Full Circle (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Something Different

WILLOUGHBY: It never begins.
And thus, it never ends.
What's wrong?
Is that not all of it?
Too much of it.
- Garmen?
- No, no.
- Not now. I told you
- Every minute we do nothing,
we look weak. We look confused, right?
The people. Our people.
The community,
they're looking for answers.
Cops, they're gonna let this shit go.
- So what do we do?
- Aked, it's up to your auntie.
You know that, right? (STAMMERS)
She's not telling me nothing, though.
Look, I love her, but this
- It's family. It's my family.
- All right.
Ms. Mahabir, my condolences.
- I'm I'm I'm sorry, ma'am.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm going back home for a few days.
Home to Georgetown?
Back to Guyana. Why?
To get some answers.
Auntie, we have all the answers.
Edward Chung killed your brother-in-law.
Aked, this isn't about Edward Chung.
This is about something that happened
a long, long time ago.
And I am going to get some guidance
on exactly how to respond.
And believe me, I will respond.
And when I do,
I promise you'll be a part.
- A big part.
- A big part. I promise that.
"A long time ago," how?
(SIGHS) Yeah, I don't know.
WILLOUGHBY: You're right
to believe the bad things
happening to your family
are happening for a reason.
But I found the man
responsible for your misfortune,
and he's willing to allow you
to reverse your family's fate.
But you must be willing
to take certain steps,
exactly as he prescribes them.
- Are you willing?
You understand that to balance
the weight of his pain,
to close the circle
of his own suffering,
suffering which began many years ago
at the hand of your
late husband, Ranwell,
you will have to inflict a similar pain
on his behalf.
- SAVITRI: I know.
- Okay, then.
Here is where we begin.
SAMANTHA BROWNE: Jared, honey,
it's quarter of.
- I know.
- Is there anything I can do to help?
- 'Cause (SIGHS)
- No, I'm coming.
You didn't touch the avocado toast.
I don't want you getting starved
by second period
and eating from the vending machine.
Mom, I ate earlier.
It was that Indian food from last night.
- Have you seen my cleats?
SAMANTHA: They're in the new closet
with the, uh, outside shoes.
DEREK BROWNE: I have to say,
I was kinda surprised
to see that pitch
meeting on the schedule.
We know we're gonna say no.
SAMANTHA: No, we don't know that.
And anyway, sometimes knowing
why we're saying no can be good too.
Here's an idea, how about your dad
actually takes
one of these meetings himself?
You mean do the work part of work?
He did not eat that Indian food.
Okay, I'm putting
your food and a water
Drink it in your backpack.
Um, and bring home the Tupperware, okay?
I'm picking you up after school, bud.
- Don't run off.
- Dad, I know.
All right, if you're gonna get the bus,
we gotta move.
PRESENTER: We pay a generous upfront fee
to license his name and likeness,
and all we'd ask is maybe once a year,
he gives us an appearance or two.
Plus, Chef Jeff and his family
will always have a free room.
Whether it's Atlantic City
Las Vegas
or the big wow, Macau.
- Be in touch.
- Yeah.
See? It's good to do sometimes,
these meetings.
- Um, so, what
- BRENDA: Jacket copy, blurbs,
and the publisher still needs you guys
to approve the cover image.
- Okay.
- And they wanna know,
is he keeping the ponytail?
I'm gonna let you handle that.
CAROL: Remember,
all you need to do is
I know. I just I need to play nice
and don't interrupt.
Exactly. Just state your case.
'Cause it's a good one. They need you.
They should have put you
on this a year ago.
Yeah, I would have
turned somebody by now.
Then my job wouldn't be
on the chopping block.
- So
- So I know,
I need to just stay present,
not talk about the past.
I will be the model
of obedient servitude.
And he will never know how much I think
he's a backstabbing weasel
- who would sell out his own mother to
- Mel. Mel.
- Nice face.
Right. Nice face.
MANNY BROWARD: Why don't you admit
why you really want on the case?
Pete Fong has to trim
the department budget,
you think you're vulnerable
'cause you're low
man on the pole, but
we both know that's not the reason
why you're vulnerable, is it?
