Full Circle (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


So now, we call the police, right?
Can we make sure Jared's safe first?
I mean, if somebody was targeting him,
they may still be looking for him
once they figure out it's not him.
Well, if they figure out it's not Jared,
what are they gonna do to that boy?
- Do we know his name?
- Derek said his name was Nicky.
Can we bring this back
to our son? What are we doing?
Are are we putting him in a hotel?
Are we going with him to to a hotel?
Joey! You've got a place, right?
Yeah, my family's got a hunting camp.
- Where?
- Oh, middle of nowhere.
No reception. Don't even have Wi-Fi.
- Oh, I like that.
- Perfect.
- But also, um
- Oh, yeah,
we'll go down to the diner
every morning and evening.
Right, just so
- So we can call.
- Right.
So the police
It Now, a definite no then.
You know, we've got options,
besides the feds.
Could consult your brother.
- What? No.
- We're not bringing him into this. No.
Also, I don't see
how the police thing works.
We need to go now.
We're supposed to be at a parking lot
at midnight and with the money.
Well, do we know what
this 1:11 thing is about? I
What is this 300 whatever thousand?
Guys, we don't have
time for any of this.
- Who is Charisse?
- What?
Charisse. When Dad asked
for more information,
he said, "Charisse."
I don't know, a place maybe.
Charisse is a place?
Yeah. No, maybe not. No idea.
Okay, so Jeff and I are gonna go now.
We're gonna continue
to follow their instructions
and we're gonna get this kid back.
Wait. Derek, have we decided this?
I mean, I wanna do
the right thing, but
Sam, this is the right decision.
That kid is out there.
Seriously, is this really a question?
Yeah. No. Yeah, you're right.
Okay. Okay, I'm gonna
let Jared know the plan.
Right. Oh, my God.
Are we leaving or what?
- Be safe, please.
- I will. We will.
- It's pi, by the way.
- What?
is pi. You know? A circle.
What is the emergency?
Ms. M, uh, we
We found something in the
place with them with them boys.
They Uh, in one of them beds.
Law enforcement business card.
One of the boys is in the van right now.
Well, do take appropriate measures.
Okay. So, I I'll call Paul
and tell him to abort the mission now.
No, Mr. Willoughby has completed
the chalk circle.
We're already in progress.
No, I mean to shore up
whatever leak there may be
and continue as planned.
Okay. Um
before I do that,
there's a frustration in the crew.
Myself included.
Different, different people know
different parts of
the picture, but um
- Nobody knows the big picture?
- Yes, yes.
Garmen, you don't trust me?
After all the businesses we built?
And the successes we've had?
No, I'm gonna tell you
tonight is uncharted territory
to say the least.
We'll get there shortly, Garmen.
And people like Mr. Edward Chung
will no longer be able
to get to us, that's the big picture.
So you do exactly
what I'm paying you to do
and exactly how
I've instructed you to do it.
And clean up the mess in the van.
Uh, and Aked.
Look after Aked, 'cause sometimes
he's his own worst enemy, you know.
Yeah, I know.
All right, I'll see you
at the party after.
Oh, God. Look at the time, is it
Right. Um, yeah. Uh, I'm on it.
Almost there, Ranwell. Almost there.
Victor, Garmen Harry here. You in town?
I I need you for a job.
Tonight. Like like, now.
Where you there? Come pick you up.
Give him another one
of those sleeping pills.
- You'll be fine, right, Jared?
- Open your mouth.
Open your fucking mouth!
Hey, what's that?
Louis, what's that? That's your phone?
Give it to me.
Give it to me now.
Come on. Thank you.
No, I just bought it!
Fuck! Your fucking personal cellphone!
Fucking stupid.
My stomach acid right now.
- This mother's gone raas.
- Fuck.
Xav, I need you to text Nat.
Tell her my phone broke.
Hey, one of the acupuncture
training dummies is missing
from the room. Have you seen it?
Uh Um No, no idea.
It makes no sense
that I would be targeted.
I employ thousands.
There's the show when we had it.
The office.
The the place where we jarred things.
