Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e12 Episode Script

One Night Stand

SSA:Wait for audio trigger One Night Stand Let's go Karinin-san! That old guy wouldn't die if the world ended! What's that?! It's the army's Type 96! What's this!? Sister! Melissa! I'm stuck! Melissa! Try to hit the eject button with your knife! Right now you're Melissa! Lambda Driver, Function B Alright, let's try this then.
Shield Yes a shield.
Lambda Driver.
It's futile! I realized too late the feeling I had for you I'm slow, aren't I Testarossa-san? If only I had killed Takuma when I had the chance The enemy would've given up on activating the Behemoth and and I give up if I can't have it no one will.
Damn! Tessa, get in the truck! Sousuke help me push! Understood! I'll leave the driving to you Sousuke! Captain! Captain! Captain! Instructions!? We have to do something about the behemoth, you orders? No one can get away from me! No one can stop me! Captain, I'm glad you're safe.
Maducas-san, where is the ship right now? We're about 120 km south of the mainland.
That's too far away.
We're too far out of range for them to attempt to rescue us using the emergency rescue boosters.
Captain! Use a transport missile and launch the arbalest! That's impossible! It'll take at least an hour to get it ready! Do you have any idea how much havoc that Behemoth will wreak in one hour? It can't be done.
There's nothing I can do Captain, do you need to arbalest? Yes.
Immediately? Yes.
Then we'll launch it.
What did you say? Well, I kind of went behind your back And made it so that within three minutes the transport missile containing the arbalest will be available for launch.
If should reach your location six minutes after launch.
Maducas-san! My apologies.
I will accept any punishment that you deem necessary.
No! You did well! Please launch immediately.
Yes, Captain! And the destination? You can't sent it here, the giant will just blow it out of the sky.
We need someplace that is isolated Somewhere that we can buy a few seconds needed for the operator to board after landing.
Someplace that would provide cover would be best.
But anywhere near the city is out of the question, we'll injure too many civilians.
Some place dark and secluded.
It should be someplace high up too.
The best place.
a place where the Arbalest can use all of it's abilities.
Where is it? There! Launch! It's following us.
It's going to shoot, cut left when I tell you to.
Got it.
Wait for it Now!! This truck can't handle another round from that thing.
Sagara, drive straight.
What are you going to do? I'm going to pop him one.
Straight no matter what and stay at a constant speed too, got it? Understood! What are you going to do? Quiet Kaname-chan You'll see in a second.
Yeah come on, aim for us, you damned bastard! Alert! Right side of head has taken damage.
Danger of explosion, How dare you damage my Behemoth! Vulcans on the right side of the head are no longer operational.
Kurtz-kun, that was incredible! You expected less? I totally thought you were a weakling with a big mouth! Don't let your guard down just yet! Was the Behemoth activated? Yeah You win.
Though it doesn't matter anymore It's impossible to destroy it It has enough power to go for 40 hours.
Until then, no one can stop it.
Then it's up to Takuma I feel sorry for him His memory had been corrupted and now he thinks I am the sister he killed.
and I used him.
I've never had any family.
I've always been alone.
Why aren't you asking me? What? The reason I didn't kill you.
I could probably guess.
I hate people who talk like that, like they can read my mind.
They make me sick.
Sorry I've always hated you At least tell me your name.
Andrei Serenovitch Karinin.
What a strange name Damnit.
I almost died.
A friend? Yeah.
something like that Faster! Faster! If you've got the time to talk, you've got time to fire at him again.
That's impossible when you're driving like this.
Over there! That Do you see that? Crap, it's clearly visible.
If got taken down No, not yet.
It will take more than that to damage the unit.
Chidori! Yeah? Drive! I'm a high school student! Damnit! Gimmie! Turn here Kaname! Don't step on the brake! It's all over if we stop! Damnit! I don't give a damn anymore! This is Wurz Six to Seven.
This is Wurz Seven.
What the hell are you doing!? The release lever is on the floor side.
I can't open the capsule.
What!? So you can't crack the egg shell!? Affirmative.
You idiot! It's all your fault if we're turned into scrambled eggs! I'll haunt you and your children! Let me try to blow it open with my last grenade.
Accelerate! I know! Inside! Inside! Break through the shutters! Tessa! What is this? I've been here before Let's go Kaname! Lambda driver Function A growing weaker.
Disruption in mental flow detected.
Oh no, I have to concentrate.
Where is Sagara Sousuke? I have no idea you idiot.
Go ask your sister! Where is that bastard!? You asked for me? Toying with your prey, that's what a third rate pilot does.
What!? I'll fight you, come on over.
My pleasure! They didn't get through!? Sousuke! What is it Kaname-chan? W-w what C-cold H-heal Kaname-san.
Please! Tell him! Use the Lambda Driver to destroy one of the giant's coolant systems.
Hurry! Al.
Yes Sergeant? This unit has the Lambda Driver Is that right? Affirmative.
Assuming that the enemy has a lambda driver Is there any way to fight it? Unknown.
As the field commander, I am filing a request for information.
Request received, but unknown.
Concentrate! Focus! Damage to right ankle joint.
Sousuke! Can you hear me? Chidori? Listen up.
I don't really understand but The coolant devices for the lambda driver should be where its legs meet its body.
And? Attack that location probably.
Probably!? That's all I know! Also, a normal attack won't do You're going to have to use the lambda driver.
That unit has them, right? Is this an order from the captain? Are you talking about Tessa? Umm, sure, let's just say that it is.
What's with the uncertain Chidori! Don't panic.
Don't think it's futile.
The bullet that I'm about to shoot will penetrate its shield.
Believe it so.
Yes! Just like before! Die! It's a thin and long slit! The left or right one.
Either one is fine! Concentrate! It'll hit, It'll definitely hit! I'll destroy it! Die! Lambda drivers have stopped functioning.
Restoration impossible.
Behemoth will now collapse due to gravitational stress.
I lost sister why? You didn't lose.
Things like this just happen.
That's so unfair.
You're right.
It is unfair.
I don't have anything anymore.
It's okay Takuma, I'm here.
Sister I'll always be by your side.
Really? Yes.
Sleep in peace.
Sorry Good job Webber-san.
Excellent work as always.
Oh! Don't mention it! Good job Sagara-san.
It's nothing Captain.
This unit is your from now.
Take care of it.
Understood! And Kaname-san I need to especially thank you.
Then, I'd like you to explain some things to me.
Okay, on another day.
I'm too tired right now.
But there is one thing I'd like to say to you.
Me? Sergeant Sagara, please cut off all of your external sensors.
That's an order.
What are yo I, umm think I've fallen in love with him.
U-Umm I I wish us both luck, Kaname-san.
Tessa and Sagara!? I'm so happy! Tessa and Sagara! Tessa and Sagara! Red bean rice for tonight! Shall we head back then? I want to check up on Karinin.