Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e09 Episode Script

Dangerous Safe House

SSA:Wait for audio trigger Kugayama Takuma-kun Home stay? No, short term foreign exchange.
I see by yourself? Yes.
Your necktie is messed up.
Weren't your parents worried? No, they trust me.
Who cares! Fix your necktie! Go ahead.
What? I said you can go ahead.
Hurry up and fix it! It's pissing me off! What about your necktie? What? What are you saying? This guy is annoying! He's talking down to me! Sister! Hey you! Are you alright? Target location identified.
Enemy forces are spread out on a 2.
4 kilometer radius approximately.
Battle stations, nine.
Tanks, three.
I will take out the vehicles in blocks B and C with Wurz 7.
Wurz 6, take out the soldiers and cover our backs.
Don't hurt them now.
Come on girl.
This is my first battle back in the lines.
Don't I get a piece of the action? People who are still hurt should know their role and stay back.
Wurz 7, got it? Wurz 7, affirmative.
Releasing ECS.
Go! There's no use in running.
Surrender at once! Wrong target? Yes, ma'am.
There was no presence of the terrorist group known as A21.
I see.
I'm sorry I made you waste your effort for nothing.
Don't worry.
It's not your fault.
Then, please return as planned.
We'll be waiting for you.
It happens frequently.
We cannot have it happen frequently.
This A21 terrorist group Posses Soviet-made AS mechs and weapons.
Line G1.
It's from lieutenant Commander Karinin.
Patch it through.
Good morning, Captain.
One of the members from the terrorist group A21 I have received information that he was arrested at Narita Airport.
Is that true? Yes.
And the boy that was arrested Seems to be emitting "that" response.
You mean That boy may have the power to initiate the lambda driver the possibility is high There's not one Japanese person here.
Another false lead.
Damn it.
Well, there's nothing we can do about it.
Let's get to the rendezvous point.
What's wrong Sousuke? I forgot.
Wh what? Don't tell me you forgot to encode our radio messages or No.
I was supposed to meet someone.
It was yesterday, at 1990.
The person must be angry.
Meet who? I'm not very good at Japanese history.
Batter out.
All right! Wow, Kana-chan! Three pitches for each one! I'm just too good.
But don't you think you're a little to serious About a softball game for class? Did something happen with Sagara-kun? I remember you saying you were going to teach him some history.
Did he do something again? No, no.
Of course there was nothing.
Really, there wasn't.
Because that bastard didn't even show up.
No, really there wasn't! Kaname, you're up to bat.
Sousuke Stupid IDIOT! That's gone.
So Sousuke! I guess I'll just be marked tardy for second period.
Good thing I flew back quickly from South Shinkai.
You Chidori What is it? About yesterday.
Are you angry? Of course not.
I'm not angry at all! I don't mind at all! That's good to hear.
Something important came up, and I just forgot.
You forgot?! Kana-chan.
You brainless fool! Touch out.
Wow this is amazing! Looks good! The dashimaki taste great.
I get the cream korokke! Eat up, eat up! I accidentally made too much last night.
Sagara-kun, some here! Kana-chan made this for Sagara-kun.
No I didn't! What do you want? It's annoying when you just stand there.
Sousuke? Please take this.
I made them make it specially for you.
For me? Wow, cute earrings! That bracelet looks expensive.
Let me see, let me see.
Wow I don't think I can wear this cute design.
Whether it looks good on you or not is not the problem.
I made it for practical use.
Practical use? By placing the flashbangs on your ears, you can easily access them in case you are attacked.
The enemies won't recognize it's for self-defense because of the design.
In the future, when I can't be by your side, use those to defend yourself.
When you can't I see.
Thanks a lot! About the bracelet We've been waiting for you, Captain.
How is security here? Two groups, 60 members are always on alert.
Even then, since it is a very secretive institution And not many know of this place.
Also, the fact that he has been transported here, is also confidential.
What happened? He attacked an officer at Narita And almost choked him to death.
