G.I.Joe: Renegades (2010) s01e20 Episode Script


It's amazing how a few lights and a siren can get you across a border.
Coming up on the target now.
Cobra is stashing patient "X" in that Roach Motel? If the files I decrypted from the Mexico bio-lab are any indication, Cobra's been doing a lot more than stashing science that makes the Anaconda Strain seem humane.
So, are we freeing another prisoner or preventing another outbreak? Yes.
Get the door, please.
This guy's critical.
This is a secure Cobra facility.
Where's your I.
? Ugh.
Here's mine.
Map says it's just up here.
Morgue's in the basement.
This is a secure floor.
Brace yourselves.
Whatever's on the other side of this door could be pretty ugly.
Have you looked in the mirror recently? Ah.
Huh, just a dude in a bed.
Vitals seem strong.
It's impossible.
Since when do you know how to read a medical chart? I don't have to.
Ripcord? Accused of a crime they didn't commit, a ragtag band of fugitives fights a covert battle to clear their names and expose the insidious enemy that is Cobra.
Some call them outlaws.
Some call them heroes.
And this is their story.
This can't be ripcord.
He bought it when Mindbender's factory went kablooie.
We all saw it.
We saw the explosion.
We never saw a body.
And then we just left him behind.
Who knows what sick experiments Cobra's been running on their patient "X" this whole time.
- Aah! - Weems, it's okay.
It's us.
Who's "Weems"? Who are you people? You seriously don't remember? Okay, that complicates things.
So does that.
Don't worry, private.
We're here to rescue you, but we have to move now.
Next time that generator fires, boomshakalaka.
Then let her rip Ripcord.
"Ripcord"? Me likey.
You called me Ripcord.
I know you.
Lieutenant O'Hara Scarlett.
You gave me that name.
You have to trust us, soldier.
That's an order.
Look, all I'm saying is Cobra specializes in weirdness.
How do we know this isn't a clone or some face transplant? Ooh, ninja doorman.
Me likey.
Definitely Ripcord.
Who the what? For real? I'll explain while you drive.
But You know patient "X" is closer to Cobra's future - But - To my future.
And yet you let him escape with those Joes! Might want to ease up on the type "a" rage fest there, especially in your condition.
What is my prognosis? Yeah, let's not focus on the negative right now, boss man.
Check this thought process out.
The Joes took patient "X" Epic fail, right? Wrong! Because we can now track their location and movements.
Go on.
We road test patient "X" and take out the Joes to boot Win, win.
We need to get him to general Abernathy asap.
He's evidence that we're not murderers.
He's also a human being.
Tell me y'all have something I can wear that didn't come out of the irregular pile.
We travel kind of light these days.
Ugh! I definitely don't remember eating anything that nasty.
Well, let's get this party started.
Tell me about me.
Uh truth is, we only knew you for a few hours.
And most of the time, we were getting shot at.
Oh, and, uh, we didn't like you that much.
I'm better off in that hospital bed.
At least the food was edible.
Now, that's exactly what t-rat was talking about.
Lady Jaye told me you were a halo jumper the best.
And you said your mom works at a Cobra bakery.
You don't remember that whole lab full of nasty green squishies? You saved our lives, Weems.
We never got a chance to thank you.
Save it, 'cause I don't remember anything before waking up in a white room attached to a bunch of machines wrapped up like this.
H hey, don't.
It'll get infected.
Probably time to change your dressings anyway.
Whoa! Oh! Where you been crawling, Tunnel Rat? I nicknamed you Tunnel Rat, right? They say smell's the strongest sense-trigger for memory.
There are no wounds here.
Weems, how did you ride out an explosion without so much as a scratch? Honestly, sergeant, I have no idea.
Aah! Something's out there.
Ripcord! Ripcord? Duke! Ripcord! Here! Did you find Ripcord? Aah! Sounds like something did.
What happened? You got rolled by a bio-viper.
- What's a bio-viper? - Killer mucus with legs.
No, seriously.
What's a bio-viper? What kind of soldiers are you? The fugitive kind.
Like I said, I never should have left my bed.
The viper's gone for now.
Where'd it come from? We're in the middle of nowhere.
We pick up a guy who supposedly bought it in a bio-viper factory, and a bio-viper manages to find us.
Hmm, uh, connection.
What could it be? But it was the old-school kind of viper like the one we fought in Springfield.
Why would Cobra attack with an obsolete model? Cobra drone.
Everyone to the coyote! Move! The coyote is our truck.
The Cobra drone is a flying camera with guns! If this was my life before, I'm not sure I want to remember it.
Ripcord, what's wrong? Seizure.
Hold him down so he doesn't hurt himself.
Oh, that is eight kinds of wrong! Hold her steady, Roadblock! A little distracted down here.
What's with the podcast? Don't know if he's human, but he's definitely evidence.
