From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s03e01 Episode Script

Head Games

1 (signboards buzz) (thunder) (groaning) Freedom! Let's go.
Holy shit.
I've read all about this place.
Temple of the Nine Moons, man.
Like churches in Highlander.
OK, just These are lords, OK? Just listen to what they have to say.
Hear them out.
(greets in Spanish) You finally found your place in the world.
Our world.
You're welcome.
What you call Mexico and Texas, we call Tlalticpac, the first realm.
The realm of light.
It's been our home for thousands and thousands of moons.
You really expect us to give you a piece of it? We are grateful that you took down a corrupt lord, so Ximena.
Tell them what they've won.
As counselor to lord Venganza Verdugo, it is my duty to inform you, we have consulted with all the lords present here, and the decision is final.
Los Hermanos Gecko shall be named Oztomeca.
(soft groan) What the fuck are you doin'? Thank you.
We're the collectors.
So we're bagmen.
I am not a bagman.
The decision was not unanimous.
If it were up to me, you'd be back on the street - (sighs) - robbing liquor stores.
However, if you serve us well, we'll consider a promotion.
Yeah, I have never robbed a liquor store in my life.
Thank you.
Well, maybe it's time to make you one of us, Mr.
Like your brother.
Well well, you can certainly die tryin'.
Really? (sighs) I'd like to see that.
We must feast in honor of this arrangement.
Venganza, we'd better settle this with the Gods, before I change my mind.
MAN/VENGANZA: (growling and hissing) (ferocious hiss) (growling) (devouring) Look.
The tastiest part.
Sure you don't want some? Knock yourself out.
(loud hissing) (glass breaks) (commotion) (woman screaming) MAN: (growling) I'm not gonna ask you again.
And I am going to fucking eat you alive! You were late on your tribute, and we are the collectors.
Been that way for what, six months now? Jesus Christ, this is the longest I've been stuck on a job since I was flippin' burgers at Big Kahuna in high school.
I flipped the burgers, you bussed the tables.
But the point is that the lords depend on us to deliver.
But for us to deliver, you need to deliver.
Like Fed-fuckin'-ex.
Absolutely, positively has to be right here, right now.
Three hundred and Seventeen.
Three hundred and seventeen thousand from the contents of the safe behind that bar, unless you want to get lit up like a Roman candle.
- OK.
- Huh.
(growling in the background) (gun clicks) See this? This is what happens when you let a pinche guero loco and a fucking feed bag run an operation.
(groans in pain) (coughing) Feed bag? That is a micro-aggression.
Don't even think about it.
- (whistles) - I'm not going to stand for this.
SETH: Then sit down, 'cause this is the game.
You knew that when you signed up to play.
What if I told you the game is about to change? Seth.
Come on.
They have no idea what's coming, do they? They will.
(theme music playing) (song playing) (tires screeching) They're here.
Alonzo's old school.
He's gonna kick like a mule.
I was not the aggressor.
You started the whole goddamned thing! RICHARD: After he showed himself to be the aggressor.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You're like Van Damme, then.
You're misunderstood.
Hey, Van Damme was not misunderstood.
He was never appreciated.
There's a difference, you know.
Bloodsport is not just an action film.
It's an exploration of the battle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.
And the triumph of the human spirit.
(whistles) You keep this safe, kid.
Always, señor.
You know he's like 170 years old, right? Yeah.
Yeah, of course I know that, but he likes it when I call him "kid".
Don't you, old man? Makes him feel young.
Yes, sir.
Age is a state of mind.
See? A viejo like me needs to be reminded of that.
Here, here.
Oh, my god, wow.
That is amazing.
Where'd you learn to do that? Bartender I turned.
You see, blood is the conduit of the soul, brother.
When I bite somebody, there's some sharing that happens.
I pick up skills sometimes.
Know what I mean? Yeah.
(exhales) Age is just a state of mind.
I'll try and remember that.
