm gonna go catch that prick, Greely.
Get back what's mine.
You did it.
He's history.
All right? Enjoy it while you can.
You're gonna realize you're still pissed.
Payback's funny that way.
Yeah? Why did you help me? You got in my head, remember? Then, my money was gone, my goddamn brother sold us out.
I don't know.
It seemed the right thing to do.
You always do the right thing? There's 33 million right things waitin' for me.
So excuse me.
Right this way, señor.
- What's your problem? - Keep going big guy.
Do what you gotta do.
That was my dinner.
This ain't no feeding ground.
Says who? Feel free to step in here any time.
These are your people.
No, Seth.
I killed Malvado so they could be free from everyone, including me.
Oh, that's a real nice sentiment, Evita.
But if we don't do something real quick, it's gonna get real messy in here.
He's right.
El Jefe said there'd be a new boss, sugar.
Your brother.
He's supose to bring home dinner.
You making sure we get that? Why don't we ask the boss himself.
We gotta talk.
Can't talk if you're dead.
Kill me, and we're all dead.
- You don't wanna do this.
- She's got good reason to.
So do I.
Big mistake.
Look at you, brother.
Snake-charmin' like a boss.
Like the one that I just killed.
Feeding time is coming.
I promise.
First, we have to kill an old enemy.
We'll be ready.
We'll be in my office.
Oh, man.
- I gotta remodel this place.
- If you're around that long.
He won't be.
You've got it all wrong.
I had you set up in El Rey.
You should be walking in the sun by now.
I just tried to set you free.
And you Didn't I make you rich? To get me out of the way.
How else could you ever make it to the top? It's got nothing to do with it brother.
Shit was ordained.
Jesus Christ, are you so far gone that you can't see this for what it is? You're not fucking Neo, Richard.
You're a mid-boss.
- All of this is just a racket.
- Maybe, but it's my racket.
And I sure ain't gonna lose it to Carlos.
And how do we know you're not making a deal with him, too? Because he killed Kate.
He what? She's gone.
Did I ever tell you about that bistro that I love in Dallas? They make this duck confit that absolutely melts in your mouth.
Well, the inside does, 'cause the crispy skin, I mean And every time I go, I order the same bottle.
A 1918 Lafite.
You know how much they charge for that? Ten thousand American dollars.
Here's the thing.
Last time I went, there was a guy sitting next to me.
He saw me walking up to mine, and you know what he said to me? He says, "'Scuse me, son.
" Top off my Perrier and get some of that "bread for my wife?" That piece of shit took me for his busboy.
So your pissed that he didn't know you were just another rich asshole that drinks expensive wine.
I don't just drink it.
I was there when they bottled it.
And you can be there a hundred years from now, too.
And that's what I'm trying to teach you.
We both crossed an ocean to find ourselves, and for what? To not be who we are? I see the real you, Scott.
But until you see yourself for who you are, you will never be your own man.
She was my sister, asshole.
You were adopted.
Time to go.
Kate thought that she could save Scott.
I had a plan, but she panicked.
What was she doing there? I needed her to find the blood well.
The what? Santa sangre.
- It's real.
- Like you wouldn't believe.
This blood is like culebra crack, and Carlos has gone full Manson.
If he gets it here, and gets my people on his side, that honky-tonk upstairs is gonna turn into Cielo Drive.
You used her.
You used her, and you got her killed.
I used her? What about your Drugstore Cowboy routine in Mexico? Let him go.
He's right.
Carlos is coming and we can't let him win.
Who put you in charge? You ever been buried alive? Trust me, it's not the lack of air that gets you.
It's the crazy that sets in.
Imagine the blood of a thousand souls buried at once.
That's what Carlos has.
Opium for the people.
He's selling it like it's religion.
Y'all have seen it.
He's tired of culebras treated like second-class citizens Once those culebras get on his juice, he'll move on to the next town, and the next.
And so on, and so on Conquistador till the end.
Boss, let me drive the rig.
Have at it, vasallo.
All right, where did my new toy go? Kill him! Ugh! Oh! You've lost your way from us.
I'm not the one that drinks the Kool-Aid.
I'm the one that pours it.
Really? Any takers? Assholes.
You wanna follow this lunatic, be my guest.
But know this: What he's gonna do with this blood is pedestrian compared to what I would have done with it.
I'll see you assholes in Xibalba.
So what's your brilliant idea? How do we stop him? Get the truck.
Ram the tanker, blow it to hell.
I thought about that, but my peeps need that blood.
Even it is in small doses.
We blow anything to hell, it's gotta be Carlos.
- I can talk to him.
- Like he's gonna listen to you.
I made him.
He'll listen.
- I still say we blow it up.
- No.
- -No, we steal it.
- -Steal it? - Yeah.
An honest-to-goodness truck heist.
- It's all about stealing with you.
What can I say? I'm consistent.
We can't just blow it up, or all the bloods are gonna start feeding on these fine folks.
You still go talk to him, distract him while we hijack the tanker.
You gotta keep it contained.
You open the spigot when it's time.
This ain't a feeding frenzy.
I like it.
Really? Just like that.
- It makes sense.
- It better.
'Cause here he comes.
What the hell is he doin'? Oh he knows I'm not stupid.
He knows I'm expecting him.
- Where's the tanker? - It's gotta be close.
- It's his ace.
- Let's go find it and take it.
I'll take care of Carlos.
Make sure he listens.
I have a way with words.
When this is over, I'm going to make you my queen.
You know you're not the first king to offer me that.
Maximiliano didn't deserve your venom.
And I've never been one for crowns.
But this is different.
I'll tell you what.
If you make it through this, I might actually stick around.
Hold on.
Copy that.
I got this.
If I signal, call them in.
If you're the welcome committee, I already feel at home.
I just want to talk to you.
