Future Man (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

The Binx Ultimatum

1 GIRL: Previously on "Future Man" Filthy Strays! [groans] A rock to the face! Why are you smiling, Binx? This pain is the price of freedom.
Wolf and I are lucky that we're even alive.
Wolf? What's, uh, her deal? - You're into her.
- I am not.
You just wanna stick your ghost dick in my time twin? [groans] When you get to the NAG, you're you're gonna see how much better it is.
We didn't sacrifice everyone and everything to settle for a second-rate future.
You hijacked my brain just to ask me questions about Stu Camillo? Yes, but the simulation told us so much more.
JOSH: I was kidnapped by time terrorists.
They're gonna start a war.
I'm scared.
Eunice Hogeveen? [suspenseful music] [dramatic music] TIGER: [grunts] [grunting] Where's my TTD, you fucking dick scab? [shouts] [clattering] [snoring] Stray! Strays amongst the wheels! Stray! Filthy, dirty Stray! - Filthy, dirty Stray! - [shouting] [medieval music] FUNNEL: Hey, Torque! I heard my bean cake was a real hit at the Wheelmaker home.
Oh, yeah.
It was, Funnel.
Well, there's more where that came from.
FUNNEL: [groaning] VADA: His face hurts.
And where is his glasses? He can't see without his glasses.
[crying] Put his glasses on.
- Put on his glasses.
- This again, huh? He can't see without his glasses.
VADA: He was gonna be an acrobat Come on, Dad.
Don't you think this is a little bit much? You don't have to feel this way.
What, I should just delete her from my memory banks? Just flip a switch and Tiger's gone forever? Yep, yep, you have the power to do that.
So you're choosing to make yourself and everyone else miserable.
Ahmadi says that real men go through the pain.
Oh, okay, so, um, you you're a pretend man.
And she's a pretend therapist.
Real men go through the pain.
So I know that it was really bad when it was just the two of us, but it was way worse when Tiger was here.
So now we can just go back to just normal bad.
What do you say? - Yes! - Oh, oh! - She's back! - Oh, okay.
Oh, God.
Look at this place.
I can't let her see me like this.
No, Dad! Don't do this.
She's the worst, and she brings out the worst in you.
- I don't care.
- You, out.
You, turn your cameras on.
I wanna spy on everyone.
[groans] [dramatic music] PUMP: [grunting] I can still smell Stray.
- What's going on? - Huh? I was attacked by a filthy Stray I found contaminating the wheels this morning.
Stray, huh? Oh, wow.
Sounds like you've had a tough morning.
Uh, where where is that filthy Stray, anyway? I gonged for ISE.
Internal Stray Enforcement? They brought him to the Smash Pit.
Far better than those spindly grinks deserve.
What did they do to earn such cushy lives? - Cushy, huh? - Yeah.
If it were up to me, we'd just execute all the outsiders.
Yeah, I'm familiar with your position on others.
But the NAG's got bigger problems.
Problems that might make some people call this place second rate.
Who would say that? Also, what does that mean? It means little things like people being tortured for the way they lean Don't lean weird.
Or how people defecate wherever they please You want them to hold it in? Or how a wheel costs one chit but so does a house or a button.
All part of Vise's master plan.
Vise? Supreme Overlord of the NAG.
We don't see him much anymore.
He designed this whole place.
So how does a guy talk to this Vise? Oh, you can't just talk to Vise.
You have to wait until a scroll sealed with red wax appears on your door summoning you for a visitation.
But where's his house? [dramatic music] [rustling and clattering] JOSH: I-I didn't do anything wrong.
I-I was just sleeping on my friend's floor.
Strays are forbidden from making lasting friendships.
- What? - And humming.
Wh-why is everybody smashing things? Technology has been used to murder and oppress my people for generations.
It's just a harmless panini press.
[shouts] Not anymore.
- Jesus.
- You see, it is a tech-free building material.
You will come to understand in about five years Five years? Yeah, no.
Whoa, this this is very wrong.
I am not a Stray.
You're you're a Smasher now.
No, not a Smasher either.
Uh, I'm just here visiting my friend Torque.
- Oh.
- You may have heard of Torque.
We can just go in town, clear all this up.
You're friends with Torque? Maker of Wheels, Father of Wagons.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
What, do you know him? BOTH: [laughing] Well enough to know that he would never associate himself - with a low-life Stray.
- [groans] Smash everything in this pile before the sun hits the third hole.
What? Wait, before the sun hits the third hole of what? Is that, like, a lot of time or a little? Shit.
- What the fuck? - [grunts] Binx? Oh, my God.
Binx, is that you? Oh, my God.
I'm so happy to see a familiar face.
Oh, oh! I should never have come here.
[indistinct chatter] [medieval music] [dramatic music] [knocking] General Vise, sir? Hello? VISE: Stop gawking and come inside.