Well, I may not be immortal, but I intend to live a nice full life, and then die, in peace and comfort, on a beautiful beach.
Yeah, but you won't be able to get a boner.
It's like a friggin' junk drawer in there.
"The penitent man shall pass.
" Totally.
You can rest when you're dead.
Don't you mean undead? I have a phone, you know.
My boss is upset.
She wants to call a meeting.
Con los Geckos.
(exhales) What did they do now? Yo, yo.
We got a situation.
Lord Venganza, it is my honor to have an audience with you.
You're not the first, Alonzo.
I've been getting a lot of complaints.
Come on.
Sit down.
(speaks in Spanish) How the fuck could you let this happen? You made this happen.
'Sides, he's a mid-boss.
He's got the juice to call this kinda meeting.
What, 'cause we roughed him up a little bit? Seems like a bitch move.
It is totally and absolutely unacceptable.
It is totally and absolutely unacceptable.
If someone can't pay We sit down, we discuss it Like civilized men And women, no? (speaks in foreign language) Doña venganza, You need to teach them a lesson.
All the lords do.
Forget this asshole, all right? He's just a deadbeat who hates me because I'm not a friggin' The lords told me to give you nothing.
I went out on a limb for you.
Both of you.
Lord venganza, he was late.
We can show you the books.
Maybe people don't like the way we operate, but we do get it done.
(choking) Ma'am.
SETH: (coughs) Señor Alonzo, trust that I will deal with these men.
But I think we can all agree that you were past due.
You are correct.
Allow me to pay you in full.
Gun! (hissing) - (growling) - The fuck? That is not how vipers die.
He's not a Culebra anymore.
He's worse.
Much worse.
Wait a second, worse than a snake? I don't understand.
I thought we'd seen it all.
Don't talk about things you don't understand, Mr.
You're right.
I don't understand, because Alonzo here flashed his fangs at us last night.
Now you're telling me he's not one of you? He's been transformed.
Into what? (speaking in foreign language) Stand down! These men are not responsible.
Go outside and await my instructions.
Never seen one of them that scared.
They're just caught off guard.
No, I'm not talking about them.
Transformed into what? This man was taken by Calavera.
- What? - The skull keeper.
A demon.
Summoned by those who require his unique gifts.
In ancient times, he served the great armies by infiltrating enemy lands.
He traveled from one village to the next, posing as an artisan.
He destroys tribes from within.
He doesn't kill his victims.
He feasts on their skulls On their power.
What power? Once he has your skull, he owns your mind.
RICHARD: So this guy's like a puppet.
- But he's not the only one.
- Huh? These are stake guns.
No one brought them.
They were planted.
(door opens) - What does he want? - Whoa! - Hey, hey, hey.
- It's all right, boss.
I checked the perimeter.
We're all clear.
Just let's everybody just calm down, OK? XIMENA: He could be one of them.
Then shoot him.
- What? - Shoot him in the head.
Culebras can handle bullets, as long as they're not stakes, but skull boy's little puppets? Shoot 'em in the head and it's like scanners.
No, no, no, no.
There's no way, OK? There's absolutely no way this bastard got into our operation.
(vehicle approaching) (vehicle door opens) (door shuts) Hey.
You ain't authorized to be here.
Are you listening to me? Stand up! I said, stand up! (muffled scream) Bring me some friends.
I will bring you some friends.
Help me check something out.
RICHARD: Alonzo said the game was gonna change.
This couldn't have been what he meant.
Sure, it could.
Kill a lord, change the rules.
Why do you think he called a sit-down? VENGANZA: He didn't call anything.
The skull keeper controls his subjects.
He is the one we're after.
Ximena, the lords are gathering.
You and the peacekeeper are with me.
Find Calavera and destroy him.
Uh No, thank you.
We're done with the whole snake dance, all right? The skull keeper is not a Culebra.
He is from Xibalba.
That's hell, Seth.
It's literally from hell.
Oh, good.
