Furia (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Enemies of The States

Hi. You're up early.
Did something happen?
No, I just wanted to make
a video for Michelle.
Can you please give it to her
if I should
I understand.
Of course.
Hi, Michelle.
My beautiful girl.
If you're watching this video,
that means that
I didn't come home.
So you were right again.
You always are.
So I am in
What's it called in that favourite
Manga of yours? The Spirit World.
With Ichigo
and the rest of the gang.
And mum.
And you have a piece of paper
in front of you. A paternity test.
No matter what it says
it doesn't mean anything to me.
You are my girl.
I'm sorry about
everything that's happened.
I just didn't want you
to be scared anymore.
And now you don't have to.
No one is coming for you.
And if there is another name
on that piece of paper,
it means that he too
is no longer alive.
He's not someone
you want to know anyway.
We have an agent down!
Asgeir? Please!
- If he's dead, move away.
- They're killing us, one by one.
Look out for snipers.
Stay alert!
Stop! Stop right there!
Eszter? Eszter, where are you?
What happened?
The telecommunication system
is currently overloaded. Try again.
We can not accept your call.
Please try again later.
is currently overloaded.
Please try again later.
Asgeir? Are you hurt?
Are you okay?
Yes. Where are you?
Okay, I'll find it.
Yeah, okay.
You have him there?
Yes, okay.
What did you do?
Was it a bomb?
What? Fuck off.
- What did you do?!
- I didn't do anything.
I had nothing to do with that.
Why couldn't you just
leave us alone?
What the fuck?!
Zimmi, you sold us out.
They came to kill me, you saw that.
My own guys!
Then why did you run?
Fuck. I took off,
'cause you fucked up your game!
You good?
Is it bad?
There's something
I just saw the Furia image,
painted on a wall by the blast.
It was fucking big. And someone
videotaped me, on the way to
There's something going on,
and it's pointing at me. At us.
- We can't stay here.
- No.
We'll have to take him with us.
- It's a tragedy, that's for sure.
- A shitshow, is what it is.
I've got three agents down, and
the rest are scrambling to get out.
What's your status?
We don't know if our agents survived
yet. We're trying to reach them.
They've ordered a roundup of gay
activists, and army mobilisation.
Things are escalating fast, Sophie.
You should pull your people now.
Okay, we're getting some
You know what?
I think we'll continue this later.
Closed for the weekend.
Can you get us in?
Still nothing. You?
explosions in Budapest
earlier today
is likely the deadliest terrorist
attack in Europe in over a decade.
The blast occurred during
the morning rush hour, causing
So what was your part
in all of this?
You know what I do. I depend on
smooth transitions of money.
Not setting off bombs.
I was there because no one knows
more about crypto shit than Sona.
She was the one who set up
the meeting. For you guys, I reckon.
I was ordered to go there.
Do you know how she is,
by the way?
Nobody in that building
could have survived.
Fuck. I liked her. She couldn't
be trusted, but I liked her.
Who told you to be there?
Who do you think could turn
my people against me?
So your boss sent you to die?
The Enabler? Right?
by the name Furia
has claimed responsibility.
We have her manifesto, and we're
going to play you some passages.
I am Furia, we are Furia.
We're done seeing our Christian
culture dragged through the sewers.
Done with homosexuals marching
in our streets, into our schools,
and into our children's minds.
Today, we take up arms.
Tomorrow, we fight. Soon, we'll win.
I am Furia. We are not alone.
It's fine, you can trust them.
At least two Norwegian citizens were
present when the bomb went off.
The Foreign Office
are trying to get an account,
but there were
over 20.000 people there.
It's too soon to say whether or not
there were more Norwegians there.
There's one more thing.
The information we have on those two
didn't come from our channels.
It came from the PST.
They are on their way,
and requested an urgent meeting.
Have you seen this?
There is a link between
the Berlin terrorists two years ago
and what's happened in Budapest.
The terrorists have worked with
an anonymous blogger.
The same one who claimed
responsibility for this?
Why wasn't this mentioned in
the investigation or in the media?
Because Inger Friis and the PS
have fought to keep this hidden.
- Why was she allowed to do that?
- That's what I'd like to know.
They need to answer that now.
- Hi!
- It's Ellen. We're alive and well.
- But there's something else.
- Holy shit. Be careful, okay?