Maybe you actually really
don't wanna put me on the case
because it's stalling
and you know that I would actually do
- something with it
which would make you look bad
and then it would be impossible
for you to fire me
which is what you really want to do
- if you're being honest, right?
- Well, if I'm being honest
you're kind of impossible
to deal with, Mel.
I mean, case in point,
antagonizing your boss
as you're asking for a favor
Last year
when I risked my fucking job
by not turning in your psych eval?
- Remember that?
- (WHISPERS) Manny.
Yeah. Yeah. You asked real nice.
- Without fucking insults.
- (WHISPERS) Okay. Okay.
I'm sorry. And I get it. You're right.
I appreciate it, okay?
But I don't want to relitigate the past.
- I'm talking about my future.
- Hmm.
working on the Guyana case, okay?
- Not gonna happen, Mel.
- Manny!
Go back to the Queen's College thing.
- Oh, my God!
- You were supposed to turn it in
- two weeks ago.
- Ugh! Right.
- Yes. You're right.
- Mm-hmm.
Because that massive
criminal organization
led by a dorm kid mailing
fucking fake IDs to high schoolers
is endangering more lives
than actual gangsters
murdering bums and vagrants
- for insurance premiums.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Is the assignment not
sexy enough for you?
Here's a fact.
When you have a job, you get assignments
from your boss. I'm your boss.
MANNY: You don't do
the fucking assignment
- Manny.
- you get fired.
Don't get fired, Mel.
Damn it.
CAROL: Well?
So I'm working the Guyana case.
Oh, my God! Well done, you.
So he agreed with you.
- Uh, no.
- CAROL: Uh, so
So he didn't actually
put you on the case?
No. No. He didn't. No.
But you said you're gonna work it.
Yeah. On my own time.
CAROL: Oh, Mel.
DEREK: Next one. Ready?
Here we go. Square up.
That's not bad. Two hands.
Just watch it all the way to the glove.
Here we go.
Here we go. Get it. Get on your horse!
That was my bad. Good hustle.
Um, uh
What? Seriously? He
lost his phone again?
You looked everywhere?
Behind the dugout?
- Yes, Dad.
- DEREK: Under the bench?
I said yes.
It was in my shoes.
Yup. He sure did.
- Really?
- You saw me take them off.
You saw me never go back in the dugout.
I don't know how it happened.
DEREK: You heard correctly.
Yeah, we'll give him
the talk. Part Seven.
- Hey.
- DEREK: Hey.
How'd it go with the proofs?
Pick a winner?
Oh, well, they're all winners.
So where did we land
with the whole losing stuff thing?
DEREK: I told him this time
there's no new one.
- You heard that, right, bud?
Did you do Find My iPhone?
The phone has to be on to track it.
I'm sure they wiped it anyways.
Are you sure?
'Cause you were sure four months ago
when you lost the watch
that Grandpa Jeff gave you.
Grandpa's watch? You lost it?
W How did I not know this?
And the sweatshirt. His favorite one.
The one he waited in line for
then had to spend four months allowance
to replace. Where are you going?
Find my iPhone, again.
Just tell me when dinner's ready.
- I am not finished.
- Derek, just let him
Moving forward, Jared, buddy,
help us out here.
Huh? What is the plan?
What kind of systems
are we gonna put in place,
so this all stops?
I don't know.
How about one where
I don't somehow lose everything?
I need two boys. Preferably from GT.
GARMEN HARRY: What kind of time frame
are we talking, Ms. M?
As soon as possible.
GARMEN: Why Georgetown?
We probably got people here
who can do whatever you want.
No, Garmen. I want people
who will do what we say
and won't ask questions.
Natalia, the masseuse,
she have a brother
who got into trouble in GT.
He want to come up with his best friend.
Let's arrange it.
- Xavier.
- Louis.
LOUIS: What's going on? Look, look.
Bye, everybody. Bye.
- Ooh, Louis!
- LOUIS: Ooh!
- So this is really happen?
- LOUIS: Yeah, man.
You get the passport?
So when we at the forest
across the river
- Raas. (CHUCKLES)
- they will give it to us
- Uh-huh.
- then take us to the airport.
Hey, Shakeela. It's me, Xavier.
Me buddy come through. I know, I know.
I don't know.
His sister arrange everything.
