Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e11 Episode Script

Behemoth Awakening

SSA:Wait for audio trigger You're okay, right Sousuke.
Behemoth Awakens ChidoriCaptain You're lateif you were just ten minutes earlier This is Gale 9 to Wurz 7.
The present is here.
Wurz 7, roger that.
And where are my cute girls? How do you feel? Do I look like I'm ok? You're not going to die or anything.
You look like a gentleman, but you're very tough.
You're right.
Unlike Takeshi Seiji, I'm tough enough not to hang myself.
You're calling him a coward? That's up to you.
Your teacher Takeshi Seiji, exists only within you.
Your actions are determined by what his truth is.
That's all.
You're quite peculiar.
You're more of a priest than a warrior.
I'm sure you'd look great with a bible.
That's an appealing job to transfer to.
Too bad.
What? If I had met you earlier It's not too late yet.
You were my enemy from the very beginning.
The only reason I didn't kill you was a sudden whim.
Once I find out how much you know about the Lambda Driver, I have no further need for you.
I won't tell you anything.
Then I will try asking Chidori Kaname and Teresa Testarossa's bodies.
Right before your eyes.
Hey, hey, that's destruction of public property.
What's it to you? That truck is Say no more, call it "borrowing".
Don't break it, we're giving it back later.
Why are there so many useless signs in Tokyo? I think it's better than Hong Kong.
Hmph! If I was told to operate an M9 in a place like that, I'd run away.
I may have been an idiot.
About choosing Tessa first? Yeah, you're an idiot.
It's surprisingly irritating when you're the one saying it.
Who would you have chosen? Hmmlet's see.
I probably would've chosen the girl I like.
A kind girl who accepts my hot passionate love.
That's important! That's nonsense! It's not a matter of likes and dislikes.
I chose the most effective That's why you're an idiot.
You have to follow your instincts at a time like that.
You can't calculate love.
I shouldn't have bothered.
Hey, hey, the two of you up there.
We don't have time.
Figure out the shortest route that'll get us to Aomi harbor.
About thatare you sure the information is reliable? Intelligence took a look into police headquarters.
There's supposedly a driver headed towards Aomi harbor who seems to really want to lose his license.
Chidori has a bracelet with a transmitter inside.
We should be able to figure out her exact location once we arrive there.
Fine, fine.
Look in the glove compartment.
There should be a map in there.
Transmission to all RPCs.
This is the Police Headquarters Internet Crime Division.
At 22:52 today, we detected someone hacking into our system.
The hacker seemed to want information on a specific case.
We will hold inspections at Sister! It was horrible! Sister Why didn't you take your pills on the plane? Sorry I spilled them in the bathroom They were so gross, I threw them away.
Because of that, you were captured, and we had to go through a lot of trouble to get you back.
But they were really gross.
So what? Sorry But I'm glad I was worried.
Sister Hey, isn't there another way? This is the shortest path.
We'll lose at least 25 minutes if we went around Aritake.
If we went through Ginza, you'd probably crush a taxi waiting for customers around Kabuki city.
Chidori-san What is it? Being around you really upsets my pace.
I did many stupid things this time that I normally would not do.
I troubled my subordinate through a little prank.
I tried to engage in a meaningless action.
Action? What are you talking about? In the school yard, I ignored Sergeant Sagara's orders and ran to you.
I've never undertaken such a stupid action before in my life.
I did something foolish in trying to save you and was an idiot.
Ohis that itwhy? That's Aren't you scared? I don't know.
I'm scared of course, but When something like that happens to me, I feel like resisting.
Resisting? Yup, people that come at me trying to get me downthe enemy.
Not just those guys with guns, there are enemies in normal life too.
When enemies like that come at you, you have to do something.
I think I'm treating this entire thing like that.
Really? Really.
Don't be holding a road inspection at a time like this What will we do? Break through! I'll help you out.
No don't! Don't do anything crazy! Hey, stop! Can you lose them? Ask this piece of crap.
This is RPC 6.
Following truck that ran through an inspection.
This is headquarters, understood.
This is back from when I was in Jr.
I was a child coming back to Japan from abroad, and maybe it's because I had this habit of saying anything that came to mind.
Everyone around me was disgusted by me.
I think I was wrong, but what they did was low too.
It was the worst.
I wanted to die sometimes.
You fought against that as well? Yup, but it didn't happen anymore after I entered high school though.
Now, if only Sousuke would calm down, everything would be fine.
Sagara-san was troubling you that much?! Oh it's horrible.
He has no common sense at all.
I understand that he means well, but that just makes things worse.
