Furia (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Polarize and Mobilize

The invasion of Ukraine
changed everything.
Could you be less specific?
We had those who had worked for
me or my clients by their balls.
- Just like you think you have me.
- We didn't provoke you to do that.
Names? I'd appreciate it
if you'd give me some names.
Those are irrelevant to
who you crave for.
- Not after Inger. And Budapest.
- That was your operation.
You fucked it up!
Do you know how many on my team
you killed?
I'm talking about Asgeir.
If he was on my team,
he'd already be dead.
But no, you bring him on a mission.
Don't blame me for
everything going to hell.
Budapest is on you!
Here is everything you need to know
about Friis. Well Inger.
She seems like someone I'd like.
Wish I'd met her when she was alive.
We'll try to keep her identity
hidden for as long as possible.
At least until after Budapest,
and Ziminov is arrested.
I'll leave comments on
murder investigations to the DPP,
- but do we know why she was killed?
- Nothing definitive, only theories.
You'll know
the second we have something.
I won't be on a need to know basis
here. Not with Ziminov.
These things rarely turn out well.
The same goes for politicians trying
to steer intelligence operations.
You need to trust me.
I'll keep you posted.
This ministerial post has had
the most sackings the past 10 years.
I need to know that it's safe
to work with the Russian
Ziminov is Moldovan.
No one in this organisation
has a Russian passport.
I do not doubt our people's ability,
but I fear what the Moldovan knows.
You can bet your ass
the Moldovan knows more than you.
And that's why we need to get
Ziminov arrested.
We've been after him for two years,
and just as we were getting close,
Inger was killed. We don't seem
to have the upper hand.
The way you say
the word "politicians"
- It could do with a bit more love.
- Okay. Fine.
This isn't your fault.
I wanted to say it,
in case you needed to hear it.
Yes, okay.
- Is your arm okay?
- I had to remove the cast.
I couldn't get my suit jacket on.
I wish people knew
how much they owe her.
- When are we leaving?
- In three days.
And we don't really know
who knows what.
Who's been compromised.
You two will travel alone.
I'll lead the op from Oslo.
- We'll only have American back-up?
- The CIA will meet you in Budapest.
Let's go, then.
Go talk to him.
How are you holding up?
There's not really that much to say.
The only way for Michelle to have
any kind of life, is by nailing him.
I can tell just by looking at her.
It's all going to hell.
She is closing herself off.
If she gets a friend, or has a nice
time at work, something happens,
- and it all comes crashing back.
- I'll drive her to the safe house.
You checked that house thoroughly.
She'll be safe there, and I'll
be there. It's going to be okay.
I won't hold back down there.
We cannot underestimate them again.
We'll finish
what you and Inger started.
Ziminov is going away.
You won't lose any more people.
Did you have a look at
the stuff I sent you?
The Furia blog? Yes.
It's just
The numbers keep going up, across
countries we've never been big in.
Someone is pulling the strings,
someone with resources.
- Any old equipment won't do.
- I agree.
It's strange that the Americans
haven't figured this out.
Inger was concerned about you.
I can do the things I need to do.
I'm doing it!
- I can't just sit on my ass
- I know!
I'm not worried about you,
I'm worried about him.
- You need to keep an eye on him.
- Sure.
- Dad!
- Hey! The wolf pack.
You hungry? Yes?
Oh God, you're heavy!
Can you help me chop those up?
Thin slices.
Here you go.
Apple for you.
You don't really want that, do you?
What you want, is this.
You want ham.
Here, have some ham.
You have to have your vegetables
as well. That's important.
Just hold on for a second.
Can you keep an eye on this?
Are you getting anything to eat?
You're looking a bit skimpy.
Only compared to you.
- Me? I've been doing my sit-ups.
- Yeah, you look good.
Thank you.
I had to move the meeting
with Bathòry.
I saw that, yes.
- Is that why you wanted to see me?
- No, no, no.
We had some trouble with
the Meyer fund.
Some money not getting into the
account. Do you know anything?
- That was your responsibility.
- Yeah.
It doesn't matter.
It's no big deal.
I moved the rest of the money and
closed our accounts. I just feel
I need a guarantee
that it won't happen again.
And you have it.
We have new accounts.
More security for the transactions.
