Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e01 Episode Script

The Guy I Kinda Like is a Sergeant

SSA:Wait for audio trigger the surface titan at nine spots collapsing alpha frame's compensation structure material.
plus four parts of polymer mythogene 17 nitrium, gold, and pallidium the reactor forming a cube photon and electromagnetic fields are covered Wakey! It's morning! Wakey! Get up! Wakey! Kana-chan, you will be late! Wakey!! The one on my mind is a sergeant.
Soviet Union, Havarosk region Leave it! Let me bite or kill me.
L-let m-me bi or k-kill Stop it! Damn them! What cruel things did they Look! It's the rendezvous point! We can return now! We can return home! Arm Slave The brave soldier comes to rescue the princess.
You fool.
Sousuke, hurry up.
Their reinforcements are coming.
I will be done in 15 seconds.
What will you do to me? Take you home.
What is you name? Please tell me Sagara Sagara Sousuke.
Sea of Japan Depth 100m Hey you if that was the old-type M6, you would've been buried under the tundra long ago.
This guy caught the enemy Hind with the M9.
A Hind!? Well, according to the M9's specs, that's not impossible.
Oh wait! The Hind was approaching the beautiful young woman! He skewers the large Hind and throws it's trapped body into the wasteland.
Kaboom! Major Kalinin called for you.
If you want to complain, you can tell him in person.
Sousuke, you too.
Stop twitching your mouth.
You're already enough of a clown.
What provocative words for someone like me who even modelled for "The Tag"! Taking aim at your heart! Bang! Moron.
You damn wench! One day, I'll make you claw my back so hard you'll Just WHAT did you say? Eh? shwash nothun Come in.
sergeant Major Melissa Mao Sergeant Kurz Weber Sergeant Sagara Sousuke reporting.
Your mission.
Kaname Chidori? Wow, this one will be, a fine woman one day! This photograph is four years old.
That girl will turn 16 soon.
So, where's the photograph of that "version"? There's a high probability that the KGB or some other unspecified party will try to kidnap her.
Guard her without being noticed by either her or the Japanese government.
The three of you.
Just the three of us!? That's cruel! That's what you guys are here for.
Requesting Class B equipment.
Request granted.
One M9 unit.
Minimal armaments.
Take two packs of external condensers.
It's not impossible.
First of all the forged documents and photographs.
Camera where's the camera? Documents? Photographs? Major, what are these documents? Isn't that obvious? It's a transfer form.
What's all this? I gathered everything that a Japanese high school student would probably carry.
Is that so? What's this? It's a condom.
I know.
But what use does a high school student have for this? Don't look away.
Smile more, Sousuke.
Now now, master, don't play dumb, you player.
What are you talking about? I've used them before on a few occasions.
Wow! In the jungle, it's useful if you lose you water bottle.
It can carry a whole liter of water.
Here we go! Mithril! For you name, are you really using you real name? There won't be any records on me in that country anyway.
It's not a problem.
Well, you're probably right.
But hey, will you really be alright? I will de my very best.
Tessa was worried about you.
The captain? Of course, this is an important mission after all.
That's not what it was about.
We're taking off! Wakey, wakey! Good morning, Kana-chan! You're late! Our angel here is suffering from low blood pressure this morning, isn't she? what, what? A high school girl showering this early in the morning!? You fool! Get going! Initializing voice print check.
Name, rank, and registration number please.
Sergeant Kurz Weber, B-3127.
Sergeant Kurz confirmed.
0750 hours.
Out angel has left for school.
8-6, adjusting to mode 4.
Both sides on 3.
Launching mode 4, IMSA 3.
5 setting complete.
ECS, engage invisibility mode.
ECS activated.
Oh wow! I'm dazzled by that uniform! Fool.
Sousuke! Good morning! Hi! Mardin - The Philosophy or Success (Historical Version) "Live by Jurisdiction and Justice" "The Dolphins' Advice" - "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish" You have strange tastes.
Well, you can go.
Okay, please open you bag.
Good morning! Ka-na-chan! Good morn-ing! Kyoko! You damn What was THA supposed to be yesterday! His father is a designer? He has friends in the J league? WHO CARES?! What were you thinking? Can't this guy come up with a more respectable conversation? Hey, wait! Like about ideal love or the advantages of methane-hydrate You're right.
