Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e17 Episode Script

The Wind Blows at Home, Part 3

SSA:Wait for audio trigger Warning: Unknown heat source approaching from the rear.
What is the bandwidth? It's probably a very small wavelength.
Search commencing.
Please wait one minute.
Stupid, do it in 30 seconds.
All units halt.
Hunting mode completed.
Communications started.
Yo Kashim.
What I hate the most is to be bothered while I'm doing business.
I'll leave the rest up to you.
Leave it to me.
How does it feel to kill a former comrade? Not much, it's my job.
Hmph, a boring reply.
The angle of inclination is 20 to 23, To the bottom of the valley, it's 13 to 15 seconds.
If I use the dust to create white smoke, then Al the enemy foresaw our plans.
Hurry and transmit the data.
Acknowledged, transferring data.
On this land, someone got behind me again.
Who's directing this? Data link enabled, Unable to transmit.
Try again.
An error occurred in the bandwidth stabilizer mode.
Cannot transmit.
If someone gets your back in battle, it's time to die.
Remember that.
I lost transmission with Sagara.
Are you serious? What about the information message? I didn't receive anything.
It must be that the enemy attacked him from behind.
There's no mistake.
Although I don't really want to believe it God sometimes deals a hand of misfortune.
Especially on the battlefield.
If you fought in East Europe, then you should've felt it in your bones.
The moment when God looks the other way.
I don't want anything excessive like rosewood.
I don't belong in a coffin.
Aww shit, the sand filter is reaching its limit.
I can't find him.
Don't stir up the sand.
Don't worry about it.
Unit 3, use your infrared vision to locate him, His direction and distance is He's targeting our sand filter.
Defense! If he destroys our sand filter then we don't stand a chance.
Where is he? Look for his heat signature.
Protect the filter! Calm down.
We'll organize the data and release it.
Zenki, C.
, switch over to synchro mode.
Hakome, it's only one opponent.
Al, there's a guy equipped with a gatling cannon.
Use the enemy search mode and locate the heat from his motor.
Wait one minute please.
Do it in 30 seconds.
Kashim, when two AS's fight each other, it isn't that simple.
I've said it before, the gatling cannon has the advantage.
Unless they know this area well, it's impossible to get behind me.
Besides, that gatling cannon It's been 5 minutes since the last transmission.
Gray, what should we do? Retreat? That guy just like Majest said, If he's alive If he's in the middle of battle, Retreating would mean leaving him behind.
I can't do something like that.
Not only that, we haven't fulfilled our mission.
How come the detection system didn't catch you? Stupid, do you think I'd fall for something like that? A.
, set the trap in motion.
Roger, in motion.
Shit, I won't let you pass.
Andy, hold our defensive position.
We need to get our opponents data first.
Perfect, just watch I'll fulfill the mission for you guys.
Andy! Jackson, protect the trailer and provide backup.
That fucking bastard.
Using the scanning mode, the enemy's equipment has been analyzed.
A gatling cannon and an AK-87 in either hand.
Anti-AS Gatling cannon AK-87.
Fires 500 rounds per second.
Equipped with a large reserve of ammunition.
Large reserve of ammunition? The last standing soldier is a careful soldier.
No matter how tough a battle, you need reserve ammunition.
If you do so, then you'll have a chance at winning.
Could it be Zaiidou? Al, I want to talk with that AS.
Search the bandwidth.
Searching Error, cannot pinpoint wavelength.
Radio transmission has returned.
Incoming signal.
Open link.
Sergeant Sagara! Answer! Are you alright? I'm in battle with Gauln.
What?! We're still in possession of the nuclear bomb.
Andy is dead! The situation here is Gray! Transmission aborted, reason unknown.
I'm coming now! Get out of my way! When your merchandise is stolen You'd get angry too Right? Shut the fuck up.
Wh-What? Farewell, you thief.
Damn it! He's still at it.
Close the hatch you fucking bastard! Majest.
You can't stop him with those moves.
Listen carefully, I've got a favor to ask of you.
Do NOT hand the nuclear bomb over to those guys.
But Sorry.
Looks like I won't be able to return That three hundred I owe you.
Take that! Take that! Now you've done it.
Hey, back off.
Hey! Forgive me, Kashim.
I want to win.
You are as good as you were before.
Reestablishing communication link.
Open link.
Majest! What are you? I'm taking Gauln down.
How are you going to do it in that state? God has dealt us a bad card.
And do you know why? That is because God is regretting his decision to create us stupid humans.
I'm gonna blow them away.
If you survive, Tell this to Sagara.
Become a great soldier.
Majest! SDM standby.
Once self destruction mode has been set, you cannot undo it.
Continue? Continue! Start! Final confirmation, continue? Confirmed! Hurry up! Acknowledged.
Time until activation? Ten seconds.
Ten seconds, acknowledged.
SDM commencing in ten seconds.
Pilot, please evacuate.
Stop Majest.
Majest!! As if I'd let you get away! That's fine with me.
If you're gonna play like this, then let's go! Huh?! Majest! Jackson! Jackson, no response.
It's nobody's fault.
This is something that happens frequently on the battlefield.
If it were you, then you'd understand.
Don't worry about me.
Return to your homeland.
Zaiidou!!! Kashim.
I'm coming now.
Gauln! WHERE ARE YOU! You want that, don't you? Come and get it.
I want to kill you first! Looks like the chicken has flown the coop.
Aww hell, I have to go.
Heat signature approaching.
Direction: 5 o'clock.
Distance: two hundred AL! Use it! Lambda driver! Roger.
Try it! Gauln! Zaiidou? Attack mode, thermal scan.
There is an unknown type of ammunition in the magazine.
I must have told you this before On the battlefield Victory belongs to the soldier who has ammunition left.
Try toremain here Sousuke Not a problem.