Furia (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

The Medium Is the Message

Mum, you're the one
who wanted me to be a lawyer.
It's a convention with boring men.
Yeah. The eczema?
You need to treat it every day.
Oh no, did she?
Can you send it to me?
I have to go.
I have to get ready for a meeting.
I need you to know
that we're not here just because
I needed to get away from Zimi.
Maybe in the beginning, but
I really want us to work out.
You and me.
And Michelle.
Could you just lay still?
Didn't they teach you to
hide your emotions?
- Shut up.
- Or you're gonna do what?
Don't move!
Stay there!
We have the suspects.
Find the guns!
Someone's here.
Nice of you to show up,
Who the fuck are you?
I'm the asshole
always correcting your spelling.
You said in the chat that I could
drop by sometime.
Your idiot brother here
wasn't very welcoming.
I thought you were
some old German dude.
Yeah, I get that a lot!
- Why are you here?
- I need your help.
Then release him.
Are you gonna behave?
Look at this.
Give me one good reason
why I shouldn't call the cops.
On the screen.
I had nothing to do with that bomb.
I was framed.
And it's a matter of time until
they frame you too.
- I can fix this, if you'll let me.
- Yeah, sure you can.
In order to do that, I need to talk
to Mateusz Krajewski in private.
- Who?
- I am not a terrorist.
I am a patriot, like you,
and someone is using us like pawns.
- Mateusz has to be the main patsy.
- Get the fuck out of here!
He can influence millions, and
I just need five minutes with him.
Fuck off!
What would the Polish public think
of your online activities?
What's the slogan of this prominent
security company of yours again?
"We'll keep watch, so you don't
have to"? That's fitting.
Okay, guys.
Clear the room.
The PST acknowledges
that one of their agents is
a suspect in the Budapest attack.
Håvard, you saw the press
conference. What were the reactions?
The opposition is very unhappy with
how little the PST shared.
Some say that
when foreign media know more,
the PST and the Secretary of Justice
have not understood their jobs.
We know that the PS
is meeting with the Secretary.
We're talking about an illegal
police op in an allied country.
If this operation was
approved by the Secretary
I need to know where you stand.
I need to know
where your loyalty lies.
I know you and Tarje
are good friends.
But should the worst possible
scenario happen with his sister,
I don't know if Tarje will
recover from that.
So I need to know that you have
what it takes to do this job.
You and I might need to make
some brutal decisions going forward.
We are on thin ice now,
and it is cracking beneath us.
The opposition would love to see me
mess up and be removed from office.
So how do I explain Furia, and that
my government is not to blame?
That I didn't know about it
before a bomb went off?
And how do I explain
that we can't reach the Americans?
- The lack of openness is surprising.
- What do you mean?
He is trying to say that you've said
a lot of words without saying a lot.
The summit is in three days.
NATO's secretaries of justice and
defence are signing an agreement
against hate crime,
cybercrime and corruption.
If we blow this, our own
NATO secretary general will resign
just as the alliance is experiencing
it's worst crisis in 73 years.
And he survived Trump, Putin
and the invasion of Ukraine.
And now we, from his own country
and his own party,
- are tarnishing his reputation?
- That won't happen.
Why is the Poland-lead
not mentioned in your report?
Ellen Gabrielsen has mapped out
radical groups in Poland.
- Mapped out? Not worked with?
- This is very complex
- So you don't even know that.
- No. Sorry.
What's the situation like in Poland?
Poland has a far more right-winged
nationalism than most of Europe.
The extremist group is outnumbered
among the nationalists,
and the war in Ukraine have
made them a lot more fragmented.
But it's hard to predict
which groups will turn to violence.
There is an unease in Poland because
of the crackling bank system
Poland is not like Hungary,
we know that.
Poland made a great effort
when the war broke out.
They showed solidarity.
They accepted more than four million
refugees, while we only accepted
short of 20.000?
Has Ellen involved Poland in this?
That could have global consequences.
That'll be the end of
this government.
And it spreads doubt regarding NATO
and Poland's support to Ukraine.
Which Putin needs after
his attempted coup.