What's there to talk about? I've got the goods.
And you've got the clients.
Our people belong on top.
And I'm going to show them the way.
You have to get to them first.
Not yet.
Let's get this over with.
I'm done with you people.
Oh! "You people.
" This again.
I'm not talking about snakes, Richard.
I'm talking about people that stab you in the back.
- You mean like Sonja? - No, I mean like you.
Kate trusted you.
Why the hell are you doin' all this? Because all my life I've been the second half of a sentence that always starts with you.
You got something? I thought you'd be back in your bikini turning tricks for Malvado.
I gutted him.
Like I'm gonna gut you.
What's going on out there? Motherfucker! Where's Richard? Huh? Where is he? Oh, you sneaky little bitch.
All right, gentlemen.
Bring it.
- What do you think you're doin' boy? - Shh.
You're bein' ambushed.
Oh! - Richard.
Richard! - Just go! Time to die, little Gecko.
You ready for this? Ahh! Everybody calm down.
You're out of your league, pal.
Try a little hara-kiri, asshole.
Uh Oh Stop the truck.
Scott? Don't do this.
This isn't what she would've wanted.
Stop the truck, cabrón! Oh! I will fuck you up, bitch.
Goddamn it, Scott! You don't owe this asshole anything! I owe her.
Welcome to Jacknife Jeds.
Now, you may have come here for a a little bite, maybe a little hoochie-cooch on the dance floor, but now Now, the show begins! my culebras Feed yourselves.
And then, let's show our guests a good time.
Maestros How about a little mood music? Oh! Cruising for a bruising I won't tread your turf no more Holy shit.
There he is.
Back on stage.
Let's pull the plug.
Not through there.
Two down, a shit-ton to go.
- Got your balls on? - Screwed on tight.
Wait, my baby! Leave that thing! I'll buy you another one! Service sucked anyway.
Do you know who I am? We're here for Carlos.
Stay down.
Where do you think you're going? I'm sorry, who the fuck are you? I'm the one who kills the queen.
That's my girl! Both of my girls.
What can I say? I'm lucky in love.
He doesn't give a shit about you.
You're someone to fuck until he gets tired of it.
You got a serious complejo, mija.
I fuck who I want.
And right now, it happens to be Carlos.
Welcome to the club, peaches.
Ah What a show.
For reals.
We got one last tango for you.
We? Did you really miss your brother that much? Little Miss Kate is dead because of him.
Don't say her name.
Thank you! Good night! We're Chingon! Hey, Richard.
How 'bout I solve the problem for you.
- No more brother to boss you around.
- Let him go.
Oh! Ah! Why isn't he burning up? Diosa.
Surprise, surprise.
I beat the Labyrinth, and it gave me so much more in return.
We should burn him.
We can't.
He'll heal too fast.
We've gotta find another way.
How about the ancient way? I prefer the Kansas City way.
Back in the day, guys got outta line, they'd chop 'em up, send 'em to the four corners of the county.
So nobody could find 'em.
Or piece together the truth.
The bone-scattering.
Chokbaak, remember? This is gonna get messy.
Fine by me.
Los hermanos Gecko.
I found you in a six-by-nine.
And you I found you in the woods.
I made you.
I made all of you.
You can go ahead and chop me up however you want.
But when you're done, do me a favor.
Kiss my brown ass.
I guess we go around claimin' we seen vampires, they'll call us crazy.
My advice? Drive away from here and never come back again.
Ain't gotta tell me twice.
How in the hell did you get to be the sheriff of all this, anyway? Not by choice.
Tell Richard to make sure these get scattered.
Very far and very wide.
You can't leave.
- They need a leader.
- Well, they got one.
You know I could bite you and make you my slave.
No, thanks.
Already had a wife.
Besides, I thought you were all about torching this place.
I thought I would free them all once Malvado was set the fence.
But Carlos showed up and made me realize how helpless they all really are.
So take the crown.
You're the queen, right? You got shrines up and down the border.
La diosa is a myth.
Culebras don't need fairy tales they need a leader.
Someone that could keep them in the shadows where they belong.
You could do that, Seth.
Last time.
Richard's ambition's gonna get him killed in this place.
He can take care of himself.
He can't.
I know you don't care about culebras, but you care about him.
He's your blood, Seth.
Jacknife's is under new management, but it's still business as usual.
Spread the word.
Richard Gecko still expects his tribute on time.
El Rinche needs to go.
He let you live.
You should thank him.
Done? Four bags, ready for transport.
Get your four best guys to separate those bad boys.
I got it.
Oh, yeah? You got all this, huh? Oh, I got all this and more brother.
More than you'll ever get jumping from job to job.
Yeah I guess you got big plans then, huh? The fuck do you care? I guess I just recognize that all that big brain has ever done is get you into trouble.
And as much as I might like to, I can't let you drive yourself over another cliff, brother.
I'll be fine.
What the hell are you doing?! Trying to knock sense into that thick skull of you.
Every time we fly solo, it all goes to hell.
Only way we survive is if we stick together.
Ugh! Two Geckos are better than one.
So you tell 'em.
You tell 'em right now that Jacknife's is officially a Gecko Brothers joint.
You tell 'em, or I end it all right now.
- Tell 'em! - Okay, I'll tell 'em.
Say it loud, so they can hear you.
Say the word and he's dead.
He's right.
We run this together.
Does anybody have a problem with that? Peacekeeper? They wanted a Gecko on the throne, they got a twofer.
Works for me.
Where the hell you going? Home.
- What do I owe for this? - Seven-fifty.
It's on the house.
So you're just gonna disappear? What do you care? You got your heart's desire.
You could be a part of this.
All my life, I've been the property of men.
That ends today.
Sometimes, eternity isn't forever, Richard.
Don't be a stranger.