Furia (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

The Revolution Will Be Televized

Previously on Furia
In our small village,
a young man - dead.
His future brutally ended.
Murdered in cold blood
by a Muslim man.
- Hope in the face of difficulty
- Very fine people, on both sides.
You deal with pain,
or you let pain deal with you.
If our leaders won't protect us,
protect our children,
then we must rise.
Fight back.
This is the last time we're doing
this. We're never moving again.
We have a new hero at the office.
We'll have to show him
the wonders of Vestvik.
This is Ragna.
Great woman, but be careful.
She broke the nose of some idiot
who touched her breast.
- You've investigated murders before?
- No.
- What kind of police were you?
- The boring kind.
Half of your CV is classified,
so it can't have been that boring.
- Is this related to the murder?
- I have a bad feeling about this.
Something's not right.
That guy Kjetil is not good.
History shows that those who have
a plan, anticipate,
and have a coherent strategy,
usually win.
Stay where you are!
I'm in the PST, for fuck's sake!
Wait, what
In total, 69 people were killed
in the shooting at Utøya.
- Most of them young activists.
- Help me!
You have to live, for me!
Don't forget that. Don't forget me.
I think about her too.
All the time.
Four years ago, we started
developing the blog identity Furia.
Ziminov takes on operations
that not even GRU or FSB want.
Black ops, and officially
A big terror attack.
We know it will happen this year,
and that Ole is my only way in.
You'll help my daughter and I,
and then I'll help you.
You have a false identity,
you move every year,
and you were in an op gone wrong
against a Russian who's after you.
An informant of yours died,
so you know what I'm risking here.
Did you know your informant well?
Yes, she was the mother
of my daughter, Michelle.
- Ziminov wants to kill you
- You can't say no.
We should be hunting him,
not the other way around.
The fact is that since the
founding of the youth party,
the idea of helping one another
has been our bedrock.
Many say it's old and old fashioned,
but there's one word
we must never forget: solidarity!
Hostages were taken in a school.
Lots of Islamists.
- Which school?
- It's in Berlin. Over 1000 students.
There is no us and them,
it's us or them. We need to fight.
We need to create
emotional experiences
or your daughter
is just the beginning.
Is not surviving
part of the plan?
Okay, we're live.
I'm here as the Home Secretary
for the German federation.
Will you sacrifice your life
to save Europe?
Are we there yet?
- Is it a lot further?
- Just a little bit.
I want to hold the camera!
What is to care?
Why do we care?
My family. They remind me
of what care used to be.
And how care is connected to
true beauty.
And my father, without knowing it,
thinks like Plato.
Of first concepts, ideas that can't
be split into smaller parts.
My father says beauty and good
always were
two sides
of the only coins worth saving.
And you feel both when you
experience care; good and beauty.
And you give both
when you care.
My family.
The ones I love and the ones I've
lost have painfully taught me more.
Good and beauty
are never enough.
And what you care for
can be your weakness.
And what is lies, can become
your loved one's truth.
Our care means our minds are
fragile and ripe for exploitation.
Truth doesn't matter
when rage finds direction,
finds people,
becomes hate.
Hate is the dark side of caring.
Hate is caring with violence.
We're close.
Focus, guys.
We're getting out.
Here's Michelle.
You still think she's your daughter?
She's three years old in that
picture, the age you last saw her.
And now she's ten.
Very funny and very smart.
The kindest I know.
She calls me uncle,
and I talk to her a lot.
She misses her father, Asgeir.
Her real father.
You've been chasing her for seven
years, but she has no memory of you.
The only thing she knows about you,
is that you had her mother killed.
The point of deception
Obviously you know this.
is to get away with it.
Your work,
the ones who paid you for a decade,
your influence operations,
your terror
The point was to stay in the dark.
Let others be blamed.
I'm just a simple guy, but the way
I see it, you've got two options.
Norwegian or American jail.
And I know what I would choose.
I've heard Norwegian jails
are like four star hotels.
Yeah. We Norwegians are naive,
but we're nice.
So, Igor Ziminov,
my new Russian friend
Just tell us the truth.
This girl's father, the real one
Where is his body?
There's a sad thing about your kind.
You think colour gives you
the moral high ground.
I'm not Russian.
I have a Moldovan passport.
My mum was Ukrainian,
my grandfather was Polish.
But you don't give a shit.
We all look the same to you.
