Frontier (2016) s03e04 Episode Script

All for All and None for One

(SOFT EERIE MUSIC) (GRUNTING) What do you want? I come to check my silver.
You'll get to count your silver when the job's done.
I cannot let you leave the ship without giving me my pay.
Oh, believe me, brother, I'm not leaving this ship without you.
No! I never leave the ship.
Why are we here?! Why do we come here? It's for a woman.
You have a Madelena? What is her name? - Grace.
- (SOFTLY): Grace.
What are you two wee lassies whispering about? We've reached land.
Well, thank fuck for that.
Te Rangi! Never thought I'd say this, but I wish I was still on that ship.
Yes, MacDonald, even though she does not like you, I am not surprised that you want to be with her.
Listen, Captain Fortu-nutter, technically we're on land now, so you watch what you say or you're getting it tight.
No-no-no-no-no, my friend, you misunderstand, I'm just trying to explain my feeling.
Huh? (IN MAORI): He is in mourning, show some respect.
Leave him be, you'll make him cry again.
(IN PORTUGUESE): But maybe a good cry will make him feel better.
English, Cree, or silence.
McTaggart, I need your help.
Men and weapons.
Why you asking me? I told you I didn't want to come back here.
I can't help ya.
Magnus, you know where I am.
Declan, I'm serious, the men I know here told me if I ever returned, they'd break my back, stuff me in a sack, drop me to the bottom of the loch.
I need to get to her, I need to get to him.
You never told me what happened to you here, but right now, I need you to help me.
Uh, forgive me for overhearing every word of this, but in my experience which is very much going home is never as bad as one think.
I am sure we can talk to your friends and bring out from them the help we need.
After all, we are doing this for the love of a woman.
Ah! We're gonna have to go north.
- And this is going to end badly.
- Just get me there.
Well, hang on! Shouldn't we make sure that Benton is even here first? (HIGH-PITCHED VOICE): Gna-gna-gna.
Shut up.
Just stay on the ship.
Te Rangi, see if you can find someone to mend those sails right here, quick.
Tell 'em where we're going.
(THEME MUSIC) You bring violence of the white men to my people, spilling blood on our hands! It was in defence of our lives.
Please, forgive me.
It is not I you should ask forgiveness of.
I trust you'll be accompanying his body back to Fort James.
We can't go back to Fort James.
We must respect his death.
May we please speak in private? You think I am so naive as to believe trading with you will be any different than HBC? It will be different.
Imagine a fort where all can live without the constant fear of the HBC striking down on us.
Our story of creation reminds us of humility.
It was Muskrat that brought that mud up from the depths of the water to create Turtle Island.
Not the bear, or the eagle, or the beaver.
We're only as strong as our most vulnerable.
We are vulnerable, Kamenna.
All of us.
You know the company is partnering with the Iroquois, your enemies.
Yeah, I know.
Then you know your days of peaceful trade are numbered.
Once they start encroaching on your territory.
Yeah, I can't argue with you on that.
Do we have our deal? If you fell the HBC, it will not be through a river of blood.
You have my word.
(IN CREE): The officers are coming.
Cock walloping jumping fuck! Michael! (CHATTER) We've got company, troops on the move.
Let's move this bastard.
Move those! (VANSTONE): A soldier named Vinnicombe was coming here.
- Let's go.
- (VANSTONE): Have you seen him? - Go ahead, Malcolm.
- Michael If you show your face out there, those pricks will peel it off you.
I'm not gonna let Kamenna deal with this any longer.
I'll deal with this, but you go.
I'll burn this camp! Take those furs, and any others you find.
It'll save us a trip later.
You're looking for Michael Smyth, eh? I might know something about where he's to.
- Where is he, Brown? - Oh, well He's not here.
What the? Major Vinnicombe is dead.
Collect his corpse.
- Arrest this prick.
- Yes, sir.
(SOFT MUSIC) (BIRD CRYING) Grace? Look at me, please.
Let me see your lovely face.
You're tall.
Like your mother was.
You left Fort James for Montreal, and never returned.
I got word you were dead.
I had to leave, Grace.
No time for goodbyes.
- You don't understand how - No, I understand.
I understand that the only thing ever to light a fire under your arse was the promise of silver or the threat of getting your hands cut off.
