Full Circle (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Safe in the Circle

I don't understand.
They replaced your Jared
Browne with a dummy.
We closed the circle.
Did something go wrong?
Uh, I told you things went wrong.
I told you on the night
things were going wrong.
Xavier, go with Paul. Now.
You, find your pal
Louis and your fiancée.
It's you or them. Call me tonight.
- What, directly?
- With answers.
Hey, is my auntie mad at me?
Hey, Mr. Handpicked, no
ask question. Yeah? Answers.
Oh my God. Oh my God. Thank
you, Eloise. Thank you.
God bless you. Okay.
Jared, bathroom.
- She can meet with us.
- You gon' work?
She say Mr. Chung have
a way to get us home.
We need to check out this motel. Now.
They will wait for us. [KNOCKS ON DOOR]
- Jared, come.
- What's going on? Are you taking me home?
We're going somewhere
else. Come. [HEAVY BREATHS]
- [EXHALES] Auntie.
- Aked, love, we are
going to get everyone together again.
We are going to have another
party and redo the circle.
Mr. Willoughby's idea.
And I think it's a good
one. But you must come.
Now, first, I want to talk
to you about your fiancée.
Well, first of all, that's
my ex-fiancée. Okay?
Well, I asked you to find her.
Garmen asked you to find her.
She is the cause for
the tear in the circle.
Why we have to redo it.
I promise I'm gonna find her all right?
I'm looking for her everywhere.
Her-Her work, my place.
I-I'm gonna find her.
Well, don't just find her.
You find her and she brother
and you punish them like
Mr. Chung punished Quincy.
I will find her and I'll do that.
Good. And then you can come to
the circle where you'll be safe.
Safe in the circle.
I'll make sure of it.
Okay. Okay.
So we have each other’s
location so we can always follow.
I go find out how much money
he want, come back here
then we're going to bring
you back to your parents.
Natalia. Oh my God. Look at you.
Eloise, thank you. We
cannot thank you enough.
Of course, babe. Come this
way. He's waiting for you.
Natalia Williams. Please.
I understand you're
looking for sanctuary
or even transportation?
Uh, yes, sir. Uh, transportation
actually. How much that cost?
Actually. Eloise says you have
information about Mrs. Mahabir.
If this is true, that
is very valuable to me
but I'll need to make
a phone call first.
I'll get back to you
with your arrangements.
A moment, please.
Be right back.
Garmen Harry.
Edward Chung here.
Mr. Chung, how may I be of service?
I can deliver someone I believe
you're looking for, but
I would also ask that
you would please
pass a message along to Mrs. Mahabir.
Anything, sir.
What-What may I tell her?
That I have $62,500 for her
which is half of what I took
from the corpse of her
brother-in-law, Quincy.
The other half is mine.
Uh, I'm-I'm not sure I'm following.
Tell Mrs. Mahabir this
is an olive branch.
Quincy was stealing from both of us.
We are more aligned
then she might think.
You may pick up the
money when you pick up
your masseuse, who is in
my office as we speak.
Is the other one
there? The-The brother?
Louis Williams is he name.
The brother will be here soon.
I'll make sure she makes sure of it.
The bathroom's free now.
In case you have to go.
Now would be a good time to go.
I have spoken to my colleague.
There will be a boat later this evening.
Please ask your brother to join.
And you both may wait until it's ready.
In the meantime, enjoy some roti.
All a taste of home.
All on the house of course.
Thank you. Um, I am so grateful.
Um, do you have a bathroom I can use?
Just past the guard on the right.
Thank you.
- May I have my phone, please?
- No.
- Give me the keys.
- What?
Keys. Just shut up. It was a trap.
- What?
- Just shut up.
Jesus. [SCOFFS]
How did you get up here? [EXHALES]
Do you not have a life? [SCOFFS]
[EXHALES] Depends on your definition.
Uh, well, I don't have much
time. Um, how can I help you?
- Well, on the subject of life
why is someone messing
with y'alls personally?
We are asking the same questions.
Like what does your family
have to do with something
called The Colony at Essequibo?
Hint, the Essequibo
is a river in Guyana.
Hint two, according to
my resources at the internet
it's also the name of a high-end
condo complex that began
construction in 2002-ish.
That somehow got your Uncle
Gene "retired" from the NYPD.
Well, there you have it then.
