G.I.Joe: Renegades (2010) s01e15 Episode Script

White Out

[ Bird cries .]
I can't thank you enough for financing my research.
Most would find my theories on holographic masking and the visible spectrum a little out there.
Cobra believes in thinking outside the box.
I trust we now possess the only working prototype.
The only one in the world.
It is essential we maintain a cloak of absolute secrecy over this project.
We wouldn't want our competitors getting wind.
A little something to ensure your continued silence on this project.
[ Energy humming .]
Now, then Would you be so kind as to tell me your name? Perfect.
[ Beep .]
Commander, I have taken possession and will personally escort.
Well done.
Can the Professor be trusted to remain silent? After the neural shock I gave him, I highly doubt he will be able to say much of anything.
The police, however, will likely attribute his mental state to shock over the tragic loss of his laboratory.
[ Beep .]
[ Dramatic music plays .]
[ Beeping .]
Accused of a crime they didn't commit, a ragtag band of fugitives fights a covert battle to clear their names and expose the insidious enemy that is Cobra.
Some call them outlaws.
Some call them heroes.
But these determined men and women think of themselves only as ordinary Joes.
And this is their story.
I swore if I ever got out of the joint, I'd find the clowns that jacked my hog and put the hurt on them bad.
Let's get one thing straight, Zartan.
You are not "out of the joint.
" You're in my custody for one reason only to lead me to the fugitives.
Now, get cracking, or I'll throw you right back in your cage.
Aye, aye, corporal punishment.
The Joes now! Relax.
If I knew they were most-wanteds, I'd have called you up a long time ago.
Give me a GPS.
Excuse me? Got a tracer hidden on my bike.
I give my code, you get your Joes.
[ Beeping .]
Are you sure this is worth the detour? I've been picking up Cobra radio chatter about a priority shipment from Grand Junction, Colorado, where a research lab just went boom.
Yeah, and for once, we didn't do the booming.
Whatever Cobra's moving, safe bet it's worth getting our hands on.
[ Beeping .]
Snake Eyes has a 20 on the delivery truck.
How can he be sure? Both: Trust me, Snake Eyes knows.
You see, now that's what I'm talking about.
Snake Eyes and Scarlett they share a bond, a connection.
The rest of us barely get past name, rank, and serial number.
What, you want to start dating now? Listen, man, I just think we all should get to know each other better.
All right, listen, I'll start.
I sang alto in my church choir till I was 6, when my voice changed.
My shoe size is 15 triple "e.
" The only other dude I know with feet that big is my cousin Herschel.
Somebody put him out of my misery, please.
Based on Snake Eyes' position, we should be able to intercept the shipment right there.
[ Tires screech .]
[ Gun charging .]
Push that rubbish over the cliff.
- [ Tires screech .]
- Weapons on the ground now! I've been saving these just for you, Baroness.
Let's grab the package.
[ Tires screech .]
[ Grunts .]
Fall back! [ Tires screech .]
[ Feedback whines .]
army! Stand down! What's he doing here? Besides blocking our escape route? Do not cease fire! Protect the cargo at all costs and clear this road! Keep an eye on Biker Boy! [ Both grunting .]
[ Laser fire .]
Zartan? Why is he palling around with flint? [ Gasps .]
Wait, we need the package! I'll clear y'all a path.
[ Engine revs .]
[ Tires screech .]
[ Moans .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Grunts .]
Heh! Thanks, friend.
[ Growls .]
Flint: Freeze! I hope you're a grenade.
Whoever you are, put that down immediately.
Ahah, ah.
You didn't say "please.
" [ Device humming .]
What is this thing?! Cobra property, and well beyond your understanding.
[ Grunts .]
[ Beeps .]
[ Zartan's voice .]
What are you staring at? [ Grunts .]
[ Scoffs .]
Is that me? Ooh, I'm quite the looker.
Threads like this could come in real handy.
[ Breathing heavily .]
[ Tires screeching .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Gasps .]