Listen. We have Ziminov, but
you need to get us out of Hungary.
There is some fucked up shit
going on. It was a trap!
I'll get you out.
Just don't talk to anyone.
Don't trust anyone.
And do not get caught!
Can you get information on
a group I believe was involved?
What group?
Wilki Zalgirisu, Wolves of Zalgiris.
Polish nationalists.
There's something
There are many who could want to
destabilise western democracies.
It's not uncommon to use right-wing
extremists to create uneasiness.
This increases
the level of conflicts,
and causes scepticism to
the legal system and democracy.
As the secretary knows,
one of the persons responsible for
funding a group like this, is this
Moldavian-Ukrainian man. Ziminov.
We know that Ziminov
and our two police agents
were close to the spot
where the bomb exploded.
We believe they survived.
And there is more, I'm sorry to say.
The Furia blog, which claimed
responsibility for the attack,
has been an undercover project
run by this agent.
Let me see if I have this straight.
You've been running a right-wing
extremist blog as an undercover op?
Our people are trying to find out
if the blog was hacked
and overtaken by a hostile group.
This agent Your agent!
Did this agent claim responsibility?
Out with it!
I'm afraid we might have
a Norwegian police agent
gone rogue.
- Is this a fact or a theory?
- We're still investigating it.
It's too early to say.
Please contact
my Hungarian counterpart.
That's not necessarily a good idea.
Because we never informed
the Hungarians.
You've been running an undercover op
in an allied country without
The Hungarian police is corrupt.
The special unit as well.
Orbán's authoritarianism
permeates the Hungarian society.
They're arresting dissidents,
with no regard for human rights.
So how will our agents fare if
the Hungarians get a hold of them?
We'll cross that bridge
if we get there.
He said he would get us out.
And that we couldn't trust anyone.
- The whole city will be shut down.
- I know.
The guy running out of the van
tagged a wolf symbol on a wall.
I saw it several places,
and I've seen it before.
From a paramilitary Polish group.
Not Neo-Nazis,
but it can be made to appear so.
Most of them work in a company
called Alpha Security.
Their most known client
is this guy. Mateusz Krajewski.
Mateusz Krajewski.
Big shot TV guy.
Bill O'Reilly-style.
- You think it's him?
- No, but it can't be a coincidence.
There was recently a huge increase
in traffic around this group, Furia,
and the TV guy.
He's talking about Furia.
- So what do you think?
- Krajewski has a place in Poland.
It's guarded by Alpha Security.
If we can get there
You're not getting out of here
on your own. And I could help.
- No, I'd rather go to the Americans.
- I don't trust them.
Not now, not here. And if Poland is
in on it, they have more resources.
- Okay, we've got to go.
- Hey, you need me.
Marty says they're helping
the Hungarian SWAT.
The question is,
will Ellen surrender?
And what will she say about the PST?
Her life was in constant danger for
years. Inger was her only contact.
What kind of inner demons
has she had to struggle with?
She was trained for an intense life,
and suddenly, it was taken away.
- And then she was put on ice.
- You think she's behind this?
- Seriously?
- I think that anything is possible.
- What are your thoughts?
- Inger trusted her completely.
And she knew her stuff.
The Hungarians are closing in on a
bridge, with the CIA watching live.
Okay. Was it Ellen who called you
right before the meeting?
Yes. But the call was disconnected.
You need to contact her again, ASAP.
- Tell her they need to contact us.
- Right.
The Norwegian government
wants answers
after the wanted terrorist Furia
was revealed to be Ellen Gabrielsen.
Police forces and anti-terrorist
units are searching for Furia.
The capital is on lockdown, and the
prime minister closed the borders,
establishing martial law,
and deploying The National Guard.
We don't have any choice now.
Now we'll look less dodgy.
Can you trust me enough to not hold
your gun under the table?
I don't have to trust you.
Everybody wants to get you now.
Oh, really?
I haven't seen your people around.
Chief sent me a message.
The official order is to surrender
to the CIA or some embassy.
- But he's advising against it.
- Okay? Why?
He's probably thinking what I'm
thinking. The CIA doesn't trust us.
He didn't spell it out
But it seems the PS
are having doubts about us as well.
Chief trusts you.
Then there's only one thing to do.
Find evidence that proves
we didn't do it.
Do you want to tell us
what you believe happened today?
- Why?
- To build some trust.
