Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e03 Episode Script

Lingerie Panic

SSA:Wait for audio trigger Lingerie Panic A class trip? What a unique school.
A field trip at a time like this.
So they're planning to go to Okinawa? Have I ever told you about the time I lived in Okinawa? No.
It was my father's idea while I was attending school in Japan.
The other kids would always keep their distance from me, so I transferred to a school at a military base.
I'm sorry.
I know this isn't the place for this kind of talk.
I have just received new information regarding Whisper.
It shows us the route by which they transport their valuable drugs within the Soviet Union.
They have a laboratory in Feverofsk where it is all being stored.
I guess we won't be able to hack Yes.
We may have to stop their research by force.
By force? We may have to launch one of our cruise missiles.
I understand.
However Our operation is to commence on a holiday during the night, so please get updated information from our reconnaissance satellite and try not to get any civilians injured.
Our next matter is regarding the Arbalest I'm sorry I'm sorry.
Uh, this is the first page and that's Thank you.
You too Maducas-san, I'm very sorry.
Please don't say that.
Does this go here? Uh Garbage duty The 7 commandments? No, that's not it.
Garbage duty? Do raw things burn? You're so dumb I don't think you can live on your own if you're saying things like that.
Burnable Non-burnable We're throwing away all the plastic bottles in the recycler, right? Recital? Recycle! That lack of awareness, is what causes our earth's resources to drain and creates a crisis in our ecosystem.
Wow, you're great, Shiori! A crisis in our ecosystem.
So that's what it's all about Are you alright? You seem to be sweating a lot I'm fine, there's no problem here.
You shouldn't get all worked up about it.
Just take it easy.
Take it easy.
Easy? Okay, okay.
I'll show you how it's done.
Alright, watch carefully.
This is burnable garbage and this isn't.
Keep batteries separated.
If you put this umbrella at the entrance outside someone might still be able to use it.
All done.
Well? Kana-chan way to go! I'm surprised You really are something else Goes to show, I don't live by myself for nothing.
Well, if there's something you don't know, don't hesitate to ask.
Those are very reassuring words, you have my thanks.
When did those two start getting along so well? Beats me.
The third commandment: Put the translucent bags in place.
The fourth commandment: Group all bags in each section.
The fifth commandment: Do not disturb any other people in the hotel.
The sixth commandment: In any case, try to be as clean as possible.
The seventh commandment: When in doubt, talk to the class representative.
Alright, here you go.
What is this? Soy sauce flavored spaghetti? Man, are you really Japanese? Wow Sousuke, you don't look so good.
I'm fine.
Now that I think about it, you didn't get any sleep last night, even though the enemy didn't show up.
Since tomorrow is Sunday, Why don't you sleep in? We'll keep an eye on Kaname for you.
I can't have that.
This is an order from a superior officer.
Sleep as much as you can tomorrow! Understood.
You're taking Weber's special canned crab yakisoba for yourself?! Canned crab? My canned crab!!! Say, Kana-chan Are you going to buy a new swimsuit too? Of course! It wouldn't be fun to go all the way to Okinawa and swim in just a normal swimsuit! Is that so? I came from a far far away country.
I am lost and in trouble Could you give me some directions please? I am a lost kitty-cat.
Please, pretty girls.
That Rotten bastard! Final confirmations on the input data for the tomahawk.
Coordinates, topography and image readings, all clear.
Unlock number one launch hatch.
Open number one launch hatch.
Out active guidance system is on and awaiting, final confirmation on the launch sequence.
Number one, launch! Number one, launch! Launching! Launch sequence completed.
Closing MVLS hatch.
Well done.
Make our depth 300 feet and change our course heading to point due south.
20 degrees down bubble.
Yes, ma'am.
Speed at two-thirds.
20 degrees down bubble.
Speed at two-thirds and 20 degrees down bubble, aye.
Now passing a depth of 80 feet 90 100 Number one missile has just passed way point alpha.
It's proceeding along its appointed course.
We'll know the results in about three hours.
Why don't you get some rest? I would like it, but I'd rather not.
I'd probably have a bad dream.
Major, will we withdraw our escort if we successfully destroy their research facility? Yes But Is there a problem? No, it's just a feeling.
I'm home! Oh, so you're still up, sergeant? Drinking on the job.
I couldn't help it I was only going to have one drink But Kyoko-chan just kept offering.
What? You mean Kaname's friend, Tokiwa Kyoko? You're awake too, babe? You know, staying up late is bad for your skin.
I've never heard of an escorting officer picking up chicks.
Maybe one good shot will do the trick.
I can just write a report about it.
One shot? Babe, isn't this sexual harassment? our mission is to be kept a secret.
What were you trying to do by becoming friends with them? Are you stupid? It's much easier to escort and keep watch if you are somewhere near them.
If you develop any feelings for them, they will surely get in the way of your judgement.
In order to maintain your observation skills you They were talking about you too.
"Recently, some really funny guy transferred to our school" or something like that What did they say? You really want to know? Not really.
No, it's my mission.
Let's hear it.
Say, "please tell me, sir!" I was only kidding.
Don't give me that look.
Want some? Sousuke, Kurtz.
We have a problem.
20:21, an intruder on the balcony.
We are to investigate.
Couldn't it just be one guy? He may have some reinforcements around the corner.
Either way, we'll seize him.
Wurz 6, Get across to the other building.
Wurz 7, you will seize him directly.
Give me 120 seconds.
I'll be on standby in the M9.