There are no American Oscar movies
about the Polish or Ukrainian fight.
Why don't you ask if your
precious Ellen killed Asgeir?
Let's talk about Michelle's colour.
The fact that she's a black girl
The threats against her
Is that some kind of ideology?
Go fuck yourself!
Burying me in a hole won't stop this
from ending in death and chaos.
And I think you know it.
As for Ellen
She's your biggest problem.
We're blocking the lifts.
Up the stairs!
Everyone stays!
What's going on?
We agreed that you should call me
even when I'm here.
Yes, but I reached a voicemail
That's strange.
What did you dial this time?
You've dialled 11, not 1.
I'm number 1.
- Just use Siri, like we practised.
- I don't like her.
- Well, you don't like anybody.
- That's not true!
I like lots of people!
I like Marit.
And I like the Rema store guy.
- I like you.
- You do, do you? Well, you'd better!
He's moving in with his girlfriend.
They're becoming partners,
- and starting a family.
- Really? Good for him!
Are you expecting male company?
A Co-op man or a Bunnpris store man?
No, it's just Inger. She's busy
with work, but she'll get here.
The Rema store guy
is a year younger than you.
He's becoming a partner.
Take it up with Ellen. She's single,
and she can give you grandkids.
But for heaven's sake,
you're just as capable.
How did it go with that girl
you told me about?
- It was Ellen who told on me!
- And I'm sorry about that.
- Let's change the subject.
- Yes.
- How's work?
- It's fun.
All the polls say we'll lose
the election next year,
but I like to think there is hope.
How do they put up with all the
bullshit press you guys get?
Your boss could've learnt
a thing or two from Jens or Gro.
- Or Thorbjørn Berntsen.
- I like her. She's got grit.
Why not meet someone online?
Like your sister does?
- Except, in her case it's men.
- Dinner dates, or straight to?
- Saved by the bell!
- Yes.
You guys are so cute.
Did your mum take the picture?
No. That was the trip
when we scattered her ashes.
Yes, please.
Have you thought about what I said
about talking to someone?
- I talk to you, don't I?
- You know what I mean.
I'm fine, I promise.
Fine. You asked for updates.
Asgeir is close to catching Ziminov.
I asked if I could
come back to work.
My leave of absence should've been
over. Tarje want's me to work too.
- Dad needs professional nurses.
- Does your brother know what you do?
No. I told him
I've suffered a setback.
It seems plausible, given the fact
that I'm just dallying away here.
You will be able to come back to
the PST. We need you.
- When?
- You matter more than your work.
- What does that mean?
- I promise
Dad said you promised him cake?
Yes. It was supposed to be
a surprise, but
You were at the Ministry of Justice.
I thought you worked for Microsoft?
No, I'm a bureaucrat
with a law degree.
- You're staying for dessert?
- Yes, of course.
- And wish Asgeir good luck from me.
- Is he that guy in Singapore?
Give your sister some privacy, okay?
- And you saw the whales?
- Just by the islands.
That's great.
I'm very happy for you.
- Good for us.
- Hope to see you again soon.
- It was great having you.
- Thank you. Have a good one.
Hey, there you are.
Just keep going, dinner is ready.
I'm hungry.
- Did you have a nice day?
- Yep.
I've had two French groups,
Germans, and four Japanese guys.
Quite cheerful Japanese guys.
Exceptionally cheerful.
- He said he was DJ'ing today.
- Well, he's not here.
- Let go of me.
- All we want is to talk to him!
He's not here!
I didn't mean to upset anyone.
I was just trying to explain
"nothing to fear but fear itself".
Thanks, but I don't need you
lecturing me on Martin Luther King.
- My point with the quote
- There's nothing wrong with King.
There's nothing wrong with
any of the people we're quoting.
Tarje always tries to be
the consensus junkie.
But where I am in my life,
I don't
I have a dark hole inside of me.
Yeah And that's
We're all sorry about that.
Linda, I feel like Tarje is trying
to be there for you.
Maybe you don't have to
overthink everything.
We meet up to be there
for each other.
Yes. And it's supposed to be
nice and friendly, right?
And he is trying to be nice to you.
- He said I have a fixed mindset.
- I wasn't talking about you!
I don't have the fancy vocabulary
you guys have. Or the jobs.
I haven't worked in 12 years.
Okay, but I was only trying
to explain how fixed emotions work.
- Deep sorrow can turn into anger
- Martin Luther King was shot.