Don't "you're right" me, Kyoko.
You introduced him to me, you know.
But I was asked to do so.
So? If someone told you to sell me off to a foreign country, would you? You right.
Geez, this girl is hopeless You just transferred today, and you already Anyway, these kinds of toys will be confiscated! No, this is not a toy.
This is a loaded, rapid fire SCRAT gun.
It's extremely dangerous.
Please don't point it at people.
No way.
A military freak.
How disgusting.
It can cause lethal wounds.
Yeah yeah, I understand, so just give it to me.
You're right.
My idol is year 2, class 4 Okay, everyone, please settle down.
I will introduce a new classmate.
Freak Bang! Well, Sagara-kun, please introduce yourself.
I'm Sergeant Sagara Sousuke.
Sa gasuke Sergeant? No, you pronounce the ending like Hideoshi's name.
Sergeant as in a military Sergeant? Hush now Listen until he's finished.
Sagara-kun, please stop the jokes now.
I-I'm terribly sorry.
I'm Sagara Sousuke.
Sorry to trouble you, but please forget about that Sergeant part.
That is all.
Hey, sing a song for us! Is that all? Yes! That is all! Any questions? Yes, Sagara-kun, where did you come from? Afghanistan, Lebanon, Cambodia, Iraq, Colombia.
Oh, h-he's spent quite a time abroad, hasn't he? What are your hobbies? Model guns maybe? No.
Fishing and reading.
What kind of books do you read? Primarily technical reports and professional journals.
I've gone through most of Jane's annual reports.
"Soldier of Fortune" is one of my favorites too.
and I'm a subscriber of "Arm Slave Monthly" published in Paris.
Oh yes.
I've read Japan's "AS Fan" as well.
I was really impressed by the high content level.
It's a really good magazine.
Lately, I've been into novels about incidents of mysterious deaths and obtained ten of the latest books from the naval institute press, reading them before I go to bed Oh, please forget about that.
Umm, do you have any favorite musicians? Toritsu Jindai Koutou High School Kadokawa Gorou and "The Suppin Girls.
" Someone please relieve me from my post.
He definitely is weird.
His speech is totally incoherent.
During the breaks, he walks up and down between class and the hall.
He does? Yes, he does.
I get really annoyed looking at such nervous guys.
Then don't look at him.
I-I'm NOT looking at a freak like him! In addition our eyes met a few times! He's watching me! He looks away, of course, and pretends that it was a coincidence, but it's so totally obvious Geez, this makes me feel sick.
You're beautiful after all, Kana-chan.
Huh thank you.
But, it's not that.
Those are the eyes of a degenerate.
You know Kana-chan, you've been badmouthing Sagara-kun nonstop.
I have? Yes, are you really that concerned about him? Of course not! Yeah yeah, this matter's settled then.
Let's go.
Softball Club Everyone, take cover! Filthy pervert! That hurts! Are you okay, Kana-chan? Her, look, I skinned my arm! I apologize for treating you so roughly, but it was not my intention to harm you or your friends.
Then, what was your intention!? I can't tell you.
You don't meet the requirements to know that.
Requirements!? What requirements!? As I said, I am sorry, but Sagara-kun, what did you come here for, anyway? At the last school I attended, I participated in the same club as you do.
I can brag about my own abilities in this field.
And I have great confidence in my constitution.
You won't regret letting me on your team.
How about it? One two and Girl's softball club Girls I almost trampled an old man and a dog kept barking at me the whole time.
And when I leaned on the club's building a bit, the windows started cracking scaring the elementary school students inside half to death.
I'm really done for today.
Well, Kaname has a phone call.
Yeah yeah, so? Eh? Oh really? Yeah, an exchange student.
Shut up! What's that? It's an aluminium folding chair.
I can see that.
They put the handcuff's keyhole on the wrist side.
Quite an effective idea.
Thanks to that, buying a ticket at Sengawa station was quite a hassle.
Yeah, he's a weird guy.
But, you know But you know, he's just a bit Well, no, he's really different.
He's an interesting guy.
Interesting, she said.
I don't quite get it.
Better than being called a boring guy, no? But anyway, I had a different impression of her at school.
She was more fierce and aggressive there.
He's an interesting guy.
Seems like I'm not despised by Chidori Kaname after all.
Sousuke, you look happy.
I do?