Wurz 6 here, target sighted.
I am in position.
I don't see anyone else around.
Could he really be alone? Keep me posted.
Be careful and watch my back.
Who do you think you're talking to man? Wurz 7, according to our microphone equipment, she's currently taking a shower in the bathroom.
Take care of the problem before she finishes.
Don't kill him, understand? Wurz 7, copy that.
You lose.
Don't make a sound.
Alright then.
You should value your life.
Wurz 6 to Wurz 7 Look closely at what he's grabbed in his hand.
They're panties.
They look so elegant and white.
Over and out.
We will abort.
You can leave when you want.
Man Give me a break.
You can talk now if you like.
I-I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sooooory.
Talk quietly I'm sorry.
Don't arrest me.
I'm not the police.
Anyhow, please explain the situation.
T-thank you you You're Sagara-kun? You're mistaken.
Huh? But I said, you're mistaken.
Kazama Shinji, right? What are you doing here? Isn't it obvious? I'm a lingerie thief.
Are you too? No.
I just happened to be in the area.
I I see.
What are you planning, stealing her clothes? It's not that I want them.
I It's just that I was told to do it by an upperclassman Upperclassman? The upperclassman in the photography club.
The third year upperclassmen took my negatives that I have been collecting for a long time And they said that I could have them back only if I take one of Chidori-san's panties.
Blackmail, huh? Well, they're not really bad people.
They said that I lacked courage in capturing the moment So this would be part of my training.
Chidori Kaname is The number one idol that no one wants as a girlfriend.
So They said it was perfect for me to test my courage.
I can understand your situation but You're going to end up causing trouble.
I know But I want my negatives back.
They're all pictures of Arm Slaves that I took from bases all across Japan.
Sagara, you like those things too, right? Well It's not that I like them I've even taken a picture of the Navy's M6 that was deployed in Okinawa.
What? You mean the A2 model? Yes! Yeah, it comes with the reactive armor shield.
I wonder what the actual mobility is on that thing? I talked to people at the base, and they said that balance was still an issue.
It's control system is Rockwell's NSO-12.
No I think it was 11.
Really? Anyway, there is a lot of fat in the feedback architecture.
So when the bilateral specs go over 3.
5, the weight gets out of proportion due to the pressure overload.
I see That could be possible As I thought, being used for ambushes is the best it can do.
Recently, that seems to be the way it's been used.
It seems that their conversation is getting interesting.
The start of a new friendship.
technical, since I don't recognize it.
I'm impressed with how much you know.
It's hard to believe you're actually a civilian.
I still have a lot more to learn.
You're pretty knowledgeable yourself, Sagara-kun.
No I'm What are you doing? Chidori What a coincidence.
You Perverts! The target has been hit.
Now examining the extent of the damage done.
Destruction of our main target confirmed.
We can see that a huge fire is breaking out.
The research facility was almost completely destroyed.
All the data we had on the Whisper project has been lost It's impossible to resume the research! I'm sorry to hear that.
If you hadn't been trying to keep it a secret so badly, the data could perhaps have been saved by an outside source.
Gauln! I'm breaking off our contract! Do you know what that sound is? It's a DVD.
There are some impressive numbers on this.
The research data? Why you!! When did you? I knew you'd get all angry so I decided to plan ahead.
See you later, Colonel.
Stay healthy in those concentration camps.
Wait! What are you going to do with that data?! Colonel Headquarters is very disappointed about your work.
What? Using your position, you have caused nothing but destruction and huge losses.
W-wait! I was framed! I can hear all your excuses in Lubljanka.
So she's the number one idol that no one wants as a girlfriend.
Well, I guess it makes sense.
She really went all out on me.
I tried to buy Kazama time to escape, but he fell down into some bushes.
From the fourth floor? He's lucky to be alive.
I was also in danger.
I barely escaped anyway Just picture the look on the Major's face if he heard that I got killed on the job.
I suppose so.
He'd just sign your official death certificate and then get onto his next assignment.
He might show you some sympathy for once.
This time, she may completely hate me.
I think that's obvious already.
Orders from Deadanan.
The mission is over.
It says we are to withdraw as Chidori Kaname's escorts at once.
What's going on here? The people who were trying to capture Kaname Their base was destroyed.
So, we can relax now.
We have no reason to continue being her escorts.
Oh man I was just beginning to get along with them and now it's over.
It was such a short time.
We are to remain here for a week of rest and recreation.
Really!? Alright! But Wurz 7 is to continue and go on the class trip.
What? All the expenses have been paid, so don't let it go to waste.
Those are direct orders from the Major.
But Just go on the trip.
Sousuke, Kaname's safe now.
We're not on a mission anymore so try to enjoy the high school life.
Every opportunity is an experience.
Second Year, Group 4: Start Boarding! Alright, we're leaving now, so hurry up! Chidori, I have a question.
You there! Get moving! Should I gather all the garbage in the plane before landing Or should I gather it after we've landed? Look, I'm really busy right now! Could you please stop talking to me!? You can't really blame her Anyone would be pissed if you were fiddling with their panties while having a conversation on their balcony.
What's wrong? You look really upset.
I'm fine Just fine.
It's so wide! It's my first time on a jumbo jet.
Troublesome, isn't it? You'll probably get really tired with all these high school students on board.
No, not really.
Perhaps, we should just throw everyone out from an altitude of 8000 meters.
That way it will be much quieter, and you can have a pleasant trip.
Right? It's a joke.
Is this your first time on a plane? Yes, it is.