From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s03e06 Episode Script


Can we pray? Excuse me? Please? It would make me feel so much better.
I'm sorry.
It'd be unprofessional.
But I want to pray.
I want to pray.
I want to pray! I want to - pray! - Orderly! - Orderly! - Code red! Code red! What the literal fuck? Let us pray.
I have seen into your soul, Terrence.
Your bosses don't appreciate you.
All your coworkers think you're a joke.
But you have greatness in you.
Now is your chance to show the world.
Get it done.
Thank you for opening my eyes.
[cocks pistol] [gunshot] [woman screams] [man cries out] [overlapping screams and gunshots] [sadistic laughter] [sadistic laughter] [impact grunt] [impact grunts] [Amaru] Richard Richard Richard [audibly struggling] [Amaru] Richard [sinister, whispering voices overlap] [sharp footsteps approach] [bestial snarl] [Amaru] Richard Richard [sinister, whispering voices overlap] [sharp footsteps approach] [sinister, whispering voices overlap] [Amaru] Remember what we shared, Richard.
Richard Richard Richard [sighs] What are you doin'? What the hell is this? I'm goin' back out.
- Come on, let's go! - [Tanner scoffs] In case you haven't noticed, maestro, there's a big orange ball burning out there in the sky that turns the likes of us into charcoal briquettes.
Don't give me that shit.
There's no breaks until we find my brother.
It's been three days and nights.
- We need rest.
- Fuck rest.
- Who put you in charge, anyway? - I did.
Yeah? Well, tell your boss he's a prick.
I got a break comin'.
Sun just came up.
Can't be 4:20 yet.
It is somewhere.
You know, I don't know why you're holding out so much hope for your brother.
That crazy queen has either sucked his soul dry by now or made him one of her fuck boys.
Either way, I guarantee you he is only a husk of his former self.
Get out.
You did not just do that.
I'm terrified.
Like your addled brain is gonna remember any of this, anyway.
You know, if you had any kind of a memory left, we might be out there winning this war right now.
You know what I remember about the war? All the bad parts.
And I guarantee you this finely pressed suit of yours isn't ready for what she is going to put you through.
Yeah? Jesus Christ! Where are you? Nicotero State Hospital.
It's abandoned, but she's using it.
Using it for what? She's got me holed up in here.
I can hear her.
I can hear her people, too.
- I've gotta get back to my cell.
- What are you, nuts? No, Seth, I'm not nuts.
Now, try and follow me here.
She doesn't know I'm out.
She also doesn't know that we know about this place.
So round up the super friends, get out here and we'll ambush her.
I think I'm in the central wing.
- OK? - Richard! [sighs] That sounds like a trap.
Well, if it is, we'll be ready.
And she'll be outnumbered.
We wait for her to show, then we grab her.
I suggest we get as many bodies together as possible.
This is mine.
Nicotero State Hospital? That place has been shut down for a while.
Which is probably why she's using it.
OK, track down Ximena.
Tell her to meet us.
They found Richie.
I heard.
Come here.
We have time before we gotta go.
Save it, vaquero.
What? Too hot over here? Do you mind turning around? You dropped this.
Must've fallen off last night.
Did you not wanna stay the night? I don't wanna be the one.
The one to what? The one who keeps you from going back to them.
Come on, we gotta go.
Didn't your daddy ever tell you not to run with scissors? - It doesn't look occupied.
- How do we wanna approach this? - Fan out.
- Fan out, really? If you find any entrance that's not open, break in.
Richard said he's in the central wing.
Whoever's in there, we'll surround them and work our way to him.
Stone and swarm.
I like it.
You look, but you don't see.
Tell me what you see.
Your weapon of choice, isn't it? - [sadistic laughter] - [impact grunt] [screams and groans] Remember what we shared, Richard.
You know what you have to do.
Send them all to a better place.
[Seth] Richard! Richard! Holy shit.
Are you OK? Yeah.
I guess I didn't make it back to my cell.
Son of a bitch.
I was worried sick about you.
- You sure you're OK? - Yeah.
Yeah? All right.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Come on.
[Amaru] You know what you have to do.
[Richard sighs] Send them all to a better place.
He swears that she was here and she's coming back.
Power's on in the whole place.
And it does look like he's been in that cell for at least three days.
[Tanner] Yeah, but can't take everything he says at face value.