If my people had something to do
with the bomb
I wasn't the only target.
My death would only be a bonus.
But why would the Enabler
want you dead?
Oh, you know
If I was the main target,
he would be more discreet about it.
But you going after me You've
been closing in on some cash streams
that very powerful people
want to keep hidden.
Some of them even started a war
because of it.
Tell us about
the Enabler's finances.
- Why would I do that?
- Just do it.
You have nothing to offer.
Get me a deal with the CIA.
New ID.
Then we'll talk.
They will still need proof from you.
The operation you seek is run
out of Warsaw. I was in charge.
But the logs and documents
are on a disc
- hidden in a flat in Tbilisi.
- Why?
- Because of situations like this.
- Georgia? We can't get there.
I know someone.
Passports, tickets
Plains, trains and automobiles.
You know.
- She runs a tight operation.
- She?
Yeah. It's a modern world, you know.
- Could she get me to Poland?
- I wouldn't recommend it.
- To find the TV guy?
- I know what I'm doing.
- You think you do.
- Ellen
The people who did this will not
get away. No fucking way.
I can take care of myself.
And you guys need to get to Georgia.
If you
think you can manage it.
Here's a bag with things you
might need, and a burner phone.
And you can get a hold of your
brother without being traced?
I can access his phone.
I installed P2P in one of his apps.
No one can trace it.
Hope you're right about him. That he
believes you, and will help you.
- Ellen?
- Did you get my message?
Did you get my message?
- Can you hear me?
- What is going on?
- Did you get my message?
- They're saying you're a terrorist.
You know I'm not.
- You've lied about everything!
- I couldn't tell you about it.
- It was to protect you.
- You're all over the Internet.
Dad saw you on TV.
- He's devastated.
- And I'm so sorry.
Sorry about what?
Sorry about lying? Sorry about dad?
Sorry I might lose my job?
Sorry about fucking destroying
the memory of Hanna?
You know what they're writing
about Utøya?
I did this for Hanna!
To make sure it never happens again!
I've done some fucked up things,
but I don't regret it.
- It's for the right reasons.
- So where are you now?
You don't need to know. Did you
find the stuff I asked about?
- When will you be back?
- Soon.
I just need to find out
who's using me for this.
Did you find the stuff
I asked about?
It's the name of a client,
an estate, and some other stuff.
- I have it here.
- Send me the whole file.
The CIA have informed Hungary
about our agents in Budapest.
The Hungarian police is furious.
The military is by the border.
You'll probably hear from
the Hungarian Secretary of Justice.
Really? Why would the CIA
stab us in the back like this?
Hungary and the EU Not good.
Hungary and the US Awesome.
Trump, Orbán, Fox News
The Hungarians will do anything
for the Americans.
For the CIA, this is an easy way
to repay a favour.
The simple and more scary reason, is
that the Americans do not trust us.
I can't say I blame them.
What happens if one of our agents
makes contact with the Americans?
That won't happen. They have
disappeared from the radar.
So our own agents no longer
wish to stay in contact with us?
We've found evidence at the home of
the female agent's father.
It's not evidence.
It proves that she has been
in contact with right-wing radicals.
Against Inger Friis' orders.
- Hello?
- You'll be at the border in 5 hours.
The driver will take you to
many busses with refugees.
You will join them across to
Slovakia. Okay?
- Refugees? From where?
- The war in Ukraine, Syria
People no one want.
- Okay. So you guys help people?
- Stick to the plan, and no problems.
When were you going to tell me that
I'm helping a fucking terrorist?
- She was set up, just like me.
- That doesn't matter.
As long as they believe she's
a terrorist, fuck your set-up.
Your father wouldn't like
such language.
My dad would've kicked your teeth in
for coming here.
Tension at the border is already
high, and now, after the bomb?
People's lives are at risk.
Real people!
- Fuck no! He's not worth it!
- This is for me, not for him.
- It's a bed strap situation.
- A bed strap situation?
Yes, it is.
She likes to surround herself with
handsome men,
good food and decent wine.
Are you sure she's gonna do it?
Okay, so we are clear.
You can take the beds in there.
- Then we can organise your route.
- Thank you.
It's gonna cost you dearly.
No bed strap for him.
Or your friend.
You have phone? Laptop? Smart watch?
Any trackable devices?
- No.
- The gun.
Don't smile.
What about Ellen?
