G.I.Joe: Renegades (2010) s01e24 Episode Script

Going Underground

1x24 - Going Underground Scarlett: 13 small earthquakes along the eastern seaboard in one week? That's not a seismic fluke -- that's Cobra.
And if my calculations are correct, the next quake will hit within five miles West - northwest of here.
[ gun charging .]
And if my calculations are correct, we're wasting our time.
If you can't point a weapon at it, you think it doesn't exist.
And if I don't get something to eat soon, I won't exist.
[ clears throat .]
Earth to Scarlett.
All you've done for the last week is play pin the tail on the Cobra.
Sunlight, movement, chow -- this isn't a request.
You know I still outrank you.
So I've heard.
From you.
I know you think you're seeing a pattern, But I honestly believe this is a wild-goose chase.
No one can predict where an earthquake is gonna [ rumbling .]
[ both gasp .]
[ people screaming .]
[ dramatic music plays .]
[ beeping .]
Accused of a crime they didn't commit, A ragtag band of fugitives fights a covert battle To clear their names and expose the insidious enemy That isCobra.
Some call them outlaws.
Some call them heroes.
But these determined men and women Think of themselves only as ordinary joes.
And this is their story.
[ groans .]
[ gasps .]
[ grunts .]
T-Rat! Put that dog on a leash! Aah! [ grunts .]
Auxiliary power! Convert already! [ beeping .]
[ grunting .]
[ gasps .]
Okay, Nostradamus, where to next? Way to put the "rip" in Ripcord! [ laughs .]
My bio-viper powers don't come with an instruction manual.
"Authorized vehicles only.
" Since you insist Chameleon mode activated.
[ beep .]
Modern art? This schematic came from the surveillance camera Snake Eyes planted at Cobra tower.
It follows the exact same pattern as the earthquakes.
In case you're wondering, Virginia barns don't have basements.
So, what's Cobra want with a big hole in the ground? Perfect place for snakes to hide their tracks.
We'll split up and recon the tunnels.
Roadblock and Ripcord, take the coyote.
Scarlett, you and I will hoof it.
Snake Eyes Was -- was it something I said? Maglev rail.
Cobra's building an underground network.
How's a train causing tremors? Not the train, the tunnels.
Roadblock: Yo, T-Rat, we're supposed to be tracking down quakes, not scooping up bat poop.
It's not bat poop.
It's lichen, a natural antibiotic.
This cave is full of it.
Cave's not the only thing that's full of it.
[ both laugh .]
[ motorcycle approaching .]
What? [ rumbling .]
[ groans .]
[ grunts .]
Scarlett! [ groans .]
Hang on.
[ grunts .]
[ gun charging .]
[ beeping .]
I thought I charged these.
You're gonna be okay.
I'll get help.
[ beep .]
[ static .]
[ beep .]
[ sighs .]
The day this whole thing started, Mindbender escaped in a Maglev.
Ever wonder where he was going? We're trapped in solid rock half a mile below ground, And you're worried about someone else's travel destination.
Let me see your head.
You probably got a concussion.
That lab was 400 miles from here.
Cobra's building a national network.
Which part of "behind schedule" do you fail to comprehend? Ma'am, if we keep pushing the excavator at this pace, We will induce massive seismic activity.
[ buzzing .]
[ screams .]
[ thud .]
Thank you for your misplaced concern.
Why don't you take the night off? Hard right or soft right? [ whirring .]
I didn't order a security team.
Tell me that thing isn't following us.
[ tires squeal .]
Not anymore, it ain't.
I'll take maneuverability over firepower any day.
[ rumbling .]
[ tires squeal .]
Speaking of firepower.
[ gun charging .]
[ beeping .]
Aah! I got bubkes! You drained us at the diner.
[ grunting .]
[ sighs .]
It's hopeless.
Hey, hey, hey.
Scarlett! You fall asleep with a concussion, you might not wake up.
[ groans .]
Scarlett! [ groans .]
I -- I just Need to rest.
This is one argument you're not gonna win.
[ groans .]
Stay awake.
I want to hear, uhTell me about your family.
I don't Like to talk about Right.
No family.
[ sighs .]
My work has always been so -- You Joes are the only real friends I've ever had.
Well, when we get out of here, First thing we do is get you a life.
[ groaning .]
[ whirring .]