You know what my
family had to do with it.
Is that why you acted that way
when I asked you about Guyana?
It's a small country and I-I
hadn't thought about it
since then. That's all.
You haven't thought about
it at all since then?
What? Uh, am I a suspect now?
I mean [EXHALES]
no, but I do find you suspect.
Our son was almost kidnapped,
he's upstate in a hunting
cabin because we're afraid for
our lives or his life and
yes, it's weird.
It's weird for me for the same
reasons it's weird for you
but I-I'm sorry I
have-I have a lot to do.
Have you ever heard
of Charisse Henrikson?
[EXHALES] Why do you ask?
Because if I have to
play hardball then I will.
Right, so, so this is some
kind of trade, you mean?
You could see it that way. I guess.
Because you think I'll be so
desperate I'll do some kind of
emotional crawling?
Does that actually work on people?
[EXHALES] The emotional ones, I guess.
Right. And which category
have you put me in?
I feel like nobody ever worries
about the person who has to
worry about everyone else.
That must be pretty hard.
Unless you can show
some legal compulsion
I need to ask you to leave.
- Right.
- Well
- So no, you leave now.
- All right. [EXHALES]
Nice security system by the
way. That got loaded in fast.
What is it with your family and secrets?
What do you mean?
I don't know. What do you mean?
What do any of you people mean?
I'm not talking about your lies, Derek.
I know all about them. Trust me.
I do think they're dawning on
her though if I'm being honest.
I'm talking about your wife's lies.
My wife?
What do you know about the
Colony at Essequibo? In Guyana?
Hey, Xav. It's me.
I'm sorry I haven't called.
W-Weren't sure if it was
safe and we didn't want
to get you in trouble.
But mostly I feel bad
because I lied to you.
We're okay.
We stuck somewhere and we
trying to figure out how to
get back to Guyana.
Maybe you was wanting to get home too?
[EXHALES] Maybe we can all
talk about it. [CLEARS THROAT]
If you ain't too mad at me, give a call.
Xavier didn't pick up.
I think we got to call Jared's
parents. Just get him back.
- Yeah, I don't think I want
- What is your problem?
- You are raas mad.
- You got that big house.
Rich ass parents. We in
this whole mess because we
trying to get you home.
I wish now we never did.
Louis right. We need
to call your parents.
Get them to pay whatever they
gonna pay and get rid of you.
At least that way we
can get out of New York.
Guys, I-I really don't want to
Since when are you in fucking
charge? Enough from you!
I'm calling them!
Mrs. Browne? We got
good news. We got Jared.
Wait. W-What? [EXHALES]
We got your son. But we gonna
need just a little bit
- of money because
- Uh, [STAMMERS] I-I will call you right back.
Well, I-I just said we
gonna bring you your son!
I will call you right back.
I will call you right back.
Joey, is he there? Is
Jared with you and safe?
Yeah, we're about to hit the FDR.
Turn around.
- I'm sorry?
- Please.
Go back to the cabin.
We'll call tomorrow.
Tell him we're fine and I love
him and I'm sorry. I have to go.
Who was that?
That was your mom. We have
to-We have to head back.
- Back to the cabin?
- Yeah.
I don't know, man. She didn't say.
I'm sorry.
- What's going on?
- Sam. Sam, what's going on?
- Hello?
Lady, I ain't playing. You gonna
pay for him? What we doing here?
Who are you?
Not get into that.
Okay, if-if I may, where are you from?
I don't understand. Why you
ain't want your son back?
Because you don't have
our son. Our son is fine.
You have the wrong person.
Wait. This raas.
Okay, be straight with me now.
Who are you?
So he's alive.
- What the fuck, Derek?
- What the fuck what?
Well, who is this boy?
How-How are you not trying
to connect these dots?
Unless Unless you've
already connected them.
I talked to Inspector
Harmony, Derek. She told me.
Yeah, I spoke to that woman, too.
She asked me about some place
called Essepico or quibo.
Wow. Okay.
- I'm just saying, you know
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- before you get all holy. Just
- No, no, no, no.
I see what's happening here.
No, you're parrying, Derek. [EXHALES]
Yeah, I guess I got my
answer anyhow. Jesus.
I have another son.
[CRIES] What's his name?
And hers?
Look, technically it happened
during that time we were broken up
- Say her fucking name, Derek.
