G.I.Joe: Renegades (2010) s01e21 Episode Script

The Anomaly

Bio-viper human DNA test 14-c.
Activation successful.
Integration not so much.
Mindbender, I trust you have good news regarding your search for patient x? Uh, not yet, boss man.
But I have had some promising results in duplicating his human/bio-viper fusion.
I should hope so, since both our lives depend upon it.
Hey, Reggie! Where you headed? Leave me alone, ray.
I don't have any money.
No money, no mercy.
Ray behind you.
Yeah, right.
- What was that?! - Let's get out of here! Aah! Accused of a crime they didn't commit, a ragtag band of fugitives fights a covert battle to clear their names and expose the insidious enemy that is Cobra.
Some call them outlaws.
Some call them heroes.
But these determined men and women think of themselves only as ordinary Joes.
And this is their story.
Yo, ripcord, what's with the quiet game? Yeah, you're seriously not gonna hit your annoyance quota.
Snake eyes! Scarlett! It's cool, rip.
It's cool.
They're off on a mission, remember? Another nightmare? I'd rest a whole lot easier if you could just cut the chip they planted out of my head.
I am a field medic.
You need a neurosurgeon.
And an I.
And maybe a witch doctor.
That what you've been researching? This? Nah.
I'm following a story about a kid from my old neighborhood who went and disappeared.
Cops are saying foul play.
So they're holding a wannabe gangbanger at the hospital.
But get this The suspect claims the missing kid got taken by a sewer monster.
Every city has its urban legends.
But how many of them look like bio-vipers? A viper loose in Brooklyn.
We should check this out.
I got a guy who could help.
And so, on your follow-through, you make sure your shooting hand is pointed right at the basket.
Nothing but net.
And make sure the defense is no more than half your size.
Nicky? Up for a little one-on-one? No way.
You got cobra powers.
Hey, you haven't been to mom and dad's, have you? Mps are watching the house and the restaurant 24/7.
We know the feeling.
What do you need money? A place to hide? Yeah, my brother, Teddy Lee Still protecting the little fish from the big sharks.
Heard a lot about you.
Yeah, I know who you are.
I've seen your picture on the news a million times.
Why you risking getting yourselves caught to come here? We heard about that missing kid, Reggie.
You know him? Yeah.
Runt from my youth squad.
Always a target for the bigger kids.
Remind you of anyone? We think cob The people who set us up may be involved.
We were hoping you could use your connections, get us in to see that witness the cops are holding.
Sounds like a hail Mary shot.
Hey, just trust me on this one, bro.
Hey, it's okay, ray.
These guys are friends.
You can talk to them.
What's the point? They'll just tell me I'm lying.
We know what it's like when no one believes you.
Especially when it involves a 10-foot-tall lava lamp.
You seen it, too? Seen it and rescued a boy from it A little younger than you.
I never meant to hurt Reggie.
We were just messing around, I swear.
Then that thing came out of the storm drain.
Next thing I knew, Reggie was gone.
Which storm drain? Bensonhurst? Calvert? Bay view? 23rd, near the boardwalk.
Tell me you're not thinking about diving again.
Teddy, just go to mom and pop's garage and grab my old gear.
No way.
That's what got you busted in the first place.
Let the cops handle this, Nicky.
The cops wouldn't know what to do with a bio-viper if it marched up to the station and saluted.
Are you telling me this monster is for real? The real problem isn't monsters in our sewer lines It's unsupervised children who will say anything to avoid the blame for their criminal actions.
Mindbender, I'd hate to think you allowed a bio-per to escape Again And risk exposing our entire operation.
Already on it.
I I I've arranged for a squad of cobra's best to retrieve it.
Aaah! I would rest much easier if you handled this personally.
Personal's good.
I'm personal.
All right, grunts.
Eyes sharp.
Try to keep up.
Who died and made you Scarlett? No offense, Duke, but this is my turf.
Sure you don't want me to sit this one out? I mean, if there's a viper, there's usually someone or something controlling it, right? We got your back, soldier.
Aw, man, it stinks down here.
Smells like home to me.
Ugh! Remind me never to come over to your house.
Looks like something was in a hurry.
Bio-viper residue.
How do you know? Just do.
Aw, seriously? Ask, and the sewer provides.
Next time, stay off the frozen burritos.
This way.
Can't explain how, but I can sense something.
How about our missing kid? You sense him at all? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold your fire.
There's a lot that can go boom down here Methane, ammonia.
Dead end.
Watch and learn, my friend.
Piece of cake.
Rip has e.
, tunnel rat's swinging around like a monkey I'm almost afraid to ask What's your hidden talent? I can play the accordion.
