Furia (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Everything You Love Must Die

Your ego's too big.
You can't demand anything.
You make a lot of assumptions about
Americans and what they want.
See what you make me do?
We've got proof.
Your earlier life
Apart from that
We know you've been helping
Wagner group since Crimea, 2014.
You paid alt-right parties, and
meddled in elections across Europe.
You're a part of getting Trump
elected, and you probably
want to make him
and other trumpists great again.
You financed an extremist group
that was going to blow up a school.
Your money backed Putin's lies
about Ukraine before the war, and
You helped him hide money he stole
from his own people for 20 years!
Have I missed something?
I don't think so.
You fuck.
You really think she sees you
as her father?
Come on.
I want to talk to my daughter
if you want anything from me.
Hey, look at this! This is great.
What a luxury.
It's huge. You'll have to
check out the bed, Michelle.
Jump on and try it out.
Is it good?
This bed
You can't not sleep well in this.
You know what?
That lady?
Molly. She's super cool and nice,
and she's gonna stay with you.
So you're safe, okay?
I know.
I just want to find my dad.
You know what's really crazy?
She likes the same cartoon as you.
Well, it's not a cartoon.
- Not a cartoon, manga.
- I've read quite a bit of manga.
Did you bring any?
Michelle is the quiet type,
but that's just fine.
Very good.
Speech is silver, silence is golden.
That's true.
Wow, look at that.
Let me see.
- Did you make the cover yourself?
- Yes.
- So this is the newest version?
- Yup.
I haven't seen that guy before.
You don't have to keep pointing a
gun at my wife. She won't crash us.
We are not like you.
We are patriots.
- Not radicals. Not terrorists.
- I'm not a terrorist.
We fought for this country,
freeing us from communists.
And his father fought to
free us from Nazis.
Don't talk to her, please.
Don't demean yourself.
Don't talk to her.
It doesn't prove anything.
You've been stirring up distrust for
years. No they fear riots in Warsaw.
I'm not responsible for terrorists,
if that's what you mean.
I've been tracking you for years.
You're anti-gay, anti-immigrant
The whole demagogue playbook.
Now it's all about
the banking system,
which is now getting attacked by
Russian hackers. Coincidence?
No, it only means that I was right.
And your boss?
The security company protects us.
Defends us from Russian hackers.
And what does he use
his TV station for?
You're either being played, and
don't even know your own part in it,
or I'm gonna find out
you're working with them.
You're not gonna find anything out
at my offices
or anywhere else
at the TV station. Nothing.
Whatever mapping or tracking
We make TV news!
- And you killed
- I know what I did. Just drive.
- Hi.
- All of Poland is going haywire.
Because of those fucking Russians
hacking the payment systems.
That's the guy from
your briefings, right?
Chief I know the order
didn't come from you
to bring Asgeir's daughter here to
get him back, but I don't like it.
We do it too, but it makes me wanna
beat someone with a rotten fish.
I don't like it either.
- How's Michelle doing?
- She's tough. Tougher than me.
She won't go back to commercial
planes after flying a private jet.
She was acting like it was
Air Force One. It was funny.
We haven't told him that she's here,
just so you know.
He says he wants full protection
in exchange for information.
So you're Asgeir's friend?
Yeah. Do you know where Asgeir is?
So what can you give us?
The identity of the Enabler.
Or the Hairdresser, as some of
Putin's friends used to call him.
And we can trust you
giving us this information?
- The right guy? His name?
- Otherwise, why would I come here?
To save your ass from
a world of pain.
A pain that inevitably comes
to people like you.
This isn't some act of charity.
It's for yourself.
A deal with the devil
didn't seem bad when the world
didn't know it was the devil.
Or what he was capable of.
After seeing Putin destroy cities,
killing civilians, children
After that,
Mephisto isn't cool anymore.
He is just Satan.
You are right. But if you want
information from me,
you must guarantee my protection.
That means that you are Faust
in this play.
Because you've got to sign
a deal with me.
Okay. Then tell us where to find
Asgeir and Ellen.
They are not as interesting
as the Enabler.
- And I don't know.
- I'm guessing you do.
If you don't give us Ellen and
Asgeir too, you have no deal.
Even Hell hath it's own
peculiar laws.
- Sorry What?
- He's quoting Faust.
