Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e05 Episode Script


SSA:Wait for audio trigger Whispered The one who whispers These two transport planes are to land immediately as soon as the plan is set in motion.
You are to gather all the hostages from the jumbo jet within five minutes.
That is all.
Just five minutes!? That's cutting it close.
Five minutes is plenty to protect that big thing Should one of our planes be destroyed during the landing Then you are to gather as many of the remaining hostages as you can, and have them board the remaining transport plane.
You would have to leave the AS mechs behind But if it comes to that, you must destroy them.
That is a priority that takes precedence over the safety of you own lives.
We are the only ones in the world who can see this plan through successfully! Let me out!! Let me out! I said let me out of here this instant! You witch! You mad scientist! Settle down! Focus on the screen! Shut up! This damn boring experiment I can't stand to watch this kind of crap anymore! So she's in there Stay calm What a little brat.
Even when I'm being kind, you still complain.
When have you shown me kindness, you old hag? Lucky.
Where do you think you're going!? Come back here.
No way! Who would? You don't scare me with that.
Hey What's going on here!? The brat was giving me trouble.
So I decided to give her a little warning.
Fine but why are you using a pistol!? That's not your concern! Now hurry up and seize her.
What's this!? I wasn't supposed to use this medicine during these tests but It's your own fault.
And I've been so kind to you too.
S stop it! Did they hurt you, Chidori? Sagara-kun!? You Who are you!? I'll be asking the questions.
Talk! What kind of experiment is this? What do you want with this girl? You think I'll tell y Stop it! I'll talk! This experiment was to test whether or not she really is one of the Whispered.
Whispered? What's that? That silent but wild buy will he really be alright? If you're talking about Sousuke, you don't have to worry.
He won't die even if he has to run through a minefield.
No matter how many of them there are.
No, not that.
I was talking about his situation He should be starting a love-love affair with Kaname-chan soon.
What the hell are you talking about? Our priority is saving the passengers, not Kaname Chidori.
We'll see If Kaname-chan was in danger I'd forget my mission and try to be the hero instead You and Sousuke don't think along the same lines.
He will not ignore his duty to this mission and he won't get himself in danger either.
Let's go.
W wait I can't go outside in these clothes.
Just put up with it.
There's no time.
What!? No way! Where are you touching!? Go away! Lecher! Pervert! No, it's not like that.
Will you cut it out? Teacher, are you alright? II'm sorry I was right beside her but now Chidori is Hey, hey has anyone seen Sagara-kun? I haven't seen him in a while How should we know!? This isn't the time for that right now! I I'm.
sorry Kana-chan Get in.
Hurry! Keep your head down.
Man what's going on!? Who are you? Where are we going? What are you planning to do from here!? Give me an explanation! The truth is Ever since I was transferred, I've been following you.
I already knew that! So start explaining all the other weird stuff that's going on! What I know is that you are somehow unique and that some organizations have been trying to use you for their experiments.
O organizations? Experiments? That's right.
So to prevent that from happening, Mithril has sent a soldier to guard you.
Soldier? Mithril? Yes.
I am Sergeant Sagara Sousuke from Mithril.
Call sign: Wurz 7 ID number: B-3128 Y.
you know Sagara-kun I understand that you're some kind of military fanboy but, you see Hold on! Get down.
why!? Because we're going through.
I think I'm dead We're getting out.
The enemy is coming.
This is an Arm Slave? It's an RK-92 Savage.
Wait, you aren't going to Hey! What the hell are you thinking!? Even if you know some military tactics, you're still just a fanboy! I said stop! An amateur like you can't possibly operate that robot! Amateur? I'm not an amateur.
I'm a specialist.
The cockpit is now shut.
Commencing master controls.
Powering main generator.
Increasing main condenser.
Locking all joints.
Releasing propulsion.
Hurry up and let me move already! Manual controls released.
No way That's That's Sagara Sousuke What happened!? It's an intruder! They stole an AS! Chidori, get on.
We're getting off this base.
You want me to get on this? Hurry.
Chidori, hang on tight.
Wait! What about the rest!? We can't just escape by ourselves We are the ones who are in danger.
My comrades will handle the rest.
C comrades? The rescue squad.
Wurz 2, forty seconds until takeoff.
This is Wurz 2, copy that.
Do you copy, Wurz 6? Copy that.
I'll follow ten seconds after you.
Well then, let's go pick up Sousuke's bones.
Idiot! Don't say crap like that! Let's go! Ok let's commence the attack.
Within five minutes It will be an extremely long five minutes, won't it Just hold on a little longer until we've evaded the enemy.
There's no reaction on the sensors.
Where is it? Hot! A grenade? Damn it! Chidori! A dud.
Was it a decoy? Sagara-kun! Don't come any closer! Stay back! It's the student from last time I can't believe that a high school kid would be an agent.
I'm impressed that you even had me fooled.
Well, this is a surprise! You're Kashim?! I hadn't noticed.
You're from Mithril.
How's Karinin doing? Is that coward doing well? How come you are alive? That time, I was saved by the titanium plate in my head.
It wasn't deep, so I survived.
But, I never thought I'd be meeting you again.
This is great It's the best.
I know we have things to catch up on, but we have very little time.
It's my job to check whatever's inside that girl's brain.
It's like looking from buried treasure.
Looking for treasure? Yeah.
That girl carries Black Technology inside her head.
The applied theory for the Lambda drive.
When it's completed, not even nuclear weapons can compare to it's power.
You didn't know, did you? Well I won't tell you anything else.
You can tell the rest of the passengers when you meet them in hell.
See ya.
Sto This is Wurz 6.
Landing complete.
Wurz 7 and the angel are here as well.
Kurz! Kurz? You can't mean Yup, I'm Kurz Weber.
Kaname-chan, how's it going? W why are you also What's that? Did we make it? Sousuke.
Take Kaname and return to the base.
In just a moment the transport planes will be arriving.
You've got five minutes.
Leave this to me.
I'll meet up with you later.
Understood! Be careful with that silver AS.
It's fuselage and operator are something else What's going on? All of a sudden there are explosions everywhere.
Wow! Oh man! It looks just like a training mission.
But it's the real thing! Everyone step away from the windows! Found it.
Everyone remain calm! We are the United Nations rescue squad.
We will not leave anyone behind! There's no need to rush.
Just stay calm and follow our orders! Hang in there.
I'll be alright.
Don't stop! Keep running! Got you! What a fast bastard.
It's already two minutes past the starting time of our attack and the enemy hasn't retaliated yet.
maybe I should use melee weapons instead.
No, he could just be targeting me now.
Damn it! Stop playing around! Keep moving! One of my students has been taken away.
Please let me go look for her! Ms.
Takada, Kaname is getting on another plane.
Aanother plane? You How do you know my student's name? Never mind that! Hurry and get on the plane! Oh, wait! We still don't know where Sagara-kun has gone! Wurz 6, hurry it up.
We're out of time.
He's giving me some trouble.
I'll try and trick him.
It worked! Burn in hell! Wurz 6 still hasn't returned? We have to get Sousuke and Chidori out of here! Wurz 6, come in! Kurz, are you playing around at a time like this? I'll be pissed!