Meaning? Meaning your bro's always been a couple tacos short of a fiesta platter.
The light's on in his fridge, but the food ain't cold.
And you're the paragon of sanity, you sick fuck.
Gentlemen! She's clearly holding him here.
So there's a very good chance she or one of her slaves will make an appearance.
Let's make one more sweep.
At the very least, someone could show and we track them back to her.
Works for me.
Hey, gotta get rid of the cars.
They'll see 'em when they come back.
Somebody should stay in the control room, too.
It's right up front.
You can sound the alarm from here.
Alert us to any intruders.
You two.
Professor long hair, Jimi Hendrix go move the cars out back, pronto.
[Richard] I'll go with the professor.
Don't want him scratching up our ride again.
Scratching up your that was Look - I was a little tipsy - OK.
Hey! Make it quick.
Go! I'm gonna stay and guard here, OK? One sweep and we're done.
Let's go.
Whoa! Put your glasses on, four eyes! Idiot.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hey! [Tanner groans] How could you hit me there of all places? Oh, Jesus.
You sick son of a [groans] What the hell are you doing? Oh, you sick fuck.
[groans] Hey! [groans] Next one will kill you.
[agonized scream] Psychopath.
[heavy switch closes] [switches open] [door swings shut] - [buzzer sounds] - [switches closing] [impact grunts] [buzzer sounds] [switches close and open] [heavy door opens] What the hell? Hey! Somebody open the door! Hey! Hey! Goddamn it! Fuck! [angry huff] [telephone rings] Hello, brother.
In case you're wondering, I've initiated a lockdown.
Richard Can't let the lunatics turn this place into Shock Corridor.
You may be in the control room, brother, but I've got my hand on the wheel now.
Richard, listen to me.
Let me outta here right now.
- You understand me? - No! Richard, let me the fuck outta here right now! No.
OK, just stay there.
Do not attempt to leave.
Let me outta here right now! I've got a plan, Stan.
I've got a plan.
Dammit! [jiggling door handle] [frustrated sigh] She left me, you know.
What's that? My ex-wife.
She left me.
You said you didn't wanna be the one that comes between me and my family.
I really didn't have a choice.
I understand.
Do you? We made a choice, for you to spend the night.
It's a two-way street.
That's generally how it works, vaquero.
- Smells like shit.
- We're in a morgue.
No, smells like actual feces.
[pounding] Back the fuck up, man.
I will go full Dahmer on both your asses.
No one will ever find the pieces.
All right.
We don't wanna hurt you.
[combat grunts] OK, that kinda hurt.
[cocks pistol] [muffled gunshots] [inaudible] Shit.
[switch clacking] [sighs] Shit.
Hello? Can anybody hear me? Did you lock us in here? I should've, but you agents are hard to keep in a cage.
- Agents? - CIA.
That's what you guys are.
I can tell.
Special activities division, black bag operations, wet work, whatever the fuck.
What do you think, he's some kind of squatter? Oh, you gonna talk about me like I'm not even here? That's not very good tradecraft.
Someone's been in here, and they've been using this place like a prison.
Like a prison.
I hear them sometimes.
Guess what? They can't track me anymore.
I removed the transmitter myself.
I'm a cable installer by trade.
[speaking Spanish] Losing the transmitter.
That's smart.
Was that before or after the massacre? Massacre? That security guard shot up the place.
Were you here for that? Terrence was good man.
He just went off one day.
Got a name? Pablo.
As in Escobar.
So don't fuck with me.
What are you doing in here? They discharged me.
Told me I can handle the world.
Yeah, but that's not your world out there.
This is.
I bet you know this place like the back of your hand.
[sighs] But you probably can't get us out of here.
Who does he think he's talking to? You first.
So, is it true? You fought all those Xibalban things? And you fought her, Amaru? That's why you joined us, right? 'Cause you're that grizzled vet that's gonna help me find my sister.
Look, kid.
I am a soloist.
I am not a member of this boy band.
- Capisce? - Yeah, I get that.
But, you know, I was hoping you could show me the ropes, because I'm new and you're old.
How about you go that way, and see if there's another exit.
Go ahead.
And get the fuck outta my face.
Hello? Can anybody hear me? Hello? Can anybody hear me? Anybody? Can anybody hear me? - Yeah, it's me.
