Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e06 Episode Script

Still Alive

SSA:Wait for audio trigger So hot Damn Don't put your finger there! I wonder if Kana-chan is okay.
They said that she's get back on another plane.
Kazama-kun, don't cry.
I understand you're worried about Sagara-kun, but That's not it.
I'm just really happy.
I got to see an M-9 battle from up close, I don't care if I get hit by a bullet and die.
The party's over.
The enemy's main forces are closing in.
Wurz-6 We haven't gotten any word from Kurz yet.
Same with Sousuke and the girl.
This is Tewerz 12.
We just located an M9 wreckage by the northern river.
We think it's Wurz-6's unit.
What? Is the operator safe? The smoke is so thick, we can't confirm it.
Look around! What about Sousuke? I'd like to do that, but We don't have time to search for both Sousuke and Kurz! One minute will be enough, I'll be there too I prohibit the search.
Withdraw immediately.
Major?! Their reinforcements have crossed the bridge.
Their interception units are also on their way.
You'll be wiped out within a minute.
Tewerz-12 Blow the M9 wreckage with everything you have left.
Don't allow them to get hold of even a single screw.
Tewerz-12, Roger.
No! Wurz-2 Dock with the transport helicopter ASAP.
Did you hear me? Wurz-2, Roger.
How useless.
This is how it turns out after using it only once.
Karinin? So he's here too? It's me.
The storage facility guard saw something a little odd What's that? Just a while back, near the west fences he says he saw what looked like two people.
One was a guy and the other a young lady and they both ran off together.
Kashim Sagara-kun Are you really okay? We can't relax There was no other choice than to get away from that base.
That's not what I mean Rain Hey, let's take a break.
Are you hurt anywhere? There should be a small case in the jacket pocket.
Give it to me.
This? Who are these people? They were my comrades 'Were'? Sagara-kun?! That wound I was lucky.
I didn't damage any internal organs or arteries.
Seems like I'll be unable to finish my mission without any big mishaps.
Mission? Let's go.
The enemy is after us.
What's wrong? Hurry up.
The enemy Don't come near me! Are you afraid of me? It's a natural reaction.
When you look at me, I am definitely but this is the only way I can think of to get you back home safely.
I can't guarantee that we'll escapee, but can you trust me? Don't come! Kurz! Yo.
You're late.
Sergeant Major Mao.
You're supposed to be standing by in the hangar.
Please Two hours No, give me one hour.
I'll be back with Sousuke and Kurz by then.
Are you going to put a five-billion dollar ship and 250 passengers in danger for an hour? They are my men.
I am responsible for them.
It's raining outside.
The E.
invisibility mode will be useless.
There is no way to search for them.
I know it's reckless, but Behind this door is the commanders' area.
You're always the same How can you always be so cold! Because I need to be.
You came here to ask how long we can wait, am I right? Right now we can't wait even for a minute The enemy's armed patrol boats are closing in.
You are right.
But, I would like to save Sagara-san and the others Yes.
There is also a possibility that Sergeant Weber is alive as well.
If I'm able to buy us a few minutes after this What kind of plan can you carry out? Will that be possible? It would probably be impossible with an ordinary submarine.
If my thoughts are correct, we'll probably need to use 'it'.
The ARX-7 The Arbalest So it was the silver one.
Yeah, I really can't figure it out.
I got him into close range and pumped him with 57mm's And when I thought I got him, I was the one in pieces Did he use some kind of directive buckshot mine? No, I don't think it was anything like that It was as if he smashed me up with an invisible hammer.
Kurz-kun Okay, that's enough, don't talk anymore.
Once we get through here we should get to the ocean.
Get through if you walk through a place with such a clear view Yeah There's a huge possibility that we'll be located by the enemy.
Then what can we do? Chidori What? I've been thinking all the way here There's still a long way to the coast from here It's impossible for the three of us to get away.
So Kurz and I will remain here and do what we can to get the enemy's attention.
We'll buy you as much time as possible.
You mean Take this tracking device and head for the coast.
There's a limit to the communication range, but if our friends are there, they should reply.
I'm supposed to run away on my own? There's no need to worry.
Our job is to protect you.
You have the right to survive.
I won't! Chidori I said I don't want to! Sagara-kun, you really are an idiot.
You're probably thinking it doesn't matter if you die or something naive like that, aren't you?! Do you think that's "cool"? You don't even think how I feel and just want to satisfy your own ego! I won't be happy AT ALL to get my life saved by some stupid, pessimistic military fanboy like you! Do you understand?! You still don't get it, do you? In other words, why can't you come up with a plan where everyone can be saved? Don't give up so easily.
There is none.
There is no other way.
Think it over! Like for example, start a fire in this area to cause a forest fire.
Then escape while they get caught up in it.
Anyway, there's got to be another way! Chidori, listen I'm an expert.
I analyzed al sorts of situations and chose what I thought was the best way out.