So you know this person
I'm supposed to find?
That's Ziminov's area.
I'm not a part of that world.
You don't believe
he went to the CIA willingly?
Why should he? They've wanted to
kill or lock him up for nine years.
Yeah. So if he trusts me,
then maybe you can trust me too?
Ziminov has a habit of
trusting the wrong people.
Oh yeah? He trusts you.
- I'm staying in the car.
- Yeah, you said that.
You have a habit of not listening
to people and following orders.
- You could've just said no.
- Shut up.
There it is.
I hope he's inside in this fortress.
Be quick.
Straight in, and straight out.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
You don't know the language.
You'd end up walking around lost.
And I don't have time.
Let's go, please. Go.
It was supposed to be just one guy.
Those guys are not Polish,
they are Russian.
Those are not security guards.
Fuck. What is this?
- Servers.
- Yeah.
I'm not answering your calls
for a reason!
- Please
- You stole from me!
Did you think I wouldn't find out?
You're putting my job on the line
to help that sister of yours.
- I want to help you.
- You think I need your help now?
I considered the threat against you.
Ellen has worked with
right-wing extremists for years.
She's been tracking them,
and has plenty of names and intel.
If we can match what Ellen has
with what the PST has,
- we can find out
- No I said no!
Just leave.
- Jonas, you don't understand
- No, you don't understand!
This isn't about your sister.
You stole from my computer.
You made me an accomplice.
I'm brown. I'm a Muslim.
I work at the top
in the Labour Party.
Do you really think that
fewer people want to kill me now?
Thanks a lot, man!
I don't have time for this.
Just leave.
- What's that?
- I have to take my medicine.
It's in his upper left pocket.
- He needs to take it now.
- Yeah.
Come on!
- High blood pressure?
- Yeah. I've had heart surgery.
- You have to
- I know.
My father takes the same ones.
Do you know what Polish people want
more than anything in the world?
They want to be attacked by China.
And the second thing that Polish
people want more than anything?
To be attacked by China again.
And what is the third thing?
- Get attacked by China a third time?
- Yeah, that's right.
- That's supposed to be funny?
- No, that's not the point.
The point of the joke, is why.
Then why?
Because the Chinese would have to
march across Russia three times!
I'm not fuelling grievances.
What I'm doing on TV, is
telling people what's true to me.
I'm hired to have opinions.
The banking system in Poland
hasn't worked for decades.
Not for regular people.
We've always had crises.
And almost always
the Russians' fault.
You play with people's
inner fears and emotions
to make their identities
fit into your agenda.
- Isn't that what you're doing?
- I'm not ripping Poland apart.
- You're being played.
- I'm trying to make people care
about Poland.
The real Poland.
Not these bloated wannabe
European Union-loving elites.
- And everything is "us or them".
- You know nothing about Poland.
You have no idea
what you're talking about.
They're downloading something.
Hence all the server power.
There is so much data coming in.
They have to store it somewhere.
Those numbers look like
Polish social security numbers.
We need good generators.
And cooling systems.
We're overheated as fuck.
In this corner, everything's dead.
When we reroute the terawatt,
you can swap.
Let's go, my dear.
- That was Martyna.
- She got Ziminov's old job.
You see? ProTech
is Sikora's security company.
I bet everyone out there
are his guys.
If Martyna is working with him, then
everyone here works for the Enabler.
I have to call Ellen.
- Do you have reception?
- No. But it's not the reception.
Something is blocking the signal.
I've been working with an encryption
program. Let's see what we can find.
I know I'm practically
a living decoy, but
This is all not true, alright?
There are no terrorists.
You're looking for two framed
Norwegian intelligence officers.
You're here to help acquit them?
That's heartwarming.
- But what's the angle?
- It's a straight line. No angles.
The bomb was supposed to
kill me and them.
That's it. An obvious set-up.
And we will get proof.
- Yet, we don't see any of it.
- Your friend Asgeir will provide it.
Will he? Couldn't we just do this
the straightforward way?
- There is no master plan.
- Oh, really?
Why bomb something in Hungary, blame
it on a Norwegian and Polish group,
just before the NATO summit
in Bergen? Why?
Don't you think Vladimir Putin
likes revenge on all fucking levels?
Your ex prime minister is
the head of NATO, wise-guy.
Waiting for a message?
