Furia (2021) s02e06 Episode Script


We've had enough!
We've had enough!
We've had enough!
We've had enough!
Asgeir said you were into
Japanese comics,
but not that you drew yourself.
So you're working
together with dad?
We used to
Do you remember me at all?
- You killed mum.
- No, I would never
never do that.
I loved her.
I know you've been waiting for
somebody to take you for 7 years,
and I'm so sorry
you've been living in fear.
But I've been thinking of you
as my daughter,
every day since I last
spoke to you mum.
- What did you and mum talk about?
- About running away.
I always wanted to
run away with her and you.
Do you remember, we used to play
in The Vigeland Park?
Pokémon GO? You loved that game.
Your favourite was
- Snorlax.
- Snorlax! I caught Snorlax for you.
All I want is to talk to you,
and I don't have that much time.
Who are these people?
I'm not about to tell,
and you shouldn't know.
Here is the water.
Time to work.
Have the van back
within in hour.
How can I trust you?
Can you pull up my sleeve, please?
I got this when I lost you and
Aisha. A lone wolf and a cub.
A warrior betrayed by his shōgun
trying to save his child.
I've done many bad things for
my shōgun, but trying to save you
That was supposed to be me
doing something good.
Where is dad?
I promised I wouldn't tell you.
That's how I got to see you.
They hear everything we say.
They are really pissed at me,
because I've been taking
a lot of many from them.
- Because they are not good people.
- What did you do with the money?
- I bought a house in Japan.
- Isn't it a secret?
They know.
It's his sister.
She's dead, but helps him
from the spirit world.
Her hakashi-mizuko is the fiscal
representation of inner strength.
- This is in Tokyo?
- In a world like ours,
- mangas often create new worlds.
- So you can dream away.
No, manga's all about
understanding our world.
- Are we bait to catch my father?
- No, no!
Why do you say that?
The evil spirits in this story
want to catch and kill Ichigo.
So they use his relatives
and others he loves.
His little sister, for instance.
The good thing is that the
evil spirits need the bait alive.
And she often fights back too.
So they need us alive.
They don't need two of us.
- You'll kill me?
- No, no, no. I would never hurt you.
And I would never let
anybody else do so.
I love you.
I'm ready to say everything, okay?
And when this Ichigo guy comes,
do as she would.
Help him fight back.
I still remember you.
I always did.
Good to see you, Zimi!
Just put him there.
So you want to talk about
classics again?
You got your hour.
Now you do your part.
Asgeir. You promised.
That's the deal.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Okay. He's hiding under
a different name right now.
A very strange one.
Ichigo Kurosaki.
- Ichigo Kurosaki?
- Yeah.
- And he has documents for that?
- He does.
- And you fixed it?
- Yes, I did.
Those are your weapons, right?
I know you, Chief,
but do you really know her?
- Stop trying to play games.
- You want to lecture us about trust?
Vans, Chief? Really?
Is she gonna
blow up a lot of people again?
Can you stop lecturing us about
Michelle is taken to the cable
site. Either get Asgeir there,
or Michelle dies.
And you will be outed.
If you tell Michelle about me,
Asgeir has no reason to collaborate.
Now stop fucking threatening me!
If I die, all I know,
everything I've been a part of,
goes to the media, and I'm guessing
it'll get some attention, meaning
Your boss will become infinitely
rich if I return to Norway a hero,
with Michelle!
Scream all you want
You work for us.
Four, three
Ladies and gentlemen, Poland is
Get down, everyone!
Violent protests exploded last night
as clashes between police and
protesters spilled across Warsaw.
Ladies and gentlemen, Poland is
News host Mateusz Krajewski
was brutally murdered
by the terrorist known as Furia.
The major incident has galvanised
responses from world leaders
and the world press association
in general.
The protests, which started out
peacefully, quickly turned violent.
were injured in the clashes,
including several police officers.
The international news media
stands in solidarity.
Mateusz would have known what to
say. I am a man of few words,
but I can't sit still when our
country is being torn apart
by Russian cyber-attacks,
western terrorists
in cahoots with Polish traitors.
And our government does nothing!
I am donating ten million dollars
to anyone that can help
track down the hackers,
any member of this traitorous
Wolf group,
or this Norwegian Nazi terrorist.
Everyone is hunting for
Ellen Gabrielsen,
the Norwegian right-wing extremist
and former undercover police officer
wanted for the terrorist attack
in Budapest.
Cut the fucking camera!
Did you get anything out of
the TV-station?
I think Sikora and/or the Enabler
is going to blame the attack
on the Wolf group.
And then use the mass demonstration
to launch Sikora's political career.