Seven different funds.
I know you fucked up
the Meyer fund.
That's not the issue right now.
You're either so clueless that you
had no idea that you did,
or you did know, and you tried to
fucking hide it from me.
That's the issue right now.
It won't happen again.
You have my word.
Just put it over there.
Do you have everything you need?
All your drawing stuff, the Manga
Come on.
You can't bring a knife.
- It's a fishing knife.
- It's a knife. You can't do that.
- You're bringing a gun.
- Yes, but that's not the
Michelle, it's called
a safe house for a reason.
It's safe.
You don't need to worry about this.
Just let it go.
- What about you?
- I'll be absolutely fine.
Let's just get this done, and
everything will be okay. I promise.
Come here.
I have made you so many promises
that I haven't been able to keep.
But one thing is certain.
I will do everything I can
And I do mean everything!
to get home safe to you.
My beautiful, brave girl.
Dad, the nurses can help you
with the groceries, you know.
- They have a food arrangement.
- I don't trust them.
I'm leaving tomorrow, remember?
This is impossible.
Can you please help me?
on this thing.
- I can't find Falcon Crest.
Never mind.
It's not worth it.
Maybe we can talk instead?
I haven't forgotten that you're
leaving for
- Singapore tomorrow.
- I'll be back on Monday.
You're like me.
You can't let go.
I have to take care of an old case
from a couple of years back.
After that, I'm done.
I'm not moving back there.
I'm not talking about your work
or your head.
Tarje thinks too much.
But where are you, honey?
You are here.
Right here.
I sometimes think
that you feel everything so much
stronger then the rest of us.
And then it's sometimes
easier to shut everyone out.
Did you remember to bring
my brown jacket?
- Huh?
- I asked if you remembered Hey.
- I don't know. I don't think so.
- My brown jacket.
- Sweetie, do you really have to go?
- Yes, I do.
I sometimes think
that I lost two daughters that day.
You didn't lose me.
- I'll see you on Monday.
- Okay.
- Bye, dad.
- Bye, sweetie.
Last time I was here, he was going
on and on about his brown jacket.
- He asked about it today as well.
- It's so ugly!
Are you sure about leaving?
The timing is a little weird.
I think the best thing for me
is to work.
And you probably can't tell me
where you're going or why?
- I told you. I'm going to Singapore.
- But that's all you're telling me.
Is it really that interesting?
A project I managed two years ago is
being moved to a digital platform.
They need me there to make sure
nothing goes wrong.
Will you pick up if I call you?
If anything happens?
Yes, of course.
Just use the app I installed.
They're fussy about cyber security.
They have stricter rules than
the Ministry of Justice.
- Hi, I'm Mike.
- Asgeir.
- Ellen.
- Just follow me.
We've set up a temporary HQ
in the offices upstairs.
You don't trust the Hungarians? You
won't invite us to your real office?
Nope. But it's mutual,
they don't trust us either.
- Croissant?
- No, thank you.
- Hi. Good to meet you in person.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Ziminov's moved the meeting venue.
- What happened? Does he know?
Nothing indicates that, no.
Just standard safety precautions.
It's just very important that we
don't underestimate this man.
- He's always several steps ahead.
- We checked, and we're thorough.
- What's next?
- Our lead. Bathòry.
- When do we meet him?
- Her.
- The file said Marcos Bathòry.
- Legally, yes.
But she prefers to go by
Sona Bathòry.
That's an older picture.
You'll meet her after the briefing.
She's quite brilliant.
Started her own tech company at 21.
Hard being a trans woman business
owner in a conservative country.
My country's right wingers
love Hungary.
So she started working with the
Russians to save her business?
Small stuff at first, but you're
always pressured into more.
After the invasion,
the Russians kept pushing.
Her deeds went from shady
to something that gives us leverage.
Has she told you about the software
that Ziminov wants to buy from her?
It's a program to do with security
in crypto-currency transactions.
Could I take a look at the message
about the meeting?
- It's not normal for him to do this.
- I know who you are.
I know you've worked on Ziminov
for years. But I checked it.
You need to trust us.
I've come here to chew bubblegum
- and help you arrest Ziminov.
- And you're out of bubblegum?
I was raised to always bring a gift
when invited to a dinner.
The same should apply for
an operation.
