Full Circle (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


All right, all right. Hey, fellas.
Gentlemen, Manny Broward. I'm
gonna be running it tonight.
We're all set. Ah, here's the
man of the hour. Mr. Cuneo.
These are, uh, New York City's finest.
They'll take good care of you.
[MAHABIR] Garmen.
Garmen, I got your call.
Come. Come, hurry. It's a big night.
Have you seen Aked? He
needs to be here for tonight.
Yes. No, I don't know where he is.
- You don't know where he is?
- No.
Oh, God. And he's not
answering his phone.
Okay, Garmen, what is it
that can't wait 'til later?
Thank you. Uh, hi, ma'am, Savvy,
it is a few things, but, um
- Well, one story
- Is about money.
Well, yes.
It's always about money, money, money.
Well, that's what pays
for things. [CHUCKLES]
And with regards to that, ma'am
It's, uh, a back due, isn't it?
And I actually need it.
Well, of course. Of
course, you need it, Garmen.
[EXHALES] Yes, but, you know,
actually it has to happen this time.
Mm-hmm. Why?
Wh [SCOFFS] Because it's
And I owe it to others.
It's not just Ameena and Sara's
school. There are other things.
Things that are due. And with
regards to Saturday night
- And we are rectifying that.
- Okay, fine. And I got you.
But-But I was supposed to pick up a fee.
20 percent. Over 60 thousand
which didn't come and we are
two months behind on my pay
for the insurance company.
- Okay.
- Wait, wait, there's more.
You owe money to the casino
guy, that's got to get paid.
I said, okay, Garmen. Okay.
you're a loyal friend and
I will make sure you get
what's owed to you.
- You will?
- I will. Tonight.
Thank you.
So, I've been wondering
when this whole
restructure happens, right?
Where's Aked in all this?
[EXHALES] I think things
with Aked will, uh, work
themselves out eventually.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
All right. Cool. [SIPS]
- Because I, uh, you know
- What?
- It's just
- Hi, Ron Cuneo. And you are?
Len Richmond. Very nice to
meet you, Mr. Len Richmond.
Ah, nice to see you again, Mr. Harry.
- Mr. Cuneo, you have a minute?
- Yeah, uh, Garmen. Sure.
Listen, Ms. Mahabir, has got
something she has got to do
like a-a ritual thing and
after that she's gonna make
good on her debts. And that
includes you. All right?
Oh, good. That's great to hear, Garmen.
All right. So, I just, um
wanted-wanted to make sure that, uh
when she does that I'm good
with the casino too. Right?
- All right. Thanks.
- Garmen Harry is off the books.
[JESSUP] Oh, dear God,
please stop talking.
[CUNEO] What is it, Garmen?
Nothing. [LAUGHS]
You good. Uh, we'll talk later, right?
- Excellent.
- All right. I'll come back.
What's up, buddy? Paul Tranquada.
You with the casino?
- You bet, Mr. Paul Tranquada.
- Yeah.
Mr. Harry. We-we got a seaplane charter.
Yeah. Five seater. Um, at midnight.
But we want to move it up earlier.
How fast can you get there?
We gonna pay extra. Cash.
All right. Thank-thank you.
[MAHABIR] It's not like
Aked to be out of touch.
If he's not here, are there
ways to still protect him?
[WILLOUGHBY] There are
plenty, plenty ways to
You must be Savitri Mahabir.
- Ah.
- A pleasure to meet you.
Ron Cuneo, a friend of the court.
Ah. The casino. You will
be paid tonight. [CHUCKLES]
[CHUCKLES] And who may this be?
Ah, please meet Mr. Coledra Willoughby.
Good to meet you.
Now, um, before we get down
to business there is something
I'd like to ask
everyone. Okay? All right.
Uh, everyone, please.
A circle. Like everyone
in a circle. Uh-huh.
Okay. Oh. Has anyone seen Aked?
Nobody seen Aked? Okay. We
have a full circle here? Great.
- Uh, Garmen! Where are you?
- Huh?
- Garmen!
- Yeah, uh, yeah.
Me will come. Me will
come just now. Wait. Wait.
Xavier, you get Hannah-Estelle
and the kids into the car. Now.
No, no, no. They can buy new
things when they get to Guyana.
