Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e13 Episode Script

A Cat and a Kitten's Rock & Roll

SSA:Wait for audio trigger The Cat and Kitten's Rock n' Roll The corrosion in the particle torque screws is far greater than we had expected.
Expectations and hopes are constantly destroyed.
Tuatha De Daanan is performing far better than anticipated, I believe.
Hey, welcome back.
I'm visiting if you don't mind.
I thought it smelled like cigarettes I'm running the vents.
If the cleaning lady who likes to spread rumors saw this, what would she think? Drinking alcohol like water and smoking cigarettes I do not want to be thought of like that! What is that? Are you talking about me? Who else would I be talking about besides you? That's pretty arrogant.
So according to girls like Testarossa If women drink and smoke, then they're considered debauched? Would you please not use words like those? It's like something out of a B-grade gang movie.
What are you saying? You're like the head of a gang right here.
That's discourteous! I work day and night so our organization is not seen so stereotypically! But if low-ranking subordinates like you act irresponsibly Low rank? Low ranked? You have some nerve saying crap like that! That sort of cheap pride is for losers.
Please have at least some dignity when you act.
Look at you, talking like an elitist! You can't do anything else besides lying on the bottom of the sea and giving orders.
That's an insult! You don't know anything about my job! Of course, if my brain were made of pure muscle like a marine's as in your case Shut up! Why don't you come out and stand in front of the bullets once in a while! Relying on the advanced capabilities of the M9 doesn't make you a hero! Better than not being able to pilot an AS at all.
Of course I can pilot one.
But I choose not to.
So that's how it is.
You just act on instinct and are unable to fully utilize the M9's capabilities I can perform far, far better than you at piloting it.
Damn kid Then prove it.
What? If you like to talk so much, why don't we have an AS duel.
If I lose I'll walk around the base naked.
Naked? Well for you, I guess you can stop at your underwear.
I accept.
Let's prove this using the AS.
I will correct your misguided notions.
If I lose, I'll walk around naked or whatever.
Damn Melissa I hate her! Additional equipment, paint bullets, training ATDs, and training blades have been checked out.
Teresa Testarossa.
Don't run away, the loser will have to walk around the base naked.
Naked? Tessa-chan? Or don't tell me babe? Do you have something against that? That mild mannered captain is Will you accept? Of course I will.
She's gone this far to prepare for it.
Quit it.
There's no need to pick on her.
Yeah, it's a waste of time.
I can't go back now.
I'll just give her a hard time.
Until she starts to cry and says "I'm sorry," I won't stop the beating.
You seem too into it So it's on after all.
You have no dignity whatsoever.
The same goes for her too.
She's such a kid Who are you calling a kid? I'll go around for maintenance.
Well, well, Captain.
You think you can easily defeat me, don't you? However, that's not what's going to happen.
But walking around the base naked.
Can you do something like that? The same goes for you.
Sergeant Sagara! Yes! I have to talk to you.
Please follow me.
Yes Nak naked Tessa-chan naked! Sousuke! Oh, you have to do something.
I guess it can't be helped, it's you job.
Shall we begin soon? Sure! Please begin, coach.
Um, Captain I don't know about calling me coach But you are my coach.
If you don't like it though, I'll make it Sagara-san.
That would help if you did.
Yes, coach.
I mean Sagara-san.
Experienced pilots They can climb up without using this ladder But please don't try.
Even when it's sitting down, the head is still 4m high.
About a two story building.
Please be careful.
Please get up.
This is more difficult than I thought.
Captain any injuries? I'm fine, thanks.
I'm sorry.
But I feel a little lucky.
Captain? Not good This is definitely not good.
I got in! I was able to get in Sagara-san! P-please take one more step.
Ok! With pleasure! Here I go! Captain! Captain, please stop moving.
Captain! Help me! Calm down! It's not stopping! Stop moving! Captain! Damn, it reeks of alcohol.
What? Master, give me the usual.
Me too! Give me another one.
Why don't you order something different Come on, just give it to me, please.
Damn Tessa-san seems to be seriously practicing.
She's so stupid.
I feel bad for Sousuke.
You're the one being stupid, babe.
That girl, if you tell her she can't do something She has to prove you wrong She's had to do that all her life.
Telling Tessa she can't pilot an AS That's not something you're supposed to say.
I know.
Her favorite snack Bugs that she hates Even her bra size And I just don't like how she's so stuck up even when she doesn't need to be I've never liked that.
Is that true? Yeah.
She holds useless and idealistic beliefs She probably thinks she can change the world or something That's why I hate kids.
What were you like when you were about her age? Well, probably I was a lot dumber than her What? So those are your true thoughts.
Yeah, you're probably right.
I guess I just feel inferior to her.
Sagara-san, you don't think I can win either, do you? Yes.
Well that is It's alright.
I don't need to hear any excuses.
But I'm not stupid or anything And I believe I know the ABC's of fighting.
So you plan to win? Yes.
The reason I asked you to be my coach was because I needed to hear your opinions.
Listen to me Around this area, the bush is very thick so it's hard to see.
And the sediment is loose, so the M9 will What do you think? Sounds good.
It does? That's great to hear.
I spent hours thinking it out, If you consider the time You might want to head this way.
It'll put her facing the sun.
I see.
Even with that, you will only have one chance.
I'll try, and if it doesn't work I'll give up.
I'll surprise Melissa! Surprise? Yes.
If I can do that, I don't mind walking around the base naked.
This is true.
She's late! Hey What? Babe, have you ever read Miyamoto Musashi? Is it the name of some battleship? Never mind.
Just forget what I said.
It can't be.
A gas turbine engine.
An M6! I see she chose the easier-to-use model over the technical specs.
You're late.
I'm sorry.
I was hungry so I had to get something to eat.
What? There's no need to hold back.
Of course I won't.
11 o'clock.
Distance, 6.
Target identified.
One AS, setting mode to alpha one.
Well, here it goes.
That's a miss.
Why? It's not a direct hit.
It hit the tree in front of her.
What are you saying? If these were real bullets, the tree would be gone along with her.
But you're not using real bullets.
You're using paint.
Damn it.
They're all misses.
They're not direct hits.
What kind of crap is that? That's a miss.
You're lucky, Mao.
If there were real bullets, the particles might have damaged your sensors.
Tessa is doing pretty well.
Good luck.
You two! Well whatever.
So long as I get a direct hit, right? Affirmative.
Then watch closely! Say your payers, baby.
I can't fall.
I don't have the option of falling.
This is the battleground for the AS If that was a read bullet Melissa is always in a state like this Even though we're both women She is far superior to me I can't beat her I can't beat her! Captain! Your movements are slowing down.
Calm down and move.
I-I understand, but You're alright.
You can do it.
I guarantee it.
I guarantee it! Yes.
She's faster than I thought.
But It ends here.
ECS? No response.
What's going on? You've done a fine job but Although I do feel sorry for you It's no use.
Lost, Alpha one.
Please hit! I lost.
I don't have any excuses.
Like how it's cheap that she set up a trap, or how the referee was biased, or how everyone was on Tessa's side, and how I was left alone and desolate Or anything like that.
If this was a real battle, I would have won Or any choking excuses like that.
Seems you're a real sore loser.
Your carelessness got the best of you.
It's a good lesson.
I guess.
I was careless.
What the What the hell am I doing? Geez Melissa I'm sorry I said all those things.
We have to say thanks to your subordinates.
I'm sorry That we had to do this stupid thing No, I'm glad I lost.
This is how it's supposed to be.
But never again.
Yes, I don't want to pilot an AS anymore.
So About walking around the base naked You're the worst.
You're the worst.