[ Tires screeching .]
[ Groans .]
[ Groans .]
Follow tunnel rat! [ Tires screeching .]
Joy ride's over, Baroness! Don't let the makeover fool you.
Whoa! Someone needs a lozenge.
[ Tires screech .]
[ Tires screech .]
[ Beep .]
[ Moans .]
[ Beeping .]
[ Engine revs .]
[ Moans .]
[ Grunts .]
The shipment? Hijacked, along with the truck.
Flint: Baroness! Why were your guards firing on military personnel?! Lieutenant Faireborn, I do apologize for the misunderstanding.
Misunderstanding? Forgive me.
I was simply escorting a piece of proprietary Cobra technology when we were hijacked by your Joes.
My guards wrongly assumed you were allied with the fugitives.
You buying this? [ Static hisses .]
This is Faireborn.
I need a chopper now! [ Gun cocks .]
Whoa, whoa, easy, Tunnel Rat! Where's Baroness? Beats me.
Last thing I saw was a guardrail and a whole bunch of trees.
Crate's empty.
Whatever was in there, Baroness must still have it.
She couldn't have traveled too far on foot.
Back to the coyote.
Aye, aye, corporal Punishment.
[ Beep .]
Where is my camo suit? [ Beep .]
[ Beeping .]
Baroness: There's been a complication.
You promised me technology that would duplicate anyone's appearance.
If the suit is not delivered in a timely manner, your punishment surely will be! [ Beep .]
That's what was in the delivery truck a chameleon mold for people? Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Snake Eyes.
Can you get us a fix on Baroness's position? [ Beeping .]
That's where we ambushed her truck.
How did Baroness get back there so fast? Maybe she never left in the first place.
And someone else has been impersonating her with the help of that chameleon suit.
Anybody see what happened to Zartan back there? Must've got away.
[ Sniffs .]
What? Warrant officer William "Wild Bill" Hardy, sir.
Shall we put the spurs to her? Lieutenant, let me join you.
It is imperative I recover Cobra's stolen property.
And I can provide you with advanced weaponry.
I think you've done enough damage, Baroness.
This isn't the first time I've been targeted by your Joes.
They're armed with high-tech, self-recharging plasma-pulse technology.
What are you carrying, lieutenant? Fine.
We'll take you and the weapons, but your storm troopers stay behind.
[ Gun charges .]
[ Gun charges .]
Saddle up! [ Roadblock sniffing .]
[ Chuckles .]
Will somebody get this guy a tissue already?! You had a shower recently? What's it to you?! Oh, I get it.
No problem.
My real name is Nicky Lee, Marvin.
Tell me something you ain't heard on Cobra news channel.
What's my shoe size? [ Zartan's voice .]
How about 10 I don't give a crud? [ Tires screech .]
Cut Zartan off at the gas station! [ Tires screech .]
[ Breathing heavily .]
Dude smelled way too good to be our boy.
[ Birds squawking .]
[ Grunting .]
[ Helicopter blades whirring .]
Flint: Private Lee, on the ground now! Nowhere to run, private! Yee-haw! Just like herdin' heifers.
[ Breathing heavily .]
There were two men on that truck.
Where's the other one? Can the backseat driving, or I hit the eject button now.
I am not used to this kind of treatment.
I'll be sure to make a note of that.
Agh! [ Tires screech .]
I can't keep him in my sights.
I can.
Still have a tracer on the motorcycle.
[ Breathing heavily .]
Check around back.
I'll recon the store.
[ Bell jingles .]
Uh, did an annoying Asian guy just come in here or maybe a well-dressed Russian woman? Nobody's been in since morning except me.
You sure you're alone? Don't hurt me.
T-take the money, t-the keys to my truck, anything! [ Keys jingle .]
Don't believe everything you hear.
[ Bell jingles, door closes .]
[ Sighs .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Zartan's voice .]
Oh, that's gonna leave a mark.
[ Beeping .]
