From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s03e07 Episode Script

La Llorona

1 [grunts] Please, don't! Don't hurt me! I was only trying to feed! Please, don't! [culebra panting] Lively one, isn't he, Mister? Normus.
Dixie Normus.
Yes, he does look quite delectable, if I don't say so myself.
Brothers and sisters, Xibalba is coming.
And many of us are wondering how we are going to survive.
But we won't just survive, we'll be our Queen's instrument of change.
[applause] [grunts] We're familia! We're culebras! There are smart culebras and dead culebras.
[soft laughter] We serve the great Itzpa.
Itzpa serves Amaru.
She is her majesty's soul gatherer, and by serving her, we'll be granted a place in Xibalba when it comes.
And you are a sacrifice for Amaru.
[onlookers] Itzpa.
Itzpa [chanting continues] [screaming] To Xibalba! To Amaru! To Itzpa! [sighs] You mind? Can you sit the fuck down already? No, I can't, Richard.
That's the whole point, all right? I'm tired of sitting down, waiting for the next attack.
We need to be making a move right now.
Look, it says right here, when the Lords first crossed over, they were "possessed of Xibalba.
" That sounds like what happened to me.
I swear to God, I don't even know why you bother with that shit.
None of it makes any sense.
Yeah, it's easy for you to say.
It didn't happen to you.
Let's just focus on what's gonna happen to her now, all right? And how we hit her back.
The first thing you gotta do is get your house in order.
You need to mend fences with the Ranger.
Look, Mr.
White Hat was pretty clear.
- He does not want to see me.
- Richard's right.
We gotta let him cool off.
Oh, God damn it.
See? This is why I got out.
Assholes like you making a big deal about being part of a crew, and then as soon as a man goes down, you leave him behind? I'd be happy to have him back.
Oh, fuck you two.
I'll get him myself.
Where you going, birdman? I was just about to call a family meeting.
I have a juicy lead.
Somehow I doubt that.
Oh, yeah, dickweed? How about this: a cult of filthy rich culebras worshipping a Xibalban.
A cult? One of my co-eds told me about it.
Most of them are posers, but the core group, they mean business.
They're legit.
And they're worshipping this Xibalban, not exactly sure who yet, but they're trying to get in the good graces of the queen bee.
Get in how? They're scalping culebras with a Xibalban blade so they don't heal.
And then they offer 'em up to Amaru for a feeding.
- When? - There's another one tonight.
No way Amaru is gonna show up for that.
It's a long shot.
But they have a leader.
He's a bit of a a blowhard, but I think if we get him, he could take us to Amaru.
Professor, I never thought I'd say this but good work.
It's what I do.
I'm done pulling punches with her.
What are we gonna do? Whatever it takes.
But you're gonna sit this one out in the car.
- What? - All right? We need a getaway driver anyway.
I told you, I'm fine.
Yeah, and I told you, I can't be worried about you going rogue again, all right? Professor, you're gonna be my wing man.
All right.
Let's get ready to party.
- Again, already? - Mm-hmm.
Slow down, soldado.
You know, we've been holed up in here a whole day since we left that dive.
I still barely know you Ranger.
I told you, I'm not good to know.
Yeah, that's not mysterious at all.
You, um you did let a couple of things slip last night.
Did I now? That girl you were crazy about got herself killed.
She didn't get herself killed.
So what happened to her? I shouldn't have said anything.
You also talked about your wife Margaret? And your daughter.
You having to keep them in hiding and everything.
Look, I know cops get into bad shit, okay? But what what kinda porquería are you into? You have no idea.
You sure they're okay where they are? I hope so.
Stay here.
I thought I told you and those pricks to stay away.
[groans] [coughs] Hey, no.
No, no, no! Hey, Solaya, come back! [groans] You son of a bitch.
[chuckles] I was worried about you, kid.
I guess you were doing just fine.
[vomits] [Tanner chuckles] This is some serious Eyes Wide Shut shit, Professor.
Yeah, I just hope the kid got in all right.
[chains rattling] [soft grunt] Gentlemen, hors d'oeuvres? Ah ha ha! The service around here is excellent.
You see those gray hoods? You mean the muscle? I counted three.
We'll take the cult leader out back to Richie.
[frustrated sigh] I'm the fucking driver now? Treats me like a goddamn sick child.
[sharp grunt] [groans] [groans] [eerie, indistinct whispers] All right, you ready? [Scott] Holy shit.
Not such a long shot after all.
All right, gents, change of plans.