Surprised to see you still have them, to be honest.
Luckier if I didn't, eh? They would have a job to shackle me then.
From the state of you, it would seem you came to this prison from another.
Must give you some happiness.
Hm? See your useless old man get his comeuppance for for all the pain I've caused.
I'm sure you've dreamed of this day.
Don't flatter yourself, Edward.
You never made it into my dreams.
Honestly, Mr.
Pond, I don't think it's necessary for you to go rushing out into the wilds like this.
The Browns already think us murderous.
If you need their cooperation, you should consider the best course of action.
And-and Michael is a necessary evil if you want that Lake Walker trade.
Why are you giving me advice on business? You did your job.
Why don't you wait in the parlour aging cruelly until I return? - If I pay Douglas Brown another visit, I'm sure I - Stop! Is this all an excuse for you to see Douglas Brown again? Why would I want to see that boorish bookworm? He's depressing to be around.
Every girl loves a little sadness.
Look, you're gonna be fine.
I'll give Mary her due, she knows how to concoct her herbs, and you'll feel poorly, yes, but you won't die, I promise.
Where is Mary? - She's not here.
- Where is she, Imogen? - I don't know.
- I'd expect a woman like you to know when the numbers are off.
This is a business, not an orphanage.
And that girl's got a mind of her own, and I'm hardly her keeper.
But you have no problem with keeping other women, do you? Buying our women.
I don't have to go looking.
My girls come to me with silver in their eyes and lots of love to give.
Is that what O'Reilly convinces them they're doing before he sells them to you? The only thing I buy from Mr.
O'Reilly is the occasional brace of hare.
Mary was to meet me and she did not.
I want to know where she is.
Probably off somewhere praying to God she don't go to hell for working here.
(CHUCKLING) - I will wait.
- I would prefer if you didn't.
Bring me some of your terrible food.
You know you should reconsider.
Spirited girls like yourself fetch a good purse working here.
I will show you what spirited looks like.
And you'll see the end of my musket if you dare to try.
I'll fetch you your soup.
Hold on, hold on.
Just wait a minute.
If they're actually in here, your best chance would be to shoot the fat ginger one in the puss, that'll slow him down at least.
Good luck.
Well, at least we know we have come to the right place, huh? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) You stay here.
I don't think it'll be safe for you where I'm going.
Well, what am I supposed to do? - Don't wander off.
- Oi! When are you coming back? Who the fuck are you lot, and what are you doing in my establishment with this wee rodent-balled shite bag? It's very interesting for you to have asked, Mister? His name is Barclay.
And I'm Angus.
These men killed the Redcoats, then press us into service in the name of the King.
So you see, uh, they are no friends to the Crown.
Seems that none of us are.
Fuck off.
Or you could stay.
- See what we do to cowards.
- (AGITATED CHATTER) (MOANING) Now that was a nice wee kip.
What would make a man do something so reckless, as to follow this wee prick into the one place on Earth where he is least welcome? I need your help.
Why the fuck should I help you? Hope.
Hope? Before it forsakes you for good.
Look at this place.
A sad little sarcophagus for desperate shrinking cowards.
Oh, you should stop.
Oppression from others is what we all have in common.
Is it not better to fight for your homes, your land, your self-respect, mana, that was stolen from you? Will the red blanket keep you warm when you are thrown out into the cold as food for their dogs? Or you can join us.
Help us.
Help this man raise his hand against those who have taken what is not theirs to take.
What was taken from you? He took everything.
Looks like we've all lost something.
I think drinking's the best way to find out - what a man is really all about.
- What does that mean exactly? He likes to drink.
He likes to find new friends to drink with.
Just mind your head.
There's just one rule Oh! - (DECLAN GRUNTING) - Keep up.
You're dead.
You left me to fend for myself.
And you thrived! You showed as much mettle as any man could.
And I got you the ale house, so that (SCOFFING): You got the ale house for yourself so you could drink your life away when the war was over.
You learned how to be tough.
You learned to be strong.
My my failings became your successes.
I don't know how my wrongdoings have now landed you here, but This isn't about you.
This has everything to do with me, because His Lordship wants something from me.
Does he now? He thinks he can use you to get me to do what he wants.
Whatever it is, will you Well, it's a complicated matter of integrity, Da.
I wouldn't expect you to have a useful opinion.