I I black out again? What is this? A hazing ritual? It's all you, ninja man.
Houdini us out of here! Snake Eyes.
I remember you.
Remember anything else? Like spewing up viper goo just now? Come again? Ripcord wasn't tracked by a bio-viper.
He became a bio-viper.
And he turned back into himself as soon as you destroyed that drone.
How does an eye in the sky trigger a transformation? Could you guys please be a little more confusing? 'Cause I am Hey! That's a recent scar.
Want to bet there's a control chip in there? Time-out.
You yapped that I morphed into some kind of monster and expect me to believe you? No.
We'll show you.
For future reference, nothing I ever do again is disgusting compared to that.
So, is this ripcord some kind of clone Mindbender cooked up in a lab? I refuse to believe that.
Maybe that's what Cobra's counting on.
Snake Eyes is right.
If one drone found us, others are on the way.
We need to turn Ripcord in to the military.
For once will you stop thinking of Weems as evidence? I am.
This is for his own safety and ours.
Hello? Freak's still standing right here in front of you.
Do I get a say in any of this? Look, I have no idea who I am or what I am.
But right now, I suspect you guys are my only shot at figuring out any of that.
We've been on the run for the last six months, Rip.
You really want that? At least the army can get you to your mom.
Dude, I just turned into a man-eating mud pie.
Think I want to be anywhere near my family right now? I don't want to be near anyone, do I? Go ahead.
Set it up.
I know we didn't exactly get close before, but We all took it pretty hard when we thought you didn't make it, man.
So, uh, I kept these.
But what if I'm not Weems? What if my memories are just implants? Well, do you feel like Weems? The more time I spend with you guys, yeah.
Then what's the difference? What do you think the brass are gonna do with me? I don't know, man.
But anything beats being Cobra's guinea pig.
You're doing the right thing, Rip.
Stay strong.
Set her down, Wild Bill.
Falcons Two and Three, flanking positions.
Falcons Four and Five, scan the area for the fugitives.
Somebody got a bump in his operating budget.
I just hope flint used a few of those dollars on containment equipment.
Private Wallace Weems, sir.
Mind telling me how a dead man turns himself in, Weems? Not sure I can, sir.
I was assured there would be adequate security measures in place to contain me.
I think five gunships should do the trick.
All due respect, sir, they won't.
Not another step, private.
Cuff him, Burnett.
'Cuffs won't hold me, sir.
You're making a mistake! Incoming, six Cobra drones.
If one of them gets close enough to Ripcord Flint and his crew are bio-viper chow.
Military helicopters.
We must be in the right place.
Lieutenant, we've got fireworks on the hillside.
Copy that, Sikorsky.
You and Jones investigate.
Let's get our walking corpse to general Abernathy.
Drones in range.
You can broadcast direct to patient X's control chip.
Free yourself And destroy the Joes.
Something's wrong with the prisoner, lieutenant.
Lieutenant! We're losing altitude! Ripcord! Eyes on me, soldier.
You can fight this thing.
Attack! Remember who you are, Ripcord.
You're one of us.
You're a Joe.
We've fought Cobra troopers! Finish him! You saved our lives! Duke! I can't control it! I I'm sorry.
You do not have permission to surrender, soldier! No! You might want to cover your ears, Doughboy! Well, that's interesting.
A control chip will stimulate the bio-viper material in his system.
Then the fun begins.
Human bio-viper hybrid The first step towards immortality.
End this now! I don't take orders from you! Why does patient "X" not respond to my commands? Something's blocking the control chip's signal.
Duke, let's roll! Not without Ripcord.
I thought we agreed the authorities were better equipped to take care of him.
They're not.
We will.
Am I the only one who has a problem bunking here with Dr.
Jekyll and Mr.
Bio-Viper? Duke helped me stay in control with one of those drone thingies hovering right over my head.
Uh, speaking of things hovering Falcon Four to Falcon One, I have missile lock on rogue vehicle.
Pull back, Falcon Four.
Lieutenant Faireborn is injured.
We are medevac-ing out.
Return to base, and be prepared to explain why you fired without orders.
Ma'am, I fired on a monster.
That's what you want to write in your official report? Welcome back to the Joes, Ripcord.
Yeah, about that we we got to do something about your name.
I mean, "Joes"? Seriously? What are we, a roadside diner? Yeah, maybe we should have stuck with the bio-viper.
At least that half didn't talk.
Your control chip failed.
And this time, there will be dire consequences.
Hate to break it to you, C.
, but if something happens to me, I won't be able to help you with your "condition" anymore.
And I'd sure hate for you underlings to get wind of any sign of weakness in the old commander.
Why, Mindbender, I'm touched by your concern.
Now that we have all been reminded who is in charge, everything else takes a back seat to recovering patient "X" Alive and intact.
Aaah! In fact, our very lives depend on it.
Synch by Benfo.

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