Tell her to meet us at a
place called Paolo's Cove
but get them out now.
Then phone your friends tell
them to get the fucking
painting and get to the river now.
Hello, Xav. What up?
Okay, so I spoke to Garmen.
Him say if you can get the painting,
you can meet us at the plane.
- Call me when you have it
- Okay.
and I gonna tell you where to go.
Okay, yeah. Yeah, we'll do that.
- What?
- Okay.
What he say?
Nat, we got to get that painting.
Let we go! Let we go! [EXHALES]
Sara, hurry up your ass. You move like
a stubborn donkey. [HEAVY BREATHS]
[CUNEO] Okay, help me out here.
Salvatore is married to Veronica.
For God's sake, he's gonna get made.
All right, let's move.
Everybody, go, go, go, go.
[BROWARD] Hard drives
and bank records, people.
Stay focused!
Sanders, you do the
front, I'll do the side.
- Police, don't move. Nobody move.
In, in, in, in.
[BROWARD] Go in. Go in.
Wait. No, no. I haven't
I didn't do nothing.
I got Garmen Harry. Send
backup. Neighbor's yard.
Hey! Motherfucker. [GRUNTS IN EFFORT]
- I got this fucker. I got him.
Motherfucker. Goddamnit. [GRUNTS] Shit.
In pursuit.
I am headed back to the
house. I am being chased.
Here's what I need you to do.
- How soon can you get here?
Where the fuck are you?
He's in the house, but
not for long. I'm going in.
- I got him. [HEAVY BREATHS] Hurry up.
Come on. We have to go.
Hey, Hannah, we're coming.
Park a good distance
from the trailhead, right.
We're gonna be in Paolo's
Cove like in 15, 20.
We're going into the tunnel.
There's no reception, so
see you soon. Yeah? Love you.
All right. Bye.
Come. In, in, in, in, in. All right.
[SWAT] Go, go.
Inspector Broward!
[EXHALES] Jesus.
And the wife said I was paranoid,
but this is the reason I buy this place.
You got to love prohibition, right?
What's prohibition?
Oh. All you got to know
is a hundred years ago
a bunch of thugs saved your life, boy.
I'll make a noise, when he
come out, you go in. Okay?
[NATALIA SCREAMS] Somebody help me!
[DEREK] Hey, it's me. Still
here at Mount Sinai and still
hoping to talk to you.
And they're making me
shut my phone again.
[SIGHS] Okay. Bye.
[SIGHS] Jesus Christ. [EXHALES]
- Relax. Relax.
- Who are you?
- I'm not gonna hurt you. Relax.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Okay? Relax.
Relax. Relax. Relax.
Me not gonna hurt you.
[LOUIS YELLS] Get the fuck off me.
Get out. Get out of my fucking house.
I can't. I need the painting.
There are cameras everywhere.
You know that, right?
- This is all being recorded.
- I don't care about the cameras.
Get out!
I tried to save your son.
Me and my sister. We tried to
save Jared when we thought
it was Jared.
Now they trying to kill us.
But we just need the painting
so we can go home. [CRIES]
Wh Where's home? [HEAVY BREATHS]
Wh-Where in Guyana?
[HEAVY BREATHS] Essequibo.
West of the river.
Louis Williams?
Just making sure that was you.
Thank you.
Have a good night, sir.
So Savitri has had this apartment
since before she was married?
Uses it for guests, friends.
Does she have any guests now?
Two guests. Old guys. Flew in
from Africa. Ganai, I think.
Guyana? South America?
Super coming in.
Thank you.
Do you mind?
I'll be down the hall if you need me.
Thank you.
I know it's complicated.
[HARMONY] It's shitty
is what it is actually.
[SIGHS] You know his
ex-wife's name's Alyssa?
Somebody should call her.
I'd do it, but, um, I don't
think Manny would want that.
Uh, I'm just wondering
how you could hate someone for so long
and then suddenly
they're gone. [EXHALES]
But how was the raid?
Um, USPIS and NYPD got a
few big fish. Personnel-wise.
I missed some good folks,
but for the Bureau's
specific purposes, I
wouldn't call it a win.
And no bank names?
You were right, Savitri
Mahabir's working
Too tidy for her to hold
onto him for that long.
