Future Man (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

Beyond the Truffledome

1 Previously on Future Man: If someone is important to Joshy, it's important to me.
- He is family.
- Yeah, well, I never had a family.
I've always been a soldier.
Life made you a soldier.
You were born to be a chef.
You keep fighting to make a better future, but I found the best future, and it's in the past, right now, 1985.
I love the '80s! You have to get on that boat.
If you don't, my colleagues will shoot you as a baby.
That's resistance law.
Punishment for desertion is death.
Any chance that's good? That's the Kronitorium, where the super cure was engineered, where the Biotics were born.
This building isn't supposed to exist for another 50 years.
Fifty years? Well, Kronish should be long gone by then.
Kronish was only supposed to cure herpes.
That research was the basis of the super cure, which didn't happen for years after he died.
So, whatever you said to him drove him to work on the super cure himself.
What the fuck did you say to Kronish? Nothing, nothing, I didn't say anything.
I mean, you know, I had to get him on the boat, so I told him to follow his heart, to choose love.
And maybe I peppered in, like, a little bit of detail about his future.
What? You never tell anyone about their future.
That is time travel 101.
I even know that and I didn't go to your stupid made-up time travel college.
Okay, well, maybe there's still time before the cure's released.
Maybe we can go back in time and fix this.
Maybe there's, like, a really cool solution that we don't know of yet in the future.
No, no, no, there's no "we.
" Coming back for you thinking you were our savior, that was the biggest mistake I've made in my life.
There's only one way to fix this, and I'm doing it by myself.
Tiger, I'm sorry.
Tiger, where are you going? Far away from you, fuck nose.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] Who's there? What are you doing in my bushes? [GRUNTS] What I need to do.
I've traveled a long way to be here.
Well, you sure picked a rotten day to do it.
You're wetter than a Kentucky catfish.
[LAUGHS] Well, get on in here.
I'll get you some dry clothes.
Something warm to eat.
What were you doing standing out there in the rain like that? [FIRE ROARS] Oh, that's all right.
You don't have to answer if you don't want to.
Let me put the kettle on.
Is there anyone else in the house right now? 'Fraid not.
It's just me and Elias here.
He's the man of the house since his daddy, Clarence, passed a few months back.
Never even got a chance to meet his only son.
- There you go.
- He was a soldier? Fought bravely for his country.
Saved 16 of his men on Omaha Beach.
That's how he lost his first leg.
How'd he lose the second one? Frostbite.
Used his one good sock as a tourniquet to stop one of his men from bleeding out.
So, okay, this this baby's dead father had no legs? Oh, it was hard on him coming back.
Went to war a hopeful boy, and came back a legless man.
Not many opportunities for legless black men these days.
The last battle that he fought was against tuberculosis.
Never gave up, right to his last excruciating breath.
Seems like you know a thing about hard times or two yourself.
Yeah, I've eaten some rat, so you know, it hasn't been all bad.
Just trying to keep food on the table, round up whatever scraps I can to keep us warm and alive.
I thank the Lord for this little miracle.
Stop it.
Oh, I don't even think I'd have the strength to go on without him.
This little sweet child is the only family I have left in this world.
[KETTLE WHISTLES] Oh, look at me rambling on.
That's your tea.
Do you mind holding him? Oh, oh, here we go.
[BABY CRYING] Now, careful with the top of his head, he's still got that soft spot.
You know, doctor says that one wrong push could kill him instantly.
Imagine that! I'm gonna kill you.
You sure you don't want a night off, Tiane? Oh, you hush now.
You know, there's no place I'd rather be than caring for your youngin'.
Oh, I think the cornbread's burning.
Oh, heaven bless that nose of yours.
You sleep tight.
I'll kill you tomorrow.
Tiane, why don't you say grace tonight? Oh, I'd love to! Thank you, oh Lord of this time, for giving us this shelter and warmth, and the sweet bounty of chitlins and hushpuppies.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- What can I get for you? - Two hushpuppies, please.
Estelle, will you tell that beau of yours to quit fooling around and take the dang picture.
