From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s03e02 Episode Script

La Reina

1 D.
found her by the oil fields near Beaumont.
- Erratic, hostile, no ID.
- (female screaming in the background) We couldn't identify her - through collateral contacts.
- (glass breaking) - Psychosis is pretty elaborate.
- Very.
Mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics had no effect.
- This one will.
- (screaming getting louder) (male grunting) She bit her wrist! - MALE DOCTOR: Hold her down.
- ORDERLY: It's not that easy.
KATE: No! No! No (groans) (Kate panting) MALE DOCTOR: Amaru Wanna talk about that? I googled it.
It means serpent or dragon.
South American folklore.
Right? Is that your name? Tell me about your time in the desert.
It's done.
I I can't hear you.
What's that? Today is my awakening.
That's what this was? Then, tell me what exactly awoke? Can we pray? Excuse me? That is what you people do, isn't it? Pray? Why don't you tell me what you wanna pray about instead? Please? It would make me feel so much better.
I'm sorry.
It'd be unprofessional.
But I wanna pray.
I wanna pray.
I wanna pray.
(screaming) To! Pray! - Right now! - Orderly! Orderly! - (Kate exhales) - (doctor's voice trembles) (doctor groans) (doctor screaming) MAN: Mi reina Is it really you? It is you.
Let us begin.
Shall we? (theme music playing) - Hey, it was close.
- No, it wasn't.
And, can you not cheer so loud next time? I'll shut up when you hit the ball.
- That's hilarious, Dad.
- (chuckles) Oh, shit.
Hey, can y'all uh spare a little change? I'm sorry.
I don't have any cash, but I got oranges in the back you can sink your teeth into.
Surely do appreciate it.
(sound of fangs extruding) - Dad, Dad! - (culebra growling) (culebra lets out muffled grunt) - I think you got lost, pal.
- (culebra snarling) It's OK, folks.
Early Halloween prank.
Go on home now.
I heard of you.
You're the rinche.
I prefer "ranger.
" (click of handcuff) Peacekeeper.
You got a little blood on your lip.
- I do? - Not really.
What took you so long? I'm sorry, vaquero, It's not like we didn't just suffer an attack unlike anything we've ever seen.
I'm aware of that.
And it's only a matter of time before another demon from hell comes at us again.
So, do you mind telling me what I'm doing in the suburbs? The suburbs are fair game now.
It's been nothing but chaos since the other lords got massacred.
He's one of Difunto's from Waco.
He thinks he can feed on your turf.
Lord Venganza has bigger problems than worrying about who feeds in her territory.
I told you, it ain't by choice.
Shut up.
Those were innocent folks.
You people are supposed to be feeding on border rats and bikers.
CULEBRA: It ain't by choice.
- God dammit, what did I just - Hold on a second! What do you mean it's not by choice? We can't go back to Waco.
They'd burn us alive down there.
- You mean staking you? - No! I mean houses full of snakes going up in flames.
It's hell on earth down there.
Hell on earth, huh? - You think this could be - Yes.
We've been hearing about attacks like this all up and down culebra territory.
- Let him go.
- What? Suéltalo.
We have to get to Waco before there's no more peace left for you to keep.
- (growling) - (grunting) All right! Enough already! (growling stops) Maybe I haven't been clear.
There's a gang of demons out there.
They come straight out of hell.
They killed the lords, and now, it is their aim to turn each and every one of us into top-quality shoes, boots, and purses.
Do you wanna die? Or do you wanna live? If you prefer the latter, you need to check your shit at the door, and start acting like a real crew.
Now, why in the fuck should we listen to you and your meat-sack brother.
Listen to yourselves.
Snapping at each other like the goddamned bottom feeders that you are.
(nervous chuckle) He he doesn't mean anything by that.
SETH: Shut up, Richard.
You ever see what happens when you cut the head off of a snake? I wiggles around like a fish out of water until somebody comes along and eats it.
Which is exactly what's gonna happen to you two without a boss.
Boss? You gonna cut us in your business? There is no business.