I'm afraid. That's my hole.
I'm not angry.
I haven't felt any kind of sorrow.
Just empty fucking fear.
You feel you've lost more
because your sister died.
But I feel like shit
because I survived
What the fuck?
Is it important?
Why not include everyone?
Are you that important?
- No need to bring Jonas into this.
- Calls go through on the third try.
It's just our job.
He's trying to be nice to you,
so why?
- Why the fuck are you even here?
- Linda, come on
- He can defend himself!
- Nobody is denying your fear.
Oh my God! You show up,
but you don't say anything.
You don't share,
you just sit there, looking at us.
Hanna, Amir, David and me,
like we're from another planet.
Utøya is all we have in common.
At least Tarje is talking.
He's saying something, but needs to
name-drop something important.
Sorry, intellectual.
You don't even need to be here.
That's enough!
Please just shut up!
- We have other places to be.
- Go on, then!
You leave!
I fucking don't want to be here.
Don't mind Linda.
You know how she is.
I don't mind her,
but you're too nice.
- Yes, you keep saying that.
- You should've told her
- it wasn't Martin Luther King.
- And prove what?
She feels stupid enough as it is.
She needs a punching bag, and picks
the most successful one. You.
She obviously doesn't know me.
You two have
different definitions of success.
Perhaps she's right. They don't
need me at those meetings.
Come on. You're the one who said
we should never stop meeting.
You started this. We haven't
forgotten that, except from Linda.
And that's the point.
Never forget.
You go to the Spirit World
when you die.
Ichigo has powers from both worlds.
He is both a soul reaper, and human.
- Look at that one.
- He looks scary.
Hollows are monsters
who hunt souls.
They're trying to kill Ichigo.
- There!
- Wow!
That's Ichigo using his sword.
The sword's soul looks like that.
The call is forwarded to
an automatic voice message system.
The call is forwarded to
an automatic voice message system.
This is Inger. Are you sure
the crescent didn't work?
- Is there nothing else you can do?
- I got the files from Interpol.
I've crossed-checked them
and tried everything, Inger.
Ziminov is probably funnelling money
in and out of Spain, Poland, France.
And that's why we're given more
resources. We're closer than ever.
The crypto keys from the Americans
don't work on any of the crescents.
Yes, but I've informed
the tech team, and they're on it.
I hope so.
As long as we don't have access,
they'll keep funnelling resources
back and forth as they please.
Don't say "follow the money" when it
isn't possible to follow the money!
I'm frustrated as well, Asgeir.
Everybody's doing their best.
But that's not why I called.
I called because
I have to go.
I'll call you later.
Hey! You know it's not allowed
to post videos of others.
- Just delete that.
- Okay.
We're going to head home.
Hi, Kamilla.
- Why?
- We have a busy day today.
There you go.
Okay, then.
Okay, let's talk about it.
You don't pick up the phone,
and then you take your watch off.
What were you thinking?
It's too big for basketball, idiot.
And the battery ran out.
I think it's great that you're
playing with the other kids.
It's great! But you and I
have to keep our guard up.
I have to know where you are.
And if you're going to
You need to pay attention, otherwise
things can get very dangerous.
SN 47536.
AJ 95437.
And VJ 34536.
Three cars today with plates
from outside of Nordland.
One old man, two women
and a creepy guy.
Am I paying enough attention?
A mafia guy who thinks he's my dad
wants to kill me.
What am I not getting?
Hey, I'm sorry. You know how it is,
I worry because I'm your dad.
Are you really, though?
So I got a little in the car.
I don't know.
I can't seem to control myself.
It's so childish. I just wanted
to say that's it's not your fault.
- I know you're doing your best.
- Never mind that. How's Michelle?
I hope Michelle is all right.
But she's afraid every day
that Ziminov will find us.
It's been seven years.
I don't know.
I just hope she won't be
permanently damaged by this.
All I know, is that we need
to focus on one thing.
To catch him
and put this behind us.
And we will. You know
that programmer you found for us?
He was found murdered
holding a crypto crescent.
He's the third one in six months,
so Ziminov must be desperate.
We're taking advantage of that.
The Swedish police
loves working with the CIA,
so we have the hard drive and the
crescent. You received the files?
There's something new on Ziminov,
and a transcript of a conversation
with him discussing a money fund.
It could be a link to the murder.
The transcript also includes
"the Enabler".