Me and you, we go
meet in person, finally.
- Ticketing.
They not gonna see us for
a very, very, very long time.
- Long time. Long time.
Let's go.
LOUIS: Kingston to Georgetown, brother.
XAVIER: Yeah, man. And now New York!
Yeah, yeah, yeah! New York!
- Yeah, man.
- Crazy.
Hey, hey, Shakeela. It's me, Xavier.
I can't wait to see you in person.
We got a little meeting first,
but let me know
what time school finish and, uh,
text me a place you want meet.
Louis, your sister waiting for you.
She'll take you both straight
to your meeting with Aked.
Little gift to get you started.
Thank you, Mr. Len.
- XAVIER: Thank you, sir.
- Thank Mrs. Mahabir.
It's from her.
Oh, and I need your passports.
Um, okay.
- LOUIS: Hey, Xav.
- XAVIER: Mm-hmm.
Let me be straight with you.
Us coming here wasn't my sister's idea.
You told me she arrange everything.
Natalia boss arrange everything.
My sister may not be
too happy to see us.
Just warning you.
And you're just telling me this now?
I hear you was running weed, Louis,
which means you lied to me on the phone.
We was just tricked, Nat.
Point was I gonna be
sending you money this time.
Point is, I hope you happy
'cause now you into something different.
Ain't even a hello? Hey!
You'll get one when I'm done being mad.
This this Xavier.
Friend I tell you about.
He from up river too.
My sister. Natalia.
Me auntie friends with your mother.
Oh, I know you.
In our primary school
you stole my kickball.
Probably. I don't know.
Well, Xavier, you got legs.
You can follow too.
Let's go. You coming or not?
Now ain't the time to keep Aked waiting.
AKED: The thing about Garmen Harry.
Number one, loyalty.
Number two,
And number three
What's number three? What was
Oh, loyalty. (CHUCKLES)
All right?
Is Garmen the boss?
Garmen "Mr. Harry" to you.
The boss is Mrs. Mahabir.
Or if and only if
she gives you permission, Ms. M.
Full disclosure,
Savitri Mahabir is my aunt.
So you wanna talk to her? Through me.
Ask Nat.
I don't do this for nobody. Nobody.
But she vouches for you, baby brother.
I don't know about.
But what you say is true
they gonna use you.
How much they pay?
Place to stay, lawyers for a Green Card,
and you must be forgetting
they paid for your travel,
but I'm gonna let that slide.
You work it off.
- Sky the limit.
- How much I work off?
AKED: About 50K
per, something like that.
U.S.? I like this guy. You funny.
Yeah, yeah. U.S. We're here now, baby.
Sometime few weeks from now,
a guy, Paul, is gonna
assign you a trial.
Savitri Mahabir, Garmen Harry,
Paul Tranquada, me
You guys are good?
Yeah? You know what you're doing?
All right. You can't miss him.
He's in a wheelchair.
If he's awake, he's talking.
I hope you boys appreciate
the nature of this opportunity.
- Yes, sir.
- Yeah?
- Thank you, sir.
- Yeah.
- Thank you, Mr. Paul, sir.
- You're welcome.
All right. You guys can go.
NEILSEN: No, no, no, no, man.
The plastic is in the atmosphere
'cause the damn astronauts
keep throwing the shit
out the window.
I mean, we we got plastic
in our blood now. 'Cause of NASA.
Yeah, yeah. It's in a book.
I I read all the books.
I read 'em all. You see?
The books are the truth.
I know that the only way
you can tell the truth
is to put it in a book.
And everybody else knows that.
You see what I'm saying?
Oh, how do you know that?
Because ink cost money.
Fucking wasting my time
around stupid-ass shit.
I'm a book reader. I read books.
That's what I do.
They mad at me because I know stuff.
Hey, brother, we get something for you.
Yo, what the The fuck?
Yo, who who are you, man?
Quiet down, man.
Yo, what you doing?
No, no. I'm good. I'm good.
- Relax yourself.
- You can stop here. I'm good.
I just get a little present for you.
Yo, who are you with, man?
- Are you with Paul?
- Just a friend. All right?
- No, no, no. I'm asking. Wait.
- XAVIER: Keep your voice down.