Whoa! Hey, slow. Slow.
Let me see your hands.
Open your hands.
And we're running and
running all over the city
with this huge bag of money.
I mean, do you know how
much that much money weighs?
It's a workout. And [EXHALES]
Anyway, do you want to hear all this?
Uh-huh. [GRUNTS]
Okay, well [EXHALES] Get this.
The idiots, the whole time,
they got the wrong fucking kid.
[CLARENCE GRUNTS] Can you believe that?
I know. It-It was
horrible. I mean they
They shot him.
That was the noise that
you heard in the park.
It was horrible.
Are you okay, buddy?
Hey, hey, I don't-I don't think
you should be taking that down.
The nurse won't like that.
Wrong child? [LABORED BREATHS]
[STAMMERS] One second. One second.
Hello? Hey, there's
something going on in here.
I don't know what it is.
So Savitri Mahabir's
brother-in-law, Quincy gets killed,
culminating a few years of
shit that's just been unraveling
and she thinks the only
way that it's possible
is that a curse has been placed on her.
Obviously, it couldn't
have been her fault.
She was cursed.
Well, her deceased husband, Ranwell was.
Thus the whole family.
Okay. Fine. Um
so she realizes it
and then she calls you.
And you're supposed to find
the guy who placed the curse.
But who makes the plan?
When the urges that emanate
from the human's fear
careen us off the celestial path.
- No. No. No, stop it. Stop!
- We puncture the purity of infinity
itself, steal the embrace.
Stop! Real talk.
The one who place a curse must be
the one who agreed to remove it.
Thus is he who set the terms.
Yo, Louis, you get it?
Yo, he got it.
All right, we gon' text you where we at.
Okay. We see you soon.
Tell Mr. Harry I say thank you.
Nat say tell Mr. Harry thank you.
[GARMEN] Wait.
You know when I talk about
loyalty it's not just talk, right?
[NATALIA] Where are they?
- You see them?
- I don't know.
Call them.
That's them.
[LOUIS] Where you at?
Me down here.
I want to give a chance
for the next part.
You gon' do it? Or you want me to do it?
- Well, all right then.
- No, I can.
[SNIFFLES] Actually
[SCOFFS] It's all right.
I was young once, too.
Xavier, what are you do Hey! [GRUNTS]
[LOUIS] Wait.
Jesus Christ, brother, what happened?
Xavier, what you done?
You need to come right
now. I ain't playing.
- What you doing?
- Move, my man, move.
- What about the painting?
- Nobody need no painting!
No, Xavier, you got explain
what is going on right now.
You want to end up in
the water right now dead?
Keep on otherwise
coming at me right now.
- No. No. No. No. [WHIMPERS]
- Stupid girl.
I said, move. Move, man.
Mr. Harry said for you to go on
and he go meet you in Suriname.
I talked to him 20 minutes ago.
Yes, he had to rush off.
Him say he love you and he have
to take care of business here.
He book a flight for tomorrow
and will see you then.
This Miranda and this Faris. And
they make sure you arrive safe.
Oh, and here.
This for the flight. For everybody.
Mr. Harry want you to have this.
All right. Go, go, go.
Hi, I'm Sam.
- I
- Uh, sorry.
I'm sorry about your boy.
Hi. Thank you. Uh
What happened to your hands?
- Do you want some space?
- Nicholas's parents?
Yeah, I'm his mom.
And this is, uh
His father is here too.
Oh, well your son's ready for you.
You're welcome to come see him.
Go, Derek.
You sure?
I'll be here.
- Oh, Nicky.
- Hey, Mom.
[KISSES] Oh my God.
He's stable right now.
Uh, we're gonna keep an eye on
his vitals and if everything
continues to go well, he'll
be out of here in a few hours.
Are you following me?
I heard that Charisse
Hendrickson's son got some shrapnel
from a bullet and that
he was admitted here.
But I guess that all roads
lead to Sam Browne, so
Listen, this-this really is not a time
- where I
- I know, I know, I know you're processing a lot.
And trust me, I can only
imagine how badly you want
this whole thing to blow over,
but it's far from over, Sam.
There are people in other states
doing just what Savitri
Mahabir is doing.
And I know you're next move's gonna be
to call Manny Broward
- so you can get some cover.
