Full Circle (2023) s01e05 Episode Script


- Hey, Pete, you needed me?
- [JESSUP] Do I have to
[BROWARD] We're moving tonight. A raid.
Garmen Harry reached
out to Ron Cuneo again.
Uh, you know, from the
casino and, uh, I was right.
The Mahabir family is closing
up shop pretty quickly.
Uh, we're gonna use NYPD vehicles.
We can't wait for ours to be dispatched.
Okay, so [STAMMERS] we're running point?
[SANDERS] Mm-hmm. Postal
Inspectors are running point
but we are there to support.
All right. Um, FBI,
you guys are gonna go
for the bank statements and
hard drives, and account records.
Do you need us to vouch for that shit?
Or do you guys want to
attack it for yourself?
Well, actually, it's
No, you're not expecting to find
anything because Savitri Mahabir
wouldn't have all that lying around.
Except no [DEEP BREATH]
that is not what that actually is about.
Actually, you guys mind giving
Inspector Harmony and me
the room for a moment?
- [SANDERS]Yeah.
- [BROWARD] Nope.
Surprised it took him
this long. [EXHALES]
Um, sorry, mine and Manny's
informant is trying to yank off
his anklet. [ANNOYED CHUCKLE]
Do you mind giving me a second?
Yo, Xavier. Your phone
is off and that is good
but I know what you're doing,
and I see where you are
and I'll know if you leave. So,
when you get this, call me back
because we're due for a checkup. Okay?
Uh, you know, actually, can you, um
Sorry. Just-Just one more
call. Sorry about that.
Hi, yes, room 924, please.
It's listed as House Anonymous.
Thank you.
this talk, where you're gonna
tell me that Manny is point
and I am not or something
along those lines.
Can it wait an hour?
Everything okay?
I'm gonna let you know. I'm sorry, Pete.
Xavier? Hello? Xavier?
[GARMEN] First, you tell
me what you were doing there
and how you ended up
with an ankle monitor on.
A lady grab me.
What she want with you?
How-How you know she?
I don't know. Maybe she
see me outside your house.
How she know you were there? Huh?
- Because she was following Aked.
- Oh, Aked. Oh, how? How? How?
Hmm? She pick you up by
sheself. No one else was there.
I think she was acting on her own.
- Uh-huh.
- I don't think anybody know.
What you tell she? What you tell she?
[GRUNTS] Nothing, man. Nothing.
She knows everything. All right?
She-She-She [STAMMERS]
She have-She have
She-She know about
"She-She-She" What?
What? What? You can't talk?
And she know about the
bum we killed in the alley.
She have pictures of
you and Mrs. Mahabir.
She have pictures of Quincy, and
Ranwell, and lots of people. No, man.
What about me?
Nothing. I didn't see nothing about you.
- How about Len?
- Nothing.
Hey, why you not call me when she left?
Because I know a lot of
people be after you. All right?
I thought maybe she might bug the room
or-or-or tag my calls,
you know? [HEAVY BREATHS]
Look, you know I want to go
home more than anything
but why would I mess that
up for some crazy cop lady
who's trying to keep me a secret
from her own people? [HEAVY BREATHS]
Paul, [EXHALES] I'm
leaving with me family.
Are you taking him with you?
Maybe. Question is whose
side is he on really.
What you do?
They been calling me from Jared's phone.
Xavier. Thank you for calling.
I'm sorry I ain't been
connecting with you.
Me hear your message. You
say you got plans to leave?
trying everything, Xav.
We asked Edward Chung to
help, but it was a trap.
Was it you that, uh, that
swapped out Jared's body
for some kind of dummy?
[CRYING BREATHS] I'm sorry. We-We
didn't think no one would know.
I'm sorry, we I'm
sorry, we didn't tell you.
We-We-We-We were scared.
How much was Edward Chung
charging to take you?
He was charging you
nothing and you didn't think
it was some kind of trap, no?
It was my fault, Xavier. You
know me not clever like that.
Me sorry, man. Me so sorry.
And you say you're getting money?
[WHISPERS] Fifty-thousand.
Can you get him 50?
Maybe. Can try.
Why? Why you ask?
All right, well, Garmen Harry
is desperate for money
and him leave tonight.
Him say if he has space on his
plane and he say "yes,"
can you get him 50?
Yeah, we can try. [HEAVY BREATHS]
Okay, I'm gonna put you on mute.
[EXHALES] How many seats you get?
Five seater. My family and one more.
[EXHALES] All right, Louis.
Garmen has assessed 60 thousand.
And he leave at midnight tonight.
Imma call you when you get the money.
So Garmen know about Edward Chung?
And I won't tell him.
I promise.
keep this hush-hush, right?