- Shut your mouth.
- NEILSEN: What are you doing, man?
What are you No, stop.
How you No, no, no.
No, no. No, no.
I don't want nothing. I'm clean.
- It's gonna be all right.
- No, I swear. I'm good, man.
I'm good. No, I'm sorry. (GRUNTS)
Come on, please. No. What are you doing?
- Come on! Move! Help me, man.
- NEILSEN: No, no, please. Stop.
- Help, man!
- Hey, man. Help me, man.
- Come on. (YELLS, CHOKES)
- XAVIER: Quiet, man. Relax yourself.
Quiet yourself. Sorry.
Move. Move now, man.
LOUIS: Natalia.
Did you know they would do that?
You did know?
They make it look like an accident.
But it ain't no accident.
He raas did know, Nat. That scunt.
trying to get out, Louis.
- LOUIS: Shit.
- I been trying.
- LOUIS: Oh, shit.
NATALIA: I'm at massage school
two nights a week.
I got janitorial at the message school
five nights a week.
I got Ms. Mahabir during the day,
so I can pay her off.
Almost done too.
Every time one of them dead, Natalia,
you are part of it.
SAVITRI: The new boys were the ones
that pull it off with Neilsen?
GARMEN: The two of them.
One one better than the other,
but with Neilsen's drug history,
they could pass this one through fast.
We anticipating a payout
for the full policy.
Three hundred and twenty-five
thousand dollars.
Ooh! That's good. Well done.
Uh, but that not come until next year.
We got some bigger issues this year,
especially when I trying to
(SIGHS) reconcile
the financial mess Quincy left us in
- after he died
- SAVITRI: Look, Garmen. Garmen.
Let's focus forward.
You mean, uh, for
this next thing you get?
Whatever it is.
- Coming down the pike.
- That one. Yes.
(SCOFFS) Well, how am I gonna
know unless you tell
me what that thing is.
It's the most important thing
we've ever done.
It involves a boy.
But I don't want to say no more
because me nah wan blight de ting.
So you're scared me will jinx it
and give you a bad eye,
but I can't run it unless you tell me
(CHUCKLING) what it is.
SAVITRI: You're not
gonna run it. Aked is.
(LAUGHS) Ma'am.
You say it's the most important thing.
It's also the most dangerous.
And this way you can supervise,
stay safe and help Aked.
Try not to kill himself.
AKED: Natalia, I told you
this was gonna be big.
This is huge. So what's your problem?
NATALIA: Why is kidnapping
some pickney gonna make up
for what happened to Quincy?
- AKED: Reasons.
- NATALIA: Reasons?
- Yes. Reasons.
- NATALIA: Aked.
From the boss.
Who's grieving right now. You know that.
Look, my auntie left me in charge.
All right? Me in charge of all this.
You understand?
Version six.
I like this one.
Leave notes. Okay?
So you know, like, um,
Chef Jeff or whoever,
the kid's father, whatever.
They pull up to the library,
boom, next place.
Subway station.
I don't know. I'm making it up.
Boom. They get to the library,
open up an envelope.
you made it to the library.
Now you got to book it to the bridge."
Gonna keep it clever.
XAVIER: So yeah.
Yeah, Shakeela. It's me, Xavier.
So yeah, I was thinking
maybe we could do that again.
Maybe nighttime this time.
Or, you know, maybe even tonight?
I just going for a walk now,
so if you done all your homework
and you feel like catching
a vibe just, uh,
yeah, just give me a call.
But, um
Yeah, I'ma call you right back.
You didn't happen to be in the alley
behind Gemini's Lounge
the other night, did you?
Is, um,
this familiar to you?
You know, dead body, wheelchair.
We brought the sheet. (CHUCKLES SOFTLY)
- No idea.
- Oh, you know, I wonder
if I described the alley to you,
if it will jog your memory.
So we have Gemini's Lounge,
next to the laundromat,
next to the pawn shop,
which, like all pawn shops,
has a security camera which as you know,
have gotten very good these days.
- Let me see that.
- Oh, I Sorry.
It's government property. (CHUCKLES)
However, my name is on this.
And whenever you're ready
to give me yours, give me a call?
CLARENCE JOSEPH: It will happen
in Washington Square Park
at 1:11 a.m., inside a circle.
