G.I.Joe: Renegades (2010) s01e23 Episode Script


1x23 - Cousins Watch the recoil.
These are plasma-pulse rifles, not your daddy's M16s.
Finally, a little civilization.
Lieutenant, your newest recruit.
Any trouble swaying him to leave Idaho? Practically jumped in the chopper, Said he'd do anything To be near a city with a sushi restaurant.
Corporal Hershel Dalton reporting for duty, sir.
Know why you're here, corporal? I have the distinct impression this isn't about me.
I am unaware of my cousin's current location, sir.
So am I.
Which is why I want you to hunt him down.
That gonna be a problem for you? Never cared much for marvin, but we are family, So I have to insist on certain conditions.
Such as? Reassignment to your unit -- permanently.
You bring roadblock in, you got yourself a transfer.
Welcome to the Falcons, Dalton.
Call me "heavy duty", sir.
Accused of a crime they didn't commit, A ragtag band of fugitives fights a covert battle To clear their names and expose the insidious enemy That isCobra.
Some call them outlaws.
Some call them heroes.
But these determined men and women Think of themselves only as ordinary Joes.
And this is their story.
Azaleas in bloom.
Rancid bog.
Swamp gas? This ain't the Atlantic coast.
This, my friend, is the state of Mississippi.
Home sweet home.
Biloxi? We're supposed to be checking out a subterranean disturbance in Virginia.
I bet a certain somebody has a hankering for home cooking.
It's not like that somebody to be secretive.
So what's the story, roadblock? Sorry, Duke.
I got this family thing I have to take care of.
I'd like to invite you all, But I need to fly solo on this one.
You have until 1200 hours.
Without making us breakfast first.
A brave member of the Tuskegee airmen, Captain Jefferson Hinton was a leader, a soldier, and a friend.
Husband, father, grandfather -- Jefferson's legacy lives on in his descendants.
A moment of silence for Biloxi's favorite son.
Let us pray.
Grams? Oh, Marvin Hinton.
For shame.
But I'm innocent! Oh, shush.
I'm talking about you coming to grandpa's remembrance Without your baby cousin in tow.
I don't know where Hershel is.
You military boys ever heard of 411? Now, get down here and give me a big hug, Or you'll be needing some 911.
Really missed you, grams.
Me too.
But you smart to stay away.
Shady types been asking around.
You best get.
Go on now.
Love you, grams.
You have the right to remain silent, cousin.
Hershel? I'm apprehending you under article 7 of the uniformed military code of justice.
Don't tell me you're working for Flint.
We're family.
Are we? Come on.
You not still mad about -- Ancient history.
Of course, a full confession might help ease your conscience.
Get down! Your friends just tried to shoot me in the back.
My friends don't miss.
That's Cobra.
Get me out of these cuffs.
The intel on your exploits -- You've been stalking Cobra, not the other way around.
Don't worry.
We'll circle back for your accomplices later.
G'day, mates.
Got me a one-time offer.
Big man comes along quiet-like -- little man keeps breathing.
Who's he calling little? You are littleer.
And that crazy aussie is a Cobra gun for hire.
He calls himself Major Bludd.
You have a price on your head, So I'll believe the mercenary part, but Cobra? How foolish do you think I am? Fool enough to get us both blown up while you're flapping your gums! As a wise man once said, the best defense is a good offense.
Not against grenades, it ain't.
We'll lose him if you cut across the swamp.
I know every back road in this county.
And I drove a cab in Chicago before I enlisted.
Watch and learn.
Ladies and gentlemen, please hold your applause.
That's the sound of one hand clapping.
You might want to get us out of these cuffs now.
No! Well, you wanted to sightsee through the swamp.
Happy? Admit it -- you miss Biloxi.
I have no fondness for the south.
What kind of country bumpkin wrestles an alligator? The kind that saved your city-slicker butt.
You're welcome.
Lady Jaye, do you read? This is "heavy duty".
That's a short-range Cobra radio, cousin.
Only ears close enough to hear it belong to the Joes.
You are my prisoner, and we will do things my way.
Hey, you've been saved by the cavalry.
I suspected there were more ears listening than you realized.
Over here.
I don't want to be here in the bush, lawman.
I figure you don't, either.
Everybody has a price.
What's yours? I can't believe you're still afraid of snakes! I saved your scales again.
What's that? Three times already? They say it's better to be lucky than smart.
You should have that tattooed somewhere.