Torque Wheelmaker.
The man who came back from the dead.
It's an honor, sir.
Your eyes sing to me of pain.
I think it's just dark in here.
Don't deny your suffering, son.
I know of the shadows that cling to the soul after crossing the threshold of hell.
That will change a man.
Change is actually what I came to talk to you about.
Ah, the impatience of the young.
Down to business, are we? Come into my workshop.
I want to know you.
You might have noticed a few of my curios.
Pardon an old man his passions.
They're ghosts of an age long past.
As am I.
No, your wisdom, to say nothing of your design aesthetic, is impressive.
I like the reminder of what was and is and will be and wasn't and weren't.
And animals.
I liked animals.
Ah, that's exactly what I'd expect from the wise architect of this great NAG.
- But you have complaints.
- Well, um They always have complaints.
Not complaints exactly.
Just constructive questions.
The kind that make us all better, little things: the justice system, chit deflation, the whole street-shitting thing.
Do you know what makes a community thrive, young Wheelmaker? A fiscal system that rewards different levels of effort with different levels of pay? Ah, nonsense.
The last thing this place needs is a cohesive set of rules.
Rules make people believe the world can be understood.
It can't.
It's chaos.
That's why I crafted this NAG.
To be a reminder that logic is a trap.
Um Oh.
Oh, is that a is that a myrm? Oh, good eye, my child.
Yes, it was a gift from the Bio-Tech Necro-Hangar.
And you of all people should understand what mares of night gallop the depths.
You you survived a myrm? No, once they're in your skull, they don't leave until it's empty.
Oh, they do.
If you're willing to cut out half your brain.
Wait, so so you came up with all this using only half a brain? Ah, the impatience of the young.
Down to business, are we? Come into my workshop.
I want to know you.
Okay, this explains a lot.
Um, look, maybe if you just come down into the streets Oh, I'll meet you in the streets.
- What? - Challenge accepted.
- [horn blows] - Oh.
We de-bat tomorrow when the moon hits the fifth hole.
Wait, General Vise, wait.
That's not what I meant.
[horn blows] Ah.
CROWD: [gasping and murmuring] You challenged Vise to a de-bat? Are you trying to say "debate?" You say debate.
I say de-bat.
You just got back.
You got sand brain.
Do you really think you're qualified? Oh, yeah, sure.
I-I'll do the de-bat.
Air out my grievances, then he has to take my suggestions, fix up the NAG.
No, whoever wins the de-bat becomes the new Supreme Overlord.
Well, yeah, that works too.
TIGER: But they are trying to kill you.
Just because you have power, it doesn't mean you should abuse it.
It's an invasion of privacy.
Hey, so I guess nothing ever happened with that Rolf guy, huh? Rolf is not what's important here.
I need access to all your security footage.
You know, to keep you safe.
[chuckles] I-I'm touched that you care, Tiger.
When you disappeared, I, uh I was in a really dark place.
Okay, this should be bringing you to a dark place.
Why are you not more concerned? I think, after the first few terrorist plots, I was concerned, but my security is impenetrable.
I would hunt down and eliminate the leaders of these groups with extreme prejudice.
I once read a long-winded torture manual where they nailed a sand wizard to a wooden T.
Th-the Bible? Mm-mm-mm.
[chuckles] None of that is necessary.
This Achilles is not a threat.
So you know of Achilles? There probably isn't even an Achilles.
These groups rely on mythology, in this case very literally.
The Pointed Circle is different.
Athena was operating this whole time right under your nose.
No, no, that one stings.
Who could have guessed that the live-in doctor would turn out to be so shady? We need to fire up every peeper box in every hab unit in the Mons.
We are at war, Stu.
Do you think the terrorists are afraid to watch people pee in the shower? I'm not afraid.
It's just It's a line I swore I would never cross.
Fine, fine.
Then this is a waste of my time.
I came back here because I care about you and our friendship.
You know what? I'll just, uh I'll head out.
I'll do this on my own.
And maybe you'll see me again.
But you probably won't.
Yeah, you know what? You won't.
Yeah, I can guarantee you probably won't.
Would this be helpful? [beeping] [dramatic music] Helpful? That that that is fucking beautiful.
We need to run facial recognition on Eunice Hogeveen and all known associates.
I want archived footage going back two years.
I want every conversation, interaction, covert walk, sneaky talk.
JOSH: This is an extremely dangerous place to work.
Half the people down there have lockjaw from the tetanus.
Except they don't even call it lockjaw.
They call it Smash Mouth.
Smash Mouth! And they don't even get why that's so funny.
I know.
I don't either.
Look, we've all got problems.
Cluster's all over my case.
And I guess now I'm running for Supreme Overlord or something.