We will be in the park
to make sure there is
no deviation from the plan.
He will feel the same pain
I felt when I lost my grandson.
- A boy for a boy.
And the balance will be restored
and all will be good.
It will.
Well, uh, I want to hear
from Mr. Joseph directly.
Everything will be good.
SAVITRI: Excellent, excellent.
Thank you, gentleman.
CLARENCE: Thank you.
It was an honor, madam.
SAVITRI: Oh, the honor was all mine.
I assure you.
WILLOUGHBY: We'll see you tomorrow night
at the celebration.
SAVITRI: Yes. Tomorrow
we shall celebrate.
- I'll be right there, Natalia.
- Yes, Ms. Mahabir.
Natalia, is everything all right?
- Yes, Ms. Mahabir.
- Hmm.
- Good night, sir.
- Good night.
Xavier, I need you to go
to Washington Square Park,
Lower Manhattan. You can Google it.
Ms. Mahabir asking for for, um
Apparently, there are
circles in the park in different places.
She want to know the various sizes,
where, how many
Yeah. My advice to you, Xavier,
watch your ass on this one.
Good night, sir.
(SIGHS) Okay.
I just don't feel like
four people talking in a room
for two hours is a movie.
Okay. I just thought you'd be mad
that I brought you to a movie
where you had to read.
Yeah, I mean, that didn't help.
Oh, shit. Hold on.
Uh, Inspector Harmony speaking.
Who might this be?
XAVIER: My name is Xavier.
If I give you information,
can you get me home?
Home, home, home? Like Guyana?
- XAVIER: Yes.
- No.
But I can try to make your life easier
in direct proportion
to the information given.
Divided by, of course,
how seriously you've already
fucked your life.
XAVIER: Something is going down
tomorrow night.
MELODY: Well, that's a good first step.
Second step, where is it happening?
Washington Square Park.
It's four in the morning.
Why are you waking me up?
They gonna kill that boy.
The one they kidnapping.
I heard Mrs. Mahabir say it.
No matter what happen,
she want to kill him.
She think it some kind of answer
to all the bad that's been happening.
- How that make sense?
- She crazy is how.
All of sudden, nothing
she do makes sense.
She bring these people here
from Guyana last week
and got a whole plan.
And he picked Xavier for the plan,
but I just told him you'd be good too
because we need one more person
- You put me up for that?
- Quiet!
You're all upset about it
then you put me up for it?
- This is exactly what I don't want to do.
- I got a plan. Louis!
You ain't gonna kidnap the boy.
You're gonna save him.
We gonna.
- Why?
- Because you said it
If someone dead, I'm a part of it.
I'm trying to do the right thing.
And you should be too.
LOUIS: Natalia. Natalia!
The thing that's happening
when that gonna happen?
Aked was worried if he put
a crew together too soon,
they'd talk so we just know
telling Xavier
Natalia. When this a happening?
Tonight? And you're just
telling me this now?
I had to wait 'till Aked fell asleep.
I don't know how we gonna do all of it.
I don't know how we gonna do most of it.
But I know how we at least can start.
I'm texting you
where to go to get the bike.
It's got to be the exact laundry bike
that Aked is using.
You see the photo here. Okay?
And I need you to get this black bag.
I'm texting it now to you. Okay?
And get a wig. Any type of wig. Okay.
Now, I'm sending you a address
I need you to leave the bike.
I go get it after work,
I go put the dummy inside.
All right? I need you to text me
when you get close
to the park. All right?
So which one of my plans we going with?
The one where you wait for us
to tell you what to do.
- When is that?
- When we tell you.
JARED: They've gotten super controlling.
They won't even let me lock my phone.
They're trying to prove a point
about me being responsible.
Plus, I can't go out anyway.
I've got tutor.
What if I promise it'll be worth it?
Like I can tell you
what happened to your stuff.
AKED: It's a business transaction.
I'll tell you more about it in the van.
Okay? Come on.
LOUIS: How is grabbing a little boy
a business transaction?
AKED: I said I'd tell you more
about it in the van.
You good, Louis?
What's good with you?
Your sister said you could handle this.
I got to set her straight?
So come on.
