Frontier (2016) s03e05 Episode Script

House of the Lord

(DRAMATIC MUSIC) (HARP): There's not a soul on the wall.
- This place looks deserted.
- Scotland's lousy with castles, could be the wrong one.
I know what I heard.
Benton's here.
Let's get your men ready.
Easy, Harp.
I need to know a bit more about what we're facing.
There could be a fuckin' 1000 men in there for all we know.
If what the girl says is true, there'll be a dozen men on hand.
Still, I'd feel a bit better if we could have a wee peek inside.
Benton doesn't know you're here, Harp.
We might not get another chance with Miss Grace.
Oh, for f I'll go scout it myself.
I'd sooner send someone I can trust.
Angus? Angus, wait! No! (GUNSHOT) (GROWLING ANGRILY, CHAULK SHOUTING) (GROWLING) (SHOUTING, THUDDING) (GRUNTING) (LOUD EXPLOSION) (THEME MUSIC) (CHAULK): I was waiting in the marketplace, like Te Rangi said.
But then, a Redcoat came, and he held me up, and he took me to Benton.
He said he was gonna kill Miss Grace if I didn't do what he said.
(BREATH TREMBLING) I was just trying to help her.
I'm really sorry.
You try and tell that to him.
He's full of holes because of you.
Well, I did try and warn him.
Benton said he only wanted Harp.
I didn't know what to do.
I'm not dragging my men into this fucking mess.
They're elite guards in there, Harp.
And they know we're here.
Alright, lads.
Gather your gear.
They'll be coming for us soon enough.
(BREATH TREMBLING) (DOOR OPENING) Oh, my dear! What a vision of beauty.
More like a painted doll.
Lord Fisher will be arriving shortly.
Once he's been coddled, we'll have you back in britches in no time, I assure you.
Now, tell me about your husband.
(SIGHING) Jonathan Chesterfield's incompetence and disloyalty led to the escape of Declan Harp, the deaths of dozens of English troops, and the loss of thousands of His Majesty's furs.
Too much malice, perhaps.
Lord Fisher will be expecting a little sympathy for your husband.
It was only Lord Benton's steady hand that saved my poor, deluded Chesterfield from ruin.
Without his gentle guidance, he simply fell apart.
- Hm Better.
- My father.
I want you to release him before Fisher arrives.
And why would I do that? Consider it an act of good faith.
I think you misunderstand my nature.
I am not a man to relinquish my leverage on good faith.
Furthermore, if you cross me tonight, I promise you, I will remove your father's tongue, and make him watch while you eat it.
(SOFTLY): Ah Alright, you've made your argument, but I don't think that I have, Michael.
See, I am very vexed that you've put me in the uncomfortable position of undermining Mr.
Not only in working with Carruthers and Company, - but in bunking with Malcolm Brown? - Pfft.
Bunking? Oh, that's ripe.
As if I could possibly get a wink of sleep with you two feet away in the dark.
Keep your snotty society rackets back in Montreal - where they belong, Pond.
- Believe me when I tell you that they're totally unpleasant for me too, fuck face, but here we are.
Brown, you speak as if there's some element of fate at work that is beyond our control.
I'm a man that controls fate.
Both my own, and that of others.
You know that's true.
And as I sit here looking at you, I'm starting to think - perhaps I should tinker with your fate.
- (MICHAEL): Sit down.
- Tinker? Tinker?! - Sit down.
Oh, Malcolm I didn't mean killing you, right now.
I mean, a boy can dream, but I was thinking of something else, like handing you over to Vanstone.
If you keep this shite up, you can You can go back to Montreal, and fight the fucking HBC on your own.
(SMACKING) I won't have everything we've worked towards be compromised now, by your childish, petty feud.
Put that down.
Ooh, "Wilderness Michael.
" So rough! It excites me.
I'm sure I can find a way to help Mr.
Grant understand this new business relationship.
You do that.
Grant" You go to great pains to puff yourself up as a business man in charge.