Because you know mouth
open story jump out.
- Will do.
- All right. I'll see you later.
Hannah-Estelle [EXHALES]
you remember Xavier? He's
going to help you load stuff.
He's the fifth seat on the plane
and maybe he can help us
when we get back home too.
That's probably them.
[KRISTIN] Thanks for seeing us, Cindy.
Yeah, well [KISSES]
Okay. Come on.
If you're this old what
the fuck does that make me?
Not you, Kris. You look good.
So, why are we the most
popular people on the planet
all of a sudden? Ah. [CHUCKLES]
- You know what? I bet I know.
- All right. Gene.
You're right. You're
right. Sorry. That's a
Cindy gave me the comportment
lecture, so, I'm comporting.
Would you like to have a seat?
[EXHALES] Well, we just want
to know what really happened.
And you come to us for this?
Well, in my mind, uh
you know, uh And it's
gotten worse by the way. I-I
- And I'm sorry to hear.
- Really. All this. I
From the moment that I got
that call that they got Jared.
I got that call, and then I'm
running to Sam's, and then
And you thought, "My brother."
Because you felt guilty.
- For what?
- Guilty for turning me in!
- Oh. [SCOFFS]
- No!
I'm gonna save you some
breath. I've got the 49 report.
I've got
I have a Xerox of an interview
that he did with Manny Broward.
An interview with who?
Twenty some years ago
when you turned me in,
you did an interview with a police
detective named Manfred Broward.
- I-I don't know who that is.
- Oh, stop.
Just save-save your dignity.
Will you? I'll get it for you.
Here we go. It's a witness
form that you fill out
if you want to sweep
something under the rug.
And a lot of the details are redacted
but believe me, Jeff, there is
plenty here. There is plenty.
Case in point, "I met
with subject initials
- J.M. who has requested anonymity."
- I never met with
- Seriously. I never met with
- "And who has confirmed payments
- initiated by J.M. "
- I don't know what that is.
"to an account redacted "
I was never supposed to see this.
And you assumed that I hadn't.
Ah! I never handle the accounts. Ever!
Oh, well then I guess it
was some other J.M. at
Jeffrey McCusker Foods then.
Oh my God!
God. We owe you an apology.
- What?
- Don't we?
Yeah, we didn't see it either.
Samantha is her middle name.
She always hated "Jolene."
It was "Sam" from the
time she was three I think.
[SAM] Mom, I understand this is a
conversation we all need to have.
I just can't have it right now. Okay?
Derek just walked in.
I'll-I'll call you later. Bye.
What was that all about?
Everything. [SCOFFS]
Are we gonna talk?
Sure. Me first. You need to go.
- We can make this
- No, you need to leave!
- I want to make this work.
- There's only one thing I want.
It's for you to get out of my sight.
This is the talk. From earlier.
You're telling me that
Manny's in charge of the raid.
Actually, it's because of
something I got this morning.
Manny's not running point?
No, he is. But it's something else.
He sent the psych eval.
Damn it.
I knew he would do it
eventually. [EXHALES]
And I almost fired him
for not having sent it
a year ago when he should have,
but I needed at least one
of you on the raid tonight.
Until you got the thing that
we're about to talk about.
Mel, we got an IAB report about a
domestic incident case against you.
And given it's the third
one in as many years
with last year's leading
to the psych eval
Did she include how we met?
How she was a witness in
one of your cases? Yeah.
- [EXHALES] Oh my God.
- Which of course just adds to the messiness.
And given the times
and our other issues
- I'm sorry.
- Uh, no, no.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I did this to myself.
I get it. I did this.
You'll officially be suspended
as of noon tomorrow
pending a department investigation.
Uh, table for two, please.
I'm sorry. We're fully committed.
Do you have a reservation?
Actually, I have a
few, but we came anyway.
Actually, can you hang a sec?
Mm-hmm. Sure.
- Okay
- What?
what's about to happen now is
the best part of the whole deal.
Mr. McCusker, it is a true
honor to have you here.
- Oh, thank you.
- Please.
- [CHUCKLES] Go ahead, Bro.
- Please. [LAUGHS]
Holy Toledo. Are you fucking
kidding me? [CHUCKLES]
Gene tried private security for a while.
You know, jobs where he could sit.
- Yeah.
- Schools. Jewelry stores.
Oh. It was worse, huh?
So finally he just had to
accept the fact that [SCOFFS]
You were gonna be the
breadwinner. Sorry.
No, he did. And I was. So
Hey, here's to
Whatever the fuck
[CHUCKLING] just happened.
What if he still doesn't pay?
Have you thought about that?
Shut up! I'm sick of you.
- I'm just saying
- Nicholas!
Your dad don't want to
pay, we still give you back.