The The Not to mention
the service kitchens.
- Now, that's 11 cities, 11.
- Jeff.
And I visit my fans in the hospital,
and I go to their fucking whatever
rest homes or whatever.
I was just playing chess
with one of them tonight.
We get it. You do things for strangers.
But someone just has to think
you're an asshole.
You don't have to be one.
Good evening, Mr. Harry.
How can I help you?
I need you to take a ride
with Paul and me.
Sounds good.
All right, now's the part where we wait.
Why? Well, because one,
the Browne family
still gotta gather the money.
And two, boss wants us to sit here
and wait for instructions, all right?
Wait. So we're not going
Washington Square Park then?
Why the fuck would we go
to Washington Square Park? Huh?
Crowded downtown park, that's stupid.
Why would you ask me that?
Well, Garmen asked me to go
to Washington Square Park
and mark some circle.
So I guess it was for that.
Ga Garmen asked you?
Don't know.
He said Ms. Mahabir want it, so
And you didn't want to tell me?
Well, I didn't think I had to.
Okay, so let me get this straight.
I finally turn a guy,
which takes weeks, as you know,
and the only thing you can think
to say to me
is that it might be bullshit?
I didn't say it was bullshit.
But he did bail on you, so
Yeah, and that's why
I don't believe him.
So you're chasing him to impress a boss
who doesn't respect you enough
to even call you back.
Yeah, 'cause he wants me to fail.
Which I've told you makes no sense.
Unless he thinks I'm out for his job?
- Which you are.
- Yeah, 'cause I deserve it.
For once, Mel,
can we please not have
the same exact conversation
on a Saturday night
which seems not insignificant?
So what did we decide about the paella?
I think we decided that you can't say,
"I might make paella,"
and then get mad at me
for saying I have to work.
Especially when my job is on the line.
You're acting like I have a choice here
and I actually don't.
That is not true, Mel.
And you don't have to work.
- You're choosing
- You know what, honestly,
maybe you're right.
Maybe it is significant.
Why don't you just
make whatever you want for yourself.
I don't know.
When I'm done, I'll just come back
and grab my shit and
take it to my place.
Yeah, you know, I've just been like,
rethinking my priorities recently and
you know
Wait, so this is what
we're talking about now?
Yeah. This is what we're talking about.
Mel, my God. You need help.
Yes, hi. Um, this is a mess a message
for Mr. Widmer's office.
This is Derek Browne with an "E."
I was a client and uh
not sure how much I can leave on here.
Uh, he should remember.
It was It's about
There was a family matter
a number of years ago and um
Yeah, I'm sure he'll remember.
I assume, anyhow.
I know it's a weekend.
I'm at the same number.
If he could just give me a call.
Hey, look. Joey sent this. Look.
"What's cooking?
You are. In hell, Chef Jeff."
I got some bags.
They should be big enough.
Come on. Load him up.
Whoa, scunt. Man, what are we doing?
We don't even know where we going.
Yeah, I know that,
but let's just do it now
so we're ready, all right?
Humor me. Get him in the bag,
get him in the box.
Stop asking me questions.
If you so in charge,
how come you don't know
where we actually going?
I mean, seriously,
all y'all acting like amateurs.
If Garmen ever saw
how you giving me attitude,
questioning me, he'd think
I don't know how to run shit.
I know how to run shit.
That's why my auntie
put me in charge and not Garmen.
We're going one of three places.
I came up with the plans.
They gonna pick one.
Is one of the three places the park?
I already told you,
the park is a stupid idea.
You see, this is what I mean.
- None of you guys listen when I talk.
- This is a fucking shitshow.
- Victor, silencer.
- When it's all said and done,
I'll be giving her a full report.
Aked, open up.
- Garmen, Paul, other guy.
- This is Victor.
- Is everything all right?
- U.S. Postal Inspection Service.
We find this under one of your beds
from an Inspector Harmony.
You know she? You? No?
Whose bed was it under?
Aked, you put the crew together, yes?
- Yes, sir.
- Handpicked I'm told.
Garmen, is there a problem?
- Well, Mr. Handpick
- potentially.