Anti-NATO, no European Union,
boost polarisation again.
And I think Krajewski was
supposed to go down,
but maybe not the way he did.
Or I could be
just losing my mind.
I don't know.
- It'll be alright.
- Is Chief helping us?
Yes, he is. We finally got
a hold of the real deal.
- I'm meeting him now.
- Okay.
You guys get this opened
and find out what the plan is.
- And I'll
- Okay, wait, wait, wait.
We got this.
When did you last get any sleep?
You should try to
eat and drink some.
Promise me
you won't protect me if
If I can't stop it,
tell them you tried to stop me.
- I won't lie about you.
- Do it for Michelle.
Don't end up in prison
for trying to clear my name.
If I die
Well, it's just a name.
- It won't come to that.
- Promise me.
It won't come to that!
You can not go out like this.
Find Sikora's exact location,
and I will get to him.
I'll be picked up by Chief.
I don't think the election is
the endgame. It's too democratic.
- So what do you think, then?
- Chaos, like Budapest.
I just don't know what it is.
- You don't look so good.
- No.
Everything is so fucked up.
The Americans and everything
- What a mess.
- Where is Michelle?
She's with our people.
She's safe, okay?
She has all of her cartoons,
and I bought her
one of those Japanese waiving cats.
Sounds good.
- You shouldn't have brought her.
- No, I know.
I didn't have a choice.
You brought the crescent, right?
I need to get the CIA to analyse it.
- What about Ziminov?
- He's being interrogated.
He seems to like you.
You must have really charmed him.
No, hey, listen to me.
I am confident we'll find him.
And he is no terrorist.
Yes, but that won't help.
That doesn't matter.
No, listen
Hold on. I'll call you right back.
The Progress Party leader
wants you to resign.
- So what else is new?
- The BBC.
She's being quoted everywhere.
She managed to get herself
fired from this job.
She probably failed to mention
the reason why.
- Did she mention Tarje and Jonas?
- Yes, of course.
Not by name,
but as your closest people.
We're almost there.
Don't answer any questions going in.
Do it after the summit, or none
of what you're trying to do here
will get any traction.
Don't add any fuel to this, okay?
The Belgian prime minister
is going to thank you.
- The British Secretary of Justice
- is there via video. How brave.
- The lobby is full of journalists.
- Speech first, then interviews.
The opposition is demanding your
resignation. What is your reply?
- I won't reply.
- Where is Tarje Gabrielsen now?
As you all know, we are gathered
here to put NATO on the agenda.
Especially the justice sectors
Many are not showing up after the
Americans declined the invitation.
Is this summit becoming a fiasco?
I believe that we can achieve
great things here,
and that NATO will be
even stronger
Your own personal advisers,
Tarje Gabrielsen and Jonas Mamoud,
are named as potential collaborators
with a well known terrorist.
You know what?
Norway might have fucked up
on this Furia mess,
but until conclusions are drawn,
no one,
especially not those two young men,
are being blamed or scapegoated.
The issue here isn't Furia, it's
Do you know what the difference
between a bucket of shit and me is?
The bucket.
I was six years old
when I was first told that joke.
Would you like to hear
a Muslim joke too?
People have always tried to
shut us up by any means possible.
And when you're a social democrat,
that hate hits a whole new level.
We are self-serving only,
we're power hungry.
A right-wing leader even pushed
that we are handing our government
over to Muslims.
The great replacement conspiracy.
Jonas Mamoud was supposed
to speak here today.
He was shot on the 22 July.
And he barely survived Utøya
because of that very real
and dangerous conspiracy.
He wanted to speak here,
but I told him he couldn't do it.
I let fear guide me because of
the threats and the Furia mess.
And the threats made against him.
He is brave, and I'm the coward.
But no more.
I am done!
I'm done tiptoeing
around the fact
The point of that attack, was to
kill kids in our political movement.
To kill what they stand for.
People talk about racism and hate
like it's an abstract thing,
but then they don't fucking know!
They still hear that not enough
of them were killed that day.
They still live with threats.
And how they were told to shut up
after what happened
That they're playing the victim
card? Grievance and distrust.
It's an industry
grown every year since Utøya.
The opposition used to have decency.
But now they're letting right-wing
morons dictate their agenda.
And we've all see where that ends.
So if anyone tries to cast blame,
or bully Jonas or Tarje,
or anyone else from the generation
that a terrorist tried to wipe out,
I will make their lives miserable
to my dying day!
Thank you.
Ziminov wants to serve
his sentence in Norway.
I bet he does.
We have nicer prisons.
A lot of Americans are unhappy with
the election interference in 2016.