We'll do everything in our power.
This is border police, not federal.
They're driving towards Budapest.
This is not Tereza's fault.
She has her limits.
You're not used to being in this
part of the police car, are you?
What are you doing?
Give me that.
Tell me how I can get to your things
i Warsaw. Your only hope now
is that I get to your boss
before he gets to you.
Now you're my only hope?
Okay, I'll tell you everything.
Is Michelle still into
space travels?
We're not having that conversation.
- We're not discussing my daughter.
- Your daughter?
You have no right to call her
your own.
- You don't know anything.
- Oh, I know. Aisha betrayed me.
- Yeah, so you killed her.
- No, you motherfucker.
I loved her!
And Michelle is my blood!
- You're such a liar.
- Oh yeah? How about you?
Have you told Michelle that you
screwed her mother to get to me?
You have tortured a little girl
for seven years.
She's been scared every day
because of you.
I have your records, Asgeir.
You have no paternity test on her.
You don't know if you're
the father, do you?
You've been scared
every day for seven years.
'Cause you're afraid
she could be mine.
That's why you never checked.
I gotta tell you,
I really enjoy our chats online.
But as with Tinder,
IRL is something else.
You never told me about
your sister.
- What about her?
- She was one of those girls he shot.
On the island.
Tell me, what was it like?
She brought it on herself.
- Really?
- Yeah.
She was a moron, buying into
that multicultural shit.
You're a cold motherfucker,
I'll give you that.
So, you think you know Mateusz?
Mateusz is a very busy man.
He's hosting one of his many
dinners, but it's VIP only.
Good thing you're so important.
He trusts me to provide company
for some of his friends.
But you cannot come in
while looking like that.
- So what do you suggest?
- I'm gonna fix you up.
It's Ellen. Listen,
I'm so sorry about everything.
- Ellen, I'm not interested.
- I've got no one else. Please.
- Please, you have to help me!
- You need even more help?
Please! I'll explain later,
but for now, you have to
Do you get what you're
asking me to risk?
Yes, but this is my only chance to
find the people behind the attack.
I have one shot with Krajewski.
He could be the key.
Without the files connecting him
to Furia and Wilki Zalgirisu
Just stop it. You've cost me
my job and so much more.
I won't help you.
Hi, dad.
How are you?
The food might taste better
than it looks.
Ellen has always been fearless.
Ever since she was a little girl.
Remember when she caught
that snake at the cabin?
Hanna and I were running around
screaming. We thought it was creepy.
But Ellen insisted on
taking the snake home.
And your mother was
so proud of her for that.
Yeah But I knew it.
- Oh, yes.
- What are you talking about?
Some see fear as
a sign of weakness.
But it's not. Fear makes you
think things through.
It means that you care.
Hanna should never have been there.
And if Ellen had gone to get her
sister at Utøya like she promised
- You can't blame Ellen.
- Hanna wanted to go home!
She wasn't into politics,
she was an artist!
And when she called
in need of her big sister
Ellen was to busy with
her own stuff to care.
Don't say that.
The first bullet hit her in the leg
while she was running.
The second one went
straight through her spine.
You can't
I don't understand what's happening.
I'm trying to remember her face
I'm trying to remember,
but I can't. I can't remember it.
The only thing I see
when I close my eyes,
is her body lying on that table.
Dad, no one is more sorry about
what happened then Ellen.
What do you really know
about your sister?
She's darting from one thing
to another. I've seen it myself!
She's good at hiding her dark sides.
But I've seen them, and now,
the whole world has too.
- The stuff on TV isn't true, dad!
- Now they see
It'll be all right.
- Gabrielsen? Can you hear me?
- It'll be all right.
Be smooth. And smile.
Do not approach him without me.
- I just need five minutes with him.
- Don't rush it.
Everybody here
wants his attention.
The only way this works out
for the both of us,
is if he listens to me.
Wait for me
to take you to him.
- Mingle without being.
- Yeah. Okay.
We see you.
Besides, we shouldn't even
be having this conversation.
No, but really, Marty,
we're talking off the record here.
Two years ago at that school in
Berlin. She was there, wasn't she?
