Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Big One Percent

"Episode 3" --Multiple fires detected on the island! --Three Behemoths.
--Multiple fires detected on the island! --It's just a matter of time until landfall.
--Most intercept systems are down.
What is the AS team's status? They're already standing by.
Very well.
Uruz 1 will decide when to launch the attack.
Understood, Captain Clouseau? Affirmative, ma'am.
Uruz 1 to all units.
You heard her.
First, Uruz 3, 5, and 8 will strike at Behemoth B.
What about the other two? As planned, Uruz 2 and I will deal with them alone.
I'll take Behemoth C.
Uruz 2 will take Behemoth A.
Got it, Mao? Uruz 2, roger that.
I'll give him as rough a time as I can.
Buy some time.
Meanwhile, Kurz and the others will bring down B.
I sure hope so The enemy's crossed the boundary line! Unrestricted use of ITCC is now authorized.
Uruz 2, roger.
Now then First, the initial greeting.
Followed by Lambda Driver.
Sure enough, normal attacks just get repelled.
But it can't deal with unexpected attacks.
It's working.
This is Uruz 2.
It wasn't by much, but I damaged the target.
This'll work! This is Perth 1.
Enemy landing forces are on their way.
If we allow them to land, it will come down to close combat.
Neutralize and eliminate those Behemoths as soon as possible.
Otherwise, we're finished.
Neutralize? He makes it sound so easy.
This is Uruz 2.
Behemoth A fired back at me.
I'll change my observation point, and continue intercepting it.
Don't die, big sister.
Uruz 8 to Uruz 6.
What's wrong, you scared? Yeah, in your dreams.
You were given command authority.
I'm going to be a sitting duck for you.
Keep it together.
I hear you.
Hey, Kurz.
What? Was Tessa seriously going to Nah, never mind.
Forget it.
She wasn't going to shoot.
She's not that kind of girl.
But I'd have fired, if it were me.
You punk.
Time to do this.
Uruz 8! I'm good to go anytime! Uruz 5! I'm okay, too.
Uruz 3! I'm ready! Okay.
We're starting! Fairy Eye, activating.
This thing is useful.
They've started watching out for the self-propelled underwater mines.
That Lambda Driver will defend against any kind of attack.
You're sure about that? Yes.
However, its weakness is that one can only form the field in the direction to which one is already alerted.
So surprise attacks are effective.
Then what about the vital spot? Where's the cockpit? The head.
But it's nigh impossible to bring one down with a single shot.
Current M9 equipment cannot penetrate that composite armor.
For real? With one shot.
If you accurately nail the same spot at least twice, in succession, with 76mm rounds? It's likely to be effective.
Okay, sounds like we can mess up the Lambda Driver's deployment with a surprise attack.
But we only get one chance.
If their guard goes up, that's the end.
That's crazy.
It'll never work.
Now I want to surrender again.
Huh, I don't know Yeah.
Surprisingly, this might work.
You have some plan? Well It's like threading a needle We'll do this fight according to plan! Time for a triple feint.
Count, 3, 2, 1! Alpha, go! Beta, go! Take this! Good, he's all over the place.
Gamma, go! Uruz 3, roger! Shit! I screwed up! Take cover! Take cover! That's obvious enough! He got me.
Is there nothing we can do? So it's over?! Not yet! Speck? Keep at it, I'll get you one more chance! One more! Not that this kind of thing's my style.
Forget it! Get away from there! Tell the captain I'm sorry.
I What the--?! Damn it! I wasn't seriously thinking of selling her out! Speck! Bastard! Now! Speck You dumbass That'll slow him down, at least briefly.
This is Uruz 6.
Behemoth B was successfully defeated.
Uruz 8 didn't survive.
This is Uruz 2.
My rifle's out of ammo.
Mao?! --Uruz 2! --Mao! It's all right.
I still have this! I'll buy as much time as possible, so first focus on Behemoth C.
Big sister! Multiple flying objects in area S-2.
Bearing 2-0-4.