I may not be one of you but I stuck around for this shit show because we are all duly fucked here.
We might as well have contracts on our heads, because these scumbags are not gonna stop until we are all good and dead.
So are you in or are you out? Didn't you used to run with Santanico Pandemonium? Jesus Christ.
You see? You see Now, that is a culebra we can all get behind.
Well, she's gone.
- So - CULEBRA: So we're gone too.
CULEBRA 2: For once, I agree.
Hey, let's roll, boys! SETH: Great.
That's just great.
(sighs) Hmm What? A thousand times I told you we need to go get her.
And I told you to drop it.
- Well, you got any better ideas? - (Richie sighs) We don't even know where she is.
Lalo already told me you're keeping tabs on her, alright? She's in Piedras Negras, right? We leave now, we can be there by midnight.
It's a waste of time.
She'll never sign up.
Well, there's only one way we're gonna find out.
Unless you wanna keep mopin' around here about your ex-girlfriend.
- It's not about that.
- Then, what is it about, Richard? The wheels are coming off the goddamn world here.
We're just a couple of punks from K.
If we're gonna survive this, we need all the help we can get.
- You're not gonna regret this.
- I already do.
Look, these monsters came out of her temple, right? She's gotta know a thing or two about how to kill 'em.
RICHIE: Santanico's the biggest monster of them all, brother.
Yeah, exactamundo.
Nobody fucks with the queen.
(distorted voices) She's gotta know a thing or two about how to kill 'em.
Santanico's the biggest monster of them all, brother.
Nobody fucks with the queen.
There can be only one queen.
(crowd chanting) Kisa! Kisa! Kisa! Kisa! Kisa! Kisa! (chanting continues) RICHIE: Well, (sighs) this definitely sounds like the place.
All I'm saying is, she was your first.
You never forget your first.
She wasn't my first.
Not your "first.
" That was Mary Palmer.
I mean your first you know No, I don't know.
There's nothing wrong with getting caught up on a dame, Richard.
RICHIE: Can we get on with this now? (crowd cheering) ANNOUNCER: Cabrones y cabronas! It's time for our next fight.
The hour of power! I give you Kilroy verses Titán! - (announcer laughs) - (crowd applauding) Definitely the right place.
- You seein' all this? - Yeah.
A room full of unsuspecting feed bags.
Substitute fights for lapdances, and it's the Titty Twister all over again.
How many of 'em do you think are in here? (grunting) I got no idea.
What, do you think we can all smell each other or something? - Oh! - (crowd going "aww") - (gurgle of gushing blood) - (pounding of pulse) (pattering of dripping blood) (snarls) There goes the dinner bell.
(screeching) (crowd murmuring) Out there, the world is full of savages and tyrants.
Out there, we've all been victims and slaves.
But in here, we live with dignity and freedom! (crowd cheers) And we do that by sticking to three rules.
Rule number one.
Every man fights for himself! Rule number two.
You fight on the floor, you fight in the ring! (crowd cheers) And rule number three.
No weapons.
You break the rules, we break you! (crowd cheers) - (Santanico speaking foreign language) - (crowd agitated) (wind whistling) (woman grunts) (slurping) A desperate time for reptiles.
How did you get in here? This is a place of sacrilege.
Excuse me? There she is.
Look at how you've dolled up your false idol.
Like putting lipstick on a pig.
Who the hell you callin' pig? You know, I've destroyed so many of these houses.
They're all the same.
Vermin like you, feeding on flesh.
But there's always one who spreads her lies.
I can't imagine that would be you.
I know the culebras are in a panic, gathering, trying to stop the inevitable.
So, I ask you, where are Santanico's apostles congregating? Dude, I don't know if you're supposed to be Roy Batty or what, but I don't know what the fuck you're talkin' about.
Is that what La Diosa teaches you? Defiance? Jesus, man.
What the fuck are you? A messenger.
To stop a plague like Santanico, you can't just destroy the source.
You have to incinerate every single soul she's infected.
Yo, man, how 'bout you suck my - (flesh being pierced) - (culebra grunts) (culebra groaning) La Diosa will save me No, she won't.