Scott, you and I will take out the cult monkeys and surround the redhead.
Professor, you create a diversion.
[Amaru] On your feet.
My Queen we did not expect you.
Itzpa serves me well.
A true daughter of Xibalba.
She says you have something special for me.
Yes, of course we do.
That was special.
- [gunshot] - [onlookers cry out] All right, everybody.
Party's over.
[panicked chatter] [indistinct shouts] A stake-gun won't hurt me.
Last time I checked, you weren't bulletproof.
Shoot me and I'll take her soul.
[gasping] [gunshot] [grunts] [crying] [Amaru cries out] [Seth grunts] [Amaru cries out] [enraged screams] [enraged screams] [speaking Xibalban] Men are scum! [furious cries] She just showed up? Without Brasa? That doesn't make any sense.
We could end this whole thing right now.
No Queen, no hell on earth.
No nothin'.
Yeah, but we can't kill her.
So, what do we do? [wind howls] Whatever we do, I say we do it somewhere else.
Yeah, the kid's right.
Right about now, whoever those assholes were praying to has figured out that we have crashed their party.
She's gonna tear you to shreds.
[teeth clack] We need a hideout.
Someplace nobody knows about.
I know.
We'll take her where the two rivers meet.
Ultimate hair of the dog, my friend.
Actually, the hair of a two-headed hellhound, but who cares? [sighing] Yeah.
I am not drinking that.
You know, I know how you feel.
You don't know shit about how I feel.
Hey, I loved her, too, before you were even a glimmer in your great-great- grandpappy's eye.
Ximena and I were untamed.
She was my gazelle, I was her buffalo.
I killed her with my own hands, you miserable son of a bitch.
And whatever Richie did to me it was like I could see everything.
Feel it.
But I couldn't stop myself.
Well, that's why I'm here.
To tell you that you need to leave those wounds on the battlefield.
[ringtone plays] [Burt] Yo, Marv.
How you doin', buddy? They did what?! The Gecko boys, man.
They got a girl here who's having a bad trip.
[speaking Xibalban] This is my realm! You will burn in hell! Out of the way, Spicoli.
[Burt] Marvin, what the hell is going on there? - God damn it.
Put that tall one on.
- Tall one? What? I just figured out what we can do with her.
You're wasting your time.
All right.
Burt says to stick her in the pen.
The pen? She must be one of those demons from hell, 'cause I've never seen Burt use the cage before.
Is this the best you can do? This ain't gonna hold her.
No, take a closer look, man.
Burt scorched the floor with a ring of Xibalban bone marrow to help keep hellspawns trapped.
[Seth] What? Transportin' them to the Labyrinth and all that.
So this is Ilhicamina's cage.
[eerie, indistinct whispers] Richie, what's up? You okay, buddy? What happened? Hey! Hey, buddy, are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- What's the matter, Richie? Not feeling quite like yourself lately? Just need some air.
You'll need a lot more than air.
[cries out] [Amaru pants] Hey, what happened back there? - Nothing, I I slipped.
- Slipped? Bullshit.
All right, look.
Ever since the asylum, it's like I can hear them sometimes.
In my head.
Like a frequency I can tap into.
Earlier at the mansion, I think I saw her coming and just now, it was like she was calling for help.
- Calling who? - Fuck if I know, I just heard it.
What the fuck does that even mean? God damn it, Richard, not now.
We gotta focus on her right now.
Professor says he's got a plan.
You mean short of killing her.
That's not gonna happen.
Okay, just relax, kid.
Don't tell me to relax.
Whoa, whoa.
Easy, fellas.
Ol' Burt's got everything we need to perform a good old-fashioned exorcism.
What? Bongs full of holy water? No.
No, nothing that tired.
The ancient Ritual de los Bacabs.
And if we do it right, we might just cast away the soul of Amaru and save Katey-Kakes.
Will it hurt her? Well we'll have to keep an eye on that.
No way.
You got any better ideas? Then exorcism it is.
[heavy cart rattles] Well, here she is.
Pride and joy of Tomás de Torquemada.
According to Burt, Cortés himself brought this baby across.
Jesus Christ, Professor.
This is still a teenage girl we're dealing with here.
I thought you said you were done pullin' punches.
You think you can break me with pain? [wind whistling] I am pain.
[wind rises] But I'm not the one you should be worried about right now.
Itzpa's here.
You fucked up her party and sadly for you, she hates men.
[otherworldly cry] God damn it.
[Marvin screams] [wind howling] [otherworldly cry] What the hell are you? I am the darkness.
