Full Circle (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Jared's Body

[XAVIER] Louis, where you go?
- Me will get Jared.
- Me come help you.
No, no, no. I got it.
I got it. [EXHALES]
You not gonna say
something about Keesen?
Yeah, I don't know why he had to die.
[AKED] Because he was a fucking snitch.
That's why.
Because maybe he could've
fucked this whole thing up.
Maybe he did fuck this whole thing up.
Didn't your Auntie Mahabir say
this kidnapping was supposed
to make everything all better?
What's your point, Xavier?
Well, you don't look like
you're doing any better.
I got it, Xav.
See, what I don't understand is
why my auntie insists on 1:11.
Hmm? Not one. Not midnight.
- 1:11.
- Why anything, Aked?
Ain't none of this make
sense if you ask me.
Shooting up pickney in a crowded park.
Hey! Sh.
[AKED] I know.
What I don't understand
is why we had three
and only two of them used?
[BROWARD] I would
encourage you to be quiet
until INC Fong is finished.
Do you know why we called you in?
If you're not firing me then no.
Washington Square Park. Last night.
AINC Broward told me you guys
made the decision to spend
- personal off department
- [SIGHS] No. Uh, listen, sir
It was completely my own discretion
This was a mutual choice. Two
of the three unmarks were out.
The third one was in the shop.
I told her to use her car
and we'd invoice for mileage.
Well, I wish you'd have stayed longer.
Just after 1:00 AM, 1:11 to be exact.
You left at midnight I'm told.
There was apparently a shooting.
The father of a kidnapped child
appears to have failed to make a ransom.
Yeah. NYPD is yet to release
details, but they're putting
together an interagency
task force with the FBI
and hopefully us.
Inspector Broward told them
you had a mutual cooperator
who might've had eyes on it.
Oh, I I'm sorry. Manny told who what?
I mentioned to NYPD that one
of our cooperators in the
insurance whack-a-bum stuff
might have been involved in
this kidnapping event.
Uh, wait, wait. Okay. Can
we-Can we just I'm-I'm sorry.
Can we first start with the
phrase "mutual cooperator"
because I think there's a little
bit of a misunderstanding
[SCOFFS] This might be a
serious break for us.
- Okay?
- Us as in mutual.
- Oh
- Inspector Harmony
- Inspector Broward.
- I mean, it's just like
Yes. There is a chance the
operatives last night in the
park are also the people we've
been trying to get an angle
on out in Richmond Hill.
So it looks like a botched
kidnapping. Possible gunshot
but no body and no
further ransom demands.
Parking enforcement official
heard a pop sound at
exactly 1:11 AM. Called it in.
The people she described as
suspicious could be
those of your cooperator.
Hmm. Hmm, 1:11 AM.
Why don't you two have a chat?
Let me know after you talk to your guy.
Thanks, Peter. Sorry.
Midnight? You tell him that
so it doesn't look like you
ordered me off within
minutes of the actual event?
[SCOFFS] Enjoy what may very
well be your last fucking days.
[SAM] I was thinking
about private security.
Uh, at least a temporary sys
[JEFF] No, I'm already paying Joey.
[SAM] What? Who's upstate with Jared.
Yeah, about that. How long do we
[SAM] Well, I-I told
Joey, maybe another night.
Once things settle and we can
be sure they won't come back
if they realize their mistake.
- Not if, but when.
- Right.
Which is why I was
thinking, maybe, you know
we install a system, maybe cameras.
You do have a doorman.
[EXHALES] I just think, in
case, you know, if-if for some
reason, it is more targeted.
I-I know we said no more work.
- Are you okay? Hon?
- Any news on the boy?
- I don't
- Targeted? By who?
[SAM SIGHS] Who? That's the question.
Yeah, well, that's what we
got to figure out. [EXHALES]
[JEFF] And why. Why us?
Why my casino account?
[EXHALES] Hey, um, Dr. Prestwich
said one every six hours.
Just have them. You
don't need to take them.
You okay? Is there
something else going on?
You mean more than all this?
Right. Yeah. Sorry.
Hey, Siri, search contacts for Charisse.
You'll need to unlock your iPhone first.
So, um
so people think I'm dead?
Which is why we need
to call your parents.
Let them know you're safe.
They got to be worried sick.
Jared, we need to call them.
Uh, yeah, actually I think
I'd like to wait on that.
I think you're in shock.
You've had a serious trauma
and we need to call them.