The Americans believe Ziminov is
talking to his second in command.
- Martina Gelashwilly.
- The woman the CIA tried to catch?
Yes, but the CIA has a new lead.
A Hungarian programmer is meeting
Ziminov in Budapest in two weeks.
- Okay, so the CIA is leading the op?
- No, it's our op in every way.
The CIA will assist us with
personnel and equipment.
They wish to lay low in regards
to Hungary, politics
So we're coming to you in Lofoten
to find out what's on the half-moon,
- and then we'll take it from there.
- And there's something else.
I've bought "anywhere-tickets"
for you and Michelle.
Michelle called me after your fight.
She was really upset.
I told her that you're having
a really hard time,
and that you're just
afraid of losing her.
And then I told her I'd bought
so you can go anywhere you want
when this is over.
We have him now.
From that hell in Berlin to today
It'll be over soon, Asgeir.
Thank you.
Hey. Falcon Crest
is on in three minutes, dad.
I can't believe you've fallen
for her. What would mum say?
She's in heaven, thanking me
for looking at women my own age.
If Angela Channing can copulate
with that union-buster Reagan,
- surely I'm good enough for her.
- Sure, dad. Now take these.
Hey, hold on one sec.
- Are you up for some good news?
- Absolutely. Always.
We can talk while I do the laundry.
Is that okay, dad?
How did the dinner go? Will Inger
let you come back to work?
She insists that I lay low.
I get updates, but that's it.
She acts as if she was your mother.
Hold on.
So, what's the good news?
- Inger got hold of a new crescent.
- Did it work this time?
I don't know yet. Inger and Chief
are bringing it here tonight.
The Swede sent a bunch of files.
I forwarded them to you.
Names and aliases and whatnot.
Check them against your own data.
I'll see what I can find.
Looks like he mapped it out
the same way you did.
Have a look
when you have everything.
I found some AI-generated content
on the other stuff you sent.
Yes, you sent me something. I'll
show it to Inger and the Americans.
The people who say the Russians have
lost their touch, just don't get it.
I'll send you a list of names.
Tell Inger you found them yourself.
I'll attach source confirmations
so she doesn't get suspicious.
You think she knows
you're working behind her back?
No, she would have lost it.
She acts like such a mum.
Russians are spreading fake intel on
Polish and Ukrainian nationalists.
Should the Americans have a look?
No, I need to get
the lay of the land first.
The Furia forum just exploded.
And Inger can't see
that you working on it?
I'm using one of the access-accounts
they shared with the Americans.
And I'm chatting with a couple of
the identities you asked about.
On the dark web. I'm even playing
chess with a few of them.
- Are they any good?
- What do you think?
One of the Proud Boys leaders
is quite good.
And he bragged about
having played against Ziminov.
- Do you think it's true?
- He knew Ziminov is Moldovan.
And that he has
both Greek and Spanish identities.
The intel from the Swede on Ziminov,
and the fact that he was murdered,
means someone is getting desperate.
- You can't be here, Zimi.
- I know, but
I have to talk to him.
He will kill you.
You'll protect me,
won't you?
What do you want?
Shouldn't you be in Moldova?
That's what the Hairdresser said.
I was told that you and
the Hairdresser
lost a fortune because of
the war in Ukraine.
I lost it too!
I no longer need middlemen!
Do you understand?
You have to pay Conny.
I never liked you gangsters.
You can't be trusted.
You don't follow any rules.
It is a shame that our company
is dealing with you.
I'm sorry if I offended you.
We need to get along. As in
The Master and Margarita.
Let's say
I'm the Master.
Shut up about books!
This was always personal.
Did someone steal your bullets?
He's always had trust issues.
Anyone else not trusting my company?
My bosses?
Sit down.
To our health.
By the way,
Conny was Berlioz.
You know, from
The Master and Margarita.
The one who lost his head
at the beginning of the novel.
What the fuck?
You used to read the classics!
- Do we have everything we need?
- A cup of coffee would be nice.
- Sure, but in terms of the op.
- A lot of coffee, then.
- You know what I mean.
- Yes.
I'm not bringing Ellen in on
this op. It's my call.
Come on, it's been two years!
She's ready.
Asgeir deserves the best.
The PST and EST have nothing on her.
She's mine!
I said no. Her papers are flawless,
I'd like to keep it that way.
I made her do stuff that's not
included in those papers.