But yet, when you talk about Mr.
Grant, you look more like a devoted servant.
Are you sure you're not just his patsy? Who's being childish now? (POND): Anyway I suspect that we will soon see a grand show of force from that pugnacious Governor Chesterfield.
And this little partnership of ours will all be for naught.
(MICHAEL): Chesterfield's gone, we don't have to worry about him anymore.
(POND): Eaten by wolves, I suppose.
Oh aye Too bad I didn't get to do him in myself.
(POND): Maybe I should turn my attention to Mr.
O'Reilly now? - He should've been here by now.
- I know.
But Malcolm and I can't go out this room, you're gonna have to find O'Reilly on the road.
We can't oust Vanstone with the help of him and his men.
Well, there is a much quicker and more efficient way of dealing with Mr.
We kill a single Redcoat, and we lose the Lake Walkers.
That gun is just for show, you understand? Maybe.
Any of you wankers O'Reilly's men? O'Reilly was the last to see my prisoner.
And now, they've both disappeared into the wind.
Is he here? I haven't seen him since last night.
Chesterfield's missus would hide reprobates here all the time.
I have no interest in politics, Lieutenant Vanstone.
Emberly derived pleasure from sticking her oar in.
I like it the other way around.
Check the back.
- I'm checking your rooms, Imogen.
- Go for it.
" - Vanstone, isn't it? - It's "Leftenant.
" Forgive me, "Leftenant.
" Cobbs Pond.
You got a man in there? Shh.
As a matter of fact, I do.
There is an exquisite young man lying naked on my bed, in a state of gentle repose.
I guess my appetites last night exhausted the poor thing.
We could awake him together, if you'd like.
I'd rather not.
That's a shame.
Well, I was on my way to look for Mr.
O'Reilly too, shall we look together? - Fine.
- Wonderful.
(GASPING) What is this place? O'Reilly surprised me outside the ale.
He brought me here.
Imogen paid him to do it.
(MARY): I've already tried everything.
We're locked in tight.
And there are armed guards.
Kahwihta said she was taken by religious men.
O'Reilly's wife? She helps capture our women, and he brings them here, and makes them worship his God? Europeans like their women to be Christian before they wed.
Churches need converts, traders need wives.
And the ones who are not fit are sent to the ale houses and camps, to be passed around.
He's selling women to more than just Imogen, and far beyond Fort James.
(IN CREE): The man O'Reilly has lied to you.
To your fathers and mothers.
He is selling you like meat.
Do you speak Cree? (IN OJIBWE): Ojibwe? English.
We must only speak English, here.
Tell me about O'Reilly.
O'Reilly helped us find our way to the Lord Almighty.
- We had sinned against God.
- Sin ? (MARY): It's an affront to God.
O'Reilly convinced these girls' families that their troublesome daughters would affect trade.
(IN CREE): You don't have to be afraid.
I have killed many such men.
You belong with your people.
Under the eye of the Creator, not their white God.
Open the door! Open! (MARY SOFTLY): Careful (GRUNTING) Be careful, Sister.
We were warned about this one.
You've been sent here to test me.
But I will show you the way, child.
Your men will be here shortly.
Be ready.
Don't (DOOR CLOSING) (CARRIAGE DOOR CLOSING) If I jimmied the lock, you could make it to that rampart.
Not in this stupid dress.
What would you do? Fall to your death.
I'm not talking about me going, Grace.
Don't pretend to be noble, Da.
It doesn't suit you.
We're leaving together.
Once Benton has cleared his name with Fisher, we're just another loose end.
Well, then, I'll have to make myself indispensable.
If not to him, then to the HBC.
I know that scheming look in your eye.
I remember it from when you were a wee lass.
Well, you didn't give me much choice.
- Besides, it served me well.
- Has it? Look at you.
This isn't over.
If you see a chance to save yourself, you take it.
I've been anchor enough my whole life.
(DOOR OPENING) (BENTON): Our guest is waiting.