Him? Yes.
Even after we restrained him, he was very agitated.
When we tested him for drugs, we received a TI971 reaction.
That's why I was called in.
Since he is under custody of the Japanese government We had no choice but to ask you to come here.
The boy, Kugayama Takuma may have experience with initializing the lambda driver And if he has been successful or not You are the only one that can judge that for us, Captain.
This boy experiences unbalanced moods as well as memory blocks Side effects which correspond with earlier members.
I read the specific numbers while I was coming here But I couldn't find anything decisive.
Captain, are you alright? I'm alright.
If we plan to thoroughly examine him We will need a compact NILS system to examine his responses.
But he is one of them.
This is just what I feel though.
So he is If that is the case Then there should be a weapon that allows him to use the lambda driver How could they Captain, please stay away from the windows.
Their target is Takuma.
We have to move him from here.
I cannot agree with you, Captain.
Why is that? With only our forces, we barely have enough to protect you.
That AS is It can't be.
A Savage! Captain! Seina, where's Takuma? He's not here.
That can't be It seems they have moved him.
What about the transmitter on him? Damn.
It's out of range.
It's going to take time to find him.
Find him.
Right now.
In order to move that devil We need Takuma no matter what.
Seina, there's an injured one here.
If it's security, kill him.
Well he doesn't He doesn't look like he's from this lab.
What should we do Seina? Who are you? I am your enemy.
How long are you going to follow me? No, it's just that my place is also in this direction.
Of course I know that! I apologized about how I broke my promise.
You said to me that you weren't angry anymore.
For safety in the future I think it would be beneficial if we both got back to normal terms again.
Normal terms? What terms? You and I are just classmates.
I have a duty, to protect you.
You duty? You mean your work comes before anything else.
Of course Your missions always come first, you war-obsessed idiot.
I'm not telling you to fix that! At least stay out of my sight when you fight, or get in trouble, or blow up or whatever!! Chidori I I hate you! Can't he at least apologize normally? That idiot! Which one is the idiot I hate you! Sagara-san.
I'm glad.
Captain If you were an enemy, I thought it was over.
I'm not that good with weapons What's going on? Who is this man? Please don't let him escape.
He is um That was close.
The sedatives must have worn off.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So, you stole the vehicle from the lab, and you escaped.
I knew where to get the spare key from Melissa.
But because I was indecisive, Karinin I'm no good.
I'm useless when I am on land.
No, the lieutenant Commander did his job.
And it's not decided that he is dead yet.
He must be alive, I presume.
But When I first met him He and I were enemies.
To fight such an intelligent and difficult soldier I have never experienced before.
Enemies? I can conclude It is almost impossible to kill him.
That's an odd way to comfort someone.
Is it? You're just like Melissa said.
I have never talked to you like this in person before.
Did you know? You and I are the same age.
Yes, I've heard that before.
If we held our hands and walked together we would look like a couple, don't you think? Um that is an honor.
I think you should relax a little more.
If you act all rigid like that, it troubles me too.
This isn't an order.
Think of it as a friend asking for a favor.
Yes! If that is your order.
Can I use your bathroom? Work, work.
This is Wurz 7, we have an emergency.
Are you hungry? No.
You seem to understand my language.
Of course I do Sagara Sousuke-san.
Chidori What's wrong? About um earlier You know how I can get a little stubborn sometimes So I don't know how to put it but I'm sorry.
No, I'm the one always troubling you.
If you apologize, I don't know what else I can do.
Will you forgive me? There's no need to.
I am the one at fault.
Really? Thank you.
Oh, so I still have some leftovers from yesterday.
I brought it over, do you want some? Let me use your kitchen.
I'll warm it up for you.
That's Did you already eat? No not yet.
Then let's eat together.
Can I come in? No.
I really appreciate your feelings What? I have a very complicated and intricate situation here.
This will take a long time to explain and I'm not sure if you will accept my explanation.
What are you saying? Sagara-san.
Do you have a T-shirt or anything?