Even without the money.
What if I don't want to go back?
Raas scunt. You going back!
Okay, so, this what we gonna do.
We gonna take you inside,
we gonna knock on they door.
What apartment they in?
I don't know. Six something.
Tell me now. What apartment they in?
- Eighteen J.
- Let go of him. Let go.
That's him. That's your daddy?
Go. Go! Go! They isn't inside. Go! Go!
[DEREK] Um, I just wanted
to say I love you and
Me will come back just now.
Sir? I'm so sorry for the
wait. Your suite's ready.
You'll be on the third floor. Room 309.
Thank you.
- Enjoy your stay.
- Thanks.
You're upset obviously and
you're not taking my calls
or replying to my messages.
And this is another that
you're not even gonna listen to,
so what am I doing? [SIGHS]
- Yeah?
- [NATALIA] Mr. Browne?
We got your boy.
And we know you don't
want nothing to do with him
so we gonna make you an offer.
You have my boy?
Yes. And this is your other boy's phone.
- Who are you?
- Doesn't matter.
You gonna let us in?
- Hey, Dad.
- Oh Jesus.
We coming in or not?
Yeah. Yeah, come on.
Okay, okay. All right.
First thing we're gonna do is
you're gonna call your mother.
He ain't calling nobody.
Look, let me make a call.
You ain't making no phone
call until we get a deal.
We know you paid a lot of
money so nobody knew about him.
All we ask is you pay again.
It's gonna be 60 thousand.
Or we gon' tell everybody.
Okay, well, why don't you
go ahead and do that then
because everybody fucking knows
because you guys called
my house last night.
[AKED] Yo, Jared!
Where is she?
Where is who? Who are you?
- Huh?
- Okay. Okay.
Where the fuck is she? Don't
play with me. [HEAVY BREATHS]
You lied to me.
You made an ass out of me,
but you lied to me, Nat.
[CRIES] I'm sorry, Aked. Please.
Please don't do this. Please.
You left me with no option.
I'm sorry.
Just get out. Get the fuck out.
- Me sister phone.
- Just get the fuck out.
Come, come, come, Nat.
Come, come. Come on.
- Louis.
- Xav.
Something bad happened.
We ain't get the money. Aked dead.
What you talk about Aked dead, man?
He tried to kill Nat.
Point a gun towards she.
Oh my Jesus Christ.
What the raas, Louis?
Aked dead. We ain't got any money.
You think Garmen still
gon' take us home?
Man, how you ask that?
I don't know. [EXHALES]
- The painting.
- What?
there's a-there's a painting.
There's a painting worth
five times that much money.
We can take it.
I don't know. Me have
to ask him. All right?
Jesus Christ. It's getting all too much.
Are you even sure you can get that?
No. No, will he, will-will he take it?
All right. I can ask.
Let me call you back after I
speak to him. All right? [EXHALES]
[GARMEN] Ameena, you can make
new friends. Better friends.
All right? I promise.
[AMEENA] I don't want
to make new friends.
I coming back just now. [EXHALES]
What happened? What is it?
Aked dead.
Oh Jesus Christ.
- [AMEENA] Dad.
- I coming.
How you know?
I don't know. Something to
do with Louis and Natalia.
They just call.
- Ms. M. know?
- I don't think anybody know.
Keep it that way.
And one other thing.
They ain't got the money.
But they say they got a painting
worth five times the amount
if you can still get them home.
[AMEENA] My suitcase don't work.
Baby, I coming just now. All right?
Uh, paint-painting. Yeah, listen,
I can't deal with this right now.
Just-Just, um, tell them we
call them later. All right?
And-And don't lose touch with them.
I won't.
the official time of death?
[POLICE OFFICER #2] It's on the 95 tag.
Any idea when the Crime Scene arrives?
we're gonna be here all day.
Is he all right?
He's got a ricochet wound to
the rear of his right shoulder
and there are bullet fragments
and shrapnel from the tile as well.
You're welcome to come with us.
I'm sorry?
[POLICE OFFICER #3] We'll get
your statement at the hospital.
This way you can stay with your son.
Stay with
[ER NURSE] If I can just get
a little information from you.
I just called his mother. She'll
be here as soon as she can.
Oh, o-okay. All right.
Well, um, in the meantime,
if you wouldn't mind giving
me his date of birth, height,
weight, vaccination history,
any allergies to penicillin
or anything.
Date of birth February 2007.
Okay, February 2007.
Do you know what day?
All right. Um, uh, what
about how tall he is.
Do you know approximately
how tall he is?
- Five-eight, five-nine.
- Okay.
And approximately how much
do you think he weighs?
You know, we-we can wait for
his mom to get here for that.