You're so intelligent, Lead us out of here, then, city boy.
Definitely one of Flint's.
No sign of the big guy.
That's good, right? I mean, unless gators got him.
Why would you even go there? Your mouth needs a mute button.
I'm just saying what everybody's thinking.
Yo, Joes.
Read you, roadblock.
I'm betting you've had an exciting morning.
Got a problem, Duke, of the well-armed australian variety.
You copy? We copy.
Keep transmitting.
We'll home in on your position.
We'll make for the southeast end of the bayou.
Who's we? Long story.
One that's gonna end tragically, mate.
So let's see if I can collect an advance on this bestseller.
Found your green shirts, love.
What do you want, Major Bludd? 10 times my standard rates.
Hmph! You cannot be serious.
Do I look like I'm joking? I deserve extra compensation given my last tussle with your weekend warriors.
Those scars are a direct result of the fact That you permitted the Joes to destroy my weapons cache.
As far as I'm concerned, it is you who owe me.
I'm well aware that the reason you never contacted me Was because of your shame.
But what I'm most concerned about is the stress you're putting on grams.
Like you ever cared about her.
Or gramps? You cut them loose.
Too good for your own backwoods family! So I received an advanced education, Made myself a better man.
You climbed up the social ladder just so you could look down.
Admit it! You think you're better than me! Oh, I don't have to think it, marvin.
I know it.
Then why don't you prove it Little cousin? What a couple of Sheilas.
Know the difference better a gator and a croc? I don't, either.
But I'll bet they look the same from the inside.
Finally gonna get that gold star from Cobra.
I do enjoy racking up a body count on Cobra's tab.
But you Joes made this personal.
It's true, then.
Cobra is actually dirty.
Oh, you'll believe him? Little man's got a lot to learn But not a lot of time, I'm afraid.
Roadblock's gonna owe me.
I got a serious case of swamp boot brewing here.
I have a lock on the comlink signal, just ahead.
Roadblock's not responding to my hails, which means -- It's a trap.
I can get us out of here.
Shift your body.
Raise me up.
'Cause I so love taking orders from you.
Look, I apologize for anything insulting I may have said.
It's just -- I might be the tiniest bit jealous of you.
Are you kidding me, man? All grandpa ever talked about was how proud he was of you -- The first in the family to go to college, Rotc scholarship, valedictorian.
How does anyone compete with that? Easy -- by staying close to the people you love.
I left, Marvin.
And I just I just couldn't come home.
The way I see it, home never leaves you, No matter how far you run.
Whoa! I told you we'd be liberated.
Yeah, yeah.
That kangaroo jerky? No, don't hurt it! Just scare it a little! What in the blazes? G'day.
Pull back! Surround them! They got us crisscrossed in a crossfire! Cover me.
You're lucky I came along, love.
I could say the same, major.
Observe, major.
The end of the Joes simply requires a woman's touch.
Welcome to mississippi! Yeah! Come get some! You hungry?! You hungry?! Come on! Bon appétit.
I hope ya choke on it, sport.
I gave my word to Flint and country that I'd bring you in.
You really want to do this? Not unless he wants to get his hide tanned.
Come here, you two.
I will have peace between my grandsons, Or I will be getting the switch off the tree.
Understood? Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am.
Now, what's all this squabbling about? Nothing.
He's still mad about grandpa's inheritance.
Which he stole from me.
Hershel, your big cousin didn't steal any inheritance.
I never offered it to him! What? Why not? Grandpa made me promise to give it to both of y'all At the same time.
If you'd have kept in touch the way family oughta, You'd have known that.
You remember what these pilot's wings meant to your grandpa.
Used to say, "they're proof "that it didn't matter where a man came from.
If he worked hard and had a copilot, he could fly.
" The two of you are copilots in this family.
This is yours, marvin.
And I owe you an apology.
I have a lot more memories of gramps than you.
You keep it, cousin.
Now, don't be rude, roadblock.
Invite your friends in for supper.
Yes, ma'am.
Come on, everybody.
Yeah, you too, heavy duty.
Heavy duty, huh? How many tours you done to get that handle? You still calling yourself that? Never thought that name would stick.
You nicknamed him, grams? Sure did.
As a baby, Hershel could fill up a diaper like nobody's business -- heavy duty.
"Heavy duty.
" Oh, I better find a phone, report in to Flint.
What am I gonna tell him? You're the smart one.
You'll think of something.
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