So she's waiting this one out.
How do you think that went?
Hating must be legal.
We can't police thoughts.
But we do not have to tolerate it.
And this is not identity politics.
I hate that word!
I'd rather use
the big, black letters.
That's what my youngest son calls it
whenever I curse like hell.
Stopping actual harassment
and actual hate crime
is not stopping free speech.
If we can't use the law to defend
democracy, then why have this job?
You wrote that she curses
in front of her kids?
No. She added that herself to
provoke the delegation from Qatar.
What's this?
When did we get this?
Yesterday. It's a meme.
Named after me.
They've called it Jonas?
Red Devil.
Look closely at the rose,
then tap next.
What the hell?
Why isn't this in the risk report?
This is a fucking threat.
- We should tell her.
- We're picking her up.
Do not tell her.
This isn't the same as getting
bashed by conservatives on Facebook.
Can we at least make a plan
on how to follow up on this?
She is the secretary of justice.
She gets much more hate then we do.
We work for her, so let's just
focus on her well-being.
What's up, guys?
How did I do? Approved?
You know what happened?
I was talking to Hanne from VG news.
She asked how I was,
and I rubbed my belly,
saying our canteen sucks,
but our bill is really good.
She congratulated me on
the upcoming NATO summit in Bergen.
But then that bearded idiot
from Dagbladet news
squeezes in, nods at my belly
and asks when the baby is due.
- No way!
- Yes! It's so rude.
You should have seen his face
when Hanne told him I'm 46 years old
and done with kids.
I told him that if he ever writes
something against abortion again,
I'll tell the entire world
what a dumb fuck he really is!
Do you think I read Tarje's speech
about hate completely indifferent?
I read the risk report.
You think it makes you strong
not to alert me?
I know you're tired of
being treated like a victim.
But if I learned
one thing from Utøya,
it's that you should never
put my job before your safety.
I saw that video threat.
Those people hate us.
They hate social democrats, but this
guy hates you more than anything.
Jonas, you're doing the opening
speech at the NATO summit in Bergen.
Bergen is your city.
You are the messenger
the world needs.
- Congrats, Jonas!
- Thanks.
Pick up, dammit.
- Yes?
- Hi.
Okay, listen.
Before you freak out, I was only
clearing out stuff on my laptop.
And I came across the traffic stats
for the Furia blog.
No, we are not discussing this.
Stay away from that.
- We have personnel monitoring it.
- It's been hacked.
The Furia blog has been hacked!
I don't know the scope of it yet,
but someone is definitely
boosting and sharing.
The traffic numbers are growing
on mirror sites.
Loads have changed
in a very short time.
I'm sure it's only my team on there,
but that's not my priority now.
I know your people are on there, but
this is manipulation on new level.
You said you'd listen to the doctor.
I have concealed everything that
suggests you're not mentally
stable. Just keep your promise.
Inger, these patterns
are manipulated!
It's spreading like wildfire
in Germany, France, England, Poland.
- We'll shut down the blog.
- You can't be serious. No!
- It's not your call to make.
- For fuck's sake!
These people live and breathe hate,
and it's spreading like a virus.
And you want to shut down the one
thing that detects how it spreads?
I have to go.
Oh my God.
What did you do?
I shouldn't need help
going to the loo, dammit!
Just stay still!
I'm calling an ambulance.
I don't want to be in a hospital,
I want to stay at home.
It's alright.
Hi, I need an ambulance to
43 Solbråtveien.
- I know what you're going to say.
- Really?
Broken femoral!
I told you, over and over again.
- You refused to listen.
- Yes.
You're an IT consultant with no
experience in professional care.
Dad's a stubborn bastard, and at
work the threats are getting worse.
I can't worry about everyone
at the same time.
- What kind of threats?
- Jonas. He gets a ton of hate.
He's like a Kinder egg for Labour
party-hating racist Islamophobes
who believe everything wrong in this
country is Jonas and my boss' fault.
Can't the ministry do something?
And the police and the PST?
The haters know how to keep it just
within the lines. They sent a meme.
A picture of a rose
with a bullet.
You know what kind of bullet?
They have a nickname for it.
I know you don't like to
talk about it.
It's fine.
I need you to look after dad,
so that I can be there for Jonas.
- Hello?
- Hi.
- What the heck?
- I hope you have good dentists here.
You know Japanese culture
is based on moderation, right?
These heroes of yours
would never finish that.
