Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e18 Episode Script

Deep Sea Party

SSA:Wait for audio trigger Cancelled you say!? We heard all about your failure in Helmajistan Do you really think I will make that mistake again? We're just saying, we can't trust the guy who leaves important good behind and escapes himself.
Trust, eh? Shit! I can't even have some part time job because of that kid.
Well then, I should return to my real job.
What the hell is this? As you can see, it's a gate for the school festival.
It doesn't look like one at all! Explain yourself! I heard last year's theme was "Peace" and this year's theme will be "Security.
" This gate works as an Observatory Defense Fortress .
and is also designed so that it could last a while should the school festival be attacked by heavily equipped terrorists.
You know what? Your military-stupidity-syndrome got worse after you returned from the last mission.
And guys! Why didn't you raise any doubts on what he's doing? We just agree with Sousuke about creating a safer atmosphere, so that everyone can feel relieved and enjoy the festival.
Only SOUSUKE will feel relieved by watching this thing! I know that all of us are getting complacent with peace, but a school festival gate that costs 147,100 yen, is just too Ah, you actually noticed.
The special endurance metal from Israel was extremely cheap It usually costs around 5,000,000 yen but What was that for? Think about this! We have only 1,500,000 Yen for the entire school festival.
If we keep this up, our festival will only have this gloomy fortress without money for everything else!! Anyhow, I won't let you do this.
If you don't take this away Chidori!! Don't go near What the hell? Seems like something's wrong with the marking system.
You Youuuu arrreee such Don't worry about it.
This paint is harmless to the human body.
That's not my point! I was just considering how my youth is about to be ruined by this stupid zero-tatical war FREAK! The Summer season for Junior high girls is very special! Do you know that!? Really? YES, it is!! Well fine, I'm just gonna head back home and sleep away the last week of my summer break.
Are you saying that you are free for this week? Yeah that's right.
Any problems with that? Well then, why don't we visit the southern islands together? Just you and me Are you serious? Positive.
I was planning to ask you before Umm, well Here comes lunch! Keep it down it's going well now.
So what's your decision? If you don't want to You won't do anything crazy? No, I won't.
It won't be dangerous? No It won't be.
Well then.
If you insist on me going Chidori, are you alright? Don't worry, I'm fine.
You know blue is the color for summer.
H-heheheee This might be too much Try this.
I guess you only have the school's swimming suit, right? Cough, well, let's take this just in case.
Actually just by ourselves would be a bad idea.
On the other hand, it's only Sousuke so I bet nothing will happen.
Hey, Sagara-kun is much bolder than I thought.
Haha, let's just treat this as one of the summer adventures that girls always do Unidentified ship is still on a collision course! It's coming closer Why don't they move!? I bet they know what's going to happen.
Distance 100.
distance 50.
distance 30, 20, 10 All hands.
Prepare for impact! It It vanished.
N-not even a trace! It can't be! Impossible! Check the radar once again and see if it's a system malfunction.
This might be the Toy Box they talked about.
First Priority! What the hell is that!? The rumor about a ghost ship.
It's huge, appears and vanished without a trace, and unbelievably fast.
If it was the Toy Box, it's captain must be an idiot who has a screwed up personality! I will make them pay for this someday! Is there anything wrong, Captain? Nothing I feel bad for Captain Hasady.
I hope that he won't take it too hard.
It's impossible.
If I were him, my pride would be broken.
We have no choice since we have nobody to practice against.
Yes, and it's worth it.
We should improve our under propeller's silent system for normal operations.
True Well then, let's return to base.
We shouldn't be late for the birthday party.
Yes, ma'am.
In addition, we'll be expecting some guests on our island.
Wow! Are we gonna ride this? Yes.
I've prepared this just fo ryou.
Well, let's go.
Wow, I underestimated you.
I didn't know you were this resourceful.
Where are we going anyway? We're going to Mithril's base located in the west pacific.
Colonel Testarossa wishes to see you.
I see.
Tasking message on Line 2.
Message accepted.
Maducus-san, it seems that we must postpone returning to base.
Cancel the party too.
Let's head south for now Our targeted area would be the Perio Islands vicinity? It's the nuclear weapon again.
Storage facilities have been attacked and occupied.
It's shocking news if they blow up the facility which contains chemical weapons nearby It will be terrible.
That small country might vanish.
I guarantee that the US military will send AS equipped special forces.
I hope that will be the case.
Chidori? What do you want? Sergeant Sagara Sousuke Ah, if you have any kind of problems, please tell me.
I will work it out within my possible capability.
Ah, bit it's just impossible for you to solve my problem anyway.
So I will just shut up Sergeant Sagara.
Message from Meridian Island.
I'll take that.
Code B? Get back into the submarine as quickly as possible with Kaname.
With Chidori? But she is a normal civilian.
It's an order from Tessa.
Well The Tuatha de Daanan is the safest place that you can possibly be, right? True.
I will take her then.
Do you have a swim suit? You? yeah, sort of.
I have it.
Change into it.
You can change behind the cabin.