How can we believe anything you say
without being able to verify it?
- I won't tell you where Asgeir is.
- I'm not asking you to do that.
We just need to get in contact
with him, so he can come to us.
You didn't fly in here to meet me.
You flew in here
to make a deal with Asgeir.
And how will you motivate him?
You brought Michelle, didn't you?
That's why you keep checking your
phone. That's why he'll come to you.
If you could just talk to him.
You piece of shit.
You've really brought
a ten-year-old to this shithole?
She's in no danger.
You're here.
You shouldn't be worrying about me.
But if my boss finds out
that he can use that girl
to get to Asgeir
- Are you threatening her?
- No.
I'm not threatening her.
I want to meet her.
And this is my deal.
I might be a living decoy,
but she should not be bait.
"If we don't stand up for"
- Hello?
- Yes?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hey, we've talked about this.
With the PST, no less.
You will not leave
your door unlocked.
Copy that.
Here are my notes on
the DPP's budget.
I intend to increase it,
but I'd like you to look it over.
Jonas, regarding you speech
With everything going on,
I cannot in good conscience
No, no, no.
I've seen
the latest threats against you.
- So what, you're doing me a favour?
- We're getting new ones every day.
I've seen pictures of you
with your tongue cut off.
- Don't you think I know that?
- The risk is increasing.
- All it takes
- I'm not afraid. I'm ready.
You promised to give me that chance.
Yeah, well
You're being scapegoated. I know
that you're not involved in this,
but the situation has
become very delicate.
- You're talking about Thorsen?
- Among other things, yes.
He's saying that this government
is to blame for the terrorists.
He can't do that!
He's in the control committee.
He wants to keep us in line.
Saying that we're creating
terrorists is insane!
I will stop him as soon as I can,
but you need to sit this one out.
Sit this one out
So your solution is
to keep me hidden away?
Jonas, you are my rock.
You are very important to me.
And if I'm doing well,
then so are you.
The summit is everything we've been
fighting for. And if I
If we screw up now,
it will all have been for nothing.
It doesn't matter how you put it.
But don't tell me this is about my
safety, because that's bullshit!
- Hello. It's me and my husband.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello. Better safe than sorry.
Come on, let's go.
- Don't try anything.
- You can't kill me. You need me.
- I don't need her.
- Please
Get out. Get out.
Log in and see what you can find
about Furia on the station's log.
I don't understand.
- I have a problem with the access.
- Come on!
- It's real!
- It happens sometimes. Let me try.
- You work here as well?
- Let her try.
Come on.
Okay, I'm in.
Find everything you have on me.
- That's not how it happened.
- Okay. Give me a second.
I recognise
Wait, I can open it.
What the fuck is that?
This is where he hides his files.
There! That one!
- That's the online chat.
- Show me that.
- Go on. No!
- Mateusz?
I don't get it! I didn't write
any of this, this is crazy!
Let's check this one.
This one is scheduled to
go out tomorrow.
Were they lying all these years?
What is it? These are lies!
It's fake! That's not you,
and that's not me!
Do you believe me now?
This is how they do it. This is
This is how they spread
lies and hate
through social media
and the dark web.
Those deepfakes are supposed to be
out in the world tomorrow!
Who are you?
Who are you?!
while protesting Putin's war.
I've done a lot of bad things,
but Budapest is on you!
The servers are still running.
Let's see if
The signal was blocked, but it
came back when the power went out.
Same here. I'm at Sikora
and Krajewski's TV station.
We're at a server park, and they're
downloading massive amounts of data.
That's probably why the power's out.
I found a bunch of deepfakes,
pictures and files
about me, Krajewski
and the Wilki group.
They're framing us.
They're making it look like
- we're behind the hacker attack.
- This is no ordinary hacker attack.
They're going to hold
the whole country hostage.
- But no demands have been made.
- They will, just wait and see.
Unless I'm mistaken,
they've hacked the banking system
and downloaded bank account
information on every citizen.
The downloads have the encryption
technology from the crescents.
All systems, social security, taxes,
money, shopping. Nothing will work.
It'll be a complete chaos.
I want to help.
What do you need?
Excuse me! I'm sorry, Pawel.
Just a second.
Dear friends, please come here.
Tomek, Jola Come closer.
Come here, please.
I'm sorry, this might be chaotic.