- Yes.
- With the terrorists.
Yes. She was a very valuable agent
for us in that operation.
My people have been tracking
this Furia for years,
thinking it was
some kind of bogeyman.
And now they find out that
they've been sucking on your dick.
You have all this sympathy
coming out of 22 July.
But now people are saying that maybe
you fucked that one up as well.
Do you really want to go there,
Marty? I mean
Who has slipped up on most homegrown
terrorism the last 25 years?
You know who's got the upper hand
in any marriage?
I don't know. Tell me.
The woman?
No. The one who knows
they've got the balls to walk.
Well, it's been a long day, so
Bottom line.
What can we expect?
You don't even want to go there.
Last time, they took their aircraft
carrier, but now they won't come?
I understand.
I understand.
- What did he say?
- We're out.
The Americans are keeping us
out of the investigation.
Can they do that?
The US have kept other countries out
earlier, but never Norway.
And Blinken won't be
attending the summit.
If the US withdraws now,
others might do the same.
The UK usually follows suit.
- There must be something we can do.
- Do you have any suggestions?
Well, we can always
It's your call.
Let's hear it.
We need to throw someone
under the bus.
That's the only way
the bus can keep going.
It'll be food for thought for
the media and the opposition.
And maybe the Americans
will let us back in.
You know that being
a Norwegian cop won't help you?
Hungarians have their own way
of dealing with things.
- They're not NATO puppets.
- I'll be fine.
Oh yeah, sure.
You will be fine.
What the fuck?
- No, no, no!
- What?
- This is wrong.
- What?
The bridge.
We're on the bridge, on the border.
- Which border?
- Slovakia!
- That border is closed.
- Not for these guys, obviously.
Why would Hungarian police
take us to another country?
They work for whomever pay the most.
The Enabler has a place in Slovakia.
In the Tatra Mountains.
Where people tend to disappear.
- Hi.
- I know who you're sparring with.
- Did you get to strangle anybody?
- It's not about strangling people.
I like finding an opponent who's
just a little bit stronger than me.
You're going to get a call
from the Secretary.
For fuck's sake!
Did she fire you?
Not exactly.
I'm walking out unprompted.
- You haven't done anything wrong.
- Now I can finish building my cabin.
You don't change captains
in the middle of a storm.
Someone must be held accountable.
Stop worrying about me.
Focus on how to get
our people home alive.
Asgeir trusts you.
Even with his own child.
You know what's at stake.
What you and I believe mean nothing.
Ellen must be arrested, preferably
by the Norwegian police.
And you need to get Asgeir home.
Bring Michelle.
Go and get him. Okay?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- She's not talking?
- Not to anyone.
I got her to write down
her feelings.
And we're playing Super Smash Bros.
on Switch.
- Is that a violent game?
- No, it's for kids.
She's really kicking my ass.
It's good. It gives her
a sense of accomplishment.
- I'll take it from here.
- Alright.
Michelle, may I come in?
Or maybe you want to be alone?
I completely get that.
Nothing's happened.
Your dad's fine.
He's just been held up.
I'll bring him home, okay?
He misses you.
What he's doing
is just taking a bit more time.
I'll bring him home,
I promise.
If everything's okay,
why can't I talk to him?
I have a surprise for you,
proving that I keep my promises.
I think you'll like it.
I don't need a surprise,
I need to say something to my dad.
To jest dobre,
- I'm sorry, I don't speak Polish.
- Oh, another foreigner.
Yeah, I'm Tina.
Nice to meet you.
- You're American?
- Mark Miller from Memphis.
- Tennessee.
- So you're far away from home.
How come you're here?
Oh, I'm just trying to get a minute
with our big star over here.
What's your excuse?
I'm from Amsterdam,
so I'm just here for the hiking.
Sure you are.
Looking like that.
Come on.
- Excuse me?
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to offend you.
Actually, you're right.
I'm working the room,
getting ready for a big score.
Or maybe I'm a ornithologist,
specialising in bird life
in old forests.
As long as you're not some woke
academic multiculturalist.
'Cause then your cunt
is in the wrong place.
