Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Damage Control

We can't even use GPS or commercial satellite connections.
What's going on? This is a global phenomenon.
It isn't just our own satellites.
Navstar, Comstar, and other spy satellites are being badly affected.
There is no telling when they'll be restored.
It's solar wind.
And on a scale very seldom seen.
Solar wind? Are we sure of that? This interference most likely is caused by strong electromagnetic waves from the sun.
It was reported that there was an increase in sunspot activity over the past few days.
Even so, is it possible for it to cause this much damage? I'm not sure, sir.
All I know is, it's an exceedingly rare case in recorded history.
Rare, eh? I have experience with heavy storms.
When natural disasters like this strike, neither side feels like waging war.
But the enemy's taken advantage of this.
That is the problem.
Accurate predictions are supposed to be impossible.
What are your thoughts, Lieutenant Commander? Yes sir, for now we can only remain on guard.
I'm already aware of that.
But in your opinion Incoming ultrahigh-speed cruise missiles.
Eight of them, in sector D4! Range, 70 miles.
Mach 6.
Sixty-five seconds to impact.
Intercept! Go to Red 1! Order personnel at surface observation posts to evacuate! Air traffic control.
Gebo 6 is to abandon craft on the runway and take shelter.
As are all nearby base personnel.
Y-Yes, ma'am.
And Gebo 5, who's taxiing? Emergency takeoff.
Withdraw west of Merida Island, and stand by in the air! Yes, ma'am.
FCO reports interceptor missiles are being launched! Alert, Red 1.
Alert, Red 1.
All surface personnel, abandon your work and take shelter underground! Interceptor missiles, making contact.
2, 1 Three missiles successfully intercepted.
The remaining five are inbound.
Second wave of enemy missiles detected! Sector E4! Nine-- No, 12 of them! Range, 85 miles! BOL, intercept with all missiles! Yes, ma'am.
Launching all missiles from #6 to #9 using BOL.
T-Ten seconds until the first wave impacts! Remain calm! If they're nuclear, it will be instantaneous.
"Episode 2 Damage Control" Lie low on the seat.
Do not sit up.
Wh-What's going on? Enemies.
We're running for it.
Stay down! Sousuke, up top! Chidori! Are you hurt? I'm all right.
Stay down! Sh-Should I shoot? --No.
--But Don't touch the gun! Don't shoot.
Sousuke? You mustn't shoot.
"Cool Home Delivery" They fled to the west.
Towards Nogawa Park, along Route 14.
Keep chasing them.
Can we open fire? Whatever, fire away.
Roger that.
Sousuke, up ahead! Chidori? Chidori! H-Hey, buddy.
You okay? Move! Can you stand? Think so.
Can you run? I'll manage.
I'll never let you drive me anywhere again.
Sorry, but you will any number of times if it's for your protection! Innocent people got caught up in this! All we can do right now is run.
Uruz 7 to Gebo 9, can you hear me? Gebo 9 here.
Report your situation, Uruz 7.
Uruz 7 is currently engaging the enemy in combat.
Heading northwest on foot.
Gebo 9, roger.
Any change in the LZ? No change.
The smoke bomb will be yellow.
At the park 500m to the west Get up! Run! Oh, my god Are you o-- He's hurt because of us! Don't stop! Don't think about it! Sousuke! Sorry I can't run anymore! Just a little more! Keep trying! We'll wait here for the chopper.
Stay down.
But Keep down! They on our side? They got here in time! That's the way.
Come around to the north side.
I'll bring you in from the rear! Get up, let's go! Damn it! No! No more! Don't give up! No! Get down! My ammo Activating emergency evacuation mode, based on special instructions found in file X-ray 1.
Mandatory use of external audio is in effect.
Is that This is serial number C-002.
Code name, ARX-7 Arbalest.
If any officers of the affiliated forces are nearby, please respond verbally.
Al! You're alive? Check.
Identity confirmed as Sergeant Sousuke Sagara.
Affirmative, Uruz 7.
This unit is being exposed to heat that exceeds the threshold for practical use.
Permission to seek safety? Permission granted! Get over here right now! Roger.
Chidori! Climb on! S-Sto Give me a hand! Somebody else is down over here! Are they conscious? I don't know! I called out but they don't respond! What are our casualties? Minor injuries, 28.
Serious injuries, 11.
Deceased, 5.
Observation post 2 personnel didn't evacuate in time.
I see.
Our problems are only beginning.
That was a preliminary attack.
Landing forces? They'll come.
Make no mistake.
They'll be airborne.
This is Gebo 5.
Calling Merida Island command center.
Group of large aircraft detected.
Over ten of them.
Approaching from sector F8.
Send out Super Harriers to intercept them.
Yes, ma'am! Lieutenant Commander, do you think we can fully hold them off? Possibly, with our usual strength.
But in this situation, we're practically blind.
The front door is demolished, too.
In the worst case, we might have to consider how the crew will escape.