How many times are you going to make me say it! I'm telling you I don't agree with you! No, go! Get out while you can! If I don't go Are you going to shoot me? That's correct.
It's better to die here then to get screwed by their experiments and become a cripple! Sagara-kun You said to believe you a while ago That's why I trusted you.
I thought that as long as you were with me I would be able to endure all this No matter how worn out I get or how much I feel like I'm going to die I thought that I would be able to pull through it all.
So please Don't say depressing things Let's go back together.
Kurz! You were awake? You lose, Sousuke She's saying she doesn't want to.
So your plan won't work.
But I'm all for Kaname-chan's plan.
A forest fire is a excellent idea.
On top of that it stopped raining.
That's just going to give away our position to the enemy.
It's too dangerous! But, what if friendly planes fly by here they might find us from the sky.
This is the enemy's air space! It's impossible! Wait! From above 0248 hours What's wrong? Before our deployment we were shown satellite photo images.
It was an image of their base.
I'm pretty sure that time was yesterday at 1530 hours A spy satellite?! Kaname-chan, you're the best! What what? Spy satellites pass the same area of the earth around every 12 hours.
In other words, in about 40 minutes it'll pass right above us.
But Unless these clouds clear It'll be difficult to confirm our position from the satellite.
We can't say this is the best plan but It's worth a try.
Right? Right.
Where are you going? I'm going to get a supply of oil.
A lighters fire will just be like a spark.
Don't overdo Actually, do overdo it.
You're going alone? yeah, stay here.
Sagara-kun! Promise me That you'll come back? yeah, I promise.
I'll be back for sure.
So you don't know either Yeah We were just ordered to protect you by our superiors.
We're just following our orders.
We weren't informed in any way about the reason they're after you.
I see.
What did they do to you exactly? I don't really know.
They gave me some weird drugs saying it was nutrients They also showed me some videos that didn't make any sense.
Videos? All sorts of characters were interchanging like the fundamental principals for the intervertebral disk damper Like the reactants in the Parasium Reactor The cloaking mechanism for the E.
hasn't been perfected either.
The laser screen launch system creates a large burden causing a buildup of ozone.
Why do you know about that?! Did I just say something? The names of AS equipment Only government officials know about the E.
system's weaknesses.
Even if you tell me that Where did you gain such knowledge?! I don't know They should all be words that I don't know.
I don't know why, but i know it I knew it before I was even born That's right it was knowledge called 'Black Technology'.
Ka Kaname?! Are you okay? What was I I I guess I'm a dangerous person.
Listen, Kaname.
We're going to stop thinking about this issue.
Just forget everything you just Are you okay? Are you hurting? Look at me I can't even move at a crucial time like this How pathetic That's not true, you're great.
Damnit, if I had a little more strength If you did If I did have Did it go well? I don't know.
I hope they notice the sign.
There was only a slight chance of Kurz, get a grip.
Are you okay? He's probably fine.
That kind of person lives long.
What happened? Say If If we get back safely What are you going to do Sagara-kun? I'll be carrying out my new mission.
So you're going to be sent off elsewhere? You're not going to be coming to school anymore? Probably.
My role as a student at that school will get in the way of other missions.
I'll just never show myself in front of you people.
I see.
They found us.
They figured it out.
It was only a matter of time.
I guess this is it Seems like it.
I've seen a movie that was like this They were just like you guys The wanted perverted guy and the playboy They went from the western US all the way to South America and they just kept running.
In the end they get surrounded by the enemy I saw that movie too.
Wasn't the girl kind to the playboy? And? What happened to them in the end I don't know The movie ends as they jump out firing their guns.
I see.
In old movies the main characters can die easily.
That's not fair, is it Movies should all have a happy end Yeah, I guess this is reality Well? Should we try and make a nice last scene? Yeah.
Let's make it a scene that'll make people cry.
Sorry, I guess I won't be able to go back with you.
I don't regret anything.
I'm glad that I met you.
Alright then Shall we go? Wait! That's An M-9? No It's not! Sagara-kun! Who's operating it?! Is it Mao? Voice confirmations activated.
Full Name.
Identification number Sergeant Sagara Sousuke B-3128 Registration complete.
Confirmed: Sergeant Sagara.
Orders please.
Close hatch.
Commence adjustments for Mode-4.
5 degrees bilateral Understood.
Sergeant Sagara This recording plays if you successfully made contact with this ARX Arbalest.
Arbalest Currently the de Danann is speeding towards the coast.
We plan on sweeping the coast and escaping full speed with you.
One minute from 0430 hours We'll be surfacing just off the coast.
Somehow make it to the indicated position by that time.
Furthermore, the AI's call sign is AI This is an important prototype, so make sure you bring it back safely.
That is all, good luck.
Enemy AS approaching.
They're coming.
Your name is AI, isn't it? Yes, Sergeant We'll take care of them in a minute! Roger.