True. Did he say anything about
the Enabler, and the 2024 election?
We were kind of
dealing with a situation.
Yes, but if he could
name some Americans,
he would have
more to negotiate with.
I didn't know that
there was any room for negotiating.
No We don't know.
So you're Ichigo Kurosaki?
- Huh?
- Yeah, Ziminov told me.
- Did Ziminov say that?
- And Tereza got you new identities.
- Yes.
- So what's Ellen's nickname?
- Eva Cassidy.
- Isn't she that singer?
In the recent days,
we have found out for ourselves
that war is not only fought
on the battlefield.
Not only by blowing up and
destroying civilian infrastructure,
but also through propaganda,
polarisation of society,
and media manipulation!
Am I right? Yes!
- And I heard you were promoted?
- Yes, against my will.
Idiotic, considering the previous
one was fired without cause.
- So why did you say yes?
- Because I'm an idiot.
And by accepting,
I was able to help you.
And I am so grateful. You've
been through plenty of shit for me.
The good thing about
being old and stupid,
is how quickly one forgets.
Are we getting close?
Yes, five or six minutes,
depending on traffic.
- I'll get you guys home.
- That's good.
Okay, you need to do as you're told.
Go where I tell you to go.
You need to think, Asgeir.
About what I've done to get here.
And what I'm capable of.
You'll do what I tell you,
or Michelle dies. Got that?
Who are you?
Hi. I'm Tarje.
Is your dad home?
- It's my birthday.
- Happy birthday!
- How old are you?
- Six.
- Six years? What a big girl.
- We have four cakes.
- Four? That's a lot of cake!
- My sister only had three.
- So you won, then.
- I have a lot of guests.
- Can you please get your dad?
- Dad, come here! Dad!
- Did you bring me a present?
- Hey
It's all she can think about today.
Who's dad are you?
- I'm not anyone's dad.
- Oh, right.
Why don't you go inside
and see if there's any cake left.
- You were saying?
- I'm a huge fan of your writing.
Oh? Are you one of my students?
I have visiting hours at my office.
- I just read the stuff you write.
- Okay. Well, thank you.
Make an appointment at the
university. This is a private event.
- I'm off the clock now.
- I'm sorry.
That's fine.
It happens.
- Okay.
- There is one thing
When DieHard7
made those images of Jonas Mamoud,
my best friend,
with a bullet going through
his head
Did you want people to know
that you are DieHard7?
I don't really know
Because you made it difficult to
find out, but it wasn't that hard.
Hope it's okay that I posted all the
links between you and DieHard7,
so that colleagues,
students, friends, family
can see who you really are.
You did what?
You can't do that.
What are you trying to accomplish?
I've dreamed about smashing
your skull inn with a bat.
But then I realised that
the truth will do the trick.
Hey, you!
Come here!
Come back here!
I'll talk to him.
Are you okay?
Are you ready?
- Yes.
- Good.
- Go ahead.
- My name is Tarje Gabrielsen.
- I have something to tell you.
- What are you doing with the camera?
Go away! Get outta here!
This is private property!
Honestly Who are you working for?
This is harassment!
tell us what really happened.
Lydia, the stage is yours.
My mother warned me when
I showed her my engagement ring.
"You are marrying an Icarus.
He will fly too close to the sun."
It was the nicest thing
she ever said about him.
He was always arguing.
Too direct, to hard and too funny.
With an ego twice the size
of our dear Poland.
Kiev, Warsaw, a common cause.
Kiev, Warsaw, a common cause.
Kiev, Warsaw, a common cause.
Kiev, Warsaw
And you show them
that we are not afraid
You got what I need on Sikora?
I'm getting close to the stage area.
My guys are still on it.
Right now on stage, you have
activists from Poland and Ukraine.
It's all over social media.
It says that Sikora will address
the crowd you'll pass in a minute.
Sikora is currently in
a building nearby.
It's not easy to find which.
He owns fucking half the city.
- I need the address.
- I'll call you when we have it.
As brilliant as a man can be,
always thinking women to be smarter.
And he was full of love.
Just not for everyone. And if we are
going to make him a martyr,
we should do it for
the right reason.
I got the address,
and I'll send it to you.
One company rents
all of the three top floors.
One of Sikora's security companies.
Enter from the north side.
No need to take the front door.
Basement corridors
connect all the buildings.
Okay, I'm going there.
Let's keep connected. Don't hang up.
As soon as we touch down
in Helsinki, we're going straight to
a dinner with the Everetts.
Who's this guy?
The Enabler promised I would not be
compromised. Who's this stranger?
Hey, you! Stop!
Don't you hush me!