- Burt? Oh, Jesus Christ, man.
Something's wrong with Richie.
Really? No shit.
Just get back to the control room.
Get me outta here.
There you go, giving orders again.
Burt, now is not the fucking time! It's just common courtesy.
Ask politely.
Burt, just shut the fuck up.
Tell me where you are right now.
Well, I don't know.
Um, I saw something about the east wing.
You're about to have company.
Really? OK.
Burt? Is that you? - What the hell, man? - Shh! I think I saw her.
This way, through the kitchen.
- No, let's go find Burt.
- There's no time.
Come on.
Yeah, the guy was kind of a dick, anyways.
He's about to lose the Second Xibalban War.
[combat grunts] [pan clatters] [Scott cries out] [pained cry] [groans] [sighs] Oh, you little prick! Oh, boy [both audibly straining] Yeah, sorry, pal.
[Burt screams] Fuck! Goddamn it! [speaking Xibalban language] [Seth] Burt.
Burt, did you make it over there? Talk to me, Burt.
Burt? Richard, listen to me if you can hear me.
Remember what Uncle Eddie said about jobs that go bad.
"Adjust if you must, but you stick to the plan, Stan.
" This is not the plan.
You know that.
Richard? [sighs] Shit.
[audibly straining] [ceiling access door opens] [Ximena] Yeah.
What happened to you? That four-eyed motherfucker cut me with that Xibalban knife of his.
Oh I want his egghead on a stick.
Who's that? I'm Pablo.
As in Escobar.
He's helping us.
You know, that was nice, the way he helped you down like that.
I haven't seen you blush like that since I dunno, the 18th century? Ay por Dios.
Just tell us what you saw.
Blood red eyes, Xibalban dialect.
She got to Richie.
- She got to him how? - She awakened his shadow self.
- Where are you going? -I gotta get to this goddamn intercom.
Awakened his what? We all have another self that exists on that side.
Some of us struggle with it every day.
Richard's has taken hold of him, and it's loyal to her.
She's using him to tear us apart.
What the hell is she talking about? Don't worry about it.
You'll be fine.
Sorry, kid.
I ain't gonna heal if I don't feed.
What the fuck?! You idiot! He was our only shot at cancelling the lockdown.
- I'll get him.
- No! You stay here with numbnuts.
I'll go get him.
Isn't she a joy? OK.
[ceiling access door opens] [Pablo groans softly] [Seth] Hey.
Hey! Open the door.
- You one of them too? - One of what? Sharp teeth, crazy eyes, genetically engineered super mutants.
Look at my face.
No, I'm not.
I can help you.
All right? Just-just open the door.
Help me get outta here.
I gotta rewire this panel.
It's, like, doing a co-ax reroute to the living room.
I got nothing to strip the cables with.
OK, look, just just try, all right? Just give it a shot.
[exhales] Hey.
Hey! - What? I'm working on it.
- Hey [low bestial growl] Richard.
Told you to stay put.
"Adjust if you must, but stick to the plan, Stan.
" [Seth exhales] [clanking inside ceiling] Pablo? Is that you? Pablo? Pablo? [rhythmic squeaking sound] [drill whirrs] [Ximena grunts] When a doctor performs a lobotomy, he puts you to sleep and then drills a hole into your head, straight through your skull.
Lucky for you, I won't be putting you to sleep.
[shrieks] [groans] [cries out] [drill whirrs] [screaming] Finish her.
[Ximena groans] That's far enough.
There's nothing there.
You wanna double back, boss? We'll double back.
- You can reunite with your girl.
- She's not my girl.
So what is it? Is it the forbidden fruit thing? Where she's the culebra and you're not? I don't really wanna talk about this right now.
Come on, Peacekeeper, you pull out your little six-gun on a lowly snake, there must be a reason.
She might be a snake but she's the most human person I know.
Aw, cute.
[Freddie] She was a patient here.
She probably made that guard go ballistic.
Same thing she's done to Richie.
You're the expert here.
How do we fix this? Can we reverse it? Back in the day, way back in the day, the curanderos had a purification ritual to lift Xibalban possession.
They would cover the person with resin and set 'em on fire.
Something like that might work with Mr.
Gecko, especially with his culebra healing ability, you know? And if it doesn't we kill him.
[Ximena] Amaru's taken control of you! You have to pull yourself away.
