Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e23 Episode Script

Field of Giants

SSA:Wait for audio trigger Communication Please stop, Dannan!! Make sure you apologize to her.
Now go! It's because you exist That I'm here right now.
That's the sound of an attack sonar! A Giant's Field Too bad this had to happen, but you'll have to get off the ship.
Let me borrow your phone.
Are you intending on hiring a skilled lawyer or something? We must avoid confrontation between the Americans an Mythril right now and the only people who can do that is us.
Ha, it's just like a whale that forgot how to swim.
The Toybox has changed it's course.
It's traveling slowly at 30 knots! Distance: two miles! Missile hatches three and four have been opened We can fire at anytime.
You're serious about this? Let's take humiliation for the allies we lost Remember Pearl Harbor! Fire number three! Fire number three! A high speed ultrasonic sound detected from location 2-9-8.
It's presumed that a torpedo is approaching the ship.
This is a disaster Please give me control of the ship right now! And please release sonar one and sorter one from their restraints! No We're in a situation where the ship might sink, you know! Even I might not be able to avoid it It's certainly impossible for you! We won't know unless we try.
You're gonna die too! Are you committing suicide?! Suicide, eh It'll be the world's most expensive suicide then.
Anyway since a ship worth millions of dollars will be my traveling companion I don't mind that at all.
Committing thoughtless terror becoming a prisoner on purpose Even a missile attack on the bunker.
So we've been toyed with by this man from the begining?! Wwhy? So, shall we start the chicken race? Submerge to depth 1500.
Warning, that order surpasses the practical depth limit of the vessel.
It doesn't matter let's experiment.
Yes Sir.
You sure it's ok? If we just sit around doing nothing, we'll all become fish food It's alright, from what I heard this ship is faster than torpedoes.
You dumbass, recent torpedoes have been ridiculously fast! Adding to that, our opponents are the Americans! What are you trying to say? Stop speaking such nonsense! But That's right, come out with both of your hands up, Kurtz, I can save you.
Go to hell! I'm serious! Let's go to the control room together We'll talk to Gauln Then we'll kill off one of the crew members or something.
And the moment you do that, you'll become one of us! The pay is pretty good too! Geez, man.
You're embarassing me here.
Think about it Kurtz, Mythril is a mercenary group.
We're not exactly "on the side of justice.
" Like I said before, we're just a group of killers brought together by money.
"Attending to employers who pay high wages," Wasn't that our basic philosophy? Rather than just making a flashy appearance and dying off quickly.
Come out! I've decided, Gwen.
I'm gonna take care of you first, and recieve a bonus from Tessa.
Then I'll take sexy swimsuit pictures of her And sell them for 20 bucks apiece to the guys on the ship.
If 100 guys but it, that's 2000 bucksYep, that's what I'll do! I thought you'd be a lot smarter than this I'm really not that "smart" or anything I'm just a little bit more realistic, that's all.
Just a little farther Hang on.
It is forbidden to enter this room without the permission of the captain or vice captain of this warship Chidori, the key.
I have it Here.
It went in.
Taros? This looks like an earlier version than the Arbalest's Taros It's not connected to the Lambda Driver Instead it's the ship's regulator.
What? I somehow knew that Ah, just as I thought Chidori! Thank you Sagara-san.
It's fine here now.
Now, could you come to save me? I'm sorry, Gwen.
That kind of money is nothing but waste paper to me.
I probably won't even wipe my ass with it, it'll clog up the toilet, you know.
Kurtz You're approaching sense is really the worst.
You keep on get in then you part, and you're a real beginner, I can't stand watching you Who's that guy? Ah, Gwen! What happened.
why were you.
with Kurtz, huh, what? Hey babe, what ere you doing? Huh, me? I probably woke up in the doctor's room when the siren started to go "gaa-gaa.
" But I didn't want to go the hangar looking like this, so I hid.
And when I got here, you two started fighting Hey, hey I wonder if that Peggy gave me a strange medicine, I don't have a clue what's going on.
What happened to Venom? What about Sousuke? and Ah, my head's all dizzy.
Shit! I don't have a camera Warning, a fire has occured in passage B on the third deck.
Warning, the 16th water pipe on C gate is overheating.
Warning, a pressure irregularity detected on partition H7 on the first deck.
Okay! Good going.
It's coming, It's coming, it's coming! This guy couldn't be sane! AI, full revolution to starboard,and throw out all decoys! Yes, Sir.
That beginner! Okay, we're gonna dodge it! Can we possibly do it? No, maybe we can't! Dannan, at my signal please project countermeasures one and two.
It's "deep sea mode.
" Yes Ma'am.
Not yet Fire! Then follow with the emergency blow! Now! Yes.
Emergency blow.
They dodged it?! Yes, it seems that they used an emergency blow.
Currently, they're quickly rising towards the water's surface.
It couldn't be.
From that distance?! Damn.
What is this guy?! Does that captain have balls of steel or something? For sure, it's amazing What a reckless appearance! What kind of magic did you use? Don't you understand? Then that means that you weren't trusted that much by Dannan! Now this ship is mine! I won't let you do as you want! What is that girl? She's the best! Even if you kill me, she will protect this ship! And then! Kashim! There's no way out! Surrender! You think that I will? Think about her! Honey! You're right Sergeant Sagara, please shoot! Damnit! Sergeant! You should remove our handcuffs first! Another torpedo is coming! We have to be able to control the ship! R-roger! Single torpedo at location 2-7-8! Distance 50! It's too late! Sousuke Tessa told me Chidori?! To not worry about Dannan Please look after the captain! S-sergeant! Is that so? It's the torpedo's safety device! There's a surfaced American vessel nearby.
And, unrelated submarines were set, so that they won't pass above the depth those torpedoes are traveling.
To avoid misfiring at allies The captain predicted the two shots and called an emergency Bllloow! What kind of a guy are you? Geez Gauln! Where are you Gauln! Gauln! Gauln!! Chidori! Damn! Did it miss again?! IT seems that they were reading our safety devices from the begining.
Either that or it's a coincidence.
Shut up! Disarm the safety device and shoot one more time! Supply water to launch pads one and two! Like a rat caught in a trap Right now, he's caught in a dilemma.
And even so, he's enjoying it.
He's so happy that his heart is beating wildly.
It's the ninth inning with two outs and the bases are loaded.
All he's thinking about is hitting the ball out of the stadium! Venom?! That's right! He's Heading towards the stadium! Go back to your stations! Hurry! Help! We have casualties, call the doctor! Doctor! Save the wound treatment for later.
We have to secure his airway first! This is when we have to "keep our heads cool" understood? Yes! Professor! Professor Goldmary! It's very important that you leave it in the corner I'll have to make sure we keep this rule.
This is the control room.
It's me, did something happen up there?! Explain! The terrorists has taken command of the ship.
But thanks to the captain, Dannan was able to recover.
What happened to the terrorist? He ran away.
He's still hiding somewhere in the ship.
I'll go make an announcement right now Vice Captain? Did that terrorist get injured anywhere? Yes, he was shot by Sergeant Sagara.
Was it on his left shoulder? Yes.
No!! Everybody that can: go stop that guy!! it's the red AS!! Damnit! Pick up the wounded and evacuate the hangar! Anywhere's fine!! Run quickly!! I'm going! Not just yet Is it Sergeant Sagara? To think that he pushed the Tutha De Dannan into this much of a dilemma Let's return to the homeland.
Sousuke Are you planning on protecting us along with Kaname? Did I wake you up? I've HAD ENOUGH!! I'm so happy, Kashim! Kashim Gauln, you bastard I'll kill you!