I'm sorry, you won't be joining us, Edward.
But you haven't been forgotten.
- I hope you enjoy.
- Cow's tongue? Cook's speciality.
Shall we? Spirited woman, eh? You have no idea.
(DOOR CLOSING) (DOOR OPENING) - Lord Fisher! - Lord Benton.
It is such an honour to welcome you to my home.
Allow me to present Mrs.
Grace Chesterfield of Fort James.
Charmed, Madame.
You retain a remarkably youthful beauty for having survived in such a savage climate.
My Lord.
My recent years in the London office have made me soft, regrettably.
I prefer spending time in the field.
- You must be well-travelled.
- As are you, I am sure.
Sadly, untoward events in Fort James bring me here.
- We appear to have unresolved matters.
- My Lord, Mrs.
Chesterfield has been at the heart of operations at Fort James for many years.
And I thought it appropriate that she share her insights into recent events.
Most interesting.
(BENTON): Shall we sit? - Indeed.
(SIGHING) Give it a rest, would you? I mean, the least patsy could've done was bring us some food before he fucked away off.
I'm so hungry, I could eat the 12 apostles.
I could use some grub myself.
Now hold up, now.
I don't think the stale bread in this shack is worth you getting shot over.
I've stolen more meals than you've eaten, Malcolm.
I'll be back before you know it.
Is O'Reilly with you? He was supposed to meet us here this morning.
- I, uh saw him at dawn.
- Here? No, north.
We parted at Soulis Brook.
What's he doing up there? He's, uh picking up pelts.
Did he say when he was gonna be back? Right, well, if you see him, let him know that (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) That bow that you have there - Can I see it? - (CHUCKLING AWKWARDLY) It's useless, mate.
It's shite.
Might be the case, but I still need to see it.
Where did you get this? I know the woman who owns this, she wouldn't leave it lying around.
(DOOR OPENING) No man could take this from her without killing her first.
So I'm gonna ask you again, where did you get this? Out by the-the road.
By the gate.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) (MUSIC STOPPING) When I agreed to help you, we were sneaking in.
But this? Nah.
This is just not possible.
It's worth the risk.
For you, maybe.
You can risk your life all you want, I don't give a fuck.
But I'm not throwing my men's lives away.
I can't sit around here like a goddamn coward, and let an innocent woman die, when I know I could stop it.
I don't have that in me.
I think she's gone.
It hurts.
You think you're the only one that's suffered? - I'll have you know, we've all fucking lost someone.
- Then help me, goddamn it.
There's no way we'll get inside that fucking castle! I don't need you to get me inside.
I need you to get me close.
And then what? You just leave that to me.
(CHUCKLING) Christ, you are damaged.
Even if the lads agree, how the fuck are we gonna get you close? My mother's people have fought like this for centuries.
We are so few, they have nothing to ram against.
They will rush into those dunes, we will stretch them out, and we will drain every last one of them.
Alright, lads.
No one will judge you if you want to sit this one out.
Especially you, Angus, bleeding all over the place.
Look at you.
You look fucking ridiculous.
Oh, fuck off.
I've had worse.
Besides I've gotta bite the face off the prick that ripped my kilt.
(MEN LAUGHING) Alright, genius.
What's the plan? (HARP): Get up.
You're going back in.
I need something to write with.
Oh, I should've thought We can write him a really nasty letter.
What do you have for weapons around here, smart ass? (THUDDING) (HARP CHUCKLING) Back again so soon? You should do yourself a favour, girl, and disappear.
I'm here to see Lord Benton.
- I carry a note for him.
- (AMUSED CHUCKLE) - Piss off.
- Oh, alright.
But I'd hate to be you when Lord Benton finds out that you've refused a handwritten letter from Declan Harp.
Very well.
But if I discover this to be a ruse you will suffer.
Look at this.
This belongs to a woman by the name of Sokanon.
She's a friend of mine.