Yeah, I just
This might sound weird, but
I think it's gonna be a
whole big thing and
I just want to prepare myself a little.
Look, you got to understand
something about my parents.
They're really rich and they've
always acted like they
don't want me around.
And now they can see what it's
like to not have me around.
Trust me, this is good for them.
[AKED] Where the fuck
is Natalia anyway, huh?
I've been calling her.
fiancée won't answer
my calls. This is real
fucking convenient.
You know where she at?
Mr. Paul say get rest. We still
have morning meeting tomorrow.
I love how you the guy
getting the texts now.
Hey, I never asked for
any of this, you know.
Just leave me out of this, Xavier.
Hey, what you do, boy?
I got to take a walk.
Aked right. Your eyes going everywhere.
yeah? You should talk.
This is my nephew. Isn't
he as nice as I said?
Very handsome. Yes.
- Auntie.
- Hey, imagine I'm giving you a great
big hug right now my dear. [CHUCKLES]
- [EXHALES] Hey.
- Aked.
- Hmm?
- This is a weekend of
celebration and I was curious
if you knew anything about this?
My appointment was two hours
ago. It's not like her to miss.
It's a weekend of celebration.
I would hate to have to
replace her.
I will call her.
I know you will. Thank you.
Our pain is over now. Over forever.
Thanks in great part to you.
I'm happy to hear that.
- Come on! Be brave. Be brave. Be brave.
That's right. That's right. Come on!
That's it! That's it! Ameena! Ameena!
What you know about offside?
[LAUGHS] Hey, offside she said.
Everybody listen to Hannah.
Hey. Thank you for coming.
Go inside there. [EXHALES]
So listen, um, [CLEARS THROAT]
I wanted to give you my
personal apologies for the
way it ended last night in
Washington Square. All right?
It came from above me. Just
so you know. I'm not like her.
- Yes, sir.
- All right.
not kidding, Garmen.
If you go get the barbecue,
they're closing in 20 minutes.
Mm. [SWALLOWS] Hannah-Estelle, I know.
[GARMEN] Life is a series
of little loyalty tests.
Moment to moment you have to
make a choice who to follow
and who to trust.
- So far, two time, you did what I
asked you to do and you did it well.
So, why you're here.
I want to give you this.
Don't spend it all on your little
girlfriend, right? [CHUCKLES]
- Why you give me this?
- Because you earned it.
You're the only one who earned
it. Where your pal, Louis?
You heard from him?
He the informer, right?
about he sister, Natalia?
Still not sure who you're
loyal to, huh? Maybe me.
Maybe your friend and he sister.
I tell Savvy not to talk
she business in front
of the masseuse.
Me not like she, me not
trust she, but, Savvy
she don't listen.
Um, also she spoke to the INS
lawyer and they think they
can extend your visa.
[SCOFFS] What happened?
Are you done with the
American Dream already?
Just want to go back GT.
Oh, you think you can go
home after the mess you put
yourself in with Mahabir?
I don't know.
If-If-If you do, you-you
might need protection.
[SIGHS] I might need some too.
Wait, you wanna go home?
Can we have a conversation,
you and me? [DEEP BREATH]
About what?
The future.
[SHAKEELA] Mm, Xavier,
I don't know about this.
I just got a bonus. That's
all. I just want to share it.
I thought you said you work for a lady.
- I do.
- Do you sell drugs for her?
- Tell me.
No, I do not do that.
- Am I interrupting?
- Just looking at citizen app footage from
the park last night.
From the back quite likely my guy.
Good because I spoke with
Agent Roan Jessup, Midtown FBI.
We're in. And your
cooperator's the lynch pin.
Will he talk to the task force?
My guess is only through me.
Good. Keep it that way.
I don't want them doing
an end around on us.
I emailed you the police report.
Meantime, can you get downtown?
Well, well, aren't we all task
- force-y and diverse.
Inspector Melody Harmony,
USPIS. You must be FBI man,
Roan Jessup.
- Am I that obvious?
- Yes. And that makes you
Detective Brian Sanders,
NYPD. Uh, Pete Fong speaks
very highly of you.
All kidding aside, is that true?
I'm actually not kidding. Is that
- Should we?
- Oh, okay. Come on.
So, NYPD is looking at a
potential homicide of course
but what are you guys in this for?
Well, some of the players may
or may not overlap with an
old FBI cold case.
- So we're
- Grasping for straws.