- Charisse. [EXHALES]
[CRIES] Technically, that time
was a one-week period in
which we decided to postpone
the engagement not the
relationship, but I get
that's what you needed to tell yourself.
I wanted to tell you, Sam.
I wanted to tell you
- but I just didn't
- No, Derek. No. I'm not going to comfort you
because you've been lying
and it's been tough on you.
I just didn't want to lose you,
Sam. Please let me say this.
Would you have stayed?
No, you wouldn't have.
Look, I'm sorry I didn't say
anything, but I told myself I
would use that-that mistake to
make sure that going forward
for the rest of my life
Sam. Sam, please. I would earn
the right to be your partner.
Where are you going? I'm
trying to talk to you.
- My parents.
- Why?
To get some fucking parenting.
That's how desperate I am.
[NATALIA] I don't understand.
You thought, what, you were
gonna go meet Jared Browne
at the Chelsea Piers
show him his stuff that
you'd been stealing
and then what was gonna happen next?
He was just gon' invite you home?
Introduce you to he father?
That's my father.
[SUCKS CHEEK] He father,
you father, whatever.
You thought you were just gonna
suddenly live at they house?
With all of them? [CHUCKLES]
- Like one big happy family?
- I should be there.
That should be my house too.
But your mother wants to see
you, right? Your real mother.
Actually, uh, I ran away so
Now that makes sense why
you don't want to go nowhere.
Actually, though, I do
know where you guys
can get some money.
If I tell you about
it will you split it?
Depends on what it is.
Can I have the phone?
This is a drawing in their apartment.
It's in the dining room,
so anyone who comes in
sees it first thing.
It's worth over $250,000.
So here's the plan
we steal it, split the money
and then all three of us
can get out of New York.
- Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
- No!
No, we not stealing no
painting. That's stupid.
And there's no way in hell we
going on a road trip with you.
Nicky, we're taking
you back to your mother.
- No, please.
- No. This ain't right.
We ain't that much older than
you. We can't be doing this.
We taking you back.
Actually, wait a minute.
You ain't going nowhere.
I know how to get money.
If your father paid before
to keep your secret
how much you want to bet he do it again?
Yeah, they're close by.
All right. No, it'll be
you, Len, Victor, Aked
Xavier, and me. Yeah. Hey. Bye.
What you doing here? I need the
room. I need the whole house.
Where the rest of the cash?
- The emergency cash is in the bedroom.
- No playing, raas.
- I didn't touch it.
- The cash in the cash account.
I'm looking at the bank
statement now. We out of cash.
Ah. Ah. Yeah. I know.
I'm having a hard time
- I'm not done.
- Hey, hey, hey.
I'm not done. I'm having
a meeting about that.
It's one of the things we're tying up.
We're tying up everything.
I'm going to meet
Savitri tomorrow to get
what we're owed.
- Who is Ron Cuneo?
- I Why? Why? Why?
He from the casino. He called.
He want to be in the
meeting tomorrow to get
the money you owe.
Ms. Mahabir owes him. And
that's one of the things
I am tying up. All right?
- $88,000 to the casino?
- I have a plan.
Plus we got a double mortgage,
- we owe school fees, car loan.
- Hannah. Hannah. Hannah. [EXHALES]
The idea is we make money,
we go back to Guyana
and we spend it.
We don't go there to earn
money because that don't work.
I understand. I understand. All right?
Which is why I need the house now.
[BROWARD] I'm in a rush,
Mr. Cuneo and I'm a little
fucked family-wise so you'll
forgive the lack of niceties.
You're aware, uh, your folks
from the casino listened to
a message you received
while your phone was
in their possession.
I am.
Someone from Mrs. Mahabir's
organization called you?
Garmen Harry. Yes.
And he asked you to come in
to, uh, ostensibly get your
remaining money?
Ostensibly meaning what exactly?
We-We believe that something's
gone wrong over there and
this meeting could very well
be about the Mahabir group
trying to tie up like loose ends.
And we're told that you've
agreed to return Mr. Harry's
call and inform him you'll be going.
That's a yes.
Am I one of those loose ends?
I-If our suspicions are correct, yes.
So, I'm not gonna be getting paid?
Sweet Jesus. You think that the
criminals that you willingly
went into business with actually
want to pay you? W-What is it?
All these people are gathering
together to make sure that
Ron Cuneo is made whole?