[cat-like snarl] [Scott grunts] [low, bestial growl] [wind howls] [Richie] Scott! Scott! - What did this to you? - Same thing that did that to him.
Fuck did you do now? - I didn't do anything.
- Yeah, somehow I don't believe that.
That's not my problem.
This is on you, Gecko.
Who knows what kinda beast you've brought here.
[gasping] - Oh, shit.
- What the hell? That is the mark of a clawed butterfly.
Her name is Itzpapalotl.
She's also known as La Llorona, or Itzpa.
At the birth of humanity, she fell in love with a man.
He lied to her, he cheated on her, he killed their firstborn.
- Oh, man.
Three for three.
- Yeah.
Now she lives to torment the men of the species.
You know how she does that? With venom from her claws.
Let me see that.
Oh, God! What the fuck?! When the poison enters your system it makes you relive your darkest moments, the worst things you've ever done.
Until you go mad.
Or die.
You know, if La Llorona is here to rescue Amaru, we're in deep shit.
I doubt we'll survive.
You did once.
Didn't you? I fought her.
Lord Malvado put her in the Twister.
Well, then, all we have to do is keep her away from this exorcism.
The friars believed that stretching the body could excise the soul.
You know, I was told Seth Gecko was a gentleman thief.
Well, pain is the only language you know, right? So that's how you're gonna tell your story.
Professor? Here we go.
[speaking Xibalban] To the Mortal, the body, to the Hellspawn, the fire So it does hurt, huh? Guess you're just gonna have to leave that body, then.
You mean like you left her on the side of the road? You really think you're the big bad end of the world, don't ya? But when I see you making all these moves, sending demons out to do your dirty work, underneath all this, uh, crazy, all I see is fear and desperation.
Release this soul from our realm, and take it to yours! You think I'm afraid of you? You had it all in that little Underworld of yours.
Slaves, absolute power, all that, right? What happened? You lost it.
Now you're like a washed-up capo, desperate to do anything to get back on top.
Release this evil, purify her heart, make pure her blood.
Here's the thing.
I know the one thing that you're actually afraid of.
What's that? Something you didn't count on.
[groaning] [panting] You know she's in there.
And you know she's stronger than you are.
And what about you, Seth? Do you think that saving a little girl will make you better than your brother? - Makes me better than you - No.
It allows you to convince yourself you're not the monster that you truly are.
It allows you to lie to yourself.
You feel all that hate around you? That's not me.
That's her.
She blames you for everything that happened to her.
Do you feel it, Seth? - Do you feel it? - Up! [speaking Xibalban] Gods of Xibalba, receive your daughter! [Amaru screaming] [screaming] [eerie, indistinct whispers] [voice speaking Xibalban] Find the spirit guides! [voice speaking Xibalban] I will find them, my Queen.
[sighs] Don't move! Solaya? [soft chuckle] I wanted to see you again.
Jesus Christ.
You were one of them the whole time! We're the future, Peacekeeper.
But why? Why take the time to seduce me? Because it's the easiest way to destroy a man.
I've known so many who think they're pure and noble, but in their moment of truth are weak and afraid.
[combat grunts] [groans] Away from him, bestia! [cat-like roar] It's okay, soldier.
I got you.
But you've got a whole lot of pain coming your way.
[screaming] You can make all this stop, Princess.
Just tell me what you're up to and it's over.
[Tanner speaks incantation] Kill me! Do it! You're just gonna kill your precious little Kate, too! Do it! [screams] [Amaru screaming] [Kate] Now you wanna save me? You're weak.
[Kate screaming] [Kate] I hope you burn in hell.
Back off.
The only way you're getting through here is over my dead body.
I'm not gonna hurt you anymore.
[soft groan] It's okay, m'ijo, it's okay.
I'm here, and I have a way to stop the pain.
[Amaru screaming] Oh, you're not gonna do it.
You can't do anything without your brother.
You're just a sniveling coward.
You are nothing without him.
You'll never be anything Shut your fucking mouth! You don't know a goddamn thing about me.
You fuck with people I care about, you have no idea what I'm capable of.
Then show me what you're capable of.
Show me.
Up! I don't think her body can take anymore, man.
[screaming] God! Do you hear what they're doing? You think they care about your sister? Get away from me.
You can save her, Scott.
[screaming] What are you doing?! You're gonna kill her! No! No! No! Stop! [crying out] Seth! Seth, please.
Please, stop.
[wind howling] Motherfucker! Look, just give it a moment, give it a moment.
It's really gonna help with the seizures.