I am deeply upset.
I have shocking news.
It is my journalistic duty
to share it with the people.
You know what's been
going on with our banks,
what's happening to our money,
ID cards, credit cards. Am I right?
What's going on with loans.
Yours and yours
We must inform the Polish people!
This is our chance!
It's not happening because of
the people you're thinking about.
We were betrayed!
They betrayed us!
Hell, they betrayed me!
Me, Mateusz Krajewski!
I am asking you, are you with me?
- Mateusz What about her?
- She's with us, trust me.
- Guys, it's her!
- Pawel!
- It's her!
- The people need to hear the news!
It's our obligation!
Don't you see that?
The news I have
They used us like puppets!
Do you get that?
Pawel, please!
If you agree, they will follow!
- Mateusz
- Please, give me your air time.
- Fine.
- Thank you.
- Okay, let's get to work!
- I need a headset.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- What's going on?
There's a broadcast we can cut into.
We're going live any minute now.
- Okay. And you know what to say?
- Yes.
My wife will prepare the pictures.
- Prepare the pictures, honey.
- It's all set.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I just felt a little bit
But it's okay now.
Thanks. We're going on in ten.
The light will turn red.
- Thank you.
- Poland needs me, so thank you!
Five, four, three
Ladies and gentlemen.
Poland is
Get down!
Get down!
Cut the camera!
Cut it!
Cut the camera!
You should be really worried
about what they're up to.
Remember how desperate
my former clients are.
Desperation says nothing about
their abilities.
- Still think they have power?
- Polarise, radicalise, accelerate.
Create a conflict,
plant big lies, feed anger
And give the fear of losing
a massive injection of steroids.
Faust again?
Drama is not my forte.
Michelle is still okay?
Can we talk outside for a second?
We should consider
letting him meet Michelle.
I think he'll talk.
You were very clear. She was only
meant to help bring Asgeir back.
- And he might still not talk.
- You saw how he acted
when he found out.
He's vulnerable.
If I'm wrong, you can
hit me with that rotten fish.
Rotten fish?
I need to take this.
How long ago?
I'll be right there.
- Ellen just shot a man live on TV.
- Shit!
I need to be there when they head
out. Are you sure about Michelle?
She needs her father back.
Listen, she can handle this.
Fine. Take him to her,
but bring Mike!
Trust me, he'll come in handy.
The whole country!
The whole country just saw you
killing him on live TV.
How long till this place is
stormed by the police?
Who do you work for?
Is it the Enabler?
- Sikora? Who?!
- Let them go.
Because you are fucked. People
saw you with your gun on TV, live.
No one will believe you now.
But they will believe me.
I will confirm your story, I will!
- Under oath!
- They will kill you
if you speak. Just like we did
with your husband over there!
You will shut the fuck up!
Everyone stays!
Everyone, stay!
Stay the fuck here!
Can you operate the camera?
I need to go live on TV.
- Now! Hey!
- Okay.
You get one hour with her,
and then you give us what we want.
I'll talk to her first.
How much does she know?
What's going on in there?
What's the status?
- Molly's dead.
- What?
- Michelle is gone.
- Who took her?
He did!
His men did this.
I have nobody!
I told you.
They want to get to me,
or to Asgeir or to you.
- They want me to shut up!
- Bullshit!
- You had this whole thing planned.
- We need to search
No, no, no!
You stay on him.
He's our ticket to Michelle,
and we're going to find her.
You're going to find her.
The watch has a tracker on it.
It's on.
Keep an eye on him.
Let's go. Come on!
- We just need one more thing.
- Okay. Okay.
- Where to now?
- Somewhere safe.
Okay, I can arrange that.
Thank you. And I have a friend who
can help us get this to the CIA
- and decrypt it.
- No!
It's worth the risk.
This can change everything!
- And risk me getting arrested too?
- You won't be implicated.
And I should just trust you? Let you
take your only proof to the CIA?
This can change everything!
You have to trust me.
My friend can help us.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Look this way, Tarje! Do you
have a comment for Nettavisen?
- Huh? Come on.
- Easy.
- Stop that.
- It's my job!
- VG news? Remember me?
- Yeah.
Thorsen from the Progress Party says
you and your sister are terrorists.
They're going to remove pictures
of your father from the Union.
They won't let up,
and I need a comment.