Best do what she says, Jerome.
Milkman got fresh with her the other day, and she punched him square in the biscuits.
- Mm-hmm, guilty.
- Look up! Here we go.
Happy Birthday! Oh, greetings.
- Thanks.
- Uh-huh.
I just put the little ankle biter down for a nap.
He had such a tickle playing with that new slinky thing-a-mabob.
You should've seen him, he was in fat city.
Tiane, I have news.
Maybe you should sit down.
Gladly, dogs are barking.
Been on these stompers all day.
[CHUCKLES] Well, don't run out of gas now, you haven't even put her into drive.
Tiane, he finally did it.
He proposed.
Oh! Look at that.
Well it's about damn time if you want my two cents.
Tiane! I know I shouldn't cuss, but that man has been holding a torch for you for way too long not to be acting on it.
He's asked us to move in with him.
Mm-hmm, we've been outgrowing this house.
What, with Elias sprouting up like a cornstalk in late July.
No, Tiane.
He asked me and Elias to move in with him.
- Oh.
- We're starting a new life, a new family.
Maybe it's about time you did the same thing.
Oh, now, what about Wolf? I am sure he's out there thinking of you.
No, no, Wolf's made his choice.
He's living the life he wants to live, and that doesn't include me.
You made a family here, and I'm sure you can do it out there, too.
You need to find your people.
You'll always have a place at our Sunday table.
[CHUCKLES] You've been very kind.
You know, I never intended to be a part of your family.
In fact, I came here for something else entirely.
I should say goodbye to Elias.
Did you leave a knife in Elias' crib? It's a gift.
Give it to him in his fifth year, when he comes of age.
[CARVING] [SNIFFLES] Oh, I'm so sorry, Wolf.
[SNIFFLES] My name is Wolf, I was born in the worst of times.
Hey, knifers keepers.
No rules in the rat pit.
Hey, that's hers! [PUNCH] Get him! Yeah, get him, Tiger! [WHIMPERING] Hey, Wolf.
[CRUNCH] Heads or tails? Tails.
In 1985 I was reborn as Corey Wolf-Hart.
It was the best of times.
And I had a particular set of skills that allowed me to dominate.
Really? [TIRES SCREECH] Oh, God! What's happening? No, no, no, no! No, no, Richard! Richard, no! [WAILING] We have money! I'm sorry, Linda.
Sorry I couldn't protect us.
Prepare to dine! [WHIMPERING] In a past life I lived each day knowing I could've died at any moment.
So that's the gift I gave my customers: an immersive dining experience that made them feel like they were gonna die.
Welcome to Wolf-Hart's.
Because only then could they truly live.
So, wait? We're not gonna die? Not today.
Oh my God! It was as if they were tasting food for the first time.
Oh my God.
Combine the natural adrenaline your body creates the moment before death with the best food in the world.
You know where you're going? Heaven.
But you don't have to die to get there.
I love you so much.
I love you.
I don't say it enough.
Life made me a soldier, but I was born to be a chef.
[CHOPPING] ["HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF" BY DURAN DURAN] [PANTING] But I wasn't some kind of second-rate hack flourishing on a gimmick.
I was a God damn artist, a culinary futurist creating food eons ahead of its time.
Woman you want me A taste of the tundra.
Elk carpaccio, elderberry reduction, raw snails, and a lichen gastrique.
Pairs nicely with our cocktail of the evening: the Blazing Nog.
Blaze was the perfect wingman.
The Goose to my Maverick, the Rain Man to my Charlie, the Coughlin to my Flanagan.
Though, that last one's a deep cut.
Cocktail! And, boy, did he know how to mix 'em.
No, Richard, no! [SHOUTS] He also kidnapped anyone I told him to, and didn't ask any questions.
Not one.
Do-do-do do-do-do, do-do High blood drumming on your skin, it's so tight You feel my heat, I'm just a moment behind Do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do Nothing about Wolf-Hart's was legal.
I was a cash-only business in a condemned building in the most dangerous part of town.