What the fuck? What the fuck?
What the fuck?
A few changes.
First off, he now goes with Victor.
Paul stays in the van with you.
Where's the kid?
Where the kid?
There's no wire. There's no wire.
That's what you thought it was?
It was a wire? That's what it was?
We find the business card near he bed.
Hey, tell the father Lower Manhattan.
Leave it at that.
No, that's not the plan.
I had three choices.
It was always the plan.
- What are you talking
- It was always the plan, Aked!
That's your plan? To come in here?
Us stepping in like this, right,
was only the backup plan.
All right, Washington Square Park now.
That's a crowded park
in downtown Manhattan.
Why would we do that?
That's what your auntie told Garmen.
No, my my auntie wouldn't come up
with a plan that stupid.
My auntie wouldn't come up
with a plan like that.
That's a little more
than 50 pounds in total.
Use your knees, not your back.
Good luck, Mr. Browne.
- Well, I guess you better, uh
- Yeah, I know.
- Yes, Len?
- Heading for the bridge.
Excellent. Yes, keep following.
- Thank you.
- You got it, ma'am.
- Joey. Joey. Uh
- Mr. McCusker. Ron Cuneo.
We met at the casino.
I apologize about
the business of the nature. I
Oh, oh, of course. Of course.
Of course. It's a lot of money.
Thank you for your understanding.
Yeah, I'm gonna talk to my son-in-law.
He handles the, uh
the business, uh, money-wise
and he'll make some arrangements.
He'll sell something, I
I don't know what he's gonna do.
Also, if I may, my wife,
she loved your show,
so if you don't mind,
I picked this up in the
At the casino gift shop. Uh, you know.
Cuneo! What the hell are you doing?
I'm sorry, Mr. Tavari. I'm sorry.
It's all right, Sy. It's what I do.
Don't know how you guys do it,
you famous guys.
- Where am I going?
- Lower Manhattan.
Where in Lower Manhattan?
- You gotta be more specific.
- I said Lower fucking Manhattan!
That's all I know. I'll call you back.
Wait, wait, wait. No! N
No fucking way.
- Sam.
- Yeah?
Do you think your Uncle Gene is
has something to do with this?
- Gene? Why?
- Yeah. I mean, my
My first thought was
Gene was somehow involved. I don't
Somehow. I don't know how,
but that's what my gut says.
Ge Your dad wrote letters.
He begged Aunt Cindy
just to give him some
A chance to explain to Gene
that it wasn't your dad
who got him kicked off the force.
Yeah, I I have no idea.
Wait, Derek's driving back toward us.
Is that weird?
Gene and Cindy blame him for everything.
- It's me. It's me.
- Hi.
All is well. All is well.
Your husband is off.
Everything's progressing.
- The guys wanted to come by.
- Hi, Seymour. Hi.
- Good to see you again, Sam.
- Hi.
Apologies for the circumstance.
Sy, please.
Do you have a charger? For like the car?
Yeah, yeah. Great.
- How much is it?
- It'll be 9.99.
Keep it.
Yeah, where am I going now? Hey! Hey!
Sorry, go ahead.
All right, there's a parking garage
on Houston between Broadway
and West Broadway,
- North side.
- Okay.
A parking garage on Houston and what?
This cooperator
who you were not authorized to recruit
is clearly playing you.
First he tells you
there's something happening in the park,
- which you believed.
- I did.
So why don't you believe him
when he says nothing has happened?
Why can't the fact that I just
don't believe him this time be enough?
Because they whack people
in back alleys not in public parks.
And you're not on this case.
Officially or otherwise.
And I'm with my daughter
who I only get a few days a month.
Oh. Oh. Oh, so now we're actually
getting to the point
which is that it's inconvenient for you.
And we can't risk you getting made
and you don't have backup.
Well, then just get me a backup.
Which I can't do on
an unsanctioned stakeout, so
No, I need to find out why
this guy is just randomly pulling out
- Take direction from me.
- Manny! Manny, wait.
- Go home. Get with your life.
- Manny! Manny! Manny!
Hang on, Mae-Lee. I gotta go.