Let's go. Come on.
XAVIER: Me will come just now.
Let me grab something.
MELODY: So what do you got?
Yeah, so Agent Lady, I was wrong.
Ain't nothing happening tonight.
I was wrong.
MELODY: What do you mean
nothing's happening?
I messed up and I'm sorry.
- And I can't do this.
- MELODY: What? Xavier, no,
- you can't just back out like this.
- I'm sorry. Agent Harmony
- MELODY: Xavier, you cannot
- Hey!
You ready?
Me good.
Was that your guy?
Yeah. It was Xavier.
He said that Washington Square Park
isn't happening tonight,
but it obviously is.
(SIGHS) I just Give me a sec.
Hey, Manny, um
Listen, I know you're with
your daughter tonight,
so I hope you even get this.
Uh, I also hope you actually think
that this is good news,
but I did go a little rogue.
And it was on my own
time, so don't worry,
but I actually did manage
to turn a cooperator (SIGHS) ish.
And that he said that
there was something happening
in Washington Square Park tonight.
But then he said there isn't.
Which makes me think
that there is. (CHUCKLES)
And that it's bigger
than the whack-a-bum stuff
because why would they be
killing a vagrant
in Washington Square Park,
so I feel like
I should definitely be there,
but I don't want to go
until I hear back from you
because I am trying to be professional
and to respect protocol.
So, um, yeah, when you get this,
just, uh, hit me back
and, um, yeah, I'll be sitting tight.
Okay. Bye.
So are you gonna wait for his approval
- or
- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
- Jared?
- JARED: Yeah.
KRISTIN: The microwave's jammed.
The door won't open.
Oh, the microwave. Yeah.
Yeah. It's not jammed.
It's a drawer now.
Yeah. You know, it's this
This whole thing.
There's a button.
Oh, my God.
Since your parents remodeled,
I can't figure out a damn thing
in this place.
Are you sure you're not hungry?
No. I'm I'm not feeling too good.
I'm just gonna crash tonight.
Well, don't you have tutor?
Uh, I think I'm just gonna cancel.
- Mm-hmm.
- If I'm sick,
I don't want to get Sarah sick.
So yeah.
Did you call her?
Oh, I actually lost my phone.
Do you think you could call her for me?
Mom left her number on the sheet
next to the phone.
You do look a little flushed.
Okay, sweetie, I will.
- Thanks, Nanna.
- Can I get you some soup?
No, I'm just gonna go to bed.
- I'm not really hungry.
- All right.
- Well, hope you feel better.
- JARED: Yeah.
Oh, sweetheart. Love you.
JARED: Love you too. Good night, Nanna.
KRISTIN: Good night.
- AKED: Do you see her right there?
- LOUIS: Mm-hmm.
That's the tutor girl.
She gonna come,
she gonna post up on the building,
check her phone.
It's maybe Instagram or something.
I don't know.
But she waits,
she might call him. Hold on.
She ready, then they gonna
go across the park
right now and go to the Bean.
Do some school shit.
As soon she leaves with him,
that's when we go, okay?
What the fuck?
What the fuck!
Yo, I told Len to track him
the last two fucking Saturdays.
Wait, I got a backup.
I got these FedEx joints, maybe we go,
- we knock on the door
- XAVIER: Hey, Aked.
That him? Right there, that door?
Yeah, that's him.
That's him. Where is he going?
Where is this motherfucker going? What?
That's a one-way.
He just went up a one-way.
Fuck. Go up, um, next block.
Next block. Make a right.
I don't see shit.
Thought you said this man
was already there, chief?
No. I know. I know.
Okay, this right, right here.
You take this right, right here.
Right here.
I just can't take anything
he says seriously.
All I can do is picture him
sitting in that chair
with tin foil on
Oh, that's not fair.
Not everyone can rock
- the silver fox like you.
- Oh, God bless you,
- but you know what I mean.
- Hey, Mom.
Um, hey, thanks for the heads up.
Yeah. Well, I hope you don't mind
- the executive decision.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I mean,
no sense doing tutor if he's sick.
- Um, night.
- KRISTIN: Night, night.
- DEREK: Good night, Kris.
- KRISTIN: Good night, Derek.
DEREK: I think he just
didn't wanna do tutor.