My cunt has been called
lots of things, never woke.
- And who is this, my dear?
- Meet Tina from Amsterdam.
She's here to do some birdwatching
amongst the old trees.
Sure she is.
Hey, can you excuse us for a minute?
You have to meet Mihao.
He's amazing!
Let's do it.
Excuse me.
You really scared us.
No, no.
I'll be all right.
- You have to get me out of here.
- You want to go home?
- The plants
- Don't worry about that.
What? But that's my job.
Also, if we stop worrying
we might as well give up.
That's right.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
I love you, dad.
I mean, just the thought of your
former boss makes you give up.
I'm curious, you know.
Why did you want to get out?
- Get out of what?
- Of all of this.
That life. What you did.
Was it Ukraine?
Because you had
family there, right?
And you knew about the invasion,
so you could've
warned them.
Saved them.
I mean
Is there any family member
you haven't tried to kill?
Shut the fuck up.
You have no idea
what you're talking about.
I never thought
it would go that far.
And I was shocked when it happened.
- You were one of them.
- But I'm not anymore.
That's why I'm here.
And I was skimming his funds
long before the invasion.
You know when I started
stealing money?
When I first saw Michelle's face,
and held her in my arms
at the hospital.
Looking at Aisha's face.
But when they bombed Kharkiv
I started building a case
against the Enabler.
The logs in Tbilisi, in Warsaw
My mum was a teacher in Kharkiv.
Did she make it?
So does she still want to be
the first Norwegian in space?
It's all about these mangas now.
Japanese cartoons.
Thank you.
I told you about those account
movements before the invasion.
I've seen them again.
- The last few weeks.
- Okay?
Something major is going to happen.
That's it? We agreed on more.
We had a deal.
The driver is not
happy with the payment.
All right, open up.
Help me!
Thank you.
Guys, enough!
- Fuck! Tereza!
- What the hell were you thinking?
- Fuck, you could have warned us!
- And risk the whole thing?
If I hadn't reached them,
they would've brought you in.
- Okay, we are very grateful!
- Our car couldn't have crossed.
You think it's cheap getting
these guys to cross the border?
- I knew you could do this.
- Your gun.
- What about me?
- I'm gonna get you one.
Jump in.
Get out.
Get the fuck out of here!
Step back!
Put down the gun, Ragna.
- I'm going to kill him.
- Ragna
I'm going to kill that motherfucker.
Drop the gun.
- I don't want to talk right now.
- Don't hang up!
You have to help me!
Right now!
They're publishing
a ton of shit on me.
Did something happen?
Sorry. It's nothing.
It's just
- It's just a lot.
- Okay.
Where are you?
Everything's fine.
I'm just out for a walk.
Is it dad?
He didn't see the videos?
Or the stuff they're saying on TV?
- He didn't see it?
- That you murdered a German cop?
You don't know what that was about!
I didn't have a choice!
You don't understand!
He asked me
He was going to be tortured.
He asked me to do it.
I promised him I'd shoot him.
I'm sorry I got mad. I know
you're trying to make things right.
I need those files.
You have to help me!
I need to show that I'm not
Dad can't see
Don't worry about him.
It'll be okay.
The files are in the folder vi have
on you. What that guy's name?
Mateusz Krajewski.
Thank you!
- Hey You're sure dad's all right?
- I'll call you when it's done.
- Oh, sorry!
- I'm sorry! Are you okay?
- Yeah, of course.
- I'm not sure we've met.
I'm Lydia.
I'm Mateusz' wife.
Yeah. I'm so happy to be here.
I'm Tina, from Amsterdam.
Hoe gaat het met je?
Goed, dank je. En met jou?
Je Nederlands is echt goed.
Leuk je te ontmoeten.
I never could speak Dutch,
I'm sorry.
I think you're doing great.
You look so familiar.
Are you sure we haven't met?
Your face.
It looks so
Hello, people!
It's nice to have you all together.
Cheers, darling.
You will not believe me, but someone
just asked me to say a few words.
Not my wife, obviously.
If it were her,
she would make me say it
much better. But I'll try anyway.
