Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e04 Episode Script


SSA:Wait for audio trigger JNA flight number 903 from Haneda to Naha has departed at 9:55 Hey stewardess, how about we get together! This is what I was talking about before.
The new Navy M6 model.
Wow! We're really flying! Hey, hey Kana-chan, you should check this out too.
Huh? Hey, what's wrong? You've been acting strange since yesterday.
Did something happen? Not really Is it about Sagara? Why'd you say that all of a sudden? Are you kidding me? Yeah, yeah I guess this conversation is over Hey! It's tilting! It'll be fine, it was just a little bit.
Yeah But it's strange In this kind of weather? Kidnap What have you done Do you feel like dying as well? D-don't do it.
You'll lose the only one who can fly this plane That's true But I've always wanted to fly this kind of plane.
I think this one would be much more fun to fly than those cargo planes.
So what do you think? Be honest.
Please don't kill me.
I was asking if it would be fun, you idiot.
Gauln! Oh a spectator.
What is the meaning of this? Why did you kill the pilot? Because he lied to me, saying that the plane was malfunctioning while we were actually heading back to Haneda airport.
Huh? It's your own business if you feel like killing people, but don't forget.
My country is the one giving you these opportunities.
Why don't you stop putting this operation at risk any more than it already is.
Don't tell me that.
I'll be a gentleman if they listen.
Right? It's just like you heard.
So I won't kill you because of my comrade here.
And if you don't listen I'll start killing the others.
Got it? Now Set a course north.
Our final destination is a country that is unique, independent, and powerful.
Sagara, look at that.
It's the UN forces' F-16.
Why would it be flying out here? Don't make any sudden moves.
Hey, Kana-chan.
Okinawa is surrounded by the ocean, right? Of course it is.
There seem to be a lot of mountains since a while ago.
Something weird is going on here.
Let's ask the stewardess.
Come to think of it, I haven't seen her around.
This is strange.
This isn't Okinawa.
It doesn't even look like any place in Japan.
Seems that way.
Alright then.
We have arrived at the party's meeting place.
What is this place? I don't think this is Okinawa.
Sagara That's a MIG-21.
Look at that tank.
It's a T-54.
That model was used around 50 years ago.
Isn't that one of the new RK-92s? They are all Soviet made But it looks like there's a huge gap between them.
Attention, everyone.
I will now be in charge instead of the pilot.
This plane was forced to land at Khanka's air force base due to emergency circumstances.
W-what!? No one told me! H-hey teacher You should have noticed it, teacher.
Everyone, due to this complicated political situation, you will be taken hostage at this suitable and thrilling place.
Please take a look out the window at this time.
They're here to give you a grand welcome.
However any suspicious behavior or attempts to escape, and you will be shot on sight.
They've completely got us.
The reason why we destroyed their headquarters was to prevent something like this from happening.
There may have been someone else besides the KGB, acting from the shadows I don't believe it's anyone from Khanka.
I agree.
This person might be using them both.
Though who he is That someone in order to kidnap just one person, took 400 people hostage.
From a political point of view, he has chosen a difficult area for us to rescue them.
They're using old terrorist hijacking methods.
Most skillful.
Great Huh? Nothing.
So Major What are the chances of us getting all the hostages to safety without causing them any harm? Without Chidori? That's right.
If we don't act foolishly, all of the 400 hostages could be safe, excluding Chidori Kaname.
I'm sure That the Khanka government is more serious about not having this kind of situation repeat itself anymore.
Even killing a couple hundred Japanese people they would not benefit from it.
Right? If the hostages are released to us through diplomatic negotiations, we will find and rescue Chidori.
It's the right choice.
Although I will take responsibility.
In any case That's fine.
We still have time.
Also, the enemy will have to deal with some poison that's on board.
That's true.
We will wait for him to respond.
You there.
I'm talking to you.
The lovely girl with the long hair.
What is it? I'm planning to create a film that I'm going to send to the mass media.
And I want you in it.
You'd be good for it.
No, I really don't think so.
As you can see, I'm a regular little girl.
I would just make the audience uncomfortable.
I said come here.
Don't be shy.
Hey Let go! I said no! Why does it have to be me!? Kana-chan! Hey! What are you planning to do with my student!? What's the big deal I'll have her returned soon.