Once you're done put everything in this backpack.
Why so suddenly.
Hey! Hurry, we don't have time.
So, what the hell is going on? That outfit you're kidding right? Put this on, hurry! No, I'll do it.
We don't have time.
W-wait no, A-aahaa, what are you doing? Sergeant, we only have one minute.
I know.
We don't have time.
You have only one chance.
I know, don't worry.
So what is really going on? Ouch.
Thirty seconds left.
See you again.
See you again?! What?! Wait a sec, what is it? Alright, let's go Chidori! Let's go? You're not planning to jump from here? That's positive.
! Blue Sky.
Blue ocean.
Just us together Confirmed their landing in water.
Targets are acting weird.
They must be drowning.
There are sounds of splashing water and screaming.
This won't be good! Forward the audio! No, Chidori.
Stop Shut up! You never think of what I feel, not even a little.
You are the worst thing that happened to me.
Just leave them alone.
I hate you so much.
Die Die right now! Welcome to Tuatha de Daanan.
Chidori Kaname-san.
It seems you are a little tired.
Yeah, or course.
I was pushed off from the plane, plunged into the ocean, and had to swim underwater.
I bet anybody would be tired except for a certain Sergeant.
Yeah, really.
I'm really sorry.
I intended to invite you to the base at Merida island but the situation has changed.
It's alright, and I wanted to see you too.
There are several things that you wanna tell me, right? Yeah, that's true Sergeant Sagara! Yes, Captain.
Can you go to the hanger? Tell everyone to assemble and that I will be with you soon.
Affirmative! Kaname-san, would you change into your civilian clothing? I will introduce this submarine to you.
It seems narrow, doesn't it? But this is considered large for a submarine.
The sub is designed such that in an emergency, the crew can escape safely.
Because of that, there won't be people stupid enough to hit something Are you alright? I am.
it's just How careless! Are you really the captain of this ship? Ouch, that's a touchy subject.
But this ship is almost like my home.
There is nothing I don't know about.
Except the privacy of the crew.
This way, I guess you might not like this but Attention! To Captain Testarossa and Lady Chidori who salvaged the dangerous situation with her courage, activeness, and inspiration with our highest honor, salute! They heard you would come, so they couldn't help but show their gratitude.
I well I'm honored But I haven't done anything great like you said about me.
Miss Chidori, the things you did surpasses even trained specialists soldiers.
Please accept this honor! That's right.
Miss Kaname.
Well then, the ceremony is over.
Now, we're going to have a small party in here.
Kaname please do attend.
Party? Yeah.
The Truth is, today is this baby's first birthday.
Well, well, it's time to play the under ocean special Bingo game! The first prize is ultra great! Frankly I want to have it so badly myself! It is Wow, a hot kiss from CAPTAIN TESTAROSSAAA! Weber-san! Why wasn't I informed about this!? But you said, "If there is anything that I can help with in this party, please tell me".
Isn't that true?! Yeah I surely said that but If you don't want to it's fine.
You can just give us your special underwear or something like that.
NO WAY, that's even worse! A kiss is fine, eh? Since we have the Captain's agreement, let's start! It's a number 65! This is the fifth number.
Anybody close to Bingo? What's wrong? What a sweet lucky boy.
Well, let's keep going! What am I gonna do.
I'm not ready for a kiss.
It's L-42! One more to go! Same here.
Getting hotter! To whom does the winning goddess smile at? Sousuke, Masukaran, or Yunka! Sagara-san please! E-13 Sorry guys! BINGOOOO! Here we go.
first prize goes to Makaraan.
Captain! Please show us a hot one! Makaraan, I can give you a deep kiss if you give up on hers.
Sigh are you ready? Yes, of course ma'am.
I am honored.
Today's truely the best day of my life! I am so lucky! This is Beacon AT4, we've been hit! Mayday! Mayday! My legs are broken.
I need backup! Shit, that red monster! Help.
Please hel No way, this can't be happening! Where!? Where did he go? You bastard! Oh, out of ammo? That's so disappointing.
By the way, you are the last, some of your comrades even cried begging me not to kill them.
Well, you guys did a good job, Soldier.
Don't mess with me! I'll show you the right way of doing this.
Ready? Let me love you, right in front of you.
She's really pretty and cute.
Has a nice figure and a good taste in clothes.
I bet any guy will go after her.
I don't know.
I have no interest.
I wonder, why did "Mr.
No-Interest" sigh? I'm just worried about this party going overboard.
This ship still has a mission.
Playing an instrument won't be a good idea.
What the hell is wrong with you? Testa said it's fine.
We are just soldiers.
We should just follow orders.
Everyone is worried.
It doesn't matter how mush experience we have Be forever the rest after the war.
It seems like they are coming.
I have information that they placed an assault team on the ocean.
They are too simple.
They always take the bait that we place.
Also, the two might be with them.
That couple? That's great.
We'd better be careful because it would be bad if they dies with them.
I know, I will be careful not to kill her But you know, accidents do occur sometimes I want to join you and be together right now