- I was gonna say trying all angles, but, sure.
Oh, and did I get that report correct?
That they kidnapped the wrong kid?
And did they [WHISPERS] kill him?
The husband missed the drop off
by something like two minutes.
They didn't even collect the
315,000 dollars. [HARMONY CHUCKLES]
- The 314,159 dollars.
- Yeah, what's that about?
- Well, it's not about the money.
- Mm.
Well, it's not only about the money.
And you know, obviously,
we can't assign a patrol car
specifically to one block.
Of course. For sure. I was just
wondering if there was a way to
I don't know. A-Alert them as to
Actually, yeah. I-I get
Our turn for some questions?
Uh, yes. Um, please.
Um, well, the obvious one,
of course, uh, this boy
the one they may have mistaken
for yours. Any idea who he is?
We know his name is Nicky.
I have a question.
Is there a chance this is just a scam?
You know, where they try to get money.
Do they tend to go to these lengths?
Lengths meaning?
Well, they cut an ear. I
mean, a piece. It would appear.
I'm just wondering, you know,
if maybe it's not as bad
- Can we talk about the person who was
- Are you saying you don't know him?
- Hmm?
- You don't know the boy?
Well, we didn't see him.
We-We saw an ear only.
- And-And part of a cheek.
- [HARMONY] Yeah.
[HARMONY] So, did he have an
accent? The guy on the phone?
I don't know. What kind?
I don't know. Maybe, um, Guyanese.
Guyanese? [CHUCKLES]
Does that mean something to you or?
Not really. It's just a rather
specific place to-to pull out.
Um, are you sure you don't
want anything? Coffee? Or water?
[JESSUP] We're gonna want to
talk to your son when he
gets back in town, but let's
stay with the other boy.
[DEREK] Does anyone know who he is?
[JESSUP] Not unless
someone comes forward
or we find the body.
[DEREK] Do we even know if he was shot?
[JESSUP] All we have
is someone heard a shot.
So you and, uh, your wife get
home from a charity event
Uh, Sam, do you mind if I
check out your son's room?
My son's room?
Yeah, you know, just
like a routine thing.
Nice. Um, do you actually
mind if you came with me?
You know, kid's room. I just
don't want it to be weird.
[SANDERS] How did they get his phone?
[DEREK] He lost his
phone a few days ago.
You know, that painting
would be worth a lot more
if the head was on top of the body.
Actually, it wouldn't. [SCOFFS] [SIGHS]
You know I was joking
about the painting.
It's screwed in too. You
don't trust the cleaning lady?
You've a nice place. How
long did the remodel take?
Uh, a couple years. Been talking
about it for five or six, maybe.
Lived here for ten.
How did that affect your marriage?
I'm sorry?
Oh, statistically 12 % of
remodels end in divorce.
You know, once the project is done
there's nothing left to perfect.
And we're talking about this why?
What are you worried
about with your husband?
What's he keeping from you?
- I don't understand. [STAMMERS]
- Are you sure?
Am I sure that I don't understand? Yes.
Yeah, because I just can't
figure out if he's trying to
solve a problem or if he's
acting like he's trying to
solve a problem or if he's
acting like he's acting like
he's trying to solve a problem.
[SANDERS] When exactly
did your phone die?
As he was saying, "walk
to this" something.
I don't know. Might
have just been a hiss.
[SANDERS] Circle maybe?
There was a chalk circle
in the park. Could it have been that?
Another circle?
What do you mean?
The money amount.
Three, one, four, one, five, nine.
It's the circumference of a circle.
I remember that from high school.
Wow. A circle is often a
theme used in all sorts
of shamanistic practices.
In Guyana, it's called the obeah.
And sometimes they'll
create like a barrier to
keep things in or out.
Or create a ritualized space for
concentrated magic for instance.
But it isn't usually used
for such negative purposes.
But does that happen to you a
lot? Your phone dying on you?
- No. Never.
- Thanks again.
- Bye, Sam.
So how much do you
actually know about Guyana?
Um, my grandfather came
from Guyana. From Langdon.
He moved to South Florida,
married a Puerto Rican, and
I grew up in Jersey City. Uh
So, when they ask you a
question that you supposedly
know the answer to, it's because
you're a quarter Guyanese and
your research consists of?
- Calling my mother.
- That is rich.
Yeah, you what else is rich?
How much you think that remodel cost?
Well, I don't think
it was the apartment
that they needed to
take down to the studs.