No, I won't allow that! If you're going to take someone, then take me! Taking you would be meaningless.
This is for the mass media Don't give me that excuse! You bastard! What kind of people are you!? Doing something as terrible as hijacking.
And using kids no less! You views are nothing but trash! No matter what reason you have for this God will never forgi Oh man You talk way too much.
What are you Stopit Excuse me That hurts! Gauln! It's time.
Hurry up.
Let's go.
They aren't needed anymore.
Let go of me! I can walk myself.
Teacher Get going! Kana-chan! Teacher! The cargo hold I never thought it would be this big.
Maybe we should have done this on the ground? This amount will surely do the trick.
We can even see the red cord way in the back.
Remove the friction tape and put it in the socket that's labeled number 3.
Got it.
I'm putting it in.
Don't touch anything anymore.
We can't use any portable wireless items within thirty meters of this thing.
When will we know the results? Tomorrow morning at the earliest.
That's pretty long.
Can't you do something to speed it up? Even with the anesthetic injected, it still takes about six hours to show any kind of reaction.
Then you'd better speed it up.
If you don't I will kill you.
Don't rush me.
You guys don't know how important this is to Whispered.
I do know.
I do know.
You're one to talk, you brought that weapon with you.
It's just a precaution in case this country's leaders change their minds.
Sounds like a coward to me.
Don't get cocky with me.
Why don't you shut up and get back to work.
This is Sergeant Sagara.
B-3128 Wurz 7 here.
Sagara, are you alright? Yes, that's affirmative, Colonel.
Thank goodness.
Sergeant Sagara.
Status report.
How could they They're planning to kill all the passengers and destroy the place they've taken Chidori to.
It'll be very difficult to resolve this situation.
I can only do so much with the equipment I carry.
I understand.
We will decide on a countermeasure for this.
Copy that.
At the moment we're considering the safety of the passengers to be more important than Chidori's rescue.
Major What is it? The leader of these hijackers is Gauln.
Don't move.
Up to now, he's assassinated more than thirty important people.
and has bombed planes twice.
He's a dangerous man.
A few years ago, we were being chased by the KGB.
Gauln was one of them.
He attacked the guerilla town with two AS mechs while we weren't there.
It was slaughter.
And then? We swore to take revenge.
About two weeks later, that opportunity was given to us.
I became the decoy while Sergeant Sagara took the shot.
Gauln was shot.
But he survived It seems so.
What a savage man.
It will be impossible to negotiate the release of the hostages with people like that, right? Yes.
So we have to show this Gauln, exactly what we're made of.
Turn around.
You Who were you communicating with? Answer me! The one I was contacting is You think you can win with your bare hands?! You Who are you? The garbage boy.
How are you feeling? Like crap Really? Well, we're still going to continue.
Hey Let me go back already.
This strange sleep-studying is Study!? Don't give me that.
This was something you knew from before you were born.
Everything is to proceed immediately.
Sorry we're late.
We told the taxi to speed up but The Tuathan de Danann's rescue plan is as follows: Six fighter planes will take off first and will become the backup for the AS team.
Then our offensive and transporting planes and our last VTOL fighter plane.
Our biggest problem is an enormous bomb.
This bomb has a remote-triggering device.
It's crucial that we recover from the first attack fast enough, before the terrorists hit the switch.
We must deactivate the bomb.
These two transport planes, are to land as soon as the plan is set in motion.
You are to gather all the hostages from the jumbo jet within five minutes.
Just five minutes!? That's cutting it close.
Five minutes is plenty.
To protect that big thing Should one of our planes be destroyed during the landing Then you are to gather as many remaining hostages as you can, and make them board the remaining transport plane.
You would have to leave the AS mechs behind but if it comes to that, you must destroy them.
That is priority that takes precedence over the safety of your own lives.
We are the only ones in the world who can see this plan through successfully! I expect nothing but the best! So she's in there Stay calm Any response from Sagara? No word yet.
I hope that he's safe because of how cruel the enemy can be.
If I can say this one thing from what I know about him he has never regretted any decision he has made when it came to his feelings.
Damn it.
What's wrong!? What was that shot just now!? I don't know.
Could it have come from the inside!? Let's check it out.
If you go now then you're clumsy and unprofessional.
But I'm different.
Will he regret it this time? I told him the priorities of this mission.
He is highly professional.