You need to get me out of here, all right? Tiger was right.
This place fucking sucks.
No, Tiger's not right.
Sure, right now, the NAG is a big, slimy caterpillar.
But do you know do you know what caterpillars turn into? Yeah, of course.
They turn into Birds.
Yeah, they just need a little help out of their chrysalis egg or I don't know.
I lost the thread.
Hey, I-I need your help.
- Help me.
- All right, listen.
- The ship of state turns slowly.
- Oh, my God.
Once I'm Supreme Overlord, you better believe I'm gonna put Stray Reform on the agenda.
Look, I'm not gonna lie to you.
It's a loser at the polls.
Wolf, listen to me.
Binx, he was in here for one day.
He lost his eye, all hope, and now he's called Winx.
When he cries, blood comes out.
And he's crying all the time.
I can't be in here anymore.
Come on.
It's not that bad.
You're J1, right? J1.
You're telling me J1 can't handle a day or two - of smash action? - J1 can handle smash action.
What I'm saying is that I'm a little concerned about the terrorists.
Remember them? The ones that tried to kill me, now are trying to kill everybody else? The Pointed Circle, Athena, this guy Achilles? Come on! Yeah, none of those yahoos are in the NAG, - so you're safe here.
- But that's not the point.
The point is, I shouldn't even be in this place.
I should be out there with you trying to succeed on this mission.
Okay, look, once I'm Supreme Overlord, I will work to get you out of the pit.
Maybe throw a patronage appointment your way.
How does Deputy Director of Stray Affairs sound? [dramatic music] Not as good as Director.
All right.
- Wolf, are you serious? - Deputy.
You just stay here.
You're just gonna leave me here alone? Don't leave.
Please don't leave.
You're being a dick to me! [clattering] JOSH: [grunts] [grunts] Ah! [inspirational music] You guys can go ahead and go eat dinner.
I'm gonna finish up this pile.
We can't.
We smash as one.
We eat as one.
I'm so hungry.
[dramatic music] Oh, Binx Winx, don't cry.
- [crying] - Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Uh, I'll smash faster, okay? I'm sorry.
Oh, shit.
[grunting] You're so stupid.
HATCHET: You didn't even consult us.
We don't wanna lose you, Torquey.
Not to politics.
You're not gonna lose me.
I'm still gonna be your provider.
How? You can't possibly beat Vise.
He's never lost a de-bat.
Oh, he's gonna destroy you.
WOLF: Let me tell you something.
General Vise doesn't believe in change.
He looks at the NAG and he sees what it is.
But I see what it could be.
This is the home that we fought to create.
And inside each one of you is the power to make it better.
Now, we may be settlers, but, oh, I refuse to settle.
I believe in you, Papa Torque.
[dramatic music] WOLF: "Wheel Changemaker.
" Oh, now, see? This is, uh this is what I'm talking about.
Come here, sweetie.
Oh, yeah.
Now, how's everybody feeling about it now? ALL: [crying] Looks like we're all on the same page.
[stool clatters] Guys, come on, okay? You can't expect me to learn how to smash things with a rock in just one day.
It's gloopy because you were so slow and we had to wait.
I'm I'm sorry.
I-I didn't realize that How are they supposed to get it through their Smash Mouth now? [grunts] Sorry.
Guys, are are there nuts in this? [gasping and wheezing] Guys, seriously.
Are are there nuts in this? There's a nut in it.
[wheezing] Shit.
Oh, God.
Oh, this is bad.
This is bad.
This is bad.
Oh, God.
Oh, no.
[wheezing] Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Help me.
[groans] Oh.
[laughter] It's not fu it's not funny! STU: None of these people ever interacted in front of my cameras.
The odds of that happening are 20 quintillion to 1.
Yeah, they gotta be using dead drops.
Let's run a matching algorithm.
Cross-reference their movements.
Wherever their paths cross, that's where we'll pick up Athena's trail.
That's gonna take hours.
When was the last time you slept? [chuckles] Why don't you get some rest? Look there.
[soft dramatic music] That key-cuff will give you access to any area in the compound.
Make yourself at home.
Thanks, Stu.
I'm, uh I'm glad I came back.
Good night, Tiger.
[door closes] Did that just happen? You mean did she just take a key to your place? - Yeah.
- [laughs] - Whoo! - That just happened.
It's all happening so fast.
Hey, calm down.
This is what you wanted, isn't it? More than anything in the whole world.
But this Pointed Circle stuff does worry me.
You need to move up the launch.
What? No.
Yeah, you're right.
But I-I need more time to explain it to her.
I've lost her once.
I don't wanna lose her again.
Stu, you and your confidence issues.
A few days ago, she stabbed you repeatedly.
Today she basically moved in.
She likes you even more than she knows.
Trust me.
I know women.
I'm a version of one.