They're all hiding shit.
I mean, the boy clearly snuck
out last night and who knows
how many times he's done
that. And then the dad
we asked him four times directly
whether or not he knew the
other kid and he only ever
responded with a question.
And then there's Sam.
What about her?
[SCOFFS] Guyana. She clearly
knows a lot more than
she's telling us.
Uh, yes. I'm trying to reach
Detective Manny Broward.
sorry, could you repeat
that name please?
Uh, M-Manfred Broward.
You can tell him, uh,
Samantha Browne is calling.
Uh, he-he may know my last
name as, uh, M-McCusker.
Uh, just a moment.
Um, hello, Detective Broward is
no longer with the department.
Can I connect you with anyone else?
- Oh, uh, n-no. Uh, thank you.
- Okay, then.
[WIDMER] Derek. Voice from the past.
Yeah, thanks for getting
back to me on a Sunday.
Well, the service said
there was an emergency.
Everything okay?
Uh, some clerical things.
Just need you to
walk me through where we left
off language-wise last time.
Last time being the
paternity settlement
from 16 years ago, you mean?
It sounds like you're in
a place you can't talk.
Maybe call when you can and
leave a few more details.
That work for you?
That's what I'm thinking.
Meantime, I'll have my
secretary pull up the old files.
Meet in my office tomorrow?
I'll shoot you some times.
That'd be great.
- Manny!
- Yeah?
When you were at the
NYPD did you know
Detective Gene McCusker?
Yeah, we crossed paths occasionally.
[SCOFFS] We shared some cases. Why?
Is he related to Jeffrey McCusker?
Yeah, they're brothers. Why?
Serious question, why are
you asking "why" so much?
Manny. Manny!
- Oh, my God, Louis.
- Nat. Nat, don't touch me.
- I was so scared.
- My skin dirty.
Anybody calling you?
[SNIFFLES] Um, Aked be calling
like crazy. Also Mrs. Mahabir.
But I didn't pick up
any of them. [CRIES]
Hi, Jared.
I sorry we kidnap you.
And I sorry Aked did that to your ear.
He was wrong to do that.
Um, hey, Jared, I need
to talk to my brother.
No, I mean, I need to talk to him alone.
Something ain't right with that boy.
He don't wanna call his
parents and say he okay.
He say they hate him and
he don't want to go home.
But they was gonna pay the money.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hundreds of thousands for he.
That's why I'm saying
something ain't right.
I say we take him back to
the city and drop him off.
What you think?
He just give us more trouble.
We plan for save he
life and he life saved.
Let we just end it now.
And then what? How we gonna get home?
They give way passport. They
never gonna give them back.
We need money for buy we way home.
And you're saying what? He the money?
I saying he parents try
for pay way before
so maybe they gonna
try for pay way again.
So the kid we was trying to
save from being kidnapped
we now kidnapping?
[NATALIA] You stupid ass you.
[LOUIS] I don't know, man.
Did you come up with a plan
for when after we save him?
[NATALIA] Did you?
[LOUIS] Yes, the plan
I'm telling you right now!
shit. Yeah. They rolling?
I think they playing
Oh, fuck it.
I don't know who these
people are, but
They rehearsing again.
They doing something.
- I know what you want me to do.
- Come on, man.
- I'm not gonna do it.
- Make a move, man.
- Hold on, hold on.
- Taking all day, man.
Hey, you guys. You-You
know Clarence, right?
That new old guy?
Yeah, have you seen him?
We're supposed to play.
[SIGHS] Yeah. Uh
Yeah, I-I heard he was at the hospital.
Sanders, Agent Jessup
Inspector Harmony.
Ms. Henrikson called to say her
son, Nicky, might be missing.
I told her to come in and talk to you.
I pressed Ms. Henrikson
about who the father is.
She didn't wanna tell
me, but it's highly
It's Derek Browne. [CHUCKLES]
Oh, my bad. I stepped on your punchline.
- All right.
- It's obvious.
Come on. Why else are we all here?
And you can't talk about it?
Are you in some type of
financial arrangement that
requires your silence?
Is this something that you know?
Something that I'm winging
but now that I said it, now
that you're looking at me
like that, am I wrong?
It's okay. You can talk about it here.
So, um
my son Nicholas emancipated
himself just after he turned 16.
You mean he ran away.
- That.
- [HARMONY] Hmm.
How long ago was that?
[HARMONY] Well, it couldn't
have been that long ago.