All right. Fuck it.
Take this left right here.
Right here. Right here.
- Right here?
- Yeah.
- Nothing?
- Mm-mm.
Fuck it. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Wait, wait, wait. There's he.
There's he. Right there!
- Yeah. Yes! Yeah, Keesen!
Go, go, go, go, Xavier.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Hi. Thank you.
You must have my son's phone.
He's always losing his stuff.
AKED: Actually, we have your son.
- AKED: I said we have your son.
And we'll kill him
if you don't do what we say.
- SAMANTHA: Hang on. Hang on. Hang on.
- AKED: All right? Yo, lady,
- you're not in charge here.
- SAMANTHA: No, I said hang on!
AKED: You need to stop talking
- and start listening
- DEREK: Sam?
AKED: or this will be the worst night
of your life. You hear me?
- DEREK: What's going on?
- They have Jared.
- What?
AKED: Damn right, we do.
And here what's gonna happen
Whoa, whoa, whoa. If this is a joke,
it's not funny. Who's talking?
AKED: I'm gonna give you a figure,
and I suggest you write it down.
Do you have Jared?
I want to talk to Jared.
Who is this?
Who is talking to me right now?
AKED: Three hundred and fourteen
thousand, one hundred and fifty-nine.
Write that number down. It's important.
Wait, wait, wait. Just wait.
- What are these numbers?
- SAMANTHA: Three, one, four, one
- This is this is money?
- Derek, shh!
No, you need to tell us something.
Give us some information.
AKED: White sneakers,
there's writing on them,
AKED: Yellow and
green Trek mountain bike.
You're gonna get a call shortly
explaining where you pick up the money.
All right?
- Yes, cash.
Nothing bigger than twenties,
you hear me?
Man, I don't know. Why don't you ask
your fucking father-in-law
what his Atlantic City credit limit is.
All right?
about that move, Clarence?
You might want to rethink that.
Again. Sorry. Sorry.
Of course.
Sam, I am playing
chess with my friend
Just Sam. Slow down.
Slow down. Slow down!
Uh, uh, I'm sorry. I I I
I've got to go.
Uh, I'll, uh, I'll
Just tell him it's an emergency.
I need to borrow
against my credit limit!
Because I can't right now, Joey!
Did she tell you anything?
I I know about as much as you do.
Look, just call Sey.
If he's not on the casino floor
- then he's gonna be awake somewhere.
- Oh, Chef Jeff, Ms. McCusker,
- you forgot to sign
- Not now, Bryce.
Yes. Just do it.
Call me back.
- KRISTIN: My God. Oh, my God.
- JEFF: Sam. Anybody called?
Joey called my guy in Atlantic City.
DEREK: They haven't told us a thing.
You know, I'm sorry you're involved.
What what are you apologizing for?
Did you fucking do it? Don't apologize.
- Wait, Joey?
- Wait, Dad! He said no police.
- Joey's not police. He's not anymore.
- I checked and he was there.
- Honest to God!
- He's the best there is.
- I checked and he was there.
- Kris!
- Yes?
- This is not about you.
- I know that, but I
- Can we just take a beat?
- I looked in his room
- We don't have a fucking beat.
- and he was there (SOBS)
- This is a nightmare.
- Kris.
- I would never What?
Kristen, it's not you.
- We're not mad at you.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Mom! Mom!
- I'm fine. I'm fine. (SOBS)
- SAMANTHA: Hey. Hey, hey.
- Oh, my God.
I I can't. Um, okay, wait.
- So police. Yes or no?
- Joey says
not until Jared's safe at home.
And who the fuck knows
about my casino credit limit?
- Yes?
- AKED: Okay, listen to me.
There's a parking lot
right next to the south entrance
of the George Washington Bridge.
All right?
Tell your boys at the casino
to drop your cash there.
When you're on the bridge
with the money,
you'll receive your next instruction,
all right?
Look, if you're not there by midnight,
if you're not alone
or police have been called,
your son will be killed.
Okay, put our son on the phone, please.
- KRISTIN: Jared.
- What the fuck?
Jared? Oh, my God. Where have you been?
Jeez, Mom, I just went out for a walk.
- Calm down. What
- Sweetheart.