Would you remember seeing her? Where's O'Reilly? He had to attend to some urgent business for our church.
Where's your church? Near Soulis Brook.
Were you seen? No.
But I need to leave and check on something.
You stay here, and stay out of sight.
- What's so fucking important? - (MICHAEL BREATHING HEAVILY) I don't know yet.
Alright, well that's grand.
Is that how our partnership works, eh? You go off gallivanting around doing whatever the fuck you want while I'm left here trying to read your tiny Irish mind? - Where are you going, Michael? - Malcolm, I It's Sokanon, I Something's wrong.
She's in trouble.
Oh, well in case you haven't noticed, so are we.
I'll deal with it on my own.
- So, too right, you will.
- Just keep your head down.
If you see O'Reilly before I do, keep an eye on him.
See what he's getting up to.
What in the good holy fuck is that supposed to mean?! It means I may have missed something along the way! I don't know.
If I'm wrong, we never need speak of this again.
But if I'm right, the whole alliance may crumble.
(DOOR OPENING AND CLOSING) Mind you, you Yanks had the advantage.
Fighting for your own, in places you knew.
I was fresh from Essex.
Never even been to the north of England, and suddenly I'm freezing me bullocks off in Philadelphia.
Not everyone fought out of a great sense of patriotism.
I did it just for the sport.
What are you here for anyway, Mr.
Pond? Didn't Lord Benton forbid your return to Fort James? Well, it doesn't seem that Lord Benton is here anymore.
I didn't think it would be a problem.
Yeah, well, having no Lord or governor here is a problem.
Perhaps you're just the man to remedy that Governor.
You! You helped Malcolm Brown escape! He attacked me, Lieutenant Vanstone! Nah, you traders are all in cahoots.
Oh, Brown had help, but it wasn't from me.
It was Michael Smyth.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) I wouldn't lead you astray, friend.
Ah, the Black Wolf Company, they're all animals.
- Smyth needs to be put in a cage.
- I agree.
And I might be able to help you out, there.
I might be able to find Michael Smyth.
- How? - You leave that to me.
I'll deliver him up to you.
And your men, well, they'll be bursting with confidence, that Fort James will flourish under your grasp.
You saying they're not already? No, no, no, no, no.
Not at all, not at all.
You are the, um Very exemplar of strong leadership, so - It's quite thrilling, actually.
- (VANSTONE EXHALING) Bring him to me.
Did I just witness the start of a coup? (O'REILLY LAUGHING) No, Sir.
You were gonna give Michael up to him? It was just a ruse to lure the Lieutenant, Malcolm.
I delivers him up to him, right, but under private circumstances.
Or we can deal with him alone, and not have to bother with all of those sweaty men.
But instead, you brought his attention to you two.
What in the good Christ are we gonna do now? Well, Malcolm, I suppose we could give you to him.
(MALCOLM LAUGHING SARCASTICALLY) You can try that, patsy And I'll beat the fucking crazy out of ya.
What business did Michael have that was so bloody urgent, - that he'd run away, and risk being seen? - He wouldn't say.
He was going on about his Sokanon woman being in trouble, but then he was out the door.
We're gonna have to do something to convince Mr.
Vanstone that we're men of our word.
Well, I hope Michael gets his arse back here before Vanstone figures out what's really happening.
(SNIFFING LOUDLY) They've been washed? Let me see their teeth.
(MARY HISSING) (NUN): Obey him! Good.
Strong! And they're only young, yet.
This one must be special.
(NUN): She has not been converted yet, gentlemen.
I bet she looks even prettier when she smiles.
Show me your teeth! Don't be rude, deary.
You have two ways out of here.
And I think you'll like theirs better than mine.
Oh, yeah I'm sure we can fit some prayers in there before no time.
(TRADER SHOUTING) Stop! Get your clothing.
(PANTING, SCREAMING) (MUSIC FADING) Excuse me my ignorance, but what exactly is the extent of this encroachment by the French? (BENTON): Oh, the French are a wretched plague.