- Couple of months.
- We had an arrangement.
- I wouldn't turn him in.
- [JESSUP] Why?
I didn't want him to go into the system.
Because you were once in the system.
Uh, a long time ago, but, yes.
You were away from each other
for months, and suddenly he's
missing 24 hours and
you call the police. Why?
On Saturday I wired him money
But it's still at the money
wiring place so you're scared.
Look, I don't-I don't have the
mom gene. I never did. I tried.
Yeah, that's-that's fine.
And you figured out an
arrangement that works.
I mean there's no judgement. Seriously.
Nicky gets these ideas and then
he builds on them. He can be
I don't think he knows right from wrong.
Your son has mental health
issues is what you're saying.
I think so.
Do you know what kind?
[EXHALES] It's a type
of dissociative disorder.
Nicky once told me that he
was gonna take care of me
the way that his father never could.
He can be somewhat
obsessed with his father
but the thing is that he's
never actually met his father.
[EXHALES] Does his father
have something to do with
why Nicky is missing?
[EXHALES] Ms. Henrikson
we don't know
but we want to and when we do
I promise you that we will tell you.
In the meantime, you
can shoot me your number.
And if you don't mind,
your first name is ?
It's Charisse.
Thank you.
[NATALIA] So, listen.
I think about it, and we
actually do have an option.
But it's risky.
I have a friend, Eloise, but she
does work now for Edward Chung.
He does bring people in and out
the country like Ms. Mahabir.
You wanna go to Edward Chung?
Eloise is my friend.
From back in the day.
She works for Edward Chung.
We have things we can offer
him, Louis. I know things.
Things I hear in Ms. Mahabir's house.
I can tell you things he
not gonna hear anywhere else.
And she my friend.
At least I could try and call she.
Okay. Okay, we'll wait.
Um, also, it's possible
there would be a third person.
Louis' friend, Xavier.
He came here with him
But we won't know for sure
until after we talk to him.
So maybe three of us,
but definitely two.
Eloise, thank you so much.
Thank you.
What? What she say?
gonna call we tomorrow.
She say Mr. Chung don't
trust a lot of people.
Especially those that
work for Ms. Mahabir.
Fucking dick! It's the middle
of the night. What the fuck?
You changed the locks?
Because you got three moves,
Mel, and I know them all.
Well, this is the one where
I come in and we make up.
If I want to do this again in
two months, and again in four.
Let me guess, you turned
your informant and now you
think you can do it to anyone.
I'm sorry, so you're the detective now?
No. You're just that obvious.
- I fucking saved you.
- Don't.
You were miserable with Victoria.
I was a witness, Mel. Your witness.
And it still embarrasses me
we met like that, so don't!
- Please.
- [SIGHS] Oh my God.
- I'm gonna close this door.
- What?
And if you cross it
again, even with words
- Carol, what?
- Let me finish, bitch.
I will go ham. [HARMONY LAUGHS]
And I know this isn't the
me you think you know
but it has to be now.
I can't do this anymore.
I'm done. I'm sorry.
What Carol! [CAROL SIGHS]
Carol, come on! I said I was
sorry! You said you were sorry.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Well, for the record, I broke
up with you first. Jesus.
How about Scotty Frank?
He has vault access.
Could probably get personnel codes.
Nah, nah, nah. Frank's
too dumb and too scared.
First place I went What's
his face? Uh, Abrimonte.
[SIEGEL] Too smart.
Then who would have access
to McCusker's accounts?
Are you fucking kidding
me? That dumb shit.
So, yeah, so some lady named
something or other Mahabir
um, she or somebody, I don't know
I guess, read something
in People Magazine
that Chef Jeff comes into
the casino a lot and, uh
her guy, Garmen Harry, uh, called me
to find out what his credit limit was.
Same Garmen Harry who's
into us for, what
- Eighty-eight K.
- Huh. Let me guess
some of that ransom money
was gonna be used to pay
down his debt, huh?
It was his idea.
I just figured I could
help you guys get some of
your money back.
Oh, so you were doing us a
favor when some lady was so
desperate she was willing to
pay you 50 K for whatever
fucking numbers you were gonna give her.
Which is privileged information.
Which pollutes my goddamn
reputation, Ron.
I-I'm sorry.
- Sy, I'm truly sorry.
- Whatever.
We'll let the FBI work it out with you.
There's a task force. FBI, NYPD,
and I believe Postal Inspectors.