To bring home for your daughter.
I told you I know who you are.
Thank you.
The windows are locked and secured.
- What do you think?
- I don't like it.
- You've been here ten seconds.
- You'll get used to it.
You can put away your clothes
in the drawers.
If anything needs to be laundered,
just let me know.
I'll just have a quick word
with him. I'll be right back.
There's a Japanese restaurant here
with a waiving cat in the window.
Given the level of security
required, she'll have to stay here.
Okay, but she likes Asian food,
not pizza. That's a no go.
We'll do something fun, I promise.
You brought a knife?
Why did you do that?
- Dad said I could.
- He did?
You are impossible! First I trained
him for ten years, and now you.
Put it away.
Don't be stupid.
All right then.
We've done background checks
on everyone.
Over 70% of the threats are from
members of the same Facebook group.
Such organised threats means you're
not the random victim of one troll.
All right? They've decided
to take their hatred out on you.
- We're increasing the threat level.
- Will I get security guards?
We'll monitor all communication with
your computers at home and at work.
- And your phone and other devices.
- But will I get security guards?
No. We'll give you a direct number
that you can use.
And this.
It looks like a phone.
But if you press it, an emergency
signal will be sent to us.
If you're able to answer us, we'll
ask you a few control questions.
If you reply that all is well,
we'll understand that
the situation is quite the opposite.
If you receive a call from any of
these numbers, do not answer.
You should try to change
some of your daily routine.
Go to work an hour earlier or later,
and the same when you leave.
Don't interact with
Take this.
This is our direct number.
Call us, no matter what.
- Are you okay?
- Thank you.
Can you please go over this rapport
before 1 pm? I won't be able to
- Marion, do you have a second?
- Yes. We're done, right?
VG called. Asked a lot of questions
about the Lofoten murder.
No mention of the PST, but he asked
if you were connected to the victim.
You think someone leaked that one
of the heads of the PST was killed?
Why else would he ask me about that?
And whether or not
you were connected privately?
Her name was Inger Friis, right?
I think I heard someone say Friis.
But I'm not sure.
- How was your talk with the PST?
- It was fine.
- You sound really convincing.
- It went all right.
At some point,
we have to talk about it.
- It really was fine.
- Yes, but like I said
Ziminov will come with backup.
His choice of where to meet
and when, says a lot.
It's close to the Plaza, where
the Pride Parade has a pit stop.
His guys could easily blend in.
There will be a lot of
potential escape routes to cover.
We've seen incidents between Pride-
goers and demonstrators before.
As well as clashes with the police,
so expect more local police there.
Have the Hungarian police or anyone
been informed about our operation?
No. They're not the most reliable
guys on Team Democracy.
And Ziminov and his Enabler might be
paying Orbán's secret police off.
So avoid getting caught by them.
A car will be behind the restaurant
where our lead is meeting Ziminov.
Ziminov will be taken to a military
plane that will take him to Norway.
- And if anything goes wrong here?
- We've planned for the worst.
But six months ago, you tried to
arrest his second in command.
And all you ended up with,
was a dead agent on the roof.
That's why we, instead of rooftop
watches, have put up cameras
covering two blocks
in all directions.
And at a risk of a shoot-out
But all of these plans
include him getting out alive.
I think we need to think about
the fact that that may not happen.
- Getting Ziminov alive is the plan.
- Him getting away is not an option.
Not an option for you.
Killing Ziminov won't stop
anything more than his pulse.
His financial and digital
operations, the plans they have,
will go on, regardless.
Ziminov has vital information.
He can give us
the Enabler's identity.
It can lead us to reduce the power
and options of Putin's kleptocrats,
which is not just a gain
for our president.
Your boss knows and
understands that too, Mr. Eng.
Your anti-terror creds gives you
a lot of leverage.
But not enough to break
your boss' deals with us.
You're clock is wrong.
I would think the CIA had updated
their offices since the 60s.
It's a temporary place.
- Ellen.
- Sona.
- And this is Asgeir.
- Hello.
You've already seen the plans for
the restaurant. You know what to do?
Three exits, and I'll get Ziminov to
leave through the one in the back.
Yes. And you're comfortable with it?
You think it's a good plan?
- No, it's got too many variables.
- Yes, it does have variables.