By tonight, your queen will be dead.
(culebra groans) I said show some goddamn respect.
All right.
All right, I'm sorry.
Kisa, please This man, Titan, he raped my sister.
Revenge is a treacherous road, my friend.
Believe me, I would know.
So, tell me what should I do with you now? RICHIE: Oh, shit.
She's gonna tear that guy apart.
Come on.
Hey open the door.
Allow me.
(slithering sound) Open the goddamn door.
I'm sorry, we interrupting your dinner? It's all right.
You know these knuckleheads? Sorry, knuckleheads? No, no, no.
No, we're old friends, aren't we? - And this guy here's her old - Partner.
- Business partner.
- (Santanico chuckles) Esta bien, Manola.
They are old friends.
And he was my business partner.
But we don't do business in the old ways any more, do we? No, we do not.
SETH: Oh, you're not into the old ways anymore.
Um, question.
What exactly were you going to do with him, then? Just the lap dance part? Still funny, Seth.
You see, he has a choice.
You made your vendetta my problem.
So, either you pay for that man's injury with a dozen free fights, or you're banished for good.
Let me stay, Kisa, please.
Please! Take him.
See, people here have a choice.
No one's kept against their will.
Yeah, clearly.
And I don't turn people anymore, unless they ask for it.
Hold on.
She's not even a No.
I'm not a culebra.
But trust me, I know all about you.
- OK, Santanico, we - My name is Kisa.
And whatever you have to offer, I'm sure I'm not interested.
The Lords are dead.
I know.
I'm all broken up about it, can't you tell? - Leave.
- They were killed by a Xibalban.
The first of many.
KISA: I can't help you.
These things came out of your temple.
It's never been my temple, Richard.
I was just a prisoner.
And now you want me to help you save whatever was left behind? Not what, who, OK? Your people look up to you.
They are not gonna follow us, they are gonna follow their queen.
I'm not their queen, Seth.
For the first time in a thousand years, I have something that's mine.
There's no way I'm gonna give that up for you.
Then, someone's gonna take it away from you.
Trust me.
We've been there.
I'll take my chances.
XIMENA: There.
Pull over.
You sure you can handle that thing? Actually, I prefer a bigger piece, but I don't think you've got anything like that in your arsenal.
- Whoa, whoa.
I'll take the lead.
- Says who? You're the one who keeps reminding me I'm the Peacekeeper.
You know, if we're gonna be working together, maybe we should lay down some ground rules.
OK, perfecto.
You wanna talk pension and benefits, or can we focus now? Whoa, whoa.
There goes their deposit.
Looks like we just missed it.
He's dead.
Looks like they didn't finish feedin'.
XIMENA: What is it? It's ash.
It's everywhere.
Usually, immolations leave a neat little pile, but this, it's like whoever did this, made 'em explode.
He didn't take kindly to La Diosa either.
"Shelter from the storm.
The Lodge"? Never heard of it.
You people gettin' religious now? You people? Sorry.
I didn't mean anything by it.
I'll bet.
My "people" are getting massacred.
Your people are running wild, - and I'm - (indistinct noise) (woman sobbing) He burned them.
He burned them all.
(crowd cheering) - What the hell are you doing? - Buying us another shot.
(Seth grunts) So, those were the Gecko Brothers.
Do they always dress like undertakers? It must've been hard for you to keep your cool.
- I'm proud of you.
- If what they're saying is true, if the Xibalbans are back, we need to get ready, I need to protect you, nothing can happen Hey It's OK.
We'll be ready.
Whatever it is, we'll handle it.
You must be starving.
(snarls) (slurping) (knocking on door) Something's up.
(crowd cheering) He picked a fight.
SANTANICO: You realize what that means? CROWD: Fight, fight, fight, fight! All right, all right, all right, all right.
What do you say we make this interesting, huh? I'll take on your best guy, right here, right now.
I win, you come with us.
I lose, we leave you alone for the rest of your days.
(chuckles) - It's a deal.