This kidnapping is some kind
of bonanza for all of them.
What? Why?
You'll have to let me
know. Good luck, Ron.
Hey, Brenda, what's up? Oh my
God! We had that press thing.
Um, is my dad there? Okay,
have him start without me then.
Hey. I'm so sorry. I just need
one minute. Okay? [EXHALES]
Dad! What are you doing?
Why are you not in there?
What's the charity?
I mean on the new book?
The proceeds, they're going to
what charity? They're all gonna ask.
They're all gonna ask.
Ours. Service Kitchen.
And-And three others.
The José Andrés one, and-and
two more. The one's we chose
two months ago.
Those are just names, Sam.
They're names of things.
You need to tell me what I need
to remember. You know? Also
What? That-That's why you
didn't start the meeting?
Maybe you could deign to look
one or two up once in a while.
Just tell me to and I will. All right?
Oh, also the, uh, the USA Today guy.
You know the one that
did the five questions
about whatever the fuck that
was. Uh, is it Nick or Rick?
It's Richard something. [EXHALES]
Are you sure?
Uh, hi. I am so sorry. We
had a-a family emergency.
E-Everyone's good.
Basically. Yeah, um
let's just say there are very
few times we relish talking
to a gaggle of reporters.
[REPORTER] So, how did you go
from a small, self-produced
tomatillo sauce and a
handful of specialty stores
to a national brand?
Very expensively.
Uh, well, we-we got lucky
on a-a couple of investments.
And, uh, he said, you
know, the heck with it
let's go all in on my dream.
- Well, that went really
- What the hell, Dad?
Next time just start the damn meeting.
Oh, come on, Sam. You know that I,
I don't like talking about myself.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, you-you don't
like when you have to tone
the words down because you sound
like a douche when you say
what you want people to print.
Oh, we were doing the tag
team. For the good of the brand.
No, do the "what me worry" on them.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Just
I think I'm a little scared.
Yeah. I am too.
[BROWARD] A slice of Hawaiian
pizza if you guess who this is.
Well, someone who knows I
used to like Hawaiian pizza
which I haven't since law school, so
Manny Broward.
Oh, my God. Detective Broward.
Well, it's-it's Inspector Broward now.
I'm no longer a cop. I'm USPIS.
Wow, this is so weird.
I was just talking to
a Postal Inspector.
I know. And I was told
you called my old job
looking for me. I bet I know why.
I thought the same thing you did.
Yeah, the, uh, kidnapping
ends at a park two blocks
from your home. [SLIGHT CHUCKLE]
The target is Jeffrey
McCusker's grandson.
Jeffrey, whose brother Gene was
- I know. I know.
- discharged years ago
because of you know.
[SIGHS] Have you even
spoken to him since?
Gene McCusker wouldn't
talk to me if I was
bringing him 20 more years of being 20.
Anyway, it's kind of a life's
too short sort of thing.
The irony
Saturday night
I literally had someone at the park,
who left right before it went down.
It was just I'm
sorry. Personal issues.
Leave it at that.
- Was this Melanie Harmony?
- Melody.
[CHUCKLES] Her name is Melody Harmony?
[CHUCKLES] Might explain
a few things, right? Yeah.
Yeah. Well, she was,
she was a loose cannon.
Yeah, keep your wits about
you. She has a history of
personal encroachment.
So, you called because the
kidnapping has you thinking
about the Guyana deal.
- I wanna do the right thing.
- Mm-hmm.
Sam, what happened over 20 years ago
with your uncle is between you and me.
And not relevant.
I protect my witnesses.
My informants, my sources.
I would think the past
20 years has proven that.
No, I get that. I'm sorry. I
- It still keeps me up sometimes.
- Oh, come on.
I mean, I knew Gene
should have known better.
- I don't think this
- No, and we were a one-off.
I mean, we were in and we were out.
You got to stop feeling
sorry for Gene McCusker.
He got a cushy retirement.
Is it Um
- His injury. His foot.
- Yeah.
Is it true that that
was self-inflicted?
[EXHALES] He never went to
jail. He wasn't even charged.
He was protected by his own.
It is impressive whatever
you guys have done with
this Chef Jeff thing.
You did the right thing.
Back then.
You did what you had
to. And everyone's fine.
[DEREK] Thanks for seeing
me at such short notice.
Did you get a chance to
I did look over the file. Yes.