All neighbouring countries have
reintroduced border control.
But we have several options
to get her across.
This is Tarje Gabrielsen,
Ellen Gabrielsen's brother.
- We're aware.
- Why was I not informed?
We gave him the chance
to tell you himself.
Which he obviously did.
Have you been surveilling me?
We've been observing you.
- Have you spoken with your sister?
- I didn't know she was a cop.
Tarje has nothing to do with
his sister's alleged actions.
I have no choice.
I have to revoke your clearance.
I hope you understand.
I have no choice.
My clearance?
Then how am I supposed to work?
You get that she's not a terrorist,
I'm sure there's an explanation,
We need to be able to prove that
for the entire world.
You understand, right?
He's in the barn house
getting money.
- He has money in the barn?
- No. Our fibre cable is there.
One of you need to pay me, and I'm
guessing you don't have any money.
- What are we paying for, exactly?
- A roof over you heads.
Passports, IDs. Your friend.
That's the cheap stuff.
Then there's me.
I'm not cheap.
So this is what you do?
Smuggle criminals across borders?
Criminals are not the only ones
who need to cross the border.
- But you can get us to Georgia?
- Yes.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I just need a key.
You should relax now.
You have a chance.
- What's this?
- It's for someone who needs it.
You are here,
so they must hide elsewhere.
Why did you take Igor's baby?
- You really think Michelle is yours?
- You know nothing.
"Joy of my life."
From a father to
a dear friend's daughter.
My father helped people
escape the Soviets.
He was arrested, and in a Siberian
prison, he met a young, eager guy.
Ziminov. If it wasn't for Igor,
my father would have died.
Those places are brutal.
Dark, cold
At one point, my father got sick.
Some of the other prisoners
were gonna rob him of his clothes.
Igor defended him.
There was a fight, and Igor
killed two of them, using
a bed strap.
Now I help people coming from
Ukraine, Syria and other countries.
At times, Igor asks me
to bring something.
Nothing too bad,
nothing that draws attention.
No, not until now.
This time it's different.
I will help him, because I owe him.
After this, you will owe him too.
- Yes?
- Wake up.
They have stopped the other buses,
and it's too late to turn around.
Okay. Who are they?
Have they seen my face in the news?
All over the news. But you are not
the only wanted criminal here.
Hide, or get into the woods.
There are refugee camps in the area.
Use the confusion! When you've
passed the treeless field,
- you're out of Hungary. Good luck.
- Thank you.
Everybody! Come out!
We are looking for a blonde woman!
A terrorist!
Step out.
Move faster.
Hurry up.
Let's check this ambulance.
Move faster.
Stay in the line!
Stay in the line!
They've closed all of my accounts.
They cancelled the credit cards.
She must have been
planning it for a year!
And that's not even the worst of it!
Those fucking pigs raided my place
in Tbilisi. Fuck!
So you have no value, then.
- What do you mean?
- No money, no evidence
You have no value.
Not to me, not to the CIA.
- It's just a change of plans. Okay?
- Okay.
We'll go to Warsaw.
That's the base of all operations.
I've got a back-up over there.
Nobody knows about it.
- What is it?
- My driver barely got away.
He heard gunfire.
I'm sorry.
- No, she's fine.
- How do you know?
It would've been all over the news,
and it's not, so
I have a log of how the Enabler
hides his clients' assets.
Bank accounts, hedge funds
Every fucking thing!
This is something they created
after the invasion of Ukraine?
You think they are complete morons?
They started long before 2014.
Who do you think you're
dealing with here?
- That's exactly what I want to know.
- Me too.
So you're telling me now that
you don't know who the Enabler is?
I've never met him.
Just middlemen.
The real value of the Enabler,
is anonymity. Especially now.
When everybody wants to scout
an oligarch. He's priceless.
- Not to you.
- He's big on secrecy.
People who meet him tend to
disappear, if you know what I mean.
- So what do you want to do now?
- Well
With that log
Who knows what you're
gonna find out? Or the CIA?
- Okay. So how do we get there?
- I have a small bird.
You have a plane?
Yes? Right now?
Four minutes till they are here.
You must decide now.
Where is the aeroplane?
If you are not out the door in
ten seconds, you'll never find out!
Get in!
- No, no, no!
- Get your ass into the trunk!
- You'd better listen to him.
- Get in. I'll leave!
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