- (crowd cheering) (electronic horn blows) (Seth grunting) So, that's how you feed now And how you gave up "the old ways".
It's kinda hot, I guess.
I knew you wouldn't understand.
You love her.
I mean, she's the reason you won't help us track down these demons, right? I only ask 'cause there's some real end-of-the-world shit coming.
And despite your fuck-if-I-care attitude, I know you care about your people.
Imagine if they knew the truth, that you don't even wanna fight for them.
(grunts) (both grunt) - (cheering in the background) - He was supposed to relieve Rico.
- Miguel? - (grunts) (labored breathing) It tried to eat me (click of gun being cocked) (clack of cocked gun) (low growling) (snarl) (growls) - (man screaming) - (splashing of blood) (crowd cheering and whistling) Pack your bags, princess.
(low growl) (snarling) (crowd screaming) (roaring) - (growling) - (crowd screaming) Santanico! (snarling) (growling) - (snorting roar) - Manola, no! SETH: What are you, nuts? Go! (beast growling) (roars) Where the hell did it go? SANTANICO: You brought that monster here, Richard.
Yeah, except it called you out.
Well, what's that matter now? Just tell me how to kill it.
We can't.
They're Olmecas.
Legendary Xibalban warriors.
They're revered like gods.
They destroy everything in their path.
- So, why is it after you? - SETH: I think I know.
I saw Kate out there.
- I'm sorry, what was that? - Who's Kate? You must've taken one hell of a shot to the head, brother.
- No, I know what I saw.
- I saw her die, remember? We never found her body at the bloodwell.
La Santa Sangre.
It did something to her.
That skull fucker, right? That last guy? He said shit that sounded exactly like her.
OK, so not only do you think that she's alive, you think that she's siccing these Xibalbans on us? - Well, she's got good reason to.
- Who the fuck is Kate? And how is she gonna help us get rid of that ugly-ass beast out there? She's not.
But we're gonna kill it.
You just said that we can't.
Seth, you and I are gonna figure out a way to destroy it.
What about us? Richard's gonna take you somewhere safe.
What am I, your manny now? I won't leave you.
And when it's dead you two will leave, and never come back.
CULEBRA WOMAN: Nobody is safe any more.
That's a pretty name.
So, the man who came here was after the culebra priest that runs this den? (breath trembling) First, they destroy our leaders.
Now they're going after our faith.
(sobbing) He said La Diosa was a plague.
La Diosa will save me No, she won't.
By tonight, your queen will be dead.
So, I'll ask you again.
Where are the apostles gathering? They called for a meeting.
(struggling to speak) But I don't know where, I swear! (gasps) I believe you, except (culebra grunts) I just found your heart.
(culebra grunts) FREDDIE: It's OK.
Just tell me did you see where this man went? What about the meeting with Santanico's apostles? It's OK, Araseli.
Can you give us a minute? I think it was Brasa.
The gang leader, from the Labyrinth? The only Xibalban I know of who could do all this.
Without the Lords, all culebras have is their beliefs.
Santanico is at the center of that.
Once she's gone, they'll be lost, and the chaos will get exponentially worse.
So, we find him, knock him down, and maybe the rest will come tumbling after.
Now, all you have to do is check your rabieta at the door.
- My raba-what? - Look, I get it.
You think being a vampire cop ruined your marriage.
Or maybe you just blame us for being a shitty husband.
Either way, you live in that sad apartment getting drunk every night.
OK, now And you try to deflect every time I say it.
But that girl is shellshocked, and she needs our help.
(sobbing) I know you think I'm holier than thou, but the fact is, Venganza is hiding, culebras are dying, and these monsters are out to destroy everything we are, and everything we believe in.
We need your help.
But if you're gonna be an asshole about it, I'll do it alone.
- Every other night.
- What? I get drunk every other night.
One last question Araseli, you know this place? The Lodge? I've never been, but I hear it's like a church for La Diosa.
SETH: Look, I know you're not exactly thrilled to see us, but we're just trying to save your people here, OK? - Seth, I already - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're not the queen, you don't give a shit about anybody except you and your little girlfriend.
