G.I.Joe: Renegades (2010) s01e16 Episode Script


Meet your synthetic doppelgangers As promised.
Mindless abominations.
Ah, but not for long.
You've met the paranormal twins, Tomax and Xamot.
By tapping into their psychic powers I can accessorize your shadow vipers with a hive mind.
Imagine six invulnerable copies of yourself, linked by the speed of your thoughts and united in purpose! You'll have complete control.
Now, just pop on this headgear.
Not to worry won't hurt a bit.
Well, it might hurt a little bit.
You seven share a brain.
You're queen bee.
They're your drones.
Any order you give, they will execute exactly as you would! Then execute The good doctor.
Do not worry, doctor.
This won't hurt a bit.
Storm Shadow, need I remind you of our agreement? Cobra will provide you with the resources to expand your clan into a global criminal cartel, but not until you destroy Snake Eyes.
And the Joes.
I've tracked the Joes to Canada.
My aircraft is prepped.
Accused of a crime they didn't commit, a ragtag band of fugitives fights a covert battle to clear their names and expose the insidious enemy that is Cobra.
Some call them outlaws.
Some call them heroes.
But these determined men and women think of themselves only as ordinary Joes.
And this is their story.
Chameleon mode activated.
Friendliest border in the world.
Bet you they wave us right through, eh? Yeah, with their assault weapons.
Stay calm.
No reason to believe this beefed-up security has anything to do with us.
Uh, we might have a problem.
Somebody do something! That's not good.
Sounds like the coyote busted a paw.
I'm thinking a sprain.
Baby might be damaged, but she's drivable.
Well, let's hope she stays that way, 'cause Canada's finest are closing in.
Holographic mode activated.
We need to hole up somewhere off the grid till things cool down.
I know a place.
Cool as it gets.
Way up north.
Old army bud.
So, your buddy he got a name? We called him Snow Job 'cause he was always conning us into some crazy scheme or another.
Uh, don't worry, Duke.
You'll love the guy.
Real people person.
Give you the shirt off his back.
Just don't play poker with him, or you'll end up losing yours.
Haven't actually talked to Snow Job in a while.
I I hope he still likes surprises.
People person, huh? Maybe your pal vacated.
There's my amigo.
Snow Job! It's Nicky! Shut the door.
You're letting cold air in.
Already pretty chilly in here.
Snow, I was telling these guys about you and me back in the day.
Remember that time in Baja when you That was a lifetime ago.
Listen, I've enjoyed this little trip down memory lane, but how about you and your friends push on now? Won't stay where we're not wanted.
Harlan, my pals and I are up a creek and we need a place to lay low.
One night.
And that truck of yours stash it in the boat shed.
Need to work on our wheels anyhow.
Make some upgrades.
We got a blizzard moving in.
So, where do you keep your firewood? Guess I ran out.
You should know by now, Snake Eyes no one skips the arashikage.
Shadow vipers, katana attack! Shuriken attack! Snake Eyes is mine.
The Joes are yours.
Seek them out.
Reminds me of that jungle mission in Burma.
Remember, Snow? Burned a ton of bamboo to keep warm.
You burned bamboo.
I had the space heater I'd won from a dude they now call "Tunnel Rat.
" You can still call me Nicky.
Tunnel Rat suits you.
Whoo, boy.
No biloxi cold spell ever matched this deep freeze.
I found these in the shed.
Make the trip back down a whole lot easier For someone who knows how to ski.
Looks like they've got some miles.
Stay out of my stuff.
Him and those skis go way back.
See, Snow Job, me, and our pal, Frostbite, we were in the same unit.
Still not sure how I ended up with the Arctic Troopers, but we were the three amigos, you know? Snow Job was our ringleader always up for a good time, even if it meant bending a few rules, like unsanctioned ski trips.
The plan was, sneak off base before sunup, do some downhill, be back by morning chow.
I was all in Except I overslept.
Hey, lazybones, you're missing out.
Fresh powder.
I don't know.
Looks kind of iffy.
Taking mortar fire in Zardistan is iffy.
This is living.
Both made it down But then Avalanche.
Frostbite! Frostbite! Next thing I know, Snow Job is transferred to a different outfit.
Pretty soon, he leaves the army altogether.
Snow Job still blames himself.
I've seen it before.
Soldier loses a buddy, takes responsibility.
Eats him up inside.
Look at how he lives like he's not quite sure he wants to.
Man just needs something to live for again.
Holler if I can help.
Gonna go finish patching up the coyote.
Coward hides, but know that my shadow vipers lay siege to your gaijin.
And your woman will be the first to fall! That would be roadblock.
Hasn't missed chow in No one's there.
Must be Snake Eyes.
Barely getting a signal.
It's Morse code.
It's an S.
The solo act calling for backup? Not his style.
He's trying to warn us.
Grab your weapons.
Roadblock, come in.
I'll take point.
Stay in my line of sight.
Whoa! Thinks we got us a ninja problem.
Storm shadow? Bio-vipers.
Get down! Fall back to the cabin! Now that's the old Snow Job.
Just keep your "thank yous" to yourself.
Just tell me what those things are.
They're called bio-vipers.
Looks like Storm Shadow joined up with Cobra.
Bad guys.
Well, I ain't gonna hand over my castle.
It's all I got.
They're retreating.
Working with Cobra now, Storm Shadow? Why? Your clan to weak? The Arashikage will soon be stronger than you can possibly imagine.
All we see is a bunch of jelly-filled freaks fighting your battle for ya! Then let this battle be done.
I offer you a quick, painless end at the edge of my blade, if you surrender immediately.
Joes never surrender! Hm.
That pleases me.
The vipers didn't retreat.
They're on the roof.
Snake Eyes.
We're glad you could drop in.
Snake Eyes has rejoined them.
That's what Storm Shadow's been waiting for to have us all holed up inside the cabin.
Easier to shoot catfish when they're all in one barrel.
Pretty good strategy.
Maybe we ought to use it against him.
Allow the vipers and Storm Shadow to get in.
Make them think they got the winning hand.
Then bam! Whip out the high card and blow the place to kingdom come.
Won't you blow us up, too? We'll already been gone, making tracks in that truck of yours.
Repairs are done, but getting to her that's a whole other deal.
Let's move.
Come on, Snow Job! Right behind you.
Blasted timer.
You do not want to be here when the goo hits the fan! Come on! Go! Not leaving without you.
I couldn't save Frostbite But I will save you! No! Sorry, ninja royal flush always beats a full house.
Get to the truck! Fool.
It is too late to surrender.
Shadow vipers, return to me! Where's Snow Job? Thought we might be able to use a little more ground clearance.
Got a good price.
It's the least we can do.
Hadn't gotten you messed up in all our affairs, you'd still have your home.
Ah, it was time for me to move on, anyhow.
Bury the past.
Looks like you won't be alone.
I'll take good care of your timber wolf.
He got a name? Timber it is.
Well, next time, we play a little poker, Nicky.
No way.
Last time I lost my shirt.
After we finish with Cobra, you can deal us all in.
No doubt this is the start of a beautiful friendship.
Synch by Benfo.

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