Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e10 Episode Script

Run, Running, Ran

SSA:Wait for audio trigger Sousuke you IDIOT! Captain! Sagara-san I'm so glad Run, Running, Ran Good evening.
Good evening.
Here, you two have this together.
What a cute girlfriend you have.
Sorry for disturbing you.
Chidori, you've misunderstood.
Sorry, for unknowingly sticking my nose where it's unwanted.
I'm sure I must have inconvenienced you.
That's not the case.
It's okay, don't worry about it.
I'm not angry, I just feel bad about what I did to you.
Chidori You're Chidori Kaname-san right? So in other words, a terrorist organization called A21 is chasing after you, and these terrorists want that boy called Takuma.
Yes that's it exactly.
And you're saying this girl here is your superior, the Captain.
That is the case.
Umm Testarossa-san? I'm Teresa Testarossa, my friends call me Tessa.
How old are you? I'm sixteen.
Listen, I watch all the movies, and Captains are unfriendly old men with beards! Girls like this are, at most, underling A, who reads transmissions out loud.
But it is the truth.
I won't umm say anything about the relationship between you and her, BUT! There is such a thing as morals! Do people normally tell an obvious lie like this!? Captain captain! Oh! That's me isn't it!? What is it? I'd like to have the Captain explain to her as well.
Ohh umm I am the assault submarine was it? Captain and, I'm a major and, I'm Sousuke's superior right? Yes, it's true Kaname-san! C-Captain Something wrong Sergeant Sagara? You're awake I see.
What do you want? I'd like to talk to you.
Do you think you can get information out of me? Not really.
With that injury, even if we interrogated you, you'd probably die before leaking any information.
Then why did you save me? I told you.
I wanted to talk to you.
Besides, it's not important who you people are.
How can you say that? Because it doesn't seem like you organization is affiliated with this nation.
Organizations who operate without consolidation are hardly a threat to us; even if each individual is capable.
You seem to be a capable leader as well.
Really? I know someone who's even more capable.
I get it.
I am a very patient person, so if you say so, I'll pretend that is the case.
You! You've been smirking this entire time, and it's irritating me to no end! I'm sorry, Chidori Kaname-san.
What a brat.
I'd like to see who your parents are.
They must have pampered you immensely in raising you.
Are you angry? "Don't make fun of my mommy!" is it? I have no mother.
What a coincidence, neither do I, or Sousuke over there.
Did you perhaps think that you were the only person in the world like that? Not exactly, but not too far from the truth, I see.
Of course, you've got suck a pampered little face.
W-What is it with this guy? Captain! What is it? This.
It's a transmitter.
Transmitter? It's the type that broad casts a signal once every few minutes, to reveal it's location.
Stay away from the windows and the door.
Captain, shall we remove it? I have scalpels and anesthetics.
Yes, that may be our only choice.
But I have no surgical experience.
Then I will.
Umm I don't know much but all you have to do is break the transmitter right? Stay back, I'm busy.
Why don't you use that? Just a few seconds should do it.
Okay, then let's try five seconds.
Are you ready? If it's precise machinery, that should've done it.
I've never heard of such a violent way of doing it.
But it did the job right? Don't let your guard down yet.
As soon as the enemy realizes that the transmitter has been neutralized, they will move in.
We must leave this place immediately.
But if they know of this location, the front entrance is probably monitored.
Okay, okay.
Then you two happily go wherever you wish together.
I'm going home now.
You can't.
The enemy will target you as well.
Why? I'm not involved.
Yes, but sorry.
We completely got you involved.
Leave me alone, all you have to do is protect your girlfriend.
Chidori-san, his story is true.
But earlier you! My joke went overboard.
It may be hard to believe but, I am his superior.
Please, some with us.
Fine, I'll go with you.
Happy? This is Sagara-san's high school? It's not far from the safe house, and it won't get anyone else involved.
I thought it was the best place.
And? How long do we have to wait here? I contacted them through the satellite communicator earlier.
Mao and the others should arrive within two hours.
My allies will come here before then.
It's the same no matter where you hide.
We broke the transmitter already.
With a microwave.
Oh well.
Who are you going to call? They're going to reveal whether the heroine's going to recover or not, so I can't miss it! Don't tell her where you are.
I can watch it on the TV in this room you know? But that may reveal to someone outside that we're in here.
I was paying attention to your needs.
I, who wasn't involved, but became so thanks to you.
Thinking that you're in charge whenever there's an emergency, it's the worst habit that you have.
Fix it.
Oh, Kyoko? It's me? Umm, I need to ask a favor.
Does she yell at you like this all the time? Umm, it's not like this all the time She brought you dinner and everything, I thought things were going better That is not the case at all.
The truth is that we are on our way to establishing a relationship of trust Great.
You seem very confident.
My friends won't give up just because you broke the transmitter.
So long as you have me with you, you will be targeted by my comrades constantly.