Most importantly, any
allergies that you know of?
To penicillin?
Or any other medications
that he's taking?
I don't know.
- Where's Dad?
- [GROANS] Hospital.
His, uh, his chess
guy. The one that, um,
he was playing with in the park.
He, uh, had a stroke or something.
Classic Jeff worried there's
some total stranger out there
in the world that doesn't love him.
Mom, have you been drinking?
But only for [CHUCKLING]
49 years. [LAUGHS]
Wow. Okay. Well, I can't deal
with this headfuck right now
so I'm gonna put it over here. Um
Thanks, Mom. [SCOFFS]
[KRISTIN] How's Derek by the way?
Well, Derek is in a hotel
because it turns out that
Charisse is not a place.
No. Charisse is a person.
So, yeah. Another fucking secret.
Oh, it's not a secret, Sam.
Wait. You knew about Charisse?
Well, after Derek took
over the books for me,
I used to double-check for a while.
What, because you
didn't trust him? W-What?
Yeah, I noticed that he
had taken some money out
and then he put it back
from a different account.
It's very easy to trace.
Wait and then [CHUCKLES]
And then you trusted him?
After that? [STAMMERS]
He paid it back.
Do you remember he never
wanted to live in New York?
But he did, for you.
He dug in and dedicated every
moment after that to you.
And to the Chef Jeff of
it all. And-And to Jared.
You're looking at me like I'm crazy.
Like Dad looks at me.
- No, Dad's right. You're
- Yeah, no, I know.
I know, it's his bit.
I'm the ostrich not the eagle.
But he's wrong, Sam because I see.
Well, if you're an eagle,
you're an eagle with her head
in the sand which is fucking worse.
You didn't tell me about
my own fucking husband.
[LAUGHS] Because you would never
have forgiven him! Would you?
And you would have lost him!
[NATALIA] Louis!
This from them.
From Saturday night.
Ms. Mahabir say a circle
is gonna protect everybody.
You think that shit works?
I don't know what's worse,
it works and it's all broke up now
or it never worked in the first place.
Inspector Harmony. Uh, how
can I help you? [SCOFFS]
Oh, I would perhaps limit to the
scope of that question being
that I have been suspended
starting noon tomorrow.
Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.
No, you're not. Uh
Your case, by the way, uh,
it's almost been solved.
At least they're about to make
a bunch of fancy arrests, so
And you came here to tell me that?
Oh no, no. [CHUCKLES] The truth is
Well, you're fishing.
What do they call it
when a fish is fished
and then it's on the deck gasping?
Uh, flailing?
That would be me.
Your Uncle Gene told me everything.
Oh. You mean the disgraced former
cop who shot himself in the foot
to avoid prison and get
a lifetime of disability?
I think you're saying that just
to try to scare me. [SCOFFS]
Doesn't really matter anyway
because why would you say
anything to incriminate yourself?
Well, especially when it has no
material effect on this investigation.
Or worse, possibly expose
you to all sorts of liability.
Nah, if I were you, I'd be like
"I worked hard for this life and I'm
gonna protect the fuck out of it."
- Why are you here?
- The Series A Investments.
Who made them and through
which banks. We've hit a wall.
I thought you were fired.
It may help Roan Jessup find
other people from down there
who are now in other
cities in other states.
Well, I-I [EXHALES] Wait,
he may help you to find a job?
As I said, it's a Hail Mary.
And the ball's up in the air.
I don't know where it's gonna
land or if it's gonna land.
But you're right.
Because why would you fuck
all of this up for that?
You should probably get
inside. Where it's safe.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
[HARMONY] So I'm looking
for the name of the person
who rented the chalk cart and
the address it was sent to.
Thank you.
Could you spell that for me?
[BROWARD] All right. This
is a microphone and a camera.
Whatever you see, we see.
You know what you're doing?
Uh, [EXHALES] look at
everyone, uh, hold on them.
[EXHALES] Say names whenever I can.
It's not weird.
Hey, Detective Sanders and
I are gonna be behind you
the entire time.
And-And Agent Jessup is-is
ghosting you in a follow van.
Our eyes are gonna be
on you the entire time.
[FONG] How are we looking?
[SANDERS] Mahabir is
meeting at 20-hundred.
We're going in at 20:30.
Ah. Yeah. At first we thought our
error on the night of the event
meant that our rebirth
would be impossible
but then Mr. Willoughby explained
what we thought were mistakes
were actually a series
of necessary turns
that would expel the
impurities within our circle.
So now we are ready to go ahead
with what we're meant to do.
I haven't had the same feelings
of enthusiasm and hope
since the day we exchanged rings, Ranny.
It's a new beginning.
I really think you'll be happy
with how this evening will turn out.
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