DEREK: You lied to your grandmother.
Derek, he's here. Derek, it's fine.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
He was sneaking.
He lied to your mom and us.
I didn't realize how late it was.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm so glad. I just
- SAMANTHA: Please. Please.
- JARED: Calm down.
SAMANTHA: Just be honest with us. Okay?
Were you were you meeting someone?
A boy? A girl? It doesn't matter.
- Just just talk to us. Please.
- JEFF: This is not the time
to be fucking around, son.
This is not the time
to be fucking around.
This is no time to fuck around.
This is not Hold on. Just hold on.
DEREK: Hey, you need to talk
to us, bud. What's going on?
y y you're not in trouble,
but this is important.
DEREK: Jared.
There's this boy I've been talking to.
He said he had all my stuff.
And he'd show it to me
if I went to go see him.
So I lied to Nanna and I snuck out.
When I got there
he was wearing my hoodie.
My original one from
before I replaced it.
And he had my shoes too.
He really liked my bike,
so I let him ride it
around a little bit.
But then a van came,
these guys jumped out
and they threw him in.
And I couldn't do anything about it.
I just got my bike and I rode around
until I could work up the nerve
to come back home.
Oh, baby.
Oh, my God.
That had to have been horrible.
- I think they were after me.
- Why would you think that?
If it had been two minutes earlier,
they would have gotten me.
Oh, baby.
JARED: Why would somebody be after me?
We don't know.
We don't know anything, bud.
What do you know about this boy?
What's his name?
His name is Nicky.
Look, is he gonna be okay?
Open it. Open it.
Open it right now. Open it.
Yeah. Come here. Come here.
Come here. Look at me.
Look at me. You know how to take pills?
Did boss send you old man
gummy bear sleeping pills?
Shut the fuck up.
I'm not talking to you.
Jared, do you know how to take pills?
Don't fuck with me. Look at these.
You know how to take these? Huh?
Okay. Okay. Okay, Ruby. Here we go.
You're okay. You're good. Okay.
- Hey, Joey.
- Sam. Hello.
Hey, so the casino asked
why so much cash so quickly
JEFF: So you you can cancel all that.
DEREK: He's here. Jared.
He's in his room.
- Hey, Joey.
- How you doing, Mr. Browne?
- He's Jared's here?
- JEFF: Mm.
- Well, that's good. Right?
- KRISTIN: Oh, yeah.
Well, the place looks good. Wow.
Don't even recognize it.
- What? What?
- Who is this?
- Derek.
Please. Who am I talking to?
NICKY: Daddy? Dad?
- Who who is this?
- AKED: Is there a problem?
N no, sir. There's no problem.
We just need to gather some information.
Gather some information?
What the fuck are you talking about?
Gather some
What the fuck are you talking
They're muting me?
Bolt cutters.
- Huh?
- Give me the bolt cutters.
Give me the fucking bolt cutters.
Come here. Xavier, pull over.
Pull the fuck over.
Aked, what are you doing, buddy?
AKED: Record this
right now. Hurry. Hurry.
No. I do not negotiate with a terrorist.
Jeff, come on. They
have someone's child.
SAMANTHA: Okay, okay.
So now now we call the police. Right?
I don't I don't know.
Do we call the police, Joey?
- Wait, is that them?
DEREK: Yeah. There's a video attached.
SAMANTHA: Play it.
- Oh, Holy Christ.
- Oh, my God!
AKED: Hold still.
You're making it worse, Jared.
- KRISTIN: Oh, Jesus Christ.
Oh, my God!
They think they
think they have Jared.
- But they don't.
- Yeah, but if they find out they don't,
what's to keep them
from coming after him?
JEFF: Well, what do we do?
Do we just pretend that
That it's Jared or what?
NICKY: (SOBBING) It hurts.
Please do what they say.
JEFF: We just need a few more details.
Jared, I want you
to talk about yourself.
NICKY: Call Charisse.
AKED: We'll talk at midnight.
If you're on a bridge
and if you're alone.
Wait. What what do you mean "alone?"
AKED: One person. No cops.
Oh, and if I don't have
the money by 1:11 a.m. sharp,
your boy, your grandson, Chef Jeff,
is dead.
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