- Okay, for what it's worth,
I think I'm through
calling Manny Broward.
Yeah, that's a certainty
because he died tonight.
A raid on Savitri Mahabir's house.
You know [EXHALES]
Savitri was, um, once married
to a man named Ranwell Mahabir.
Does that name mean anything to you?
[EXHALES] I can't believe Manny
He had just
Did he just what?
He just came to see you?
Maybe to ask you to keep
quiet about all of it?
You know, 20 years ago,
politicians like Ranwell Mahabir
rewrote zoning laws so that developers,
and energy producers, and
all sorts of foreign entities
could kick people off of their land
and build things like
the Colony at Essequibo.
Do you know why they did that?
They were bribed.
And that's where the
Series A Investments
which is where you put all
of your money was all about.
But I-I think you
already knew that. Right?
And did you know that one of the
guys that didn't want to get
kicked off of his land two decades ago
was your dad's chess pal.
Yeah. A guy named Clarence Joseph.
When Clarence refused
to leave his property,
Ranwell Mahabir kidnapped his grandson,
and then when Clarence refused to pay,
Ranwell had the boy murdered in a park
a few blocks from Clarence's house.
Want to guess what time
of night that happened?
Yeah. You're right. 1:11 AM.
A boy was killed?
A boy roughly the same
age as Jared is now.
Those routing numbers
and therefore the bank names
of the Series A Investments,
they're the core of this whole thing.
And if I can get that
information to Roan Jessup,
he can link it to people from
back then who are still active
in other states and other cities.
Sam, they're bad
people doing bad things.
And you have the power
to help us stop this.
You can put an end to all of this.
That's information I
haven't seen in 20 years.
Besides, I-I-I never knew bank names.
I just had a list of routing
numbers. How would I
Access a random bunch of 18
digit numbers that you haven't
- even thought about in 20 years?
- Yes, exactly.
Uh, if I were you I would
start with your Uncle Gene.
I think he's holding a list.
He's certainly not gonna
give it to me.
Sam, he's protecting you.
[DEREK] Inspector?
We're in the middle of a
Actually, it's okay. Um
we were talking about my uncle and
Ah. You need more time?
Uh, no. No.
- [DEREK] I'm so sorry.
I'm thinking of you holding
that gun actually pointing
it at someone.
It was awful. I want to get
rid of the gun. The safe.
- [JEFF] Gun?
- Jesus!
Aw, Jeff.
[KRISTIN] You didn't take my calls.
I-I was talking to my husband.
There is glass all over the
hall table in the front hall.
- There's The painting is gone.
- What's this about guns?
Imagine how we felt walking
into this wondering what the
[JEFF] Do you know that I have
tried to call you five times.
You could've at least let us know.
Guys, whoa.
What? That the apartment
that I had no idea you'd be in
had been broken into?
Yeah, that would have
been a lot better than us
nearly having a fucking heart attack.
Because of course, the concern
when you come in and see
that your daughter's
apartment's been ransacked
is why was I not the first
one called about this?
Oh, Sam, that's not fair.
- What what are you doing here?
- Actually that is.
Joey called. And we came over
to welcome our grandson home.
- That's natural.
- Okay, great.
G-Guess what? N-No. No.
Yeah. Actually, no, guys,
it's not a good time.
You can't be serious.
[DEREK] Jared's been through a lot.
- We've been through a lot.
- Oh, you two are joking.
Wait, yeah, Dad. You've
done enough. [SCOFFS]
I've done enough?
What? You mean, like offering
up $300,000 of my own money?
No, Dad. No. I'm talking about
how this all started 20 years ago.
We've all been through
an ordeal. And we're fine.
Okay? It's over.
Jared's fine. The apartment
Okay, the painting, well
that's just a thing.
- But you're fine.
- No, Dad, I'm not fine.
We're not fine. And it's not over.
Well, it-it would be if you
would just take a breath, Sam.
Yeah. All right, save the
platitudes for fans and strangers.
[EXHALES] We stayed up for this.
Well, Jeff, now you can
go home and get some sleep.
Ugh, well, fine.
- [SCOFFS] Okay. Kris, let's go.
- Fine.
Someone's stressed.
I'm not sticking around
where I'm not wanted.
[JEFF] Oh! Oh! It's so good to see you!
