Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e24 Episode Script

Into the Blue

SSA:Wait for audio trigger Right now, he's pinned in a corner.
But, he seems to be enjoying it.
He's so happy that his heart is beating wildly.
It's the 9th inning with two outs and the bases are loaded All he's thinking about it hitting the ball out of the stadium! Venom? That's right! He's Heading towards the stadium! Into the Blue Did I wake you up? I've HAD ENOUGH! I'm so happy, Kashim! Gauln You bastard, I'll kill you! Hey, hey! C3 warning Number 11 power cable has been cut off.
Use C4 to bypass it! Power lock is at 10%.
A fire has been detected in area C.
The second exit partition has been damaged.
Temperature rise detected.
On board automatic fire suppressant disabled.
Do it manually! Who's the closest one nearby?! Number seven, number eight, and number nine tanks are damaged! Restoration impossible! Distribute what's left from tank numbers 10 to 15! We are discharging all of the jet fuel! Port side numbers two and three ECS masts are damaged.
It's impossible to use them.
Shit! Somebody just kick out that troublemaker! I give up.
You win Kashim.
Wait, maybe not.
Activate the SDM.
Set it to 120 seconds.
Warning It is impossible to stop, once enabled.
Do you still approve? Dumbass, just get on with it.
I'm really happy You've stuck with me 'till the end.
The end? He's going to self-destruct?! Now let's get along, Kashim.
The hatch?! Alright, there are only 60 seconds left.
300 kilos of explosives attached to me right now.
It's more than enough to sink this sub! So Kashim, what are you going to do? Fire the active sonar! Firing the active sonar! It's Pasadena's active sonar.
Approaching from Direction 2-9-8.
Decoy Standby! Prepare to re-submerge! The high-pressure air recharge is nor finished yet! Distance 2500.
It's been confirmed that their missile hatch is open! Is that so.
As I expected I understand.
The senior officer wants to speak with you.
With me? Hello.
President! N-no, but that's Yes, sir! Cancel all attack orders.
It will stop immediately! WHY?! The batter that we've been waiting for finally stepped into the park But it seems that the game has been suspended.
The torpedoes stopped? Did we lose them? Pasadena, has stopped at Distance 1500.
They're not shooting! The flight hatch is opening! What? Commander! What are you doing? Opening the flight hatch in the middle of this storm is no different from suicide! We don't know the reason behind it.
The controls are down! Dannan is not malfunctioning either.
The orders are coming from somewhere else! What did you say? Everything's fine There's nothing to worry about.
Captain So, how do you like this? Doesn't it seem like a waste? You can't finish me off right now By landing a cool finisher like a hero would.
Struggle all you want! We'll go off enjoying ourselves with a bang! How about it? Kashim! Only 30 seconds left! What are you going to do, Honey? 20 seconds left to go! I lied.
actually, there are only 15 seconds left.
Chidori! 10 seconds left! five seconds! I love you! Kashim! Send him out, Chidori! Check on the ship's airtight status! First shut down the flight hangar! Kaname-san! What about the Arbalest? Is Sagara-san ok?! Kashim.
Kashim you say?! He's already dead! That shithead! Hey babe, he said "shithead.
" Shit? I'm sorry for saying such careless words.
Thinking about it now, I Don't really know that much about you You're a great guy I think you're really great.
Sousuke I love you Kashim Submerge.
Submerge! 55 knots Lock! Depth: 500.
Enemies Pursuing Zero.
It's alright now.
Dannan, I leave the rest to you.
Yes, Miss Chidori.
Commander Richard Maducas Yes! Lieutenant William Goddard Yes! First Lieutenant Bob Riley Yes! Ensign Stuart Agyle Yes! Lieutenant Gayle McCarin Of course, it would be an honor.
Lieutenant Lieutenant McCarin is on patrol.
Sergeant Major Melissa Mao Yes! Sergeant Kurtz Weber Yeah! Sergeant Sagara Sousuke Yes! Private First Class Liang Xiaoping He's on patrol also, Captain.
She's been like that for ten minutes.
Sousuke, tell her To cheer up Chidori! Sousuke! Won't you come with me, Chidori? You're not gonna do anything strange? I'm not going to.
Is it dangerous? It's not dangerous.
It's right here, Chidori.
This is? It's a fishing rod.
I'm not talking about that What is this place? It's my secret fishing spot.
I'm the only one who knows about it back at the base.
Fishing I can only stay here for 40 minutes if I'm going to take the next flight to Tokyo.
It doesn't matter.
This was an anticipated mission objective anyway.
From the start, I was planning on bringing you here.
But I ended up coming back from so far away.
To here? Hold on to it.
Maybe we'll catch a big one in 30 minutes time.
Idiot! There's no way that would happen, right? I wonder When I'm with you, it feels like I can do anything.
Even if it's catching a big one Or even escaping from a terrifying danger 30 minutes is fine.
Just stay with me for a while.
Is that what you're really thinking? Of course.
It's because you exist that I'm here right now.
Alright, good! Then, shall we test the "accuracy" of your jinx? Help me out, Sousuke.
I, it's big! Could it be a Taika? It just might be Maybe it's a whale I don't think I can doubt the possibility of that.
Alright We have to catch this one no matter what, Sousuke! Understood!