I'm so happy. It's so good to see
so many happy and beautiful people
in this humble abode.
Especially so many foreigners
trying to learn more and more
about my beautiful country.
About Poland.
Especially in a time of turmoil.
We've always been under a siege.
There's a reason why the first
lines of our national anthem reads:
"Poland had yet not perished."
We have to defend ourselves, always,
not matter what form they take.
Russian tyrants, mass imports,
terrorists, German Nazis.
Or Brussels' Eurocrats.
But our banks are crumbling,
you know.
People are afraid.
But my boss, Mr. Sikora,
who's sending his warmest regards,
is doing his utmost to fix
what our inept government can't.
Dinner will soon be served,
but let me quote a few lines
A few lines of my favourite poem.
Sounds beautiful, no?
Sounds great, yeah.
We shall not be destroyed
by hell's fire.
We shall each other inspire.
No bomb or gold
ever shall hurt you.
Always behold
to your virtue.
And you'll never all be white,
and you'll never all be red.
White and red
shall stay ever your colour.
Like a tempests aurora, red.
Like a wine chalice, red.
White, like a snow storm,
Ever beloved and dearest.
This white, and this red.
Let's eat, please!
In Georgia,
I go as a real estate agent.
And in Málaga,
I sell Japanese antiques.
In Budapest,
I'm an interior designer.
- Okay. We are here, but
- The river entrance should be okay.
My guys are checking if anyone
is staking out this place, so wait.
And you?
What do you do in Lofoten?
- Kayaks.
- Kayaks?
I don't do the sea.
I'm Moldavian.
The sea is not a topic for us.
The building is clear.
Either the Enabler has been here,
or we came before they did.
The Enabler may not be
the biggest concern right now.
Oh, really?
There is a European warrant out
for your arrest.
Come on.
What the fuck?
He took everything.
The police is here.
Let's just get back to Tereza.
No, no, no.
Change of plans.
Janitor is our only option.
It's at an abandoned warehouse
in the Northern District.
- It's where we made prototypes.
- Why didn't we go straight there?
'Cause I didn't find everything
here. And it's the Enabler's place.
But there's only one guy
with a computer.
- What's going on?
- They're gonna be here any minute.
I'm gonna hand myself over to
the Americans. Alright?
No, come on!
I have something I can give them.
I'll try to help you.
Don't do this.
Everything's gonna be alright!
Just go!
Hello, hello.
- Hi.
- So you found my Hussar.
- I don't really know
- It's a great story.
- Yeah?
- The greatest cavalry charge.
In 1683, Muslim hordes were
this close to taking Vienna,
ripping Europe apart.
18.000 men, led by our king,
John III Sobieski.
John III Sobieski.
He ensured the victory that no one
even thought possible.
If it weren't for these winged men,
we wouldn't be standing here.
We wouldn't be talking now.
Or if we did
you would be covered
from head to tow in a burka.
I'm not joking.
- So Why did they have wings?
- Question mark.
We have no idea.
Maybe they wanted to scare
their enemies.
Sometimes, you need to act
like your force is
much bigger than it really is.
- You have a lot to fight for.
- Oh yes, we do.
- And a lot to defend.
- You're right.
And in the next 60 seconds,
you'll be escorted out of here.
I don't know how you got Alpha to
bring you here, but you're leaving.
Okay, then you need to listen to me.
You are going to be implicated in
the terrorist attack in Budapest.
We have joined interests,
so I need you to let me help you.
I'm shocked, really.
Fifty seconds.
A massive online spike connects you
to Furia and Wilki Zalgirisu.
I'll have proof of that any second.
If we can match this with your
personal online activities
You can't do it from here.
I have all of that in my office.
- Then we need to go to your office.
- No, no, no.
I'm not going anywhere.
And in the next 20 seconds,
neither are you.
You don't understand. They want
to undermine your whole country,
starting with the bank industry.
You're playing into their hands.
I need access to
your online traffic in your office.
Escort her out.
I will escort myself out.
Easy, boys.
Oh, fuck.
Back off!
I'll blow her brains out.
Get in the fucking car.
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