Make sure he's taken care of?
Is that it?
W So, you know this for a fact?
We're up on their phones now. We
know there's a big gathering
we know you're one of
the invited attendees
but you'll be wired, Ron.
You'll have backup. A
surveillance van at a staging
area, two tactical vans right
behind you. And until we're
ready you'll be housed in a
secure location and you will
not have access to your phones.
All this meets with your understanding?
- Wait a minute.
- "No" is the answer to the
question you're about to
ask. You do not have a choice.
You already agreed.
- Uh, you'll fill Jessup in?
- Mm-hmm.
I've got to call Harmony anyhow.
Sorry for the rush, my
daughter's home from
volleyball practice which she hates.
And I got to go make her dinner,
which she hates more. Why?
So I can prove to my ex that
I'm capable of continuing
this cycle of torture.
Why does she have so much power?
Because every time I get into
a fight with a woman I lose.
Did he just say that?
[AMEENA] But I don't
understand why though.
Because every night you
want McDonald's, Ameena
and every night we say no.
And tonight we tell you you can
get McDonald's and you're upset.
You too, Sara. In, in.
Hey, Daddy got a quick work
thing. All right? I'm sorry.
Enjoy McDonald's. [KISSES]
We not gonna be long.
You love me? You love me?
- How long you need?
- Hour tops.
Seatbelts or no Happy Meals.
What did you do to Sam Browne?
She is perfectly capable
of taking care of herself
and I did nothing to her.
You did what you've done
before. Cross lines. She texted.
You scared her.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, so I'm
sorry I scared a suspect?
Oh, she's a suspect now?
I don't know. Maybe. I
mean, now that I say it.
I mean, I guess, I don't
know, you-you could be one too.
Mel, please don't make me a liar. Okay?
Are you fucking kidding me? You
covered for me once. A year ago.
I lied for you.
Oh my God. We've been through
this. We've been through this.
Mel, I could have turned in
that psych eval to Pete Fong
and-and I shoulda,
but I believed in you.
And worse, I believed you.
But you didn't change, Mel.
This-This-This going too far,
it's evidence you didn't change.
You [STAMMERS] I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. No, no, no.
You know what, what's your
history with Sam Browne?
Oh my God. What is your
obsession with Sam Browne?
I talked to her for 90
seconds and then you call me
later scolding me?
Why does she know you?
Why is she calling you?
And running with that,
what's Essequibo to you?
I-I get you on this Guyana case
and now somehow you've made
it about Sam Browne and me? Come on.
Oh my God.
Now I think it is something.
I was guessing before,
but now I think it is.
You don't know anything
because I've said nothing.
Oh, shit. Now I know it's something.
Okay, I have to go. I have to
actually go because I wish I
could continue this conversation
right now, but I'm gonna
call you back later. Bye.
- Hey.
- I can't sleep.
That's okay. I'm done.
Come on.
- [AKED] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No.
- What?
Huh? I don't think
Garmen want me to stay out here.
You don't think? Yeah,
you're right. You don't think.
You do what I say. And
what I say is stay here.
You understand me? [CLICKS TONGUE]
Look, you got one priority.
Take care of them and they
take care of you. All right?
Imma go in there and see
what's up. You stay here.
Here what going on. I got a
very interesting call from
Edward Chung.
Edward Chung called you?
Yeah, he want to reassess
our working relationship.
He had your, uh, fiancée, Natalia.
- Ex-fiancée.
- All right.
Uh, your roommate then, in the
bakery and he was willing to
deliver she and she brother to me.
However, she apparently run away
so what I want to hear about
tonight is how we can find them.
Wow, you left that unlocked.
All right, so you and I
can do this silently just
between me and you.
Or I can make a stink
but it'd be quite a loud
stink because honestly
I'm quite angry.
Are you wondering whether
or not it's worth the risk
to call attention?
Yeah, I mean, you could give it
a try. You know, residential
neighborhood, law enforcement
officer, see what happens.
Let's go.
You know, as much as I hate to admit it.
Manny Broward is right.
My informant hasn't at
all been informative.
Yeah, but it ain't cool
that you been following me.
[LAUGHS] Really? Wow.
Sorry that my sworn duty
has gotten in the way of
your botched felony.
So you all understand this
isn't a resource problem.
We can pay any and who. This
is a time problem. Right?
Where the ass is Xavier? Huh?