I'm lost and I'm found And I'm hungry like the wolf And still, they flock to me.
The rich, the famous.
Like moths to a flame.
Mouth is alive, all running inside More stars came in Wolf-Hart's than in Rob Lowe's Malibu fuck pad.
Roberts? I don't normally do this, but I just rewatched Steel Magnolias, and that scene where you seizure with the juice it gets me every time.
[SOBS] It's so funny.
[LAUGHS] Burning the ground, I break from the crowd I wasn't in it for the money.
But that's just what people say when they're rolling in it.
I smell like I sound, I'm lost and I'm found Yep, everything was hunky fucking dory.
Then in 1989, Wolf-Hart's won the coveted Bocce Sausa for World's Best Restaurant.
I'm on the hunt, I'm after you Mouth is alive with juices like wine I'd achieved everything I set out to since that fateful night in 1985.
But still, something was missing.
I couldn't quite put my finger on it.
All right, I got something important I gotta say.
When I first met Corey, I didn't know what kind of volleyball player he was gonna be.
But, Corey, after four life-changing years together, I know exactly what kind of player you are.
You're the kind of player that will convince a friend to stop being a prostitute.
You're the kind of player that will teach that same friend how to read.
But above all, you're the kind of player that will never leave a teammate behind.
Ever! To Corey! Yeah! [CHEERING] Woo-hoo! [CHUCKLING] Hey, bro.
Not to overdo the volleyball thing, but you gave me a bump when I needed one.
You look like you could use one right now.
Woops, that's a little more than a bump.
I think we'll go ahead and split it [SNIFFS] Whoa! [GROWLS] Yeah! There we go! Oh, hey, Blaze, man.
Read that magazine article out loud.
A dash of dan dan Danger.
- Danger! - Yes.
A pinch of pan panic.
"And a mouthful of menace.
" L.
's bad boy Chef Corey Wolf-Hart "conquers the world.
" You've been a bad boy.
You've been a very bad boy.
Where are you going? My water just broke! So did this case.
There was no downside to cocaine.
If you have a chance to try it, I strongly recommend it.
I assure you, that pelican was murdered in accordance with Maritime Law.
I'm not here because of a dead bird.
I'm here because of a dead partner.
Oh, no, what happened to Blaze? What? No! My partner! Oh.
Thank God.
Hey, you don't walk away from this.
You know how much shit I've caught chasing ghosts.
Whole precinct calls me crazy.
Leave magazine ads all around my office for Obsession perfume.
Oh, Calvin Klein? He was in here the other night.
He's a good friend of mine.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
How's your other friend? The one with the purple hair? Hmm? You know, it's funny I spent all these years thinking I was chasing radicals.
Turns out I was just hunting some sellouts serving overpriced pelican soup to undeserving yuppie scum.
It's bouillabaisse.
You're no idealist.
The only thing you care about is yourself.
And from the looks of it, you don't even do a good job of that, you strung out piece of shit.
You got nothing on me, Manilow! Now get the fuck out of here.
I'll be seeing you, Corey.
No, you won't.
You're blacklisted.
You and Danny Aiello.
Have fun dumpster diving at Spago, you fucking dipshit.
My encounter with that handsome cop didn't affect me one bit.
If anything, it inspired me to kick things up a notch.
I had to make sure I was truly challenging my clientele's core beliefs.
It wasn't enough to make them feel like they were gonna die in their time.
I had to make them understand what it was like to live in mine.
[ROARS] [POUNDING] Fromage a trois.
What is this one? Roquefort, camembert? Buffalo dick cheese.
Eat left to right.
I experimented with bold, new ingredients to give my customers a scavenger's palate.
Maggot risotto.
Bat wing fritto misto with a side of guanomole.
And my pièce de résistance unseasoned rat miscarriage.
Bon appetite.
["EVERYBODY EVERYBODY" BY BLACK BOX] Mmm! By late '92, I'd nixed myself, Stevie Nicks, as in did so much coke I couldn't taste or smell anything anymore.