[KRISTIN] Jared! Oh, sweetie.
I think you grew a foot
since we saw you last.
- Hi.
- Hi there.
-Dad! Mom!
Hey! [KISSES] Oh, sweetie. Oh.
[JESSUP] You don't
recall if your ex-husband
mentioned any names back then?
Some people put in money,
developers, bank names, anything?
[SANDERS] Routing numbers?
They'd send a postcard down
and receive a return
receipt with a number
where the signature would be.
That number was a routing number.
We can't make any promises
one way or another,
but we can make this easier if you
give us this piece of the puzzle.
What about Aked? Is there
anything we can do to help him?
Oh, God.
Jared said he wants you to
have those. And that sweatshirt.
Yeah. He said just don't wear it
when you see him so you
don't look like twinsies.
[LAUGHS] Cool.
If you're good I can,
um, go get the car,
drop you guys off at your place?
- Yeah. Thank you.
- Anything you want me to take?
Oh, yes. Here you go.
[CHARISSE] There you go.
[DEREK] Hey. I just saw your text.
And the answer is, "No, I have
not left the apartment yet."
Do you have a moment?
All I got are moments.
Remember way back, uh,
before we were married, um
the last place you ever
wanted to live was Manhattan?
Do you ever still think about that?
Yeah, a few times. Here and there.
What if we got rid of the apartment?
I'm listening.
If we did do that, do you have
any idea where you'd want to go?
I've made a I've made a
couple lists over the years.
I'd really like to see them.
Also I have something sort of
big I want to talk to you about.
Bigger than this?
Oh yeah.
[GENE] You were a kid, Sam.
Broward took advantage of that.
I was 22. Uh [EXHALES]
You were a kid. You were
a kid who always wanted
to be the good girl.
For your dad. For both of
them. I mean, it finally made
sense to me.
And the only wrong note in
the whole 20-year opera
was how-how my dumb fuck
brother ever even knew enough
to turn anything over. And
the answer was that he didn't.
That's why I'm here now.
I'm hoping you have a
copy of something that I
I destroyed.
Listen, I-I appreciate
that, but you should go home.
You don't need to do this,
Sam. Certainly not for me.
I'm doing it for myself.
And for Jared. You know, so he can
look at me clearly.
No, it's so
It's so I can look at him.
You sure about this?
Will it affect you? In any adverse way?
My dad?
this may be the one time
- that his cluelessness actually pays off.
Well, except for all the other times.
You know, I can imagine if
it has an effect on you,
it might not be a good one.
I understand.
Series A investors. Names,
routing numbers. It's all there.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Cindy. [EXHALES]
I really am so sorry.
- [GENE] It's okay.
- [CINDY] Yeah.
No, I really, really am.
- [CINDY] No. It's over.
- [GENE] Hey. Hon
- [GENE] Come on.
- [CINDY] It's okay.
- [GENE] It's all right.
- [CINDY] Yeah.
- [GENE CHUCKLES] It's okay.
- [CINDY] It's over.
- You'll be fine.
- Yeah.
Wow, you actually showed up.
I did.
Well, why'd you call?
What are we doing here?
So, we're just starting
in, are we? [EXHALES]
What happened with your job?
Well, it got jammed up.
Yeah. So, I can't officially
reapply for another year.
For anything.
yeah, I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Is that what you came here to find out?
Sure. I mean, partially.
[BARTENDER] You good down there?
- Um, I'll have
- Oh. Oh, oh, oh.
Yeah, sorry, never mind.
So, I need the benefit of
your experience about
- a hypothetical situation.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, yeah, let's-let's
say this person, um
theoretically came
forward with a bank name.
And what would they be looking at?
That depends.
Assuming that they look
like you and not like me
you could cut it from 60 months
maybe 72 months down to 48.
I'm guessing we're not talking
about a public defender,
so that would take off another 12.
Would her plea include an
acceptance of responsibility?
It would.
Well, that's another, uh,
level two departure, so
that'd be like
- 12 to 24?
- Yeah.
And she could be lucky.
You know, the FBI could
take kindly to cooperation
and it could be nothing.
50/50. Maybe.
Does her family know?
[INHALES] They do.
Seriously, I want to know.
What are you gonna do?
- No. You first.
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