- Which heroes?
- From Japanese comics. Bleach.
- They're cooler than dad, right?
- Mhm.
- It's good to see you.
- You too.
Go sit down,
and I'll get you some coffee.
I'm way cooler than Helga.
I'm taking you to Tokyo.
- This scenery is far too pretty.
- Yes, you'll have to blow it up.
- And all this water? It's too much.
- What a comedian.
Don't stop him,
I've looked forward to these jokes.
Another thing I noticed, is the sun.
It's light outside 24/7.
- You don't like the midnight sun?
- How am I supposed to sleep?
- We have a suggestion, right?
- Just close your eyes.
- People here are witty and rude.
- That's not on!
You're disappointed in me, okay,
but at least pick up the phone!
You're the one who started this.
You knew what I'd been through.
I've never lied about what happened
after Hanna. You still picked me!
I will get into that building!
I lived with them for four years.
I know what they're capable of.
The fact that I didn't kill myself
during those five years as Ragna,
should be good enough for you!
And you tell me I'm unstable?!
I've worked with Asgeir for 2 years,
and you seemed happy with my work.
You didn't tell me about
the threats against Jonas.
He was Hanna's best friend,
and he is Tarje's closest friend.
If everything I've done for you
and all my training can't help me
protect the ones I care about,
and the blog is kept running
If I find the person
threatening Jonas in our log,
then this is all your fault, Inger!
You know what?
We're done.
Find someone else to destroy.
This one is from Stockholm.
With the blockchain on it,
we can follow the money trails
out of Russia this past year.
Money trails out of Russia have
become harder and harder to track.
We believe some of them
pass through Hungary.
But how much of it goes to
extremists to weaken opponents?
- Have they checked this for you?
- No, we came straight to you.
What's going on?
I don't know.
It's just
That can't be what I think it is?
What the hell?
It's a fucking tracker!
They're tracking it!
This was made for one purpose
Can you trace the one tracking us?
No. They're professionals.
Give me that.
It's a 30 minute drive
to the military base.
We'll go the opposite way.
I'll drive.
Listen, we have to do what we've
been practising. For real.
Right now.
Shoes, jacket, backpack.
Come on, come on!
Pick up the pace!
Don't look back, just go.
Come on.
Come on!
Come on, come on, come on.
Put your seat belt on.
Is the man you've talked about here?
I don't know.
Is he the one who killed mum?
Please tell me.
We'll talk about all of this,
I promise, but right now
I need to focus.
Hand me my bag, please.
- Are you with Inger?
- She's being chased. They found us.
- Who? Where are you?
- In the car.
I sensed something was happening.
- Someone's hacked the Furia blog.
- That's not how they found us.
Inger brought a tracker by mistake.
Call them,
we're headed for the military base.
And Michelle?
What about Michelle?
Asgeir? Where is Michelle?
She's with me.
I have to go.
Okay, Michelle.
Lie down in the backseat, alright?
Are you all right?
Just stay still.
Don't move.
He stopped!
Get down!
Okay, we're there now.
Just stay still.
The police found a car. It's still
light out, so we're leaving now.
Michelle's asleep.
I gave her something to sleep on.
Local police was granted aid from
the Criminal Investigation Service.
Several cars have been spotted
driving out there.
- Have they found anyone?
- One man was killed at the scene.
It's that black girl's dad.
Someone in Oslo said
- Did you catch any of them?
- One man is dead. No ID.
Their rental car is further up,
with open doors and bullet holes.
Do you have a team?
Local police and the Coastal Rangers
have it under control.
Was Ziminov there?
How many were they?
They were many,
but they're gone now.
So are Chief and Inger.
I have no fucking idea.
When you find Inger,
ask her to call me. I need her.
Yes, of course.
Talk soon.
Over here!
He's over here!
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
I was sure they'd lost our trail,
but suddenly they were
forcing us out of the car.
I held them off so Inger could run.
- Where is Inger now?
- Down that way.
Has anyone found her phone?
I left her a voicemail, and
I just don't want
anyone to listen to it.
I'll call you later.
Good and beauty.
It's not in what you see,
but what you feel.
Losing someone close, like a mother,
means the world is rearranged.
The loss is like
losing a part of yourself.
Lies can exploit and
feast on your loss.
Goodness, beauty and truth.
I've lost them all to lies.
Stay the fuck here!
I am Furia.
No more lies!
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