As for your initial question
while Ms. Henrikson
technically is not allowed to
seek you out, it's trickier
with her son, Nicholas.
As he was a minor, a
newborn at the time. So
The other question.
- The reason I skipped the gym.
- Right.
What if the mother was
angry? Which I would be.
And wanted to try and
prove, I don't know
that maybe-maybe on the
night, on Saturday
I didn't, I don't know, try hard enough.
You mean, could Ms. Henrikson
assert somehow her child
- was killed because
- I don't even mean consciously.
Okay, on some level, you acted
Or failed to act. I don't know.
Because why? Because
unconsciously you thought it
would have damaged your
own life, let's say.
Is that-Is that what you're asking?
I'm not saying that happened.
I don't know what happened.
I don't know how it happened.
But people, you know,
- they talk about
- Okay.
how people do things
they're unaware of consciously.
Derek, I'm gonna speak
hypothetically for a moment.
If in the past a murder
occurred Let me finish.
And you feel you may have been,
again in the past, a party
Please, let me finish, Derek.
I'm just saying, if on a
level I was even unaware of.
Derek, are you asking me
if she might have a legal
case against you?
Or are you asking whether you
have not legal, but maybe
personal cause to feel responsible
for this child's death?
It's stupid, right?
it's a question more for
a psychologist than an attorney.
- Yeah.
[CHARISSE] So, for three days,
16 years ago, you came into
the club and you said
your name was Dave.
Don't "Dave" me now, Derek.
Yesterday, I was with the
police and today you're here
so what is going on?
Why are you suddenly in my life again?
Why-Why were you at the
police? Was it because he didn't
come home?
Derek, you have to fucking tell
me what the fuck is going on.
[GENE] My balance.
[CINDY] No, you do great. You're okay.
- I don't get on ladders anymore.
- Well, thank God for
Uncle Gene. Aunt Cindy.
I was hoping maybe we
could all chat. [EXHALES]
I-I don't understand. You
think my presence will help him?
Maybe. I mean, he's pretty rattled.
My brother's rattled?
Well, I'm sure you can appreciate us
Sam, Sam, listen you're a pretty girl
you've always been smart,
you're certainly too smart to
do whatever the hell it
is you do for my brother
but don't patronize me with bullshit.
You think just because he fucked me
- No, he vehemently denies it.
- No, you know he fucked me.
He knows he fucked me. That
I had something to do with
whatever the fuck happened in the park?
- Seriously? Are you kidding me?
- All right. You know what? Gene.
Samantha, it was really good
to see you, but I think that
now you should
Cindy, this is a recon mission.
Isn't it, Sam? This is recon.
This is Let's see if old Uncle
Gene has a tell before you
open up the whole can of worms. Right?
I used to do this for a
living. "My dad is rattled."
Which one of them sent you?
Your mom or your dad?
You know, I'd hate to be your
son with you still having to
raise your goddamn parents.
Chef Jeff is a fraud.
My father works very hard.
Well, isn't that nice that
he has a chance to do that?
Maybe someday you'll ask him
why does he have to run all
over the place trying to
prove what a good man he is?
Ask him that.
Ask him who was there for him
in the beginning. You know?
Before the whole world
was kissing his ass.
And then ask him where all
of that damn money came from.
All right. Gene, that's enough. Stop.
What are you really trying to find, Sam?
Why the hell are you really here?
Yeah, you're right. I'm
sorry. I'm sorry I came.
I'm sorry, Aunt Cindy.
Hey, you want to know the the
biggest difference between
Jeffrey and me?
- I said nothing about him.
- Gene!
Now, I was good cop. I made
a mistake and I paid for it.
But I have said nothing
all of these years
and I still won't because I am not him.
I understand.
It's about time.
Where's Louis?
Well, ain't that the
question of the day?
We haven't seen him since you
dropped him off. Him or Natalia.
There's another informer.
And who that be?
Well, guess what? It's not Keesen.
Not just.
[XAVIER] What you doing, Aked?
Jared Browne with an e.
Fucking rich, white kid, Saturday
night, Washington Square
Park, famous grandfather,
bullet in the head.
Nothing. Not an article.
Not even a fucking New York Post.
Since when Jared got
long hair like this?
Aked, what you doing?
You want Jumbie catch we?
What the fuck is your problem?
- Don't touch no dead person direct.
- What's wrong with you?
Oh, you got to be fucking kidding me.
What if Louis ain't want
me to see Jared's body
there wasn't any Jared's body?
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