Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e02 Episode Script

I Want to Protect You

SSA:Wait for audio trigger I want to protect you It seems like he's having quite a tough time.
I think it's a good experience for him.
A good experience? In spite of his weaponn getting confiscated and being ordered around by both the one he's guarding and other civilians and returning to the safehouse in an extremely restrictive state? It's within one's tolerance level, Captain.
Well, it's okay, I guess.
Sergeant Major Mao and Sergeant Weber are with him, after all.
Anyway, how long will those three be stationed in Tokyo? Until the source of the problem has been overcome.
That means it's up to us.
If the operation proceeds smoothly, there will no longer be a need to guard Chidori Kaname.
Not only Chidori, but the other "Whispered" candidates will be safe as well.
You mean for now at least, right? That's a regrettable fact So? What happened this time? I have no idea.
I was carrying this sculpture, when he ran up and hit me with a loud cry all of a sudden.
Really, I have no idea what he's thinking.
Well, well.
My feet slipped.
How could you possibly slip and tumble all the way from the hall to here? What kind of reflexes do you have, huh? What's up? What did you do this time? I saw Chidori's silhouette carrying teaching materials from the art classroom amd mistook it for a terrorist attack.
She should be leaving the school gate about now, but I have to report this to the teacher.
Request that you follow up.
Don't cause too much commotion, you hear? I'll do my best.
Seems like you're having a hard time with the change of environment.
Well, it's not too different for me.
980 yen!? These Tokyo prices are a killer.
What is this, anyway?! They're just crabs, stop pretending it's some luxury food! Crabs, they're just crabs! Are you listening, Kurz? But, you know Hey, cut it out don't scare us like that! Did I scare you? Hey, don't cause such an uproar in the hall.
You're the first student I've met to cause so much trouble from the day you transferred! I'm sorry to trouble you.
Besides you must not bring these kinds of toys here! I thought I made it quite clear yesterday! Did you forget already!? No, but this is not a toy Don't make excuses! Yes, sir! This will be confiscated too! Kyoko, your hobbies are beyond understanding.
You're always like this when you see something unusual.
Hmm that's true.
What makes you so happy taking pictures of that army freak? Hmm I don't really know, but by watching Sagara-kun, don't you feel energized somehow? Our angel seems ot be resting.
That hurts! Geez.
Just two days, and you're already like this.
Are you going to die before completing this mission? Come on, show me your back now.
The enemy still hasn't shown up Yet, you've stumbled down stairways broken windows flipped over bookshelves in the library That's completely self-defeating.
I'm doing my best.
It'd be to your benefit to better know your own abilities.
Besides, if we lose our edge and let the terrorists beat us, it won't be a laughing matter.
I doubt she's being targeted at all.
Wishful thinking is dangerous.
So, you'd rather collect more wounds? There look, we're done! Ouch! Kaname is an ordinary girl, no matter how you look at her.
While she sure is pretty her personal history is just normal.
Compared to us, that is.
A teenage mercenary is just too special, that's all.
Kidnapping an ordinary highschool student what would the KGB gain from that? Well, well It's just too cold here, isn't it? What did you just say? As expected from the commander of the KGB's Branch Office, you're a considerate man.
That's one of the Mithril's AS.
Not that you guys would be able to handle it.
Mithril? A mysterous mercenary commando unit.
They've destroyed chemical weapons plants, annihilated terorist training camps and interfered with the smuggling of nuclear weapons.
Their equipment's technology is ten years ahead, and they're a remedy aginst regional conflicts.
At that, they don't differentiate between the East and the West.
I guess you could call them "knights of justice.
" So you're saying they're the ones interfering with my plans? They probably thought they couldn't ignore them.
Should this research be completed, the ballance of power in this world will tip.
It means obtaining a subject for your experiments will become harder, as well.
Is this yet another excuse to raise the price? I'm not a communist I'm a businessman, after all.
That's enough of your arrogance! There are many other craftsmen who can replace you! You should show proper respect to the commander who is willing to hire a Chinaman like you! I'm not Chinese, you know.
It makes no difference! I'll throw you into the coal mines of the Ural Mountains, where your face will blacken Well then, shal we get back to business now? We were talking about a test subject for the "Whispered" project.
If you asked me, I would suggest acquiring this girl here.
How about it? Isn't she cute? Well, that's how it is, so for the duties for the field trip, we really need to decide on them now Hey everyone! Are you listening at all!? We are.
Let's just decide on them so we can go home! Geez I shouldn't have become class representative.
Kana-chan, stand firm! Thank you.
And you know, I was expecting things to end up like this, so I have already made the necessary arrangements! Kaname-Memo Unauthorized reading prohibited Come to think of it, I saw you with that memo book during break.
Yes yes Chidori, you're great! Yes yes You're a real treasure! Yes yes Just leave it to me! Isn't she a little too happy about this? She's probably going to be like that all the way and then get diarrhea on the actual day.
Shut up! I'm ashamed to be an honor student like her.