Who the fuck are you?
Just get in the car, Mr Miller.
Your involvement is safe, I'll
take care of it. Just let me pass.
I have things to do, you're working
hard to get a president elected.
Hey, dipshit!
I could order you dead if I don't
like the fact that you've seen me.
You're not one of the Enabler's men,
and I will not risk a liability
on some fucking stranger
You have more to lose if this comes
out. Helping to commit the biggest
financial heist since the sanctions
against Russian oligarchs started?
Get Mr Putin's dark money flow
hooked up to this country's
most secured fibre cable?
Think about it, Mr Miller.
You helped whitewash enormous
amounts of Russian fortunes,
but you don't understand who I am
and the situation you're in.
As a matter of fact,
you should work on risk assessment.
Doing the switch in this building,
gives the organisation, the Enabler,
access to
the Ukrainian investment fund.
All the money given from Western
countries to rebuild democracy
We're gonna rob that fund blind.
everyone's attention will be on
the demonstration we're blowing up.
Meaning, Mr Miller,
it's you who shouldn't have seen me.
I need to take this.
- He saw me.
- He's not on our kill list.
Hey, listen!
Michelle survives! She survives!
- You're too sentimental.
- She'll go with me to Norway,
and I can continue my work.
Which is good for you too, I guess.
Do the switch when we need, and you
can keep your little bitch alive.
Remember the security
company access cards.
Switch on cell phone trackers
in five.
an the world will stand with us,
like Poland stands with Ukraine!
Kyiv, Warsaw, a common cause!
Kyiv, Warsaw, a common cause!
What's going on? Rafał!
a common cause!
What's going on?
- The water
- The water you drank?
Just get down.
Today, here, you show us
what real nationalism should be.
An idea so big,
it makes you care for even
those you disagree with the most.
They push us toward darkness,
but you didn't falter.
They need medical help.
Let them through!
Sikora is dead. They have their own
cameras filming the stage area.
Yo! Fucking fascists!
- Where are you?
- I just got off the train.
Go to Husak. Two of my people
are there waiting for you.
What the fuck are you doing?
I see someone's making money here.
You're missing a crescent, right?
Think about Michelle.
Keep her alive,
or you won't survive this.
- Pack your things. Hurry up.
- Come on, let's go.
Hurry up.
Is it a drone?
Is it poison?
Just stay calm.
Hey! Hi!
He's coming.
Stay there!
- Dad!
- No, you stay here!
It'll be okay, Michelle.
I could shoot her and let er
bleed to death. So put the gun down.
- Are we doing this?
- Yeah.
Hey, put the gun down.
Give me the fucking crescent.
I never meant for this to get
personal, Asgeir.
I made a choice over 20 years ago,
and I've been working my way up.
I have a lot more to lose than you.
Is it a bomb?
You will see soon.
Three times bigger than Budapest.
- Fuck, that's Martyna.
- Tereza!
You must look for fake ambulances.
You don't get it. I've negotiated
to keep you two alive.
I made sure Ziminov
never knew where you were.
She's been hiding for
as long as she can remember.
But she's a live.
You got to live, right?
Did you kill Aisha?
She figured out
what Ziminov never did.
She was about to discover my name,
so I didn't have a choice.
I tried to talk to that fucking
Just fucking do it!
Do it!
- Dad!
- For fuck's sake, just do it!
Don't do it.
Tereza is stopping
your bomb vans now.
So I can do whatever I want.
What do you think?
Should I hand you over
to the Polish?
Maybe the Ukrainians? Hm?
I think they would get
a lot from you, don't you think?
What kind of future do you want?
And who do you want to be?
Nothing says more about who you are
than who you chose to stand by.
What you would do
to keep them safe.
What is family?
What does it mean to be a family?
A piece of paper can't tell you
who your family is.
But I want us to know the truth.
No more secrets.
You'll always be my little girl,
no matter what.
Even though that's what you
always were to him as well.
I saw her yesterday,
when she came back.
I'm meeting her
by the grave now.
We'll talk later, okay?
Did the Rema-store guy
come to the funeral?
Yeah. And the minister said yes to
playing the Falcon Crest theme song.
Dad would've liked it.
- Hey
- I'm fine.
- Dad knew that you weren't
- You don't have to say that.
I mean it.
He must have known,
because I did.
How are you coping?
With all of it?
After Hanna too?
I didn't.
Maybe to begin with, but
And I had Jonas.
And dad.
But I'm a complete mess.
I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.
That I wasn't here.
I don't know
what good I am for you now, but
Maybe we can be
a complete mess together?
Hey, I brought cinnamon rolls.
- I know you want one.
- Always.
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