I can't smell it! Everybody, everybody [SHOUTS] Everybody, everybody Everybody, everybody Ow Oh! Not even the moruga! Oh! But in spite of all that, like Fleetwood Mac, Wolf-Hart's was still an institution.
I didn't have a roadie to blow coke up my ass, but I did have a Blaze.
Fire in the hole! He had quite the lung capacity.
Ah! I got it.
Every one of you has been lucky enough to feast on my creations.
Now, behold! My greatest creation yet! [SLOW DRUMMING] Where I'm from, you had to fight for every bite.
And that's exactly the kind of hell I'm about to put you through.
Two men enter, one man leaves with a white truffle from Alba, Italy.
[CHEERING, APPLAUSE] I give you the Truffledome! [DRUMMING PICKS UP] You, what's your name? - Greg.
- Greg! You get the lance.
You, what's your name? Lance.
Lance, you get the ax.
[THUD] Wait, switch weapons.
All right, warriors.
On my signal, unleash hell! [CHEERING] Now! - Who is gonna draw first blood? - This thing's heavy.
You know, this looks pretty sharp.
One of you needs to draw first blood.
Let's go! Have I taught you nothing? [GIGGLING] Stop giggling in the Truffledome! [LAUGHING] I'm getting tired.
Who's gonna pin who? Heads or tails? Heads or tails? Heads or tails? Heads or tails? Heads or tails? Heads or tails? Then it all hit me.
No matter how much I simulated it for them, these people never had to fight for anything in their lives.
They would never understand what I'd been through.
And the only person who ever did, I abandoned.
[DISTORTED LAUGHING] [ELECTRIC SHOCK] The lance for Lance! [CRUNCH, SCREAMING] I'm Greg! [SCREAMING] I'm just a banker! Those are your last fucking words? Get the fuck out of here.
This is pain.
This is real life! Somebody fight me! Get out of here! [SCREAMING] [CLATTER] [PANTING] Corey? You okay, man? Should I be worried? You're gonna need to disappear for a while.
Got nowhere to go, man.
I got a buddy who lives in Brentwood with a guest house.
His name's OJ.
OJ Simpson? He's a good guy.
Just live in his guest house.
Life will be simpler for you now, Blaze.
Just go! [POLICE SIRENS] Where are you gonna go? Where I've always belonged.
I was once a part of something that mattered, part of a team that mattered.
A family.
I threw it all away for a mission of self-discovery.
But all I discovered was that leaving you was the worst choice I've ever made.
I let you down, Tiger.
I let humanity down.
And you're not here to give me the deserter's death I deserve.
But I got another trigger man in mind.
All I can say to you is I'm sorry.
End suicide note.
[GASPS] [SHOUTS] Hands up, Wolf-Hart.
Jesus, what the fuck are you doing? Blowing my last butt rail.
What does it look like? Your little battle royale has every cop in this city looking for you, so why'd you call me? Justice needed to be served.
And you're the man to do it.
So, come on! Shoot me in the heart.
Feed my corpse to the hungry.
I got a better plan.
I'm gonna feed you to the criminal justice system.
Get your confession, make a little call to the Santiago family that's 24 years overdue.
No, I'm sorry, Detective.
That's not the justice I'm looking for.
But I do have a confession for you.
Killing your partner was fun.
Shut your fucking mouth, you butt junkie! [LAUGHS] What kind of an idiot drives right into a subatomic sensor mine? I know what you're doing.
You think you're the first punk who's every tried to suicide-by-cop me? No.
Maybe I'll be the last.
Now, don't do it, Corey! Surrender! Never.
What the fuck? You look terrible.
So do you.
I got your message.
Oh, yeah.
Truffledome sounds like my kind of party.
[BEEPING] Let's get you home, soldier.
[THUNDER] Freeze! [GUNSHOT] Where'd they go? Where did they go? Where did they go?! Tiger, I'm sorry, I fucked everything up, I just It was all worth it.
It was all worth it to get you back.
You're the only family I need.
Are you are you okay? Yeah.
Looks like you got something back.
I did! Oh.
Why does my asshole feel numb? I have no idea.
No idea.