Shh! It's close.
Real close.
Eh, don't see anything.
I do.
Wish I didn't.
Incoming! I'm pinned! Tunnel rat, help ripcord.
We'll hold off the viper.
Leave him alone! Hold your fire! Kid, look out! You could have got yourself killed! You were gonna shoot him.
That was the plan.
It's Reggie, right? Wait.
Where's ripcord? Back off, mud pie! Ripcord! Roadblock, take Reggie to the surface.
We'll secure ripcord.
Uh, I'm not real good with kids.
That's an order, corporal.
Wake-y, wake-y.
Time to check your vitals.
Who are you? The sewer monster Where exactly did you see it? I already told those social workers everything.
I'm not talking to you.
Well, maybe you'll feel more of a rapport with my associate.
Let me go! - You're not a cop.
- Reggie? I got rights, man! Wouldn't tell me where he lives, so I brought him here.
Hey, you okay, kiddo? What were you doing in the sewers? Did someone force you down there? Was it ray? Nah.
Ray tried to give me the shake-down.
Then my boy popped out of the storm drain, and bam! So I followed him down.
Figured if I hung with him, nobody'd mess with me anymore.
As my grams would say, the common-sense fairy was not kind to you, Chile.
He was protecting me.
Nobody else ever did that.
Who was protecting you, Reggie? Oh, you know 10-foot-tall stranger with oozing tendrils.
Real charmer.
The sewer monster? Which is why I need to be getting back.
Hey, wait! Is Nicky still down there? Go find counselor Hernandez and have her call your parents And the police.
The way I figure, the tunnel they went down leads to the old f-line station.
Anything under this city you don't know about? Whoa.
Uh that.
I don't have to be a sewer rat to know if we fall into that, there's no swimming our way out.
So let's not fall in.
Good plan.
Slow and steady.
Can't get a foothold.
How about a handhold? Eh I guess it's too late to say we meant to do this, right? How'd you manage to fight that thing off? It probably just got tired of his jokes.
There's something different about this viper.
I know it sounds crazy, but I get the feeling that when it took me, it was trying to protect me.
A viper with a conscience? Well, well, well Look what the rats dragged in.
I came looking for a stray, and what do I find? Our most wanted patient x.
Almost makes this trip down to stinktown worthwhile.
Time for you and me to get on the same page, private weems.
You can't control me anymore.
What say we test your hypothesis? Ripcord, no! I'd call that myth busted.
Ripcord, you can fight this.
That chip in his head and my improved neuro-link say otherwise, soldier boy.
Wha what happened? Relapse.
Nicky, run! Ugh.
Now, that is just gross.
And totally unnecessary.
The puppet master's benched.
So the puppets aren't playing.
Did I do that? Yeah, actually, that would be me.
I rigged a fail-safe.
Cut off my neuro-link, the vipers all go boom.
Are you nuts? With the fumes down here, that'd blow up half of Brooklyn.
Well, the Bronx can thank me later.
Let him go.
Advantage, mindbender.
Patient x, the doctor will see you now.
Sorry, you're not on my health plan.
Beg to differ.
I did not have to see that.
Okay, let's see Joes helpless, patient x back under my control What am I forgetting? Oh, that's right.
Tear 'em all apart! Mindbender, wait! Let my brother go.
You wait up slow down You're brothers? Wow.
Talk about bad genes.
Waste the sibs first! Oh, you just had to be the tough guy.
Dude was harshin' on our DNA, bro.
Reggie was right it is a friendly! No, it's a viper, which means I can control it.
Unless I forgot to put a chip in the one that got away.
Patient x, destroy this walking failure! Ripcord! No! You're mine, weems.
Mine! Not without this.
Check it out free will and your bio-viper powers.
I'd call that a win-win.
No hard feelings? I can't change what you did to me, but I can make sure you never do it to anyone else.
Ripcord, wait! Hang on, bro.
I'll get you free.
Yeah, free to detonate along with coney island, sheepshead bay, and bensonhurst.
You all head to the surface.
I'll absorb the blast.
I can't let you do that.
It's either one of us or all of us.
What is that thing doing? I'd say the world's biggest cherry bomb is about to flush itself down the world's biggest toilet.
Up, out! Now! Anybody got an umbrella? It's not raining.
Three two one.
Oh, now, that's perfect.
Still can't believe a viper would sacrifice itself to save us.
"Save" barely begins to cover it.
Thanks for sticking up for me down there, bro.
By the way, you still kick like a girl.
You sure this headgear is necessary? I can protect you from a lot, bro.
But if mom found out you were home and didn't visit Oh, Nicky! Synch & corrections by Benfo
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