If she could just get rid of that attitude, she might even be able to become Miss Japan.
Well then, I'll announce it now.
She's pretending to be nice again! Food duty will be Takada-kun and Tanaka-san.
Yes! Alright.
Luggage duty will be Kaneda-kun and Uchida-san.
Me after all? Me too? Communication duty will be Mori-Kun and Mukai-san.
Me? Task duty will be Sakamoto-kun and Kudou-san.
All right.
And the trash duty will be since no one volunteered Sagara Sousuke-kun.
What is it, Sagara-kun? I don't remember agreeing to that.
At this school, transfer students are on trash duty automatically.
I see.
Ao that's how it'll be.
Any question? None! Year 2 class 4 Well then, dismissed! Finally! Well done, Kana-chan.
More or less.
As expected! Sagara-kun was so weird back there! His face looked like he really believed it.
About transfer students always having trash duty, that is.
But hey, don't you feel sorry for him? Yeah, it wasn't very Kaname-like or something It's not really a big deal! He agreed to it himself, after all.
Anyway, what are you doing? Uh, you know this meal looks like it will be gone soon.
Currently she's chatting with friends at a hamburger shop.
She's not on the street side, so the probability of an attack from outside is low.
Don't strain yourself too much.
Take it easy, otherwise you'll I think I'm taking it easy enough.
I see.
What is it!? Suspicious individual spotted.
He put a case on the ground and is looking intently at his watch.
It's like the time-bomb setup from the anti-terrorist manual.
A BOMB!? THeir objective isn't assassination, it's kidnapping, right?! What is it now? The guy stood up.
Maybe he noticed me! Yeah yeah, and you know Don't tell me Geez, really No, don't! Sagara-kun? What is it!? What happened, Sousuke!? Hey, mister! Hey, you forgot this here! Oh no! M-M-My treasure! I'm so relieved! Kana-chan! Sagara-kun! Sagara-kun? Why are you It's a coincidence.
Are you two all right? I'm alright.
And you, Chidori? I'm alright too.
I'm so relieved! But I was really impressed.
You risked your own life to save her! Sagara-kun, you're so cool! I just did what I had to.
Besides, it was just a coincidence I was here.
Yeah yeah.
SA SAGA SAGARA! YOU PERVERTED BASTARD!!! Hey you! Do you have a grudge against me or something? Chidori? What a coincidence! What?! Would you normally say that here? The tragedy or Doha? Just WHEN do you think this newspaper is from, anyway? That's my private matter.
You why are you following me!? Me? Following you? I don't know what you're talking about.
Aren't you being too self-conscious? Whose self-consciousness wouldn't think of this as harassment?! If you want to tell me something, say it straight out! Straight out! As I said, it's coincidence.
So, you insist it's all a coincidence, eh? That's right, it's coincidence.
Alright then Damn! Bye-bye Mr.
Sagara-kun! Sagara-kun!!! Sagara-ku Hey, are you okay!? Yeah, it's not a problem.
This is a big problem!!! What the heck are you thinking!? I Suddenly wanted to get off at this station.
It has nothing to do with you.
You are STILL telling me that!? It's coincidence.
So it's just coincidence that you felt like sitting down here, right? That's right.
Really I've had enough of this.
Say, Sagara-kun What is it? I won't be angry, so why don't you at least tell me your reasons.
Reasons, you say but I'm just here by coincidence.
Yeah okay, I'll leave it at that.
Can the classmate who's here by coincidence ask you one thing? What is it? You've been abroad for a long time, right? Were your other schools like this too? That's right.
I've spent many days in tranquility and peace.
But, you had to separate from your friends and feel sad, right? No.
We communicate via phone and mail, so strictly speaking, we're not separated.
What a weird answer.
Then, how about her? Her? Your girlfriend lover whatever you call her.
I have no acquaintance of that kind.
I see.
My colleague, no my friend keeps telling me: "A woman who could bear you as a lover doesn't exist even in the deepest tundra.
" But, I don't understand That friend of yours sure says funny things! You understand that? Yeah! It's because you're so weird, Sagara-kun! Weird? Weird, really weird! But that's maybe it's a valuable trait.
Maybe you'll find someone special who understands it.
That special someone? I understand.
I'll remember that you're special.
Oh no, don't take it so seriously! I understand.
Then, I'll forget it.
You sure are weird! You're weird, so weird! You are absolutely weird! Whoops.
That was close.
I'm sorry! Saeri, what's up with you? I wasn't noticed was I? Geez All because Sousuke makes me do such absurd things.
Don't tell me An upstanding citizen littering? What is it? Did something good happen, Kana-chan? Not really.
Something happened with Sagara-kun, right? W-What are you talking about!? How could there be something between Sagara-kun and me? Yeah yeah, this matter is settled.
By the way, Kana-chan, did you study for the test tomorrow morning? What's that about? Our teacher said the outcome of tomorrow's Kanji test will decide the fate of our field trip! Say what!? I never heard about that!!! Kana-chan, are you okay? Not at all