Yes, ma'am.
What shape is the runway in? We can send up Super Harriers, but definitely not transports.
Repairs would probably require three days.
What about the Danaan? The Tuatha de Danaan could transport everyone in this base.
But as you're aware, it's been undergoing maintenance since last week.
It will take more than half a day before it can put out to sea.
Have them hurry.
Mardukas, go take command of the work personally.
Understood, ma'am.
Please have every AS ready to go.
All of them, including the M6s we use for training.
Deploy them on the north coast, with D equipment.
Understood, ma'am.
Just a moment! Gebo 5 has an additional report.
Put him through.
This is Gebo 5.
Some kind of, uh, heat sources detected at sea in sector G2.
They number three.
I suspect they're underwater vessels.
Deliver your report clearly.
What is it that's coming? I apologize.
They simply don't fall into any known category.
I just picked them up on optical sensors! Sending you the image.
What in the world? They're Behemoths.
What the? Behemoths? Yeah, like the one you guys tangled with in Tokyo.
There's three of them.
For real? Is that bad news? Very bad.
Missiles and 57mm cannons didn't work against that giant AS.
How does our captain expect us to fight against monsters like that? Complaining won't help us.
I don't like this.
At all.
It's fine if you skip everything before process C! Yes, sir! Carry the 40mm rounds over there! --Load all the GECs at site 2! --AS operators, assemble! --Load all the GECs at site 2! You're all here? As you probably know, Amalgam has launched a major offensive.
The three Behemoths pose a particularly major threat.
They're due to make landfall in 40 minutes.
The radio interference allowed them to get close, but it's up to us to intercept them.
"Intercept," huh? Aren't those giants equipped with those Lambda Driver things? That's right.
Regular attacks won't work at all.
I've read the report.
This is ill-advised.
Even so, we have to confront them.
This base is strong against bombardment, but there's a limit.
The de Danaan's in the middle of maintenance.
If three Behemoths come ashore, they'll destroy it eventually.
Yeah, but-- It's our only means of escape.
This is a solitary island far out at sea.
If we lose the de Danaan, we'll all wind up dead in this cave.
There's no way to survive other than defeating those Behemoths.
How about this, then? Stop fighting this losing battle.
How about we take some rifles and go the command center? Stop it, Speck! I bet if we handed over Tessa and the de Danaan unharmed, the enemy would go for it.
I think they'd be happy to settle this with a businesslike agreement.
Go on, keep saying that crap.
I'll consider it treason.
Come on, I'm just a hired gun.
Are you telling me to happily die for my team? For my comrades? You son of a I don't want to waste my life, for the record.
Don't you all agree? I did warn you.
Corporal Speck, I hereby sentence you to-- You'd sell me out? That's a rather fine idea.
I suspected that topic might come up, so I came to check on you.
You were listening? Well, it's nothing personal.
Please let me have your side arm.
Tessa! Some of you are probably inclined to agree with Mr.
But I won't allow it.
If anyone is contemplating treason, I'll shoot you to death right here.
Whoa, be reasonable.
I think you're a great girl and all, but-- Reconsider your attitude, Corporal.
Perhaps you thought I was going to come all the way here to beg you to cooperate with tears in my eyes? That I'd ask for a mix of sympathy and loyalty, banking on your commendable goodwill? Doesn't the fact that you're here mean that you too walk the path of the warrior? You arrived at this predicament via your own will.
Am I wrong? Did you think I was some princess in name only? No.
Tell me who I am! Captain Teletha Testarossa.
Commanding officer of the Tuatha de Danaan's forces.
Then take back your previous remarks and apologize.
I take it back.
I apologize.
Very well.
Your team is in need of your skills.
I will overlook your treasonous instigation once we all survive this.
Survive? How do you figure that's going to happen? You seem to have the wrong idea.
I have never once ordered any of you to "die.
" I never have, and I never will.
That is an order! Yes, ma'am! Good luck.
Sorry about that.
Shit! But it crossed your minds, too, right? Don't look at me like that.
Then don't say it in the first place.
Good grief.
Looks like we'll just have to rack our brains.
I guess our payment for the mission is our lives.
It's a fitting fee.
Well, things might work out somehow.
That does it! I wanna marry her! Too bad, then.
Anyone who outranks you gets to propose to her first.
All right back to the strategy meeting.
Who among you has actually fought a Behemoth and damaged it? Me? "Follow-up report: Due to the explosions that occurred in northern Chofu, there are traffic restriction in place for the following roads Remain on alert in mode 4.
Have you calmed down? More or less.
The people in that helicopter Yeah.
They died coming here to rescue me.
It was in the line of duty.
But Don't blame yourself.
So many people got involved.
I'm scared Of course.
That was intense combat.
Yeah, but No.
No! What's wrong? Kyoko is Everyone is! "Reply | Options | Sub-menu" "Episode 3" Next time: "Big One Percent.