Then I'm sure he can find his way back.
Come on, Richard.
This is their problem.
Their problem? Yeah.
Your precious lord over there gave us a job, remember? I am a collector, not a Ghostbuster.
Gecko, he penetrated your organization.
He took one of your people.
You are not my people.
Not long ago Los hermanos Gecko committed terrible terrible sins.
You ran south of the border, searching for redemption.
What exactly did you find? Well, as I recall, a bar full of watered-down drinks and overdressed bloodsuckers.
They told me you were looking for El Rey.
You were trying to get to heaven.
If you believe in heaven, Mr.
Gecko I suggest you start to believe in hell because it is coming.
Things get a little real, and you wanna take off.
- I'm stunned.
- Look, you want to work your way up the food chain, be my guest, OK? Go impress your bosses.
Fuck, make yourself a lord! (gun clicking) I'm done looking over my shoulder every minute of everyday.
So that's why you're running.
You're scared.
You selfish little prick.
I stuck around here to help you.
Really? Because I'm not your people, remember? You never gave a shit about me or this place, about what we've built.
Richard, we are flunkies.
All right? We go to mid-bosses and we beg for money.
This place is built on bad blood, on the body of a dead kid.
So we're going to go there again.
I didn't kill Kate.
Carlos did.
Are you even listening to me? Who touched my safe? What? I keep this dial at zero, and it's not at zero.
I got 75 grand in here and, I swear to God, if it's not here, I'm gonna You see? It's there.
No, no, no.
No, this is all rearranged.
This skull fucker got somebody all the way in here.
Did you try to crack my safe? What are you talkin' about? Oh.
Have you lost your damn mind? What's going on here? RICHARD: Why don't you ask him? I'm sure he knows all about your precious stash.
I'm askin' you.
Did you or did you not try to crack my safe? No.
OK, but you you're sure, right, you're sure about what you said back there? A snake can survive a bullet, yeah? I mean, it would hurt like hell, but Yes.
There's only one way to find out.
RICHARD: Are you fuckin' k (sighs) Mira, you're not supposed to park here.
(liquid bubbling) (voice chanting softly) (screams) (panting) (groaning in pain) That was a little much.
He he's coming back.
It's fine.
Come here.
- Did you touch this? - No, no, I didn't.
Well, who else knows it's here? I thought it was only us.
(groaning) You fuckin' dick! Relax! Ow! Son of a Look, if that thing had gotten to you, you'd be dead already.
All right, just stop.
Stop! I got a plan.
Just Go.
Come on.
I got Ah, shit.
I almost forgot.
Sorry, old man.
(thud) OK, ladies and gentlemen.
Your soul speaks.
We have a new operator in town, SKULL KEEPER: Your mind dies And I think he's trying to take over this outfit, Like a tapeworm in our gut.
Well, Hawkeye and trapper John aren't around, So I am here to perform a minor procedure.
You see, once our guy gets a hold of you, he leaves you in a state of, uh perpetual Britney.
No lights in the attic.
Nothin' upstairs.
Luckily, I have developed a field test.
Unfortunately, there may be a bit of a mess involved Worked for those bad guys in Lethal Weapon II.
- Boss? - Kalinda.
You are my favorite assistant.
Please don't hurt her, Mr.
Please don't hurt her, Mr.
I swear.
I I'm me! I'm really me! How do I like my old fashioned? Rye rye whiskey with two orange twists! Pass.
Now, if nobody else has anything to hide, this should go pretty quick.
What the fuck? Sorry, Jefe.
She was making a move.
Well, it looks like we got our tapeworm.
I saw her in the warehouse, searching.
We should check.
Everyone else, hit the showers.
Don't move! You were right.
Florinda's one of them.
She just blew open your safe.
Bring her over.
With some pipes and chains.
We're gonna figure out what these two are up to.
That's you in there, you sneaky weasel? Guess you don't know a long con when you see one.
You played a game.