But we have backup with us.
Why didn't you tell me
your boss got killed?
Your police's cyber security
isn't foolproof.
This past month, three tech guys
have been killed by Ziminov's men.
- And now you want me to be bait.
- You're not bait.
Yes, I am. Without me, you have
no chance of finding Ziminov.
You're asking me to risk my life.
- That's not
- Yes, we are.
Because you need us.
We know exactly what you did.
You've helped Russian oligarchs
with their money illegally.
With the occupation, your money
laundering looks even worse.
Look at me.
You've been helping some really
bad people. We are your only hope.
You help us,
or you go to jail.
Have you ever been in danger
just by being who you are?
Have you ever lived in constant fear
every time you want to go out?
Evaluating your outfit by:
"Will this get you beaten up?"
My friend is in the hospital now. He
was kicked in the face last weekend.
You can't guaranty my safety, fine.
But we are putting others in danger.
There will be thousands of
Some of them will be eating
in this fucking restaurant.
They are the real reason
I'm doing this.
I won't put them in any more danger
than they already are.
Sorry about that. I'll keep
a close eye on her tomorrow.
- I can trust you, right?
- Yes.
Will you be able to control yourself
with Ziminov?
Everyone would be better off
if he would just burn in hell.
Yeah. But I want him arrested,
and that's why we're here.
But if we're suddenly in
a situation where I have to
I hope you'll back me up.
When VG News are asking me
questions, we can no longer wait.
We need to give a press conference,
and we need to decide what to say.
Yes. We need to make it public
before the media beats us to it.
- We need to control the narrative.
- No.
No, we're not saying anything
the press doesn't already know.
They will find out sooner or later.
We need to own it.
We'll withhold as much as we can.
That's crucial
for getting Ziminov arrested.
I know the PST likes to
withhold things from us.
But you can't do whatever
the hell you like. I'm fed up!
Jonas! We're not drawing attention
to the PST or international actions.
We have agents risking their lives
to make this arrest.
We cannot blow an operation
we've worked on for years.
How we appear in this case,
can be corrected later on.
The state's attorney will either way
evaluate the methods used here
Umbrellas for sunshine,
and umbrellas for rain.
Nothing says diversity
like diverse weather!
Crowds are gathering for the largest
Pride Parade in the city's history.
Colourful banners, colourful love,
acceptance and equal rights for all.
However, the Hungarian government
has passed several laws
that limit the rights of
LGBTQ+ people.
Including a ban on
same sex marriage and restrictions
on transgender people's ability
to legally change their gender.
Large numbers of extremists with
clear anti-gay agendas are expected.
Potential clashes are a concern.
Counter-demonstrators' signs
promote traditional values.
They express opposition to what
they see as a deviant life style.
Two minutes to clear out, guys.
That's good.
- Everything okay?
- I'm just testing it. It looks good.
- No, I meant with you.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
And we're gonna be fine.
You can go and take a seat.
Asgeir, I'm here with you.
Let's do this.
Prep every vehicle for evac.
Torch the cars if necessary.
Can we get the news feed up, please?
Counter-demonstrators are throwing
objects at the parade participants.
Others attempt to break through
the police barricades.
The Pride Parade still continues.
Participants call for equal rights.
- You know him well? Asgeir?
- Yeah.
So he's good?
He'll follow orders,
if that's what you're asking.
I know where he's coming from.
The sniper on the roof
that was killed
She was my girlfriend.
I'm sorry.
I know we need Ziminov alive.
I also know being locked up for him
is worse than dying.
- But I'm not sure Asgeir cares.
- He cares.
We should have the live feeds
in a minute.
I'm Jake, by the way.
Yeah, I know.
That's Brad.
And Dan, who won't say hi to you,
because he doesn't like new people.
A friend of mine makes them.
The estimate is wrong.
There are more.
They expect a 25.000 people turnout.
That's 5.000 more than we thought.
- Tensions are running high
- We're up.
Police have been deployed along
the route to prevent incidents.
Okay, we can expect more police too.
These security measures come after
recent protests against LGBTQ+,
which have sparked concerns about
violence and disruption
Ellen, this is your spot.
Ellen, get ready for Pride.
- Bravo, what's your ETA?
- ETA next drop-off, 30 seconds.