Thanks, bro-- [ both scream .]
[ thud .]
Not one peep, you hear me? Do not fall asleep, soldier.
[ groans .]
Well, I guess that's it.
Cobra wins.
[ sighs .]
Won't give them the satisfaction.
That's the Scarlett I know.
How's the knee? Better than ripoff's arm.
At least my arm ain't getting a bat-poop rub-down.
It's lichen.
[ groans .]
Easy, big guy.
You're gonna need to stay off that leg for awhile.
That three-headed monster ain't gonna wait for my knee to heal.
Any word from Duke and Scarlett? Y-yeah, I know.
That's where the terror train ran off.
I-it didn't run off? Dude's right.
We got no weapons and no wheels.
Why did that thing run away? 'Cause it was playing peek-a-boo? What? 'Cause it couldn't see us.
We were on top of it.
So, we attack from above.
Wait, the tunnel with the lichen.
I saw water dripping.
What do you want to bet there's another cavern right above it? Connect the green wire to the red.
[ buzz .]
[ beeping .]
Take the stripped cable, attach it to metal on the Maglev.
Giant antenna.
This is actually going to work? It might.
All roads lead to Rome.
For seven centuries, the Roman empire ruled the world.
Do you know why, baroness? Because they had superior roads? Our underground network will allow us to move anything anywhere anytime, without anyone's knowledge.
All roads shall lead to Cobra.
Unless those roads are never built.
Why is the excavator not drilling?! We have intruders, commander.
And one of them has just given away his position.
Finish them quickly.
I have a schedule to keep.
You sure these noisemakers still got juice? [ beeping .]
[ chuckles .]
Next question.
[ grunts .]
[ grunting .]
[ beep .]
We got a ghost behind the wheel, and he doesn't want to let go.
[ beep .]
Tell me what you see.
Little blue knob, bunch of buttons, Three dials, cup holder.
Oh, touch screen -- exact same one that's on the coyote.
Hey, come to think of it, everything's the same.
All right, listen up.
Every second you waste on this manhunt delays excavation.
Then I suggest we divert this tunnel through a roadblock.
Roadblock: Now tell me what color wires you're looking at.
Black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, And the color of your tuna casserole.
[ tires screech .]
Did I just throw it in reverse? You didn't pull any wires, did you? Not yet.
Let's just focus on green and tuna casserole for now.
I don't have those colors in my console, So one of them's got to be the remote system.
I'll just tear them both out.
No! One of them also's got to be the plasma pulse system.
Which, if you shut it down wrong, leads to systemic pulse inversion.
In english? Boom.
[ grunts .]
[ static .]
Whoa! Hey, I must be close.
I can see you on the view screen.
Uh, T-Rat, that probably ain't a view screen.
[ rumbling .]
It's a target system.
Roadblock, which wire do I cut? [ groans .]
Finally managed to keep your hands to yourself.
The signal's fading.
Soldier! You think Cobra's gonna fold up their tent Just 'cause you want to nap? This was a gift from my father.
I don't want it buried with me.
You started this mission and you will finish it, ma'am.
This is one argument you're not gonna win.
[ sighs .]
Save yourself, rip.
No! It's Patient X -- I need him alive.
Alive, but in great pain? I insist.
[ groans .]
I assure you, his comrade will not be shown the same mercy.
Green or brownish? Eeny, meeny, miny [ clicking .]
[ static .]
[ lasers power down .]
How'd you know which one to cut? [ beeping .]
? Duke and Scarlett! Dad, is that you? It's Duke.
Eyes on me.
[ rumbling .]
Got your message, every-- whoa! Guess we should have seen that one coming, huh? The excavator has been disabled, the joes escaped.
Tell me why I shouldn't terminate you.
BecauseI have Dr.
Mindbender and Destro working on a back-up plan even as we speak.
I'm listening.
Now, just pop that nut on the second bolt from the left.
[ grunts .]
There's got to be an easier way to fix a truck.
You could rub some bat poop on it.
For the last time, it was not bat poop! [ splat! .]
That's bat poop.
Hey, there.
Guess what I pulled from the driller's navigation system? Cobra's entire Maglev system and every facility it connects.
Including the Cobra mansion in D.
Uh, also Thank you For everything.
Snake Eyes, wait.
[ engine revs .]
He'll be back.
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