This is another solution.
You'll kill me? If there's the need to.
You can't Sagara-san! This is the most logical solution.
That's I think so But that'll make us the same as them.
It'll defeat the purpose of making an organization like this, and doing the things we are doing.
Sagara-san! Am I being too lenient? No.
You should thank her.
Did you think I would feel grateful for something like this? That's not why I stopped him.
What pointless self-gratification.
You try to place yourself above others through things like that? Feel free to think of it that way.
What are you talking about? It doesn't concern you.
What are you doing!? It wasn't on purpose.
It was an accident.
Have you ever heard the name "Takechi Seiji"? No.
He's a Japanese mercenary who traveled disputed areas from all around the world.
When he returned, he started a welfare organization.
The organization was called A21.
The goal was the rehabilitation of delinquent youths.
More specifically, the children at Fudatsuki who committed the atrocity.
He gathered worthless people like that, tossed them onto a deserted island that he bought, and crammed survival knowledge and combat knowledge into them through a strict curriculum.
We learned how to survive and win battles in a place without food, much less electricity or plumbing from him.
And obtained a treasure called confidence.
By the time we realized that we no longer had to depend on crimes we were happy.
But society didn't think so.
Hey, aren't they here yet? Did you say this was Jindai High School? What about it? Nothing.
I just thought I'd ask.
Takuma-san , do you have any family? An older sister.
What kind of person is your older sister? What's it to you? My family is irrelevant to interrogation.
It's not an interrogation.
I was just curious as to what kind of a person you are.
We're going through all this trouble because of you, the least you can do is converse with me.
I have an older brother.
We're separated now, but I was able to give an exact solution to Einstein's nonlinear differential equations on mass-energy conversion at the age of six, but my brother was able to do it at the age of four.
Is that impressive? Yes.
I always felt inferior to my brother.
And? How did you interact with such a brother? The closest expression would be "protected by" I guess.
It probably wasn't the healthiest of relationships.
Do you feel inferior to your sister as well? What!? I can kinda tell.
Instinct amongst people who are alike I guess.
Yes, it may be a feeling of inferiority.
I admire my sister.
That's the first time you've spoken of yourself to us.
One day, a TV station came upon the content of our training.
They forced themselves onto the island, messed around with the equipment and caused an accident.
Then everything got torn apart.
They ignored the cause of the accident, and flooded us with the press.
A21 was claimed to be a terrorist organization, and the training camp was shut down.
The pasts of all the students were exposed, including mine Revenge? I want to fill this city full of peaceful morons with our color.
If you call that revenge, then you're absolutely right.
To completely destroy, and consume the city in the flames of fear.
That is my wish.
Where are you going? That's not something you ask a lady.
What are you talking about? The bathroom! I'm going to the bathroom! Oh, I'll go too.
Just in case, I will Don't come! Really, he has no tact at all.
Unbelievable! This is really creepy.
This school has a lot of scary stories actually.
Incredible episodes like that of the monster Shrimpfin boy.
Wh-What kind of story is it? Well, it's like this.
He's a pervert! Well? Scared? Oh, Goodness, if someone like that were to appear, I'd just die.
U-Umm, Chidori-san don't leave yet.
Well, what should I do? They're late.
I guess you found out.
Why you! Would you like to answer that? We've taken custody of two women.
If you want them back, take him and move outside immediately.
Yes, I picked it then.
And then, secretly called my friends and told them where we were.
This is Jindai High School right? It was a clever play don't you think? Don't do anything suspicious! I understand.
State you procedures! We'll release one of the women, you uncuff him.
Fine! Who shall we release first? The one freed first will be far safer than the one freed later.
But the one freed later will be in danger.
Don't worry, you're a civilian, your safety is prioritized.
I should prioritize Chidori's life since the's not a member of Mythril.
But if there is combat, will the left over captain be able to run to safety? With her athletic capability, wouldn't her chances of survival be incredibly low unless she is freed first? No.
It may be impossible.
Chidori What is it? Hurry up! Release the Caucasian woman first! Leave the Japanese woman for later! Chidori-san does seem more athletic.
Testarossa-san is Stay quiet.
Captain, please stay behind me.
This is an insult Sergeant Sagara.
Did you think I would not be prepared for a time like this? Lecture me later please.
Now make him walk! I'll throw a grenade.
When I give you the signal, please run towards the school building.
You're telling me to hide in fear, alone!? It may be dangerous unless you do so.
I can't do that, leaving a civilian alone! Captain! Now! Chidori! Run! Why you! You're not getting away! Stop it Chidori! Run! I will! Captain! Leave him alone, we have to run! Why did you come back? He's gotta be dead.
There's no need to mourn, you two will W-Wait! You can't kill them! What? This person is no it's nothing.
We have them in custody.
What!? But.
okay I understand.
Seina says not to kill them.
We'll take them with us.