He needs to be hearing this.
What the fuck? Really?
Oh, it's your boy Aked.
Tell him you're with your girl
which is kind of true. Keep it quick.
Hey, Aked. Me can't talk right
now. Me just with me girl.
All right. Bye.
Thank you.
What the fuck?
He's not there. I think he
flaked with his girlfriend.
Find the girl and you go find
him. That's you too, right.
Track down Louis and Natalia,
don't bring them to me
just resolve the situation.
[CHUNG] Hello, Aked.
Who is this?
Edward Chung. I believe
you know who I am.
My ex-girlfriend paid you a visit.
Is that why you have
her phone right now?
It is. I assume you'd like it back.
I also have some money for your
Aunt Savitri I was going to
give to Garmen Harry when
he picked up your aunt's
masseuse, but she ran away.
You got money for my auntie?
I am extending an olive branch to her.
May I have it brought to
you with the girl's phone?
You tell me a time and a
place, my men will bring it.
Yeah, you can do that,
but I'm gonna give you
very explicit instructions, you hear me?
No, no, no. Witness
protection's a long ass process.
This is victim witness security
but you're only secure if you stay here.
Meaning you do not call
anyone and you do not leave.
Shall I repeat that?
So will I have someone watching me?
But you got this guy.
And I have an app
that's connected to it
so I'll know if you're
trying to mess with it.
Come on. Sit down.
[EXHALES] So what's with the circle?
In the park. Saturday night.
Where everything went down.
Something about 20 years ago
money from here going down to
where I'm from and people
getting kicked off land.
All I know is Aked said
one of them put the curse
on Ranwell Mahabir.
Someone from way back then
put a curse on Ranwell Mahabir?
- Savitri Mahabir's husband?
- Mm-hmm.
Didn't he die like 15 years ago?
[EXHALES] Put the curse on
the whole Mahabir family.
And now she trying to take it off.
Hey, Mom.
Sam? What are you doing here?
Do I need a reason?
You're not working with
Dad this late, are you?
Well, actually I was wondering
if you were doing anything.
No, just cleaning.
You know, something, anything
really just to keep
the mind occupied.
[JEFF] Kris?
Uh, no, it's actually me, Dad.
Oh! Oh! [CHUCKLES] I-I was just
thinking about you. [CHUCKLES]
Hey, um, hey, do you think
that we might be able to get
one of those mechanical pens?
You know, it's like
you just sign once
and then the machine,
it does the rest for you.
Um, yeah, that's a-that's
a Brenda thing. Uh, sure.
Yeah, I'll get into that tomorrow.
- Oh.
- You good?
- Yeah.
Well, good.
[WIDMER] You wanted to know
if something is a crime.
[DEREK] Okay, let's
start with the obvious.
You only make a series of
deposits and withdrawals
under 10 k if
You're trying to avoid flagging the IRS.
Thanks for making the time, by the way.
In January of 2002
my father-in-law made seven
withdrawals just under 10 grand.
And then like 9 months later
over a period of about
two and a half months
he made 35 deposits. All
roughly the same amount.
All of these are on
the bank statements
but they're not in the books.
Literally the only thing
in an entire decade
that's unreconciled.
But there's a place in Guyana
called Essequibo. It's a river.
Why do I bring it up? Just
after the last deposit
Jeff's brother Gene was
arrested, but not brought
to trial on charges
of aiding and abetting.
According to Google it
involves something called
The Colony at Essequibo.
It's a fancy luxury condo
development down in Guyana.
Oh, Gene was a cop. I guess
he saw it happening and
looked the other way maybe?
And then maybe even
- Am I crazy? Is this crazy?
- Finish your sentence.
Did Gene get involved? Did he
get my father-in-law involved?
I mean, Jeffery was shit
with money. Absolute shit.
And then suddenly he's no longer
some morose corporate
tool in a midlife crisis.
Suddenly he's Chef Jeff.
If I recall your wife's
an attorney. Is she not?
She is. Yes.
Why aren't you asking her this question?
Family Law is just a
cozy euphemism, Derek.
What I'm really in is the
marriage-ending business
and I think I know
why you're doing this.
- Doing?
- Gathering evidence against your wife.
Usually, it's a deflection tactic.
The best defense is a
good offense sort of thing.
My wife basically said the same thing.
Well, then here's one
you got to ask yourself.