The landing party makes its entrance All units, can you hear me?! Respond! Can anyone hear me?! So this is the end Shit! You alive, Uruz 2?! Lieutenant Castello! --No! Get out of here! --Keep quiet! And just-- Lieutenant! Lieutenant! I'll act as a decoy! Abandon your mech and run! Don't be absurd! That's an order, Second Lieutenant! Go! Come get some, monster! Lieutenant Castello! Uruz 5 is badly damaged! --The operator appears to be seriously injured.
--Report from Gebo 2.
--Enemy forces landing in sector T3! --High number of losses for PRT Unit 2! --Enemy forces landing in sector T3! Three dead, eight seriously injured! No response from Gebo 7.
--The enemy landing forces have arrived.
--Appears to have been destroyed.
We're holding out well here, but I estimate we have 30 minutes.
We need two hours in order to escape on the de Danaan! I realize that, but 30 minutes is still the limit.
You're right.
Yes? Suspend reactor replenishment.
Have all spare personnel perform a watertightness inspection.
I suspected it would come down to this.
Aye, ma'am.
Captain Even if we can escape this island, we'll probably be dead in the water in two weeks.
But this is our only choice.
Yes, ma'am.
Lieutenant Commander? Captain! It's from Uruz 6.
Put him through.
This is Uruz 6.
I'm currently in combat with Behemoth A.
I haven't destroyed it, but I've made it use up lots of ammo.
First Lieutenant Castello was killed.
I'm not sure about Mao Understood.
Return to base for now, please.
Another airborne unit's on its way.
I'll try holding out a little longer.
Uruz 6! You must be nearly out of ammo.
Return to base! Mr.
Weber? Mr.
Weber! And I'd never be able to face them, if I don't do this.
Uruz 6, respond! Can't you hear me, Uruz 6?! Well, here goes nothing.
"Year 2 Class 4" There's no way they'd do that, is there? But it ended up being study hall anyway.
They should just close school! "Study hall, on account of an emergency staff meeting!" I don't know if it's terrorism, an accident, or what.
But we might as well have skipped school today.
Now that you mention it, Sagara and Miss Chidori aren't here.
I wonder if something happened.
Who knows? For that matter, Tokiwa's not here either.
Did you call her? I did! No answer! Darn it! What's she doing? Young lady.
It's not like you're to blame for this.
It's necessary for my job.
I do feel bad about it.
You know what that is, right? Right.
It's a bomb.
Others like it are planted here and there around the school.
If you make too much of a fuss or try to call for help, a whole bunch of your friends will die, too.
If you don't want that, be a good girl.
Well? We lost sight of the target.
We're continuing to monitor police radio and telephone lines.
Keep watching.
He won't just forsake his friends and run.
There's no way.
We apologize for this major inconvenience.
Due to the effects of the large-scale communications disruption that occurred early this morning, we are conducting an emergency checkpoint.
Please present any personal documentation "Aoi Shrine" The truth is, I knew.
That the life I've lived until now wouldn't last forever.
That someday the enemy would come and mess up everything.
I came to that conclusion over half a year ago.
It's not your fault.
I'm scared.
Of them, and of my own powers.
Lately, I've been understanding more and more things I never used to.
It's like I'm becoming someone who's not me.
Chidori Also sorry.
I'm scared of you, too! I care for you but I'm scared of you! I can't help but like you, but I'm still scared! It doesn't make any sense! Same here.
I care about you.
But I fear you.
I don't understand you.
Yet, I'm still drawn to you.
That cycle's been repeating ever since we first met.
You are what has changed my world.
Sousuke I thought about running away with you.
But it's meaningless if it's just the two of us! I need you the way you are when you're smiling and getting mad along with everyone at school.
That's why I'll defend all of it.
I'll guard the entire world that's connected to you! Do you think you can do it? Let's think on it together.
Help me out.
Let's rescue Tokiwa and everyone else.
I'm scared I'm scared, too.
All right.
I'll give it some thought.
I appreciate that.
"Episode 4 On My Own" Next time: "On My Own.