What happens if you refuse him? Well, then, you die.
I loved you, in my own way.
Taught you as I saw fit.
Where is your compassion for a for a lonely, cursed man, a man forced to be both father and mother - to a such a willful - I lack compassion! You will never, never know the danger you put me in.
Every day.
What your lack of your kindness left me vulnerable to: the wilderness, the cold, the violence, the blood.
The men.
It was your job to keep me safe.
To love me, to foster me, to feed me, but you abandoned me instead.
And now, you demand my compassion! You are right to abandon me.
If I am to die here so be it.
But I will not die without your forgiveness, Grace.
Do not damn me to the eternal like this in pain for your love.
(SOBBING) Forgive me.
Forgive me, please.
(SNIFFLING) (BENTON): I had very different expectations for our relationship.
But believe me, I do understand.
After spending years surrounded by men on a ship, I'm sure you were very easily manipulated by Ms.
- She's a nice lady.
- She is.
Very nice lady.
And you were starved of female companionship.
You chose to help Ms.
Emberly, at the expense of helping me.
So now, her fate is in your hands.
Um, what's that supposed to mean? Unless you help bring Declan Harp to me, Grace Emberly will meet a very tragic end.
Well, I don't know what you're talking about, see, I don't know anything about her.
Oh, please.
I've long since abandoned the notion that there is such a thing as coincidence.
Don't try my patience, girl.
You are on very thin ice as it is.
I don't have to bring Harp here.
He's on his way to see ya.
Then you will tell me everything he's planning and you will say nothing to him in return.
(SOFT CLASSICAL MUSIC) LeBlanc! Can you come in here? Get me a bottle of fine champagne.
(TWIG SNAPPING) (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) O'Reilly! Aren't you a sight? I could say the same thing about you.
I got the trade deal with Kamenna and the Lake Walkers.
Exclusive! If there was ever a time to build, it's now.
But one of our partners is locked up.
Malcolm gave himself up to save me.
I can't just leave him with Vanstone.
You're a good man, Michael.
That Vanstone, only one he's loyal to is himself.
O'Reilly, I'm gonna need your help getting Malcolm out.
I I can give you a hand with that.
- My father's destiny is in your hands, not mine.
- Not so.
It's up to you whether he lives or dies.
Did I not make myself clear? What is you seek from me that you would go to such lengths? I wish you to speak to Lord Fisher on my behalf.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors? And say what? Whatever I desire you to say.
So my testimony will be the thing to redeem you.
You wish me to secure your reputation so you can regain the power you lost.
Such a clever girl! The answer is no.
Then your father will die.
I think you'd be putting him out of his misery, to be honest.
Captain, do your worst.
I have to say, you are full of surprises, Grace.
No! Grace! I want to speak to his Lordship! Grace! Forgive me! Ah! Ah! Stop! (SCREAMING) - Stop him.
- I will, if we have an agreement.
Grace! Forgive me! Let him go.
A full pardon and release from prison and I'll do what you ask.
Captain Winton, stand down.
I knew you'd come around.
- Madam.
Where is the, um, patron? Who? The proprietress.
The, um That auburn-haired seraph.
- Oh, Grace Emberly.
- Hm.
No, she's gone.
I'm in charge now.
Can I get you an ale? Some food? Fresh rabbit stew today.
Doesn't that sound delicious.
Do you have any rooms for let? - I do.
- Hm.
Rates depend on the woman and for how long you want to be entertained.
There is nothing I like more than a little debauchery.
- Sadly, I am here in the pursuit of business.
- Ah.
I might be staying for a while.
Your handsomest suite, please.
My valet told me you were here.
Your valet? I hope you do not mind me calling.
Not at all.
But it doesn't seem quite normal for you to simply stroll by Grant's place.
Unless you've come with a purpose? No purpose.
Other than, I I suppose to see you.
To see me? Is that so? Why I thought that Grant and Pond having left, you here all to your own, you may ahem perhaps enjoy a dinner guest.
You suggest we dine here? I'd invite you to my house, but Josephette might read too much into it.
Oh, well, anything to interrupt the boredom.
I mean I mean yes.
Dinner would be lovely.
Push me one more time, - you're gonna lose that fucking hand, mate.
- Oh yeah? Steady, boys! Major Vinnicombe has met his end.