Do you want to be right, or
do you want to be married?
- [KRISTIN] Jeff.
- What?
- She said it's in Guyana.
- Yeah.
- Guyana, South America.
- Yeah.
I told you. I-I knew this.
I knew that this had something
to do with Jeff's brother
- Gene.
- What are you talking about?
- When Gene lost his job.
- Yeah.
There was something to do with
Guyana. Don't you remember?
Oh. Um, hmm.
- [HARMONY] Is he in the area?
- [KRISTIN] Yeah, he's
[JEFF] I wasn't really
involved in that. What?
- [KRISTIN] He lives in Queens.
- [JEFF] Yeah.
[HARMONY] Do you mind sharing
his contact info with me?
[JEFF] Uh, look, I'll give it to
you if you promise you won't
let him know that I gave it to you.
Oh, well, I'll do my best.
But here, I can just take a
- picture of it.
- [JEFF] Here it is. Here.
[KRISTIN] All right. Well, if you
need anything else give us a call.
- [HARMONY] Absolutely.
- [JEFF] Yeah, we're always here to help.
- And, uh
- No.
- [KRISTIN] You don't even know
- what I was gonna say.
- [JEFF] No, I'm not going to Gene.
[KRISTIN] Somebody has to.
All he did was yell at Sam.
- [JEFF] [STAMMERS] I will. I will. Just look.
- Jeff, come on.
Let's let the postal lady do
her thing and I will. Promise.
[HARMONY] Surprise.
- What do you want, Mel?
- To confess.
I assume you saw that we
have a guest staying
at the Crowne Plaza?
- I did.
- Well
you can have him now because
I have somebody much better.
Oh, really? Who's that?
You, Manny. You and Sam Browne.
Case in point, Gene McCusker.
And while you're shitting
your pants just know I don't
know much yet, but I'm
on my way to see him now.
He was a corrupt cop and he paid
the price for his own actions.
Oh, he did? Yeah, let me guess.
Uh, he shot himself in the foot.
Special boys club discount.
Punish yourself, get
disability, perpetuate boys club.
Stop me if I'm wrong about any of this.
But how are you involved, Manny?
You'll find zero inculpatory
evidence that leads you to
where you're salivating to get to.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, well I'm sure
I won't and thank you for
confirming that you buried
inculpatory evidence.
That is not what I said.
I'm coming for you, Manny.
[SCOFFS] This conversation's over.
Hey, Siri, send a text
to Samantha Browne.
What do you want to say?
Meet me in Washington Square
Park as soon as you can. Urgent.
[GENE] If you work with Manny
Broward you can leave right now.
I don't care the consequences.
[CHUCKLES] Um, if it makes
any difference, I may hate
Manny Broward more than you do.
Well, I wouldn't think
that that is possible.
Well, I think it's maybe a
fresher hate. How about that?
So, um, what do you need?
I just wanted to ask about
the ties between you, Manny Broward
the Brownes, your brother, and Guyana.
Why are you bringing up Guyana?
- What is
- No, no, no.
The kidnapping. It had
something to do with Guyana.
- Right?
- I think so. Yeah. Why?
I made a very bad mistake
and I paid the price.
The NYPD has the full
Internal Affairs report
and I'm sure you can look
it up if you wanted to.
- The charges were dropped.
- Listen, she knows, Cindy.
She knows what really
happened. She's a pro.
Aren't you? You know how it's done.
Your foot.
So, how full is this "full" report?
Is Manny Broward mentioned in it?
What do you think?
I think he figured out a
way to keep himself clean.
But you think Manny was
involved, but somehow Jeffrey
was the one who turned you in.
Yeah. I know.
You have proof?
You're holding proof.
But you're not gonna tell me
no matter how mad you get
because you don't want
to be like your brother.
Gene has already been
through hell with this, it
Oh, I-I'm not trying to take
him back to that. Don't worry.
I'm just trying to figure out or
organize this debacle in the
park the other night and why.
But I see that I'm gonna
get no further here. So
One final question, uh,
that won't leave the room.
Um, do you have anything at
all that might implicate
others that are outside
of this immediate circle?
Someone in another
city? Maybe a bank name?
Just trying to help a
colleague at the Bureau.
But I see you're not gonna
say anything because you're
trying to protect someone.
I wish I had someone like
you watching out for me.