My comment is: "No, I didn't know
my sister was in the PST.
Not until now."
- What do you think about all this?
- I trust her to do what's right.
If she can't figure out
what's going on, then no one can.
- You're supporting her actions?
- Yes, she's not a terrorist.
She's risking her life to get
right-wing extremist fascists.
Calm down.
Just stay calm.
Stay calm.
Don't turn around.
Don't turn around.
Hey, Gabrielsen is over there!
- Run!
- Police! Stay there!
Five, four, three, two
I am Furia!
No more lies!
I am not the terrorist behind
the bombing in Budapest,
or any other terror!
What you need to know
Okay, listen.
They want to create chaos.
They want you not only to distrust,
but to despise your banks.
The EU, globalists,
and make them into the enemy.
They want you to riot,
and to turn on each other.
And now they have taken your
digital identities as hostage.
Your savings, your bank accounts,
everything you depend on.
They want you to hate, because
to them, your hate is business.
And I know this after living
inside their influence operation
for ten years! It's a machine,
and I'm trying to stop it!
I've killed people
to try to stop it!
They were terrorists,
and I did it for you!
My real name is Ellen.
My real name is Ellen.
I'm a cop.
My sister was killed on Utøya.
And I have been fighting
extremism ever since.
Terrorists, like the ones
you think that I am.
And the people who finance terror,
and the lies, bots and deepfakes.
They know who I am
and what I've been doing.
And they have turned
everything I did to them against me.
But this
This is not about me.
This is about the future of Europe.
You have a choice.
It's democracy or fascism.
They're trying to tear Europe
and NATO apart
by making Poland turn on itself.
They have powerful people
helping them.
The owner of this very TV station,
Sikora, has betrayed you
for the chief kleptocrat in Kremlin.
We don't know for how much money,
but we have proof.
So don't be their puppets.
Don't fall for their
They're jamming the signal.
We're not live.
We are not on. We're not live.
They're blocking the signal.
- Probably after the shooting.
- We didn't air anything?
We did record,
but it just didn't air.
- Okay, but can we air the recording?
- Not from here.
From the main broadcasting room,
but they might've blocked that too.
You have to go.
Go now!
Just get them!
Some flammable shit.
Flammable liquid leaking through
the ceiling. South east staircase.
Yeah. Yeah, I understand.
Yeah, thank you.
Appreciate it.
Okay, we'll set up a base
one kilometre from our checkpoint
and wait for backup.
There's a warehouse belonging to the
Polish military. We can use that.
- Planning something?
- Huh?
I shouldn't say this
in front of the CIA, but
If we don't find Michelle alive,
there's no way in hell
- you'll survive this. Next left.
- He's right.
I'm not religious, but I do believe
there's a whole floor in hell
devoted to people like you.
What level in Dante's Inferno
are you referring to?
Or aren't books your thing?
Are you a tinfoil hat-American?
Shut the fuck up!
- You really think I'd kill a girl?
- Next.
- Hello?
- It's Asgeir. Can you talk?
Yes, but people are watching,
so I need to stay calm.
- I'm in Warsaw.
- I've stolen a new crescent.
- I've brought Michelle.
- You did what?
I didn't have any choice.
It was either me or someone else.
Is this coming from the PST?
Are they using her to arrest me?
No, they want you and Ellen back.
They're getting pretty desperate.
Don't talk to anyone else than me.
Don't say a word!
If all else fails, you'll have to
try to get home on your own.
Hey, I'm taking good care of her.
She's with me, she's safe.
- I have the crescent
- I have to go.
What are you afraid of?
That it'll all be blamed on you?
I'm afraid you've set this whole
thing up, and that you'll kill us!
- Guys
- You shouldn't be afraid of me.
- Come on!
- Be afraid of what I'm afraid of.
Of those who can easily take down
the whole Norwegian protective team!
Fucking stupid. Maybe you're right.
I should kill you both and run away.
Reinforcements will be here in five.
But I'll tell you this one for free.
- You will never see your daughter.
- Calm down!
You've lost your grip here.
Fuck you both.
We're taking over.
I'm calling HQ.
Of course, it's you.
That's how they found Michelle,
and I never did.
Of course.
We work for the same guy.
And I've been doing it
almost as long as you.
Go inside.
Someone's waiting for you.
Someone you know.
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