We've got a bit of a crowd up ahead.
Not the Pride, obviously,
down the side streets.
Drop-off complete.
Bravo heading for EP.
Asgeir and Sona,
ETA restaurant in three minutes.
- Ever been to Pride Parade before?
- No, not really.
You should go. Under different
circumstances, of course.
No one celebrates better than us.
Alpha van getting into position.
Standing by.
The paraders are arriving already.
Pan to the restaurant.
This is Jenny. We are
approaching the restaurant now.
Put it up.
Agents in.
Sona, ETA in one minute.
Asgeir, turn left at the crossing.
Find the arrest vehicle
and service entrance.
I'll leave you now.
You won't see us, but someone will
be close to you at all times.
Think of it as a normal meeting.
We'll take care of the rest.
You'll be fine.
And then we'll celebrate.
Sona is heading for the restaurant.
I'm in position in one minute.
Table is secure.
Awaiting Sona.
Sona's entering.
Sona in position.
Awaiting Ziminov.
Ziminov at point B.
He's got two men with him.
At least one armed. Handgun.
Other unknown.
Well spotted. I think we'll treat
everybody as armed, but thanks.
Ziminov and his men just passed me.
ETA in three.
I'm in position.
- Sorry!
- So sorry, he's so clumsy!
It's okay.
Protesters in Nador street.
Police are on them.
Keep your distance here.
Don't interfere.
Everyone, stay focused. We don't
want to draw attention to ourselves.
There are police everywhere.
I'm in position.
Give me the live feed, please.
Ziminov and his men have reached the
restaurant. They've stopped outside.
Ziminov entering restaurant now.
- Hey.
- Hello.
I guess normally, you would be
outside with the others.
Yeah, but
- You know, business comes first.
- Sure.
So, how about the new software?
- Smart contracts?
- Yeah, like Ethereum.
Generally, I have based it on
proof of stake systems.
And the DeFi and the other nodes?
It's less dependent on them.
But there are still some factors
that the nodes can't process.
There are some angels
and a news team here.
Ziminov's men are on the move.
Ellen, stay on them.
- Dan and Jake, stay put.
- Copy that.
Okay, hold up, hold up.
Fuck. The news team is on air, live.
That's not good.
It's crowded. Does anyone else
have eyes on Ziminov's men?
- Jake?
- I see them. I'll take it from here.
We have a grey van approaching,
not ours.
I see it.
License plate LYT639.
Copy that.
We're running it now.
The van is registered under
a Hungarian wine company.
Keep your eyes on it.
- Do I have to do anything?
- You need to double the servers.
It's not a problem.
It just takes a bit more time.
Thank you.
Have you talked with anybody
about this?
- No, just with you.
- Good.
I never talk with anybody
about my work.
Very good.
One or two people leaving the van.
One in a black hoodie.
Black hoodie is leaving down
Garibaldi. I'll follow him.
Will anybody check out the van
and the other guy?
On it.
Hashes will be longer,
but it will make it impossible
to create forks and the blocks.
Excuse me, I must use the restroom,
but please continue
- when I get back.
- Yeah, of course.
Ziminov has left the table.
He said restroom.
Hold your positions.
He's trying to escape!
Asgeir, please!
Everyone hold your positions.
What do you see?
Report, please.
Asgeir? Jenny?
I need your status.
He went through in here.
Ziminov is not in the building.
Asgeir ran out the back with a gun.
Should I follow?
You stay there.
Brad and Jake, get ready.
Okay, where did he go?
Check the cams. There!
We have Ziminov walking down
Nador street now. Jake, you ready?
Brad, get into position.
Asgeir, do you have a visual?
Black hoodie running away!
Asgeir? Where the fuck is he?
Has he turned off his comms?
Asgeir, can you check your gear?
Asgeir, check your gear!
- We have an agent down.
- If he's dead, move away from him.
They're killing us, one by one.
Look out for snipers. Stay alert.
Dan, can you see Ziminov's men?
Handcuff them, and get Sona out now.
HQ, we have a problem.
- Anyone checking the van?
- Asgeir, we need you.
Jenny, evacuate Sona now.
Brad, do you follow?
- I have a situation.
- Stop right now!
Asgeir is on Nador street.
Get over there!
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