Thank you
You're welcome.
[LOUIS] Hey, Xav.
It's me.
I'm sorry I haven't called.
W-Weren't sure if it was safe and
we didn't want to get you in trouble.
But mostly I feel bad
because I lied to you.
We're okay.
Yo, Shakeela. It's me.
I know it's you. Where have you been?
Look, I know. I'm sorry. I
should have called. I just
I just been busy with work. You know?
Xavier, I was really worried
something might have
happened to you.
And I know. I make it up to you.
Okay. I'm listening.
- Are you still at school?
- No, we're done for today.
[CHUCKLES] All right. Good.
Because you'll never guess where I'm at.
Accessory-after-the-fact, Sam.
That's what you're facing
if you talk to Mel Harmony
or-or anyone. Um, it
There's no statute of
limitations. [STAMMERS]
The first round of funding that
your Uncle Gene knowingly
brought you in on,
those were all bribes.
Paying off one corrupt
politician after another.
That is what you did. And
that's what I protected you from.
By having me bury evidence.
Yes. That's true. Yeah.
Which I assume is also why you
don't want me to say anything
because you could go down as well?
You know what, I've
worked for 30 years, Sam.
On a public servant's salary.
All right? I have a NYPD
pension, a USPIS one.
That goes. All that goes if you
What? Tell the truth?
Tell a different truth
than you did 20 years ago.
You got my uncle's job, didn't you?
- When I did what I did.
- Buried evidence.
No, please just answer my question.
Yeah. I saw an opportunity
for advancement and I took it.
But I didn't take down an innocent man.
I took down a guilty man. And
I saved you!
And your dad.
They have nothing unless
you give it to them.
Well, I don't have
anything to give them.
It was all destroyed 20 years
ago as instructed. [DEEP BREATH]
Well, that's perfect then.
Then you-you don't have to do anything.
All you have to do
is nothing. All right?
And then everything goes
back to normal. [EXHALES]
[MAHABIR] We believe
it's Natalia, my masseuse.
She been working her own
obeah through her hands.
It's the only thing making sense.
The only reason the circle
could have been broken.
[SCOFFS] Okay, this
can't be about the curse.
You seen the troubles we been having.
All the troubles are not
about the curse put on your
family years ago for whatever reason.
They're about choices your
husband made, you made
we all made.
Mr. Willoughby is aware of
the break in the circle
and has taken reparative measures.
Soon all will be good.
I be dipping a sinking ship, raas.
Any news from Xavier?
Girlfriend's moving. Len following her.
Again with the girlfriend. [DEEP BREATH]
Ah, to be 19. Go bring he here.
All right. Come on. Come
on. Come on. [DEEP BREATH]
All right. [CHUCKLES] Uh, one second.
All right, Xavier. It's
your time. You got this one.
- [CHUCKLES] You all right?
- Hi.
It's good to see you.
Wow. This, this is nice.
Welcome to the high life.
How did you afford this?
Uh, it was just a work thing, you know.
Um, they pay for it all. [CHUCKLES]
- Are you hungry?
- Always.
All right then.
You can pick anything you want.
Okay. Hmm.
And blue cheese. That's my go-to.
- For real?
- Mm-hmm.
Okay. I'm gonna have to try that.
Hey, Shakeela, maybe you
should go wait in my bedroom.
- Why?
- Can you just go and wait in my bedroom please?
It's just some work stuff. All right?
[DEEP BREATH] I soon come.
I'm coming back just now.
- Xavier, open up.
- This ain't [SIGHS]
This ain't what you think.
Hey, what the fuck? [GRUNTS]
Damn, just relax, my
man. Wait. Wait. No, man.
This ain't what you think.
This ain't what you think, man.
I promise this ain't what
Okay, let me be more
accurate on your assessment
of what I do think.
I think you're a piece of shit
liar. And maybe even worse.
[XAVIER] Oh shit.
Okay, now one of two things are true.
Either you're the snitch,
not Louis and Natalia.
Or you got caught and now
you're singing. Either way.
- We, you, are fucked.
- I can explain.
- Ankle bracelet explains it all.
- I can explain to Garmen.
He send you here to
take me to him, right?
I should fucking kill you
myself, you fucking traitor.
No, if Garmen wanted
me dead I'll be dead
which means he sent you
here to take me to him.
So take me to him. [EXHALES]
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