But I've arrested his murderer! And tomorrow, we'll string him up as an example.
Oh! (GRUNTING): Put him in the fucking tent! - Yes, sir.
- And he is my catch.
I want it known that I caught him, I'll try him, and I alone will decide his sentence.
You cannot decide when to take a shite for yourself, mate.
- Come on you.
- You'll pay for that, mate.
Get in the fucking tent.
What's all the noise about? (CHATTER IN CAMP) O'Reilly, haven't seen you in a while.
Looks like you got a good haul of pelts.
I see you're not doing too bad yourself there.
Ah, that's not fur, - that's Major Vinnicombe's corpse.
- (GASPING) Rest in peace.
- What happened? - I caught one of the bastards who did it.
A Scot.
He's an ally of the Black Wolf Company! - Well done.
- Yeah.
I got him roped up in the tent now.
I'll try him in the morning, and I fully intend to find him guilty.
- Oh, as you should, aye, as you should.
- Well, someone's got to take charge of Fort James.
And what better way to declare my authority than to hang a dissident? (IN CREE): What is your name? Pardon me? (IN CREE): Are you with the man who trades women? I don't speak Cree.
I'm Haudenosaunee.
What is your name? I am Kahwihta, - wife of Mr.
- Where is he? - Who are you? - Sokanon.
Is he here with you now? What do you want? I want your help.
To stop these men and what they do.
It was not my choice to marry him.
Were you sold to O'Reilly? Religious men gave me to him.
O'Reilly works with them to find wives for the working men.
My family was tricked by the Godly men into believing my marriage would secure trade relations.
That I would benefit us all by learning the ways of a new god.
I promise you, I will put an end to this.
And I will free the women, like you, who have been taken.
But you can't undo what is done.
How will you reunite them with their mothers and sisters again? Protect yourself, sister.
Women of the People, like you and I, are not safe around some of these men.
Tell me where he is.
He's at the tent.
You should have a couple of ale, my friend.
On me.
Celebrate your victory.
(VANSTONE): You are absolutely right.
Herman, - stay on your post.
- Yeah, and maybe, uh, you might have some coin left over to get a woman.
I can't help but notice you remind me of a neighbour I had back home.
Now, he was awful brute.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (MALCOLM CHUCKLING) I never thought I'd see the likes of you again, Michael Smyth.
- Yeah, well, we're in this together now.
- (GRUNTING) - Good work.
- It's a pleasure.
Pond? This is cozy.
Why am I not surprised to find the two of you together? It's your turn again.
(BURPING) Stop moving.
I've never seen anyone other than myself drink anywhere near as much as you did.
I was just warmin' up.
Let's do it real for this time.
Come on.
Nah, it's done.
I'll help you get your lassie.
You will? But I lost.
Everyone loses, big man.
But if you're willing to go that hard we'll help.
Thanks, Barman.
(DRUNKEN MUMBLING) I was here in the marketplace earlier, and I overheard this housekeeper buying some stuff for a castle just outside the village.
Now, she was bragging about some Lord who'd been away for a long time, and he'd just come home.
So, I come in closer and I overheard that this Lord she was going on about, is Benton.
What did this lady look like? Well, shshe was about my height, I dunno really.
She was wearing a hat.
Anyway, you left me alone for so long, I nicked some food.
Hungry? (DECLAN): Food! What? What's happened to you? I punched a big fat ginger pig in the face.
Then, I puked.
But I won.
Aye, he sort of won.
Meaning we have help.
But he's a fucking mess, as you can see.
No, come on, we got to find Bemberly, I mean Emberly.
- Come on, let's go.
- I think that an even better idea would be to do it in the morning.
This can help to drop our chance of bringing people who hear a big, drunk man, and come to kill us.
Let's go.
Come on, Chief.
I don't understand what he said, let's leave.
I don't understand Portuguese.
Come on! Aye, come on.
"To Lord Fisher, I am writing to you as you are the head of the great Hudson's Bay Company, and the person who would be most in need of the following information: I am Governess of Fort James, wife to Jonathan Chesterfield.
It is my greatest regret to inform you that my husband has committed treason against the Company, and therefore the King himself.
" "He has betrayed his British honour, and neglected his sworn duty as both Governor and a member of the Royal British Army.