To expose me.
Level up.
You're too late.
We have what we came for.
Don't even think about (effort grunts) (thud) (pants) So these are the legendary brothers who think they can defeat the underworld.
We're the ones holding the guns, pal.
Like all thieves, what you think is valuable is merely worthless.
Then why steal from us? And try and kill Venganza? You didn't need to do all that to get to my stash.
Answer the question.
Go back to your needles, Mr.
You may not be a snake, but you have your own venom.
What did you say to me? Whoa, whoa, whoa hey, hey, hey Don't do it, Cris.
Lower your weapons Or we all die together.
All right.
Kinda reminds me of that time we were in, um Tallahassee, remember that? Yup.
That was quite excellent.
Oh, fuckin' A.
No, no, no, no, no, no God.
Great, the GTO's gone.
So's his bike.
She must have taken the car.
Our car.
- Tell me you got the - We got it.
- Yeah? - We got it.
- Keep going, we're getting close.
- (cellphone beeping) This whole hit on Venganza.
It still doesn't wash.
I mean, why call a sit-down just to kill one lord? Right? Jesus Christ, he knew.
He knew what? That I used to shoot up, OK? How did he know that? He is not a "he".
He's a force.
From hell.
Were you not listening? Yes, I was listening, but I also heard her say that Skeletor's summoned, all right? He's a lackey.
You ask me, somebody sent him to us.
What the fuck? He's over there.
With her.
(whispering chants) That's what he stole? An amulet? Guess he doesn't need her anymore.
Oh, God, I'm gonna miss her.
Look at all those skulls.
Where did he get those? Gotta be our guys.
There's way too many.
What? That's why he tried to whack Venganza.
He knew it would force a meeting of the lords.
Those skulls are her bodyguards.
He sent them back with her.
He's going after all of 'em.
- Venganza.
- Emilio.
It's official.
Calavera was one of the captured.
We sentenced him to the labyrinth centuries ago.
Inside the temple of the eternal feast.
The Twister? Yes, the Twister.
It was destroyed six moons ago by Carlos Madrigal.
The skull keeper did not escape from hell, he escaped from our prison.
(thunder crashes) They all did.
They? How many more are there? More than we can survive.
Do you see them, master? I do.
He's back at it.
I gotta warn the peace-keeper.
You got him on speed dial? - Yeah.
- RICHARD: He played us.
The whole hit on Venganza, they did it just to get to the guards! (speaks in foreign language) I'll call you back.
Don't let anyone out, Calavera.
Brasa, you coward.
How dare you come here.
(screams in pain) - We gotta get her out of here.
- No.
We stay and fight! Ximena.
He's right.
He must not get to me.
What the hell are you doing? Flippin' the burgers.
Hey! Let him go, asshole! You will be ours now.
(muffled scream) (screaming helplessly) They're all dead.
Now, I'm the only lord left.
I expect a bonus.
This prison gang from the labyrinth, they got a leader.
His name is Brasa.
A natural enemy of Culebras.
Well, it was a good plan.
He hit us hard, and he hit us fast.
I'm sure there's gonna be more to come.
You sound as if you're ready to fight.
As long as there's a bonus.
You know, my brother likes to remind me that he's gonna live forever.
You ask me, that sounds a little overrated.
I'm gonna go out on my own terms.
I want a free ticket to El Rey.
He wants to die on a beach.
I could make that happen.
But I would not count on paradise, Mr.
Why's that? We are at war.
Culebras have never lived without their lords.
The clans will fall.
There will be chaos.
And trust me, we're not ready for that, and neither are you.
I can't believe you're actually in.
Well, if there's a heaven, there's a hell, right? Maybe it's coming for us.
What do you mean, "coming for us"? For the things we've done.
Maybe it's coming to collect.
(footsteps approaching) It's beautiful.
Bring it to me.
It's been too long.
MAN: It's transcendent.
Like you.
Are you staring at me? I didn't think so.