I mean, what is it with that chick, anyway? She saved my life.
(echoed roaring) Let's split up and surround it.
Fuck me.
(grunts) - (clink of stone chipping) - (beast groans) (panting) (growls) Get up, Trinity.
(roars) Get up.
(guttural growl) - (Seth shouts indistinctly) - (beast roaring) MANOLA: It doesn't feel right, leaving her.
She's just trying to protect you.
Just because I'm not a culebra doesn't mean that I don't know how to take care of myself.
Yeah, I'm sure things were tough in the barrio.
I'm from Idaho.
And I'm a fighter.
I went nineteen-and-oh in that pit.
- So how'd you find her? - She found me.
Kisa saved me from a posse of seven culebras who came to collect a debt.
Took a lot out of her.
Afterward, she needed to feed to heal, so I gave myself to her.
So she trusts you.
That's why you have to convince her to fight with us.
She's fighting now, isn't she? Except this is just the beginning.
This is war, and we have no idea what's coming next.
I can tell you what comes next.
Holy shit.
I can't believe it's you.
So this is Kate? Yeah, but how? I watched you die.
(speaks in foreign language) What the hell did you just say? OK, Manola.
I think you need to get outta here.
What, 'cause of this little Wonderbread bitch? Nope.
'Cause I don't think this is Kate anymore.
Hey, I think I figured out a way how to kill him, all right? I hit his mask earlier, I smashed a piece off, I think it hurt him.
So I say we go for the noggin', right? We pound on him, until - Pound on him? - Can I finish? - That's your plan.
- (growls) I light him up.
You sneak around behind him.
We meet in the middle, squash him like a piñata at a quincen - quincen - Quinceañera.
Kate? So, it's you but it's not you, right? There's someone inside you.
I told you to get out of the way.
Hey, listen, this girl, she's got nothing to do with any of this.
This girl can speak for herself.
- Manola, I told you to get outta here.
- No.
Let her stay.
If Santanico thinks she can kill my warrior, I'll just turn hers into a puddle of flesh.
Get away from her.
Richard! Oh, Jesus! What happened? - You were right.
- What? - She's back.
- Kate did this? It wasn't Kate.
Kisa, no! It's a trap! Seth was right.
You're alive.
You looked taller on your balcony.
Tell him to let her go, and I promise you I will kill you.
This is very disappointing? I wanted Olmeca to tear you apart and bring me your head in front of your people, so they would see what a real queen looks like.
Kisa's the only queen in this room, bitch.
- Manola, no! - (beast groans) Kate (neck crackles) There it is.
The Lodge.
This meeting is over.
Your cult is dead.
Even as we speak, this is what is happening to your serpent queen.
All you've been doing is spreading false hope.
But now that you're all here, I'm going to make an example of you prove to everyone who follows you that there is no hope.
There is only Xibalba.
(rumbling) No, no, turn it off.
Go that way.
(gunshots) (gasps) (snarls) Peacekeeper, you're out of your jurisdiction.
I'm off duty.
- I got you.
- (winces) You sure you're all right? It'll heal.
So, about those new ground rules You see that stack of flyers back there? He stopped to look at one.
Well, I'll be damned! Why? Why would you kill her? It's over, Santanico.
There can only be one true queen in this realm.
And that's me.
And who the hell are you? Save me her head.
(both growl menacingly) (monster growls) Like I said, biggest monster of 'em all.
(snarls) (growls) I'm sorry.
I tried to stop Kate, but I couldn't Kate.
Kate is gone and whoever's inside of her thinks she's some sort of queen.
If she's runnin' these things, she'll send more.
So how about it? What do you say we go send these things back to hell? There's nothing left for me here.
I'll take that as a yes.
Get your car.
I should've stayed and fought her.
You're not ready.
Not yet.
In the meantime, we have her followers running scared.
And as fate would have it I found this.
Scott Fuller, the girl's brother I know who it is.
I can feel her yearning for him inside of me.
Find him and bring him to me.
Now, let me tell you this Santanico may have killed the beast but the beast broke her.