They have long been using ignorant rogues to travel upriver, and undermine our operations.
They are ignorant, yet they are successful? They appear to be winning the fight.
My Lord, my position from the beginning has been that, had I more men, and more resources, I could have been more effective at staving the bleeding.
I must admit, I was surprised to learn of your departure with the Phoenix without my knowledge.
That was in response to a desperate situation.
Oh, yes.
The half-breed.
Declan Harp.
He is a vengeful and remorseless killer.
Is that so? - Declan - Given the right resources, my Lord, this man can be apprehended or silenced permanently.
Indeed, Archibald.
But at this point in the conversation, I am particularly interested in the observations of the Governess on the matter.
Yes, of course.
Declan Harp was once revered as the most accomplished trader and trapper in the James Bay region.
I wonder what changed.
My Lord, if I may I knew his father.
He was an Irishman from Donegal, and a capable company man.
He had a guide, a Native woman, who bore him a son, Declan.
When Declan's father was betrayed by the savages, I took him on as my own son.
I taught him the ways of the trade, and watched him rise to become one of our very best.
But there was too much of the savage in him.
He turned against me, and against the Company.
How was Captain Gray when you saw him? He was quite well, my Lord.
How nice.
I'd not seen him in many years, so I was delighted to see him doing so well.
You must have heard the sad news that he was lost at sea.
I did not know that.
Then, it grieves me to have to tell you that he is dead.
Oh, my God.
Oh, that's horrible.
I assumed you had heard as much.
No, I had no idea.
Oh, what sad news.
He was a kind and gentle man.
Grace, what do you know of Captain Johnson? He was murdered.
Was his killer brought to justice? His killer was not known.
Do you know why I am here? I imagine you're seeking the truth.
The Hudson's Bay Company is facing losses, and I am hearing rumours If I add together the pieces of the incomplete puzzle, I am forced to infer certain things, which I find troubling.
Things that suggest that the man in charge of Fort James was to blame.
It's true.
Jonathan Chesterfield approached me shortly after the suicide of Governor Threadwell.
He asked me to assist him in a plan to steal from the HBC, and to angle himself as the new Governor.
When I refused to help him, he went on to threaten violence if I did not marry him.
He was so distracted by his own ambitions that even when Lord Benton was administering a just sentence of hanging on Declan Harp, he allowed Harp to escape.
Who killed Father Coffin? Chesterfield was in charge of the men at the gallows.
I was not there.
And who was behind the theft at Fort James? A gang of thieves.
Working directly under Chesterfield's nose.
Does the name "Michael Smyth" mean anything to you? He leads the gang.
What role did his Lordship play in all of this? Well, I'd be lying if I told you he was the most beloved man in Fort James.
But I am quite certain he has the best interest of the HBC in mind.
And I know from conversations with my husband that he did his best to undermine his Lordship.
Then, you will not be entirely devastated to learn that your husband is dead.
How did it happen? He was last seen with the half-breed.
Apparently, he detained Declan Harp, then let him go.
Upon which, Harp promptly betrayed and murdered him.
You see the havoc wreaked by this savage? What's to happen to Fort James in his absence? I have sent a man who will reintroduce discipline, until a new governor can be appointed.
I know every trader and trapper that frequents Fort James.
I know every aspect of administration of the Fort, and I know everything that happens.
It is my sincere belief that in the best interest of the Company, I should continue my duties as Governor.
You wish to govern Fort James alone? (CHUCKLING): My dear, I'm sure his Lordship appreciates your candour, but I'm afraid that is simply not possible.
No one's as capable of doing that job as I.
No one.
Very well.
If you can find a husband to join you as Governor, you will have my full support to continue as Governess.
I don't need a man to hide behind.
(DOOR OPENING) She brought a letter for your Lordship.
I want all your men assembled, and ready at once.
(SCOFFING): Sir, Harp has threatened to assault this castle This is Declan Harp, and he's capable of anything.