Trust me, I know what you're going through.
Stop saying that.
You don't know.
Really? Remember I said I lost? Well, she left me with a few souvenirs.
Thanks to her, I gotta relive all my crappy moments from a long lifetime of war.
Over and over again.
You know what this is for? This is medicinal! I lost a lotta great men in those wars.
And I said to myself, never again.
Then you jokers come along.
We're not safe around you, Freddie! You can't stay here.
You can't! - I need to protect Billy! - You'll get her killed! Get out! Hey, hey, hey! Easy, easy.
Easy, easy, brother.
Easy, easy, easy.
Go ahead.
I'm not gonna let her do to you what she did to me.
[agonized gasps] I can make it go away for good, if you do what I ask.
Oh, come on.
Kate, come on Oh, Jesus, please.
Can you hear me? Come on.
Yeah, that's it.
Why did you do this to me? What? No, no, no.
I didn't mean to hurt you, all right? - I was just trying to break her.
- You can't beat her.
She's too powerful.
Fuck that.
You fight.
This was all a set-up.
- She's playing you.
- What? She got caught on purpose to distract you from what that ghost is doing, to get to what she really wants.
[eerie, indistinct whispers] - Hello? - Margaret.
Hey, it's me.
Are you okay? [Margaret] I'm fine, Ferdinand.
- Is Billy is Billy all right? - Yeah.
Why? Is something wrong? No.
I'm just checking in.
You still at your dad's? Why, should I not be? No, no, no.
Just stay at Rally Falls.
Just stay at Rally Falls.
I'll call you soon.
Goodbye, Ferdinand.
[speaking Xibalban] I found the mother and child.
[Freddie] Just stay at Rally Falls.
[wind rises] [wind falls sharply] Did you just feel that? You mean like the wind dying down? That was her leaving.
What? Why would she be leaving now? 'Cause she didn't come for Amaru.
Then who the hell'd she come for? [Seth] Hey, hey.
No, open your eyes.
Look at me.
What do you mean, "What she really wants"? She wants the spirit guides.
Spirit guides? No, no.
Hey, hey.
Look at me.
You gotta fight, all right? I'm sorry.
I don't forgive you.
[pained groans] [groaning] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You untied her restraints?! [Amaru grunts] Spirit guides spirit guides That's that's a resurrection ceremony thing.
- That's a pure of hearts thing - What? Spit it out! Well, that's what she was doing in Shady Glen.
She's trying to get her old body back.
She needs a mother and a child to complete the ritual.
[Scott] Open the gate.
Let her out Let her out now.
[wind whistles] Hello? [cellphone rings] [sighs] - Hey.
- Margaret! Thank God.
You're really starting to scare me, Ferdinand.
Listen to me, everything's gonna be okay.
Just stay in the house.
We're on our way.
- On your way? - Is Billy safe? How's she doing? [exhales] I'm checking now.
- [thrashing sound] - [Margaret gasps] Margaret, what's going on? - It's okay.
- Margaret, what's going on? - Nothing.
- Margaret?! - There's somebody in here.
- Margaret! Let her out now! - Scott, listen to me.
- We can't do that.
Put those down.
[Seth] That thing has poisoned you.
I was out in the hallway.
I heard what you were doing to my sister.
[Tanner] It had to be done.
Okay, look, you're right.
It got a little outta hand.
These things happen with exorcisms.
Let her go, or I'm gonna do it for you.
Oh, really? Well, if [Tanner chuckles] [door clangs shut] You can always count on family.
[soft chuckle] [wind howls] It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
[howling voices in the wind] [howling voices in the wind] [gunshots] [sharp cry] No! No! [Billy] Mommy! My baby! Give me back my baby! [screaming] Let go of me! It's okay, sweetie.
Don't cry.
Mama's coming, too.
Let 'em go.
I'm sorry, Peacekeeper, they can't stay.
Especially not after you betrayed them.
But I'll stick around for you.
[Margaret gasping] [Margaret] Freddie! Freddie! [groans] [eerie, indistinct whispers] Ilhicamina.
I thought you'd forgotten about me.
This time I'm gonna forget about you for good.
[bestial shriek] [snarling] [shriek] [bestial shriek] [snarling] [shrieking] I hope you choke on my ashes.
Get up.
Come on.
She took my family.
Ohh, then let's tear this bitch to shreds.
[shrieking] [agonized shrieks] Jesus.
You two okay? [soft groan] [pained grunt] [sighs] [pained shrieks] You did not die in vain.
What a lovely little girl.