[wheezing] - [grunts] - [gasps] Smashers have a code.
It's called the Smasher Code.
And it's unsmashable.
But we're only as strong as our weakest smasher, which is you.
I'm sorry! Smash faster, nut breath.
[gasping] [grunting] [clattering] [breathing heavily] [dramatic music] [mechanical whirring] [percussive music] Oh.
I'm putting this over your heart.
To protect you.
Are you sure you're prepared? Did you put together your cabinet? Oh, I like the way you're thinking.
Yeah, yeah, I've got some fresh ideas.
And some fairly unconventional.
You're not using cards out there, are you? Good point.
Gotta speak from the heart.
You know, nobody likes a nerd.
It killed Dukakis in '88.
Listen, um, I'm not going negative, but if cornered, what are Vise's weaknesses? His knees.
Oh, okay.
I love you guys.
But you're garbage as political strategists.
[dramatic music] [beeps] [water pattering] [beeps] [Beethoven's "Bagatelle No.
25 (Fur Elise)"] [sniffs] JOSH: [humming Beethoven's "Fur Elise"] - [thud] - [groans] CHISEL: No humming! Shit.
[horn blows] MALE ANNOUNCER: Are you ready for tonight's de-bat? Meet your candidates.
The Supreme Overlord, Vise Myrmbeater! And the challenger, Torque Wheelmaker! CROWD: [cheering] CROWD: [booing] [sighs] I so look forward to sharing my ideas with you.
Share them in the dark void of death, throne snatcher! ANNOUNCER: Candidates, take your positions.
Let the great de-bat begin! CROWD: [cheering] Ha, ha! CROWD: [chanting] Death battle! Death battle! Death battle! Death battle! Death battle! Death battle! Death battle! Death battle! Death battle.
[suspenseful music] Oh, death battle.
Yeah, I missed a lot of cues on this one.
PUMP: Torque, what are you waiting for? Arm yourself from your cabinet! Oh, shit.
VISE: Fight me! I misunderstood everything.
I don't know.
Uh [grunts] Look, I-I didn't come here to kill anyone.
CROWD: [booing] No, I have a few things to say, if you'd just listen.
CROWD: [chanting] Death battle! Death battle! Your prayers to the sky! Ha, ha! - Take it easy, okay? - [grunts] - Just - Curse you! Just put the sword down, okay? We'll talk.
I'll take it easy on your head.
Fool! BOTH: [grunting] CROWD: [shouting] For a century, our people were at war.
VISE: Come here! But for two decades now, we've lived aboveground.
Stop that! Will you yield, sir? We must move our minds aboveground as well! I'm going to tear your heart out any second now! VISE: [grunts] [dramatic music] [sighs] [crowd cheering] This is how you decide who you want to lead you? A death battle between a sand-brained POW and a half-brained elder? - CROWD: Yes! - No! CROWD: [booing] Boo! ATHENA: When you have the shot on Torque, take it.
Copy, Athena.
VISE: [grunts] BOTH: [grunting] CROWD: [cheering] Torque! Hear me, people of the NAG! I offer real change! [suspenseful music] BOTH: [breathing heavily] - MAN: That's him.
- MAN: Yep.
- CROWD: [cheering] - [teeth chomp] - MAN: [clears throat] - JOSH: Oh, God! Die, usurper! BOTH: [grunting] CROWD: [cheering] CROWD: [cheering] [uplifting music] CROWD: [cheering] [suspenseful music] BOTH: [grunting] BOTH: [gasping] Maybe you're not a total waste of space after all.
I'm sorry! Oh, my God! [crying] MAN: Careful with J1.
No brain jostling.
JOSH: Oh, oh, God! They got me! The Pointed Circle! Help! [breathing heavily] Help me! Hey.
SMASHERS: [shouting] SMASHERS: [breathing heavily] JOSH: [gasping] Winx? Why'd you save me? You're one of us.
The Smasher Code.
It's unsmashable.
[uplifting music] TY-ANNE: Sorry that I tried to strangle you earlier.
It's just that I had this urge, and it was Stop apologizing.
I'm in your home, wearing your clothes, rummaging through your stuff, charging things I don't need to your thumbprint.
If I were you, I'd try to kill me too.
Only, you know, I'd succeed.
Hey, we all have our limitations.
Don't worry, I just have one more little thing to do.
Then I'm gone.
- Promise? - Promise.
Okay, well, maybe before you go, you could, like, I don't know Teach you how to strangle to completion? - Yeah.
- Yeah, felt good, didn't it? [laughs] So good.
CROWD: [cheering] [victorious music] CROWD: [chanting] Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque! Supreme Overlord Vise is dead.
[chuckles] Long live Supreme Overlord Torque! CROWD: [cheering] [laughs] Torque, Torque, Torque!