He has taken great pains to corrupt the good name of Lord Benton.
" No, no, wait.
"The most loyal Lord Benton.
" "The only obstacle to Chesterfield's nefarious goals and traitorous ambition to rule the New World.
" You seem to, uh, fit in quite well, to your new environment.
Hm, I think I was born to be rich.
How long do you intend on living here, with Pond and Grant hovering over you? I hadn't really thought about it.
I'd be concerned.
Things may change abruptly upon their return.
Grant has made many a magistrate wealthy, which is how he and Mr.
Pond escape trial.
Pond is a dangerous man.
I have seen myself what he can do.
He may be strange, but he's not dangerous.
I suppose you've never seen him kill a man in cold blood before your very eyes.
Grant is the dangerous one.
- How so? - He's the worst kind of dangerous there is.
He's powerful, immoral and frightfully insecure.
I know it in my veins, he's responsible for the death of my wife.
I simply need to prove it.
It's a terrible thing to lose someone close to you.
My brother died.
In England.
He was killed by a soldier.
It was Michael's fault.
It seems Michael is more of a plague on you than Grant is on me.
Are you concerned for me? I suppose you could call it that.
Ah, now you've seen how clumsy I can be.
Oh, my God.
It's ruined! It's just a wee bit of wine.
No! He's going to lose his mind.
Uh Stop it.
Look at me.
Look at me.
It's alright, I can do it.
Up we go.
Come on.
Okay, Vanstone, he's no Benton, or even Chesterfield.
He's a dull-head, but he can still be dangerous to us.
And his men, they don't trust him.
If we can knock Vanstone down a few pegs and run the Redcoats out, we might actually have a chance of taking charge of Fort James.
All of it.
A deal with the Lake Walkers and no one to compete with, and the HBC will abandon this place come spring.
They will if they feel the force of all our men.
So now, can we get out of here before the firing squad comes? 'Cause I'm happy with the number of holes I've got.
- Sorry to keep you so late.
- That's no bother.
I'm sorry we have to lay off the remaining workers.
Hopefully Malcolm Brown will come through.
If Malcolm fails, then all is lost.
Have you considered that it may be wise to think about alternative plans? There is another Brown brother with whom you must contend.
Michael is a thief.
But he'she's not a liar, if that makes sense? Not really.
(CHUCKLING) Well, hehe's cunning, he's clever.
But he is loyal.
You just have to be on his side.
Yet, you say he's responsible for the death of your brother? I, too, lost a brother - at the hands of a soldier.
- I'm sorry.
May I ask you something? I can't promise I'll answer.
This household is not a safe place for you.
If you're ever in danger, come to me.
Do not hesitate.
That's not a question.
If only people knew the real man inside Douglas Brown, he'd be the most sought-after bachelor in Montreal.
It's it's late.
Why, yes, it's late.
Uh I've overstayed my welcome.
I'm sorry.
Good night.
We let go the last of the workers today.
(DOUGLAS SIGHING) Well, once your furs arrive, they'll be back to work soon enough.
Yeah, that's if the furs arrive.
(CHUCKLING) I find it odd that you'd go behind my back and conspire against me with my brother, and yet, have so little faith in him.
Malcolm is capable.
- But it is Michael Smyth that we rely upon.
- Hm.
And it is imperative that we do nothing to undermine our arrangement with Michael.
Perhaps it's Michael Smyth that's the one who cannot be trusted.
(BACKGROUND CHATTER, LAUGHTER) - Excuse me? Could I talk to you for a moment? - Okay.
What can I do? - What is this about? - Well, nothing in, uh, particular, - it's just - Don't waste my time.
Well, it's not like I'm paying you for it, I mean Are you crazy? - You will destroy no more lives after tonight.
- Who-o-o-a! No, today I saved a life.
In fact, - I saves lives every day.
- Is that what you call them, you and your holy men? Taking our women.
Ha! Ha! Don't, don't, do not be hasty, uh It seems that we could help each other.
I mean don't you think it makes more sense for us to work in tandem, rather than uh, for us both to end up dead on the Fort road? Who else are you working with? What business do you have with Michael Smyth? Oh, sure, she knows Michael, me mate.
You fancy him? You know, uh I could make something happen between you and he.
(CHUCKLING) You tell me the truth about everything - or I will open up your head and look for it myself.