Half a dozen armed guards couldn't take down the ninja, lieutenant.
What makes you think we can? [ Beeping intensifies .]
Freeze! [ Squirrel chirping .]
You want to cuff him, or should I? [ Roadblock groaning .]
- Roadblock! - Hmm? Ugh! Wait, it's me Duke! Fooled me once, Zartan.
How do I know you're not Zartan?! How do I know you're not Zartan?! 15 triple "e"! Same as your cousin Herschel! - [ Gasps .]
- [ Tires screech .]
Zartan stole a tow truck and took a hostage! Move over! I'll drive! What about roadblock? He's the hostage.
How'd Zartan manage to get the drop on roadblock? What? I don't know.
I I didn't see.
I I mean, roadblock's like 7 feet tall, 300 pounds.
[ Chuckles .]
He could snap Zartan in two.
Maybe Zartan's tougher than you remember.
He'd have to be.
Trust me, he is.
[ Tires screech .]
[ Zartan's voice .]
Why don't you just sit back and enjoy the ride,Red? 'Cause it's probably gonna be your last.
[ Grunts .]
[ Roadblock's voice .]
Seeing as how you're all wanted criminals [ Tunnel Rat's voice .]
I'm gonna have me a little antisocial fun [ Duke's voice .]
And let you Joes take the blame for it.
[ Beep .]
Not gonna find much fun 20 miles outside of Estes Park.
Or are you traveling west 'cause you're heading for Vegas? Well, ain't you the clever one? [ Bell jingles .]
Me again.
Sorry, really, but about that truck Man: Lieutenant, I have a report of the fugitives fleeing a gas station, heading west on Route 34.
Your choice want to get fragged by your boyfriend [ Zartan's voice .]
Or would you prefer a self-inflicted wound? [ Engine revving .]
Well, if this ain't my lucky day! Looks like I can slab the ninja and get my bike back, after all.
[ Tires screech .]
Aah! [ Tires screech .]
That love tap ain't nothin' compared to the hurt I'm gonna unload if you scratched up my ride.
[ Helicopter blades whirring .]
Duke! Surrender immediately, or we will open fire! You got lousy timing, lieutenant.
[ Tires screech .]
Made his choice.
Run him off the road! Wait! Y you sure you want to do that with a civilian on board the chopper? I insist.
[ Engine revs .]
I'll walk.
[ Tires screech .]
[ Tires screeching .]
Are you trying to get us blown up? Better to go out in a blaze of glory.
[ Beeping .]
Nice! What else can this rig do? [ Siren wailing .]
Grab your chaps! We're going down! [ Crash .]
I just bagged me a whirlybird.
And now [chuckles.]
it's hog season.
Ninja's got guts.
[ Chuckles .]
Too bad I have to splatter them all over the asphalt.
My money's on Snake Eyes.
[ Tires screech .]
[ Tires screech .]
Aah! Oh.
Ugh! Sorry, Zartan I'm afraid you can't quite pull off my look.
[ Tires screeching .]
[ Both grunting .]
Scarlett: Drop your weapons! Which one's our Duke?! - I'm Duke! - Don't believe him! I got this.
Yo, Duke, how old was I when my voice changed? - No idea.
- No idea.
How'd you know? Heard the difference in your heartbeats.
Now, that's really knowing someone.
How does this thing come off? Ugh! [ Electricity crackling .]
[ Engine revs .]
- Freeze! - Dad's home.
Party's over.
[ Tires screech .]
Ugh! [ Beeping .]
[ Moans .]
Your "get out of jail free" card has been recalled.
Why does the suit not work?! Fail-safe imprinting feature.
In a nutshell, the suit bonds with the DNA of its first wearer.
Can you override it? Doubt it.
Whoever designed this puppy had some serious techno mojo.
Too bad someone went and turned his brain into butterscotch.
[ Keys jingle .]
Guard: Visitor, Zartan.
I'm here to discuss your early release for good behavior.
Synch by Benfo.

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