Assemble your men! - Yes, sir.
- Keep the Governess and Chaulk out of harm's way, till we can deal with Declan Harp.
And Captain keep her safe.
Yes, sir.
I sincerely hope Harp is dumb enough to come and try and get you here.
I hope you're stupid enough to try and stop him.
Chaulk What have you done? What are you gonna do to Miss Emberly? I'd have thought you'd be more concerned for yourself.
You've got into depths way above your head.
(BREATH TREMBLING): What are you gonna do to me? My young lady I'm going to show you what happens when you fail to do exactly as I ask.
I've already given you everything.
You failed to bring Harp to the gates.
So now, you will tell me what Harp has up his sleeve, so I can put an end to this charade, once and for all.
There's no plan, Lord Benton.
He means to do what he wrote in the note.
Look, he's gonna come here, with the others.
He's gonna take Miss Grace from you, and And? And he And he says he's gonna kill you, Sir.
(WHEEZING LAUGHTER) Is he, now? (CRYING): What are you gonna do to me? I'm simply going to show you that I am a man of my word.
(GASPING) (DOOR OPENING) You should be proud, Edward.
You've done a superb job of turning that girl into a fine woman.
She has all the intelligence, confidence, and competence that you lack.
I tried hard to warn her of men like you, but it seems your kind are everywhere.
I've spent my life burdened by resentment of my power.
You have no idea how hard that is.
It must be a difficult burden.
Being born into wealth.
Having done nothing to earn it.
(STABBING, GROANING) (SPUTTERING) But I do clean up my own mess, Eddy.
At least give me credit for that.
(MOANING) Ah! (CHAULK BREATHING HEAVILY) (CHAULK WHIMPERING) (PANTING) We shall return you home, all of you.
For now, I need you to go to Kamenna of the Lake Walkers, she will protect you.
We do not want to be punished.
No one will punish you, you've done no wrong.
I was supposed to return with a husband.
Will this displease my family? (TWIG SNAPPING) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) (THUDDING) - I'm gonna kill you for what you - (GRUNTING, KNIFE PIERCING) (GRUNTING) (MUSIC STOPPING) It was O'Reilly, wasn't it? I saw you with him.
Did you help sell these girls? No.
God no.
I had no idea he was involved in Then you're a fool.
I needed his men, that's why I have an alliance with him.
If I knew, I never would've joined with him.
You want men to join you, but do not care what kind of men they are? What would Harp say of this? What can I do? Just tell me what to do.
You've done enough.
Where are you going? To bring these girls to safety.
Then to Fort James.
(SOMBRE MUSIC PLAYING) (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) I think it's time for me to turn in for the evening, Mr.
I need my beauty sleep.
Tomorrow, we'll try again to flush Michael out.
Strange, though, isn't it? He seems the definition of reliable.
- He seems to be, but yet - (DOOR OPENING) - You know who I want.
- Is it me? Oh, very funny.
I don't have my prisoner back.
Uh, no.
Not yet.
We're working on it.
Oh, yeah.
It looks like it.
I'll have to figure it out for me-self.
You want something done right Oi! Shut up and listen! As ranking officer, I am taking charge of Fort James officially.
No business of the Fort or the Company shall be conducted without my authority.
(REDCOATS EXCLAIM, CHEERS) (VANSTONE, MUFFLED): I don't want any parades or celebrations from you lot.
If you wanna get on my side, bring me Michael Smyth and Malcolm Brown.
(POND CLAPPING SLOWLY) Jesus Christ, he's making it easy for us.
And Michael is shagging everything up! Michael knows something that we don't.
Sweet dreams.
- (HARP): Yeah, light it up.
(BARCLAY): Let's go, let's go.
You better do whatever the fuck it is you're planning to do.
This is as close as we get.
You get your boys outta here.
We'll get the drinks in.
See ya! Alright, boys.
Get to the boys, get to the ship.
Don't wait up for me.
It's been a hoot, big man.