He's a klutz, but serious, and I just can't leave him alone.
He is a strange person.
Yup, very strange.
Come out.
Follow me.
Karinin-san! Who? You don't want them to die do you? What is your affiliation? You can't tell them Karinin-san.
That's for me to decide, Testarossa-kun.
Since when were you able to order me around? I'm going to shoot.
How much do you know about the Lambda Driver? Counter-methods? Fine! I'll tell you.
Come here.
What?! Information on the Lambda Driver is top secret.
I can't let them hear it, even if they are my subordinates.
It's no fun to have a man whisper to me.
I did something stupid again.
My apologies.
Though the situation required it, I was too disrespectful.
Not at all.
Chidori Kaname-kun.
yes? You've taken good care of my subordinate.
I thank you for it.
Ohthanks, but I just met Tessa.
That's not it.
Kaname-san, the subordinate he's referring to is Sagara-san.
Huh? But She's not my subordinate.
She's my superior.
Let us go Captain.
Further information from Intelligence.
The ship we're headed toward is the George Clinton.
It's a tanker.
Sousuke, confirm that.
The source isthat! Wurz 2, we have the George Clinton in our sights.
Awaiting instructions.
Wurz 6 and 7 are to enter the target and rescue the hostages.
I will support you from outside the tanker.
Hang on.
Don't bite your tongue.
Disable ECS! Understood.
It's an AS! This is RPC 3! An unidentified AS is assaulting a tanker at harbor 3! Requesting reinforcements Moron! That's an AS! No reinforcements we send will do any good.
Main Headquarters.
Emergency request for reinforcements! It's an emergency! Request for reinforcements! Understood.
Make sure that the tanker is safe until reinforcements arrive.
This is Marushiro.
We are coming to your aid.
The second air squadron is about to land.
The call-sign is WAS1.
This is Haneda Air Control.
All passenger flights currently in the air are to land at Narita.
I repeat.
This is Haneda Air Control.
All passenger flights Hey1 Aren't we going further and further down? Yes, we can't just run away.
There's something we need to check.
These are cables to operate a large gas turbine used in electrical generators.
They're doing something at the bottom of this ship.
Something? I'm not sure, but it's not child's play at the very least.
Though a child who believes he's an adult may sometimes create rather unique results.
Emergency call.
This is Tokyo control.
To all airlines, now Haneda had been shut off by JSDF Support.
So we want to turn off to Narita at Kisarazu Marker.
what is this? It's nonsense.
If something like this was to activate, there's nothing we could do.
Many people would die.
Just what is it? It's my toy.
Isn't it cool? It's called Behemoth.
This is WAS1.
Ichigaya, are the skies clear? This is Ichigaya, all flights have been diverted to Narita.
They're totally clear right now.
To all WCAs, we will now enter assault formation.
Begin descending clockwise about the Ferris wheel.
When I heard the gunshots, it came to me.
You would definitely come here.
I'll take that as a compliment.
You people are crazy! You can't activate something like this! We're terrorists.
That's why, Testarossa-san.
I personally don't want to gain anything through this.
It's just an expression, a declaration.
That's all.
In only a year, I'm sure most people will forget about this.
Like Takechi Seiji? Yup.
But the future doesn't matter.
I am a chosen warrior.
Once I board the Behemoth, it'll become invincible.
I'm going to break many, and kill many.
If I do so, my sister will be happy and I'll be satisfied.
Stop it Takuma! You can still turn back now.
Don't call me Takuma! My sister is the only one who can call me that.
You're too late, Testarossa-san.
I rather liked you.
Butthis is good bye.
What was that? What just blew up? It has started.
Takuma, board the Behemoth now.
Sousuke! Sergeant Sagara.
Watch out! Takuma! Chidori! I was worried! Sorry.
I was scared! Sorry for that too.
Idiot! Hey hey, what about what I did? Good job.
Board it already.
Sister, I'm injured.
Don't whine and cry over a scratch like that.
But it hurts.
Of what value are you, if you don't operate this? If you're going to run away You're unnecessary! This is bad.
This is not good.
We have to escape.
Let's go outside.
Takuma! You can't move that! You'll get possessed by it! SisterI understand.
Behemoth submerging due to weight.
Please activate the Lambda Driver.
I'll be going.
Please watch me.
This will make you happy, right? Lambda Driver, first function has been activated.
Good byesister.
Altitude control, cannot maintain level.
Escape with the Captain and Chidori-kun, hurry! Understood.
What about you Lieutenant? I don't die easily.
Karinin-san! We're escaping.
Is that the target? I don't know.
Where's the AS?!