And we all have to stop her.
Richard, you know this.
Richard! [Scott] Let me outta here, asshole! [Tanner] Let me outta here! - What are you doing? - Richie! Nobody tries to cut me in half with a car and lives to talk about it! All right? Now you come here and open this door.
[Scott] fuckin' kill you! What are you doing? You're supposed to send them to a better place.
I thought of another way.
I can still get to Xibalba, but I need to bring my brother with me.
It's the only way I'll go.
Trust me, Seth is the key.
I think you'll like what I have planned.
No! You don't get to think, you do as I say! And what I say is you kill them all, and start with the girl.
She and her so-called lord committed the biggest betrayal of them all.
I'm gonna go down that way, see if I can catch up with her.
You circle around to the west side.
Good idea.
Ahh! What the fuck! [current sizzles] [exertion grunt] What the fuck are you doing? The fuck is this? Xibalban sumbitch! I know that's not you in there! Piece of crap Xibalban beetlehead.
[pistol cocks] Game over.
[Tanner] All right, Seth.
My man.
You're going off the rails, Richard.
I'm gonna bring you back.
[gunshot] [combat grunts] [Richard groans] [Seth groans] I'm not gonna let you kill them.
It's not gonna happen.
I'm not gonna kill them, Seth.
You are.
[Seth grunts] Richard, come on, man.
[Amaru] Two Geckos are better than one, no? Yes, that is true.
Richard, come on, man.
She's fucking with you.
Amaru told me the truth about this world.
And the next.
There is a place for people like us, Seth.
I've seen it.
Let me show you.
[groaning softly] [soft laughter] [euphoric sigh] [sighs] I saw it, Seth.
Xibalba is a place where we can shine.
Where we can finally live like kings.
What are you talking about? It's a place where you can live a long life and die on a beach.
You're not making any sense.
Richard, look at me.
Xibalba is not El Rey.
It's hell.
You remember that? You said hell was coming for us for the things that we've done.
What if the things that we've done were for a reason? Richard, we have to be careful here, all right? Amaru gave me a one-way ticket to Xibalba, but I am not going without you.
We are not going anywhere.
She is opening up the gates for us Would you fucking listen to me! Buddy we've been down this road before.
Yeah? Come on, buddy.
You can come back from this.
This isn't you.
This is not you.
We have each other's back.
That's what we do.
I look out for you, you look out for me.
This is not you.
It's not me.
It's us.
Do you remember when Pop died? Yeah, the day you lit him on fire.
No! The day that we buried him, OK? We got our first black suits that day.
Do you remember what everybody said to us? No, Richard.
They said that he was going to a better place.
Now why do you think it is that they say that? It's a fucking fairytale! All right? It's bullshit people tell themselves so they can sleep at night.
They say it because it's true.
Death is not the end, just the beginning.
[audibly struggling] Kill them all one by one, and we're in.
Do your part, brother.
We are not killers.
We pull down scores, and that is it.
Do it! - [Ximena gasping] - Do it! Do it! - kill her! - Do it! Do it and your brother's six feet under.
Take the shot and she dies.
- Richie's possessed.
- Don't listen to him, Seth.
Burt says he needs to be purified.
Gotta set him on fire if you wanna get him back.
That's gonna ruin the plan, Stan.
No, listen to Freddie! Your brother's gone! [Richard groans] How could you do this? This was all for you, Seth.
All of it.
[growls] [cries out] Ah, fuck, you fucking prick! I'm your blood! I saved your life! [speaking Xibalban language] All hail Amaru.
[Amaru] Richard Richard Richard Richard [Richard] All hail Amaru! [Amaru] Get it done.
Sorry, man.
[Richie screams] Kill her.
Kill her now.
[audibly struggling] [grunts] Freddie.
Freddie, I'm not gonna fight you.
I'm not gonna fight you.
You let me down for the last time, Seth.
[combat grunts] Freddie.
Freddie, por favor.
Stop, stop, stop.
Come and say goodbye to your brother! [snarling] [angry grunt] [groaning] [grunts] Freddie hell is coming.
OK? But it doesn't have to change who you are.
There's dark and there's light.
And you are light.
OK? That's what I love about you.
You hear me? You did.
No! [screaming] [cremains sizzle] [buzzer sounds] [locks open]