Goddamn it.
You're not you're not
Hear me now. Hear me.
- Hear me. Ma'am, ma'am
- You handled everything
- in the van. Now everything is good.
- Please, let me speak.
I think we're gonna need more time
if we're gonna do this correctly.
The principal, Clarence,
has been insistent about the timing,
but I'll think about it.
Ma'am, you're not listening.
- Thank you, Garmen.
- Ma'am, listen. Listen to me now
Why aren't you at the garage yet?
I told you where it is.
I'm just about to pull in.
Are you actually trying
to get your kid killed?
Because that's what's gonna happen
if we don't have that money
by 1:11 a.m. sharp.
You know that, right?
Your kid will die
and it will be your fault
and your fault only.
What the fuck?
Hey, yo, you listening to me?
Jesus fucking
Are you talking to me right now?
Because I'm not playing here. Hello!
I'm at one percent.
You got to tell me where to go.
Like, exactly.
Apparently Washington Square Park.
Just get your ass there
before your phone dies.
The keys are inside. I'm sorry. They
told me this is where I should park.
Yo, you're throwing
this whole thing off right now.
You should have been at
the garage ten minutes ago.
Listen, you gotta chill the fuck out.
I'm literally doing everything you say.
Except be where
you're supposed to be on time.
Where are you now?
I'm three blocks away.
Where do I go when I get there?
Okay, I'm gonna walk you
through it when you're inside
because you gotta
go to a specific cir
Hello? Go to the what?
- What?
- I think his phone just died.
It's either that or he don't give a fuck
about his kid.
Mel, do not call me
and try to say what happened
didn't happen.
Which is, you walked out on me
and this relationship.
This is me telling you we are over.
I'm ending the cycle
of break up and make up.
So just find what you're looking for
in the park,
and I hope you do,
I won't be there to hear about it.
I'm blocking you. You are blocked.
Ms. Mahabir, what have you decided?
Mm-hmm. I've decided to have
the principal call the van directly
and you're to take
the rest of the evening off.
Okay. No, listen, you can't be ser
Fucking raas mother
Hello, this is Paul.
Hello, Paul. This is Clarence.
- Can you hear me?
- Yes, sir. I can hear you.
I understand you have some questions.
We need more time. We need more time.
Sir, my my men were wondering if, uh,
we could get some more time.
The money's almost here.
It must be completed
by 1:11 a.m. for the plan to work.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
Uh, if I may ask, why is that?
It is because that is
the time it must be.
Hey, Louis, what are you doing?
It's Jared phone for when
he returned to he family.
Close the door.
We don't care about the phone.
- What are you doing?
- Move, man. Move, move.
Do you know what we supposed to do?
1:11, I make shot in box.
But first, we do a loop around the park
and meet over there
by that white circle.
Okay? Go. Go, go, go, go, go.
And you, you stay with me.
Okay? Always looking.
Hey, uh, rum raisin,
in a cone. Thank you.
Xavier, either you think
something is happening tonight
or you don't.
But my life is falling apart
and I will take yours down with me.
So get back in touch,
and keep your promises
otherwise I'll drop mine
and then we'll see where you stand.
I'm serious. Goodbye.
- Oh, my God. Sorry.
- No problem.
What, Manny?
I'm telling you as a friend,
I I won't be able to sleep
until you've gone home.
Well, you're not my friend,
you're my boss.
Okay. Uh, then as your boss,
I'm ordering you home.
Do you guys have a portable
Does anyone anyone have a charger?
- Where were you raas?
- Shh.
- Where you been?
- Garmen killed Keesen.
- Why?
- Me not know. Go, man, go.
Clarence. Clarence. Here.
- Clarence.
- Please, please. Thank you.
- Come on. Come on. Come on.
- Some guy in the park.
- He just He's just manic.
- All right.
I'll bring this back.
I'm sorry. I promise. I'm sorry.
Uh, excuse me.
Postal Inspection Service.
I'm a Postal Inspector.
At least for now. Thank you.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- What?
I told you to go on a fast loop.
- I do what you tell me though.
- Get inside. Get inside.
Oh, Louis, where you been, man?
Nowhere. Nowhere.
- Victor.
- Nobody move.
Victor, what's happening, man?
- Make it make sense, Victor.
- Three, chetyre, pyat
Come on.
It's 1:11, I'm here!
What happened? Are you kidding me?
What's what's going on?
His fucking phone died.
What? Is he okay? Is Derek okay?
It's done.
Okay, we go now.
I just text you an address
for where to dump the bodies.
Xavier will call you
when you're on your way back.
All right.
Yeah, Xavier will.
let me know if you need help
with anything else.
Aked, enough.
You know, I didn't
angle for none of this.
Oh so what,
you think you better than me now?
Hey, hey, hey, all right. Guys, come on.
What happened?
Someone said maybe a heart attack.
Excuse me.
- You have her charger?
- My charger.
Oh, God! Hey, hey.
I can't tell if I'm sitting or standing.
Oh, baby. You're sitting.
You're sitting, baby.
I got a charger. I plugged it in.
I plugged it in.
Hey, babe, just give me one second.
We're gonna figure it all out.
We're gonna figure everything out, okay?
Excuse me.
Not bad, right?
Get away from it all. Sorry, no Wi-Fi.
Play a game or something? Cards?
- Maybe tomorrow.
- Come here.
Principal here?
Whatever the fuck that mean.
- Apparently not.
- Did you talk to him?
He sounded Guyanese.
Maybe even Portuguese Guyanese.
Tell me something.
W what do you think of Xavier?
I don't know. What do you think?
Thank you.
First of all, Ms. Mahabir,
sorry for questioning you.
Things got a little crazy earlier on.
I met you all these years ago.
It was Ms. M or Savitri, even Savvy.
But tonight it's Ms. Mahabir.
It's Savvy.
- It's all good, my friend.
- All right.
Hey, um, Savvy, you got a second?
There is a circle.
If the circle is broken,
then there's an opening for misfortune.
But we have met all conditions.
Therefore, the circle
is full at long last.
Therefore, we good.
And the curse my husband,
may he rest with the spirits,
caused my family all those years ago
is now lifted.
What if the death of poor Quincy
was actually a gift?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Edward Chung basically
assassinated Quincy, Savvy.
Just a what if, Garmen. Think about it.
Had my brother-in-law
not have been killed,
I would not have suspected the curse.
And now, everything back in GT,
our business has been settled,
and our business here
can resume as usual.
Don't worry. Be happy.
Mr. Willoughby.
- Come.
- Oh, wonderful to see you.
- Is it okay?
- Absolutely.
All right. Come this side.
I think we're okay
with the information we have for now.
Given the nature of all this
and your father's, I guess profile,
they may be bringing in
a sister agency or two.
So somebody will contact you
as early as tomorrow.
If I may
you can't blame yourself
for the actions of a maniac.
Do you have any idea who the, um
- The victim?
- Sorry.
Yeah, this is where my mind is.
Yeah. Of course. Um, yeah.
I'm sure in the next day or two,
we'll get a call
from a terrified mom or dad.
That'll be a tough one.
maybe a little rest
go hug your kid.
I'm sorry?
I said go hug your kid.
Twenty-eight thousand,
four hundred and twenty-five
He had Brenda research
how many people went through
the service kitchen and shelter program.
How you doing? Okay?
I've always said,
you put good things out there,
good things come back around.
And from that standpoint,
this whole thing makes no sense.
Uh, Joey, hi. Uh, we're home.
Um, just seeing if he's up.
Uh, no worries. Just call
when you when you get this.
Or I guess we'll
we'll talk at our time.
Thank you.
I mean, what do I do?
What I do is walk the walk.
Case in point, this guy Clarence
flies to New York just to meet me.
You played chess with a fan.
It wasn't a fan, it was a friend.
- It was a new friend.
- Okay, Dad.
- Where are you going?
- Where do you think?
You think that boy's dead?
I don't know. I hope not.
It could have been Jared.
It should have been